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Word Gems 

exploring self-realization, sacred personhood, and full humanity


Soulmate, Myself:
Omega Point




Epigraph: Pierre de Chardin and Omega Point

Foreword: Adrian Charles Smith

Prologue: True love and the Purpose of the Universe

Preface: Love Personified

Introduction: Prometheus' fire



How is it possible for Twin Soul romantic love to endure for eternity, for ages and eons without end, when its pale earthly counterpart hardly survives the honeymoon?

"I thought I knew you, what did I know?" How the thoughts of unenlightened lovers reflect past experience, causing a blindness, a failure to meet the essential person of the other.

In his book Politics, Aristotle speaks of “male and female” as a “union of those who cannot exist without each other.” While the Greek philosopher refers here to mere physical attraction, he also presents an important kernel of truth useful to our investigation of Omega Point.

Ancient Spirit-Guide Silver Birch was asked about thwarted love in this world: If one cares for someone but love is not reciprocated, what happens upon crossing over? Is one fated to live with the agonizing prospect of unrequited love for all time?

What We Stay Alive For


a single 'God-cell' dividing into the female and male twin-souls

The following is channeled, via automatic writing, from the other side, published in “Claude’s Second Book,” by L. Kelway-Bamber:

“… when the ‘drop’ of God-force that makes the spirit of man separates from God and comes to the [Earth] world, it divides into halves and goes to two separate mothers, and thus a boy and girl are always born from each ‘drop.’ In fact, on the Earth plane things are generally constituted with a ‘counterpart,’ an opposite; they are male and female, positive and negative. The union of these creates the proper balance and produces something. The ‘bit of God’ in man is ‘im-’, or rather, ‘un’-personal; it is sent to become personal, and to so develop... It is a ‘bit of [God-]life’ [which comes to the Earth] but has no individuality — that, it has to grow and develop here.”

Carlyle Petersilea, in his “Letters From The Spirit World,” offers channeled information from the other side confirming the above assertion of the “germ” of Twin souls dividing and being born to separate mothers and fathers.

Editor’s note: The process by which Twin Souls are created is shrouded in mystery. It seems to be orchestrated on a much higher level of "management" than enjoyed or known of by message-givers in Summerland. Different reports explain it variously, but often or sometimes with the common theme of a single “God-cell” dividing into the female and male Twins. We are led to wonder if the Earth-world cell division relating to physical organisms might serve as metaphor of the grand celestial coming-into-being of Twins.

‘my sister, my spouse’

Song Of Solomon, 4:10: “How fair is thy love, my sister, my spouse; how much better is thy love than wine, and the smell of thine ointments than all spices.” (KJV)

As I produced the above comments, I was suddenly taken by the memory of a scripture not reviewed for many years. The writer of the Song refers to his beloved as “my sister, my spouse.” He may have had his own reasons for such nomenclature but, strangely, if Twin Souls derive from a single “cell” of God, then, on a cosmic level, they constitute, to each other, a kind of brother and sister. I believe that when we finally gain the full truth of these matters, we shall be more than a little astounded concerning how things truly work in the universe.



Ego-Images, Part I: The world’s morality, said Krishnamurti, is based upon pleasure acquisition; even, what passes for love in this world is just pleasure-seeking and no real love at all. But what does this mean? Is not romantic love inextricably linked to pleasure? And, if it’s not, would we even want it?

Ego-Images, Part II: Krishnamurti said that "image-forming is a way of not getting hurt." Whether we are flattered or insulted by others, ego-images are produced. This creates the "observer and observed" and, as by-product, a sense of distance and separation, which is the source of human conflict.

Ego-Images, Part III: It will be universally agreed that ego-images can be very difficult to remove from one's consciousness. If we see someone as ‘the bad guy,’ some will say ‘I forgive him, but I can’t forget.’ Is it possible to truly cleanse the mind, to be set free, of these negative images? 


beauty is not in the thing

Jiddu Krishnamurti, September 24, 1967, London: “Like love, beauty is not the cultivation of thought. A thing of beauty is not beauty. Beauty is not in the thing, in the building, in the person; but there is that beauty which is not the result of conditioning, in which thought in no way interferes.”

The sense of beauty is an opinion, a judgment, concerning the good and the true.

Beauty issues not from one's “hardware” but “software,” the “programming.”

See more discussion in the “waves” article.



Is the wisest information on love and marriage available only from the most ancient of entities, on the very highest levels, on the other side? 

The Course In Miracles states “I can escape from the world I see by giving up attack thoughts.” Our attack thoughts lead to defensive living, coloring all that we do, including the John-and-Mary dynamic.

Pythagoras and music harmonics: one's inner being is tuned in a certain way as to make us feel that certain music, and modes of conduct, are 'right', deemed to be harmonious: 'some things are too wonderful to be untrue'


the Dazzling Darkness

In this “Omega Point” article featuring the symbolical meaning of lovers “touching foreheads,” we offer the concept of “the Dazzling Darkness.” Therein, a place of mystical "austerity" and starkness, we find a cosmic stillness and silence, a oneness and unitive relationship with all creation. It is where we find and recognize “the truth,” including the knowledge of the identity of one’s eternal romantic Twin Soul mate.




Ancient Spirit Guides tell us that godliness is to embrace a “life that leads to progress,” to a “future of development and growth”; which is to say, to be godlike is to evolve, to develop oneself, to bring latent potential to the surface of personhood.

Animal and plant cooperation reveal that Nature is not at war, one organism against another. Nature, in fact, is an alliance founded upon cooperation. This principle of mutual aid across the world ecosystem is also seen at the highest level of creation.

Morphic fields serve as “hidden blueprint” to shape galaxies, the construction of atoms, schools of fish, intricacies of snowflakes – and these fields also fashion the sense of exquisite and unique intimacy and harmony known to Twin Souls.

In the evolutionary flowering of the universe and the world, we find four major discontinuous “explosions” of advancement, four major stages of development, four major bursts of creativity from Universal Intelligence.


romantic love is often seen as something insubstantial, a whim, a fever, something to get over – but beware of violating the holy and authentic version of this

Life In Two Spheres, or Scenes in the Summerland, by Hudson Tuttle, channeled testimony from the other side. The speaker of the following is known as "the ancient Sage," a resident of Summerland for nearly 3000 years:

A newcomer to Summerland confesses that he had foolishly lost his true love when they were teens. He speaks to the Sage concerning how, during his Earth-life, he never recovered from this profound grief of losing her:

The Sage: "You are guilty?"

"Guilty! yes, a vile, guilty wretch! … I suffered so much, [but] recognized [the] punishment as just … [because] I loved a maiden, and she loved me. We played and sang together in our childhood, and in our youth our lot was always cast together. She was confiding, unaffected... She was always what she appeared.”

Editor’s note: The girl of his youth interacted authentically with him, wasn't trying to get anything from him but wanted only him; she confided, shared secrets of her life, spoke unaffectedly, never flirted, never played a role, but “was always what she appeared.” However, the boy, not knowing his own mind well enough at the time, was led away by infatuations, a false “ideal.”

“At length I saw [another girl, or girls, whom I foolishly believed to be] the ideal of my dreams. She made me forget my first love…” Very quickly, however, the mere passions of biology deserted him, so-called “love vanished, and I was miserable.” The girl of his youth, his true love, in her grief of losing him, made bad decisions for her life, and died prematurely.

“Oh, to think of this! To remember the pleasant days we passed together [in our youths] – that I, in whom she had placed her confidence, should cause her death, intensifies my suffering."

The Sage: "Human affection is more precious than diamonds; and he who crushes [it] is severely punished [in a natural way, by resultant suffering].”

"I was ignorant of the injury I was inflicting; I knew not [that] unanswered affections recoiled with such force. I supposed love [to be] but a transient passion, soon and easily subdued."

Editor's note: Imagine the emotional train-wreck for a young girl who had trusted, had emptied her secret heart to, a young boy, only to see him cavalierly wander away, and toss her away, in pursuit of some pretty face.

when the mountains are crushed to vapor, the holy and authentic romantic love will still be there

The Sage: "Cause and effect will eternally operate; and punishment must necessarily follow crime [against holy, destined romance]… [True] love is not [just] a passion, neither is it transitory, but it is the uniting of two souls into one; and unions founded on [this] basis will exist, growing stronger and more intricate, when [a] mountain shall have changed to vapor and passed away. This is true marriage - an eternal union of soul, thought, and being. Passion is secondary, and will perish with the conditions on which it depends, but spiritual love is as lasting as time, and develops more and more in the Spirit-world. It seeks one object…

Editor’s note: The male, truly in love, “seeks one object” for his desire. Not just one woman in the sense of “any woman” to whom exclusive fealty is offered, but “one particular woman.” See Dr. Campbell’s comments below.

It seeks one object, and clings to it, through life and death, and puts forth its immortal bloom a thousand ages hence [that is, he will still feel the same though a thousand summers might pass]."



Quantum possibility issues as “random draw,” thereby maintaining entropy in the universe. However, Universal Consciousness, to effect its plans, overcomes entropy. The major events in the lives of destined lovers are not random occurrences but represent purposeful orchestration.

Universal Consciousness seems to operate discontinuously, without lead-up or prelude, in many of its manifestations. We find this principle extant in physics, chemistry, biology, artistry, but this sudden bursting forth of creativity is represented, with highest expression, in the discontinuities of true love.


waiting for the right dance partner

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Steve: You don't like music?

Peggy: I do, actually.

Steve: I might even, when this is all over...

Peggy: ...go dancing.

Bucky: Then what're we waiting for!?

Peggy: The right dance partner... pay attention, Captain.

Steve: Yes, ma'am. I'll be there.

Bucky: (later, having failed to gain her attention) I'm invisible. I'm turning into you. It's a horrible dream.

Steve: Don't take it so hard. Maybe she's got a friend.



Ancient Spirit Guides insist that Twins, no matter how it appears at the surface of life, are never separated but always in contact. Our best understanding of physics supports this view.

Why can’t Twin Souls be together sooner? Why does it have to take so long?

The great mystic teachers assert that, in the true love, the true marriage, each romantic mate reveals the face of God to the other. In this reality, is there a correlation between, what some call, ‘the trustworthiness of religious experience’ and a sense of authentic love relationship? How can we know it's real?

Society's insistence on pursuing pleasure becomes a measure of individual isolation and loss of authentic relationship. A demand for low-grade pleasure destroys true relationship as it seeks to use others to mollify the inner terror of aloneness.

The ability to sense true love, and one’s True Love, is a subset of a larger spiritual sentience.


you got to me... you got to my soul...

'You Got to Me'


Mama always told me it would happen, she never said that it would happen like this, Papa said 'some little girl'll catch you nappin', some little girl will get to you with her kiss", you got to me, brought me to my knees, never thought I'd say please, girl, you got to me, you got to my soul, you got to me, you got control, you got to me - you got to be mine... used to slip through every girl's hands like water, never was one who could ever tie me down, straight ahead and steady as Gibraltar, 'til you brought me tumblin' to the ground, you got to me, brought me to my knees, never thought I'd say please, girl, you got me, you got to my soul, you got to me, you got control, you got to me - you got to be mine…

Editor’s note: "You got to me, you got to my soul." Authentic romance is more than typical boy-meets-girl attraction; so much so that biology, fundamentally, has no claim to the marvel. True love, in fact, is not rooted in the body but in the deeper "made in the image" person. How strange the phrase, "you got control"! - as if one's breath and impulse now find locus of being in another, as if one could not take one more step without the promise of sharing life with that other - who is no other, but a facet of one's own self... you got to me, you got to my soul



Universal principle, for good or ill, rules the Dark Realms. We’ve seen, in play, the exacting “grinding the lust for sin out of the soul,” but there is also a universal shining star of delight beginning to rise in those calamitous climes. It is “what we stay alive for.”

Elsewhere we discussed the “terror of living forever.” Omega Point addresses this issue.

Krishnamurti offered the insightful remark that, when we find God, or the truth – and, we shall add, the true mate as part of the truth – this discovery will come to us, he said, by way of “recognition”; literally, "a knowing again, consciousness that a given object is identical with an object previously" known (1798, Wordsworth). But how shall we recognize, how shall we "know again," God, the truth, or the true mate?


Werner Heisenberg, arguably, one of the greatest scientists of history, spoke of quantum objects existing in potentia. This is a Greek term borrowed from Aristotle who said that some things exist in a state half-way between mere concept and actuality. Heisenberg wrote in his 1958 Physics and Philosophy: “It introduced something standing in the middle between the idea of an event and the actual event, a strange kind of physical reality just in the middle between possibility and reality.” Descartes posited that there were only two kind of things in the universe, res cogitans, “thinking things,” that is, the mind, and res extensa, “extended things,” things of three dimensions, that is, matter. But Heisenberg would argue for more than mind and matter, a third category, res potentia - things not just of any probability, any potential, to occur, but things that are so likely to happen that, even before manifesting as hard-edged actuality, they must be ascribed a certain degree of reality. This view gave rise to the mathematical “probability wave” which transformed the world as the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. But Twin Soul lovers, even before they come together, would contend that they perceived something so real and insistent between them that they were led and influenced by their own version of res potentia, long before they touched and interacted as bona fide romantics.


Omega-Point couples, the enlightened marriage, will be led by Elizabeth Barrett’s “not for a reason”

Touching foreheads, entering a condition of "no you and no me," a quality of sacred silence, the Dazzling Darkness, with no space or separation, an Omega-Point intimacy

Freedom from Illusion, Part I: When the great mystics speak of the benefits of authentic eternal Twin Soul marriage, they do not focus on ultimate happiness (though this is part of it) but, instead, emphasize Love and Wisdom as freedom from illusion. What is the nature of illusion we’re to be freed from?

Freedom from Illusion, Part II: Mystics and Spirit Guides speak of authentic eternal marriage as a union of Love and Wisdom; each seeks for the other as vivifying complement. When unguided and unassociated, Love pines unto death as unspeakably lonely and bereft, with Wisdom standing as mere iceberg, cold and unbeautiful.

Freedom from Illusion, Part III: Summary Statement: The Marriage of Love and Wisdom.

Freedom from Illusion, Part IV: Additional thoughts on true love's spiritual freedom and advanced sentience inspired by Wordsworth's "Ode On Immortality"

Freedom from Illusion, Part V: Postscript: receiving in a giving way, giving in a receiving way


blue's not the word for the way that I feel

'Crazy Arms' (1963)

blue's not the word for the way that I feel, and the storm brewing in this heart of mine, this is no treasured dream I know that it's real, you're someone else's love now, you're not mine,

my yearning heart keeps saying you're not mine

crazy arms that reach to hold somebody new, but my yearning heart keeps saying you're not mine,

my troubled mind

my troubled mind knows soon to another you'll be wed, and that's why I'm lonely all the time...




Microcosm of Ultimate Reality: The overwhelming experience, the inundation, of sacred joy.

John and Mary are skeptical of reports that Twins experience a greater intensity of love. Kairissi and Elenchus discuss the essential difference between authentic romance and the typical boy-meets-girl fever.

A woman’s body is often viewed as sex-object, but, as she has much more to offer, she might also be cast as talent-object or virtue-object. In other words, the ego-led male will see her in terms of “I need your talent and good character to make me happy.”

How Twins Affect Each Other From A Distance, Part I: The power of authentic love and marriage leads Twins to higher levels of sentience. As a Spirit Guide instructs, each mate owes “this power of clearer vision to” the other, “whose pure love flows ever as a constant stream of crystal water, giving the power to perceive higher things and [also a clear] perception of [evil of] lower spirits in all their foulness.”

How Twins Affect Each Other From A Distance, Part II: The power of authentic Twin love and marriage creates an advanced mode of communication. This allows them to "speak" to each other "non-locally," over vast distances, quite apart from the usual physical means of contact in the world.

On the WG site, the issue of spiritual maturity is often addressed. How is it to be obtained? – not from 100,000 reincarnational lives but in “one timeless moment of clarity.” However, in this grand cosmic instant, what exactly is the “clarity,” what are we to become aware of?


one woman, that one particular woman

In an interview, Dr. Joseph Campbell discusses the Troubadours of the twelfth century (namesake of a group of Spirit Guides).

These traveling poets and minstrels were the first in history to put forward, as systematized precept, that romantic love is not love in general, not with "any pretty fish in the sea," but is to be strictly individualized: one particular woman, for one particular man.

MOYERS:  So love is not love in general, it is love for that woman?

CAMPBELL:  For that one woman. That’s right… Marriage is recognition of a spiritual identity. If we live a proper life, if our minds are on the right qualities regarding the person of the opposite sex, we will find our proper male or female counterpart. But if we are distracted by certain sensuous interests, we'll marry the wrong person. By marrying the right person, we reconstruct the image of ... [Mother-Father] God, and that's what marriage is."

READ MORE on the “Wedding Song” prologue page



Why Omega-Point lovers, those enjoying a soul bond, need never be concerned about outside competition to their love

In “Prometheus” Kairissi and Elenchus discussed how each love affair, in certain respects, is the same, yet, from another perspective, each love is quite different. What they didn’t know, however, is that uniqueness is the dominant element.

We feel uplifted at the singing note of a bird, a blossoming rose, and with a woman’s grace and loveliness. But can any of these bring about a transformation of heart and mind? Is her mystical allure a basis for authentic love and marriage?

To face unafraid, the plans that we made


'behold a mystery - you will meet your true family in Summerland'

Editor’s note: Andrew Jackson Davis, mystic seer of the latter 1800s, offered some of the most sensational, and wonderful, information concerning finding one’s “true family” in Summerland.

You must read the entire account, offered in a separate article, revealing an aspect of our future joy little understood, nor even anticipated. Truly, it’s not what we might expect.




The Inferential Life, Part I: "God, in whom we live, move, and have our being"

The Inferential Life, Part II: constructing a mode of living, for this world and the next, as derived logical consequence and extension of the major principles upon which Nature and Reality are built

The Inferential Life, Part III: Summary Statement: Omega Point

The Inferential Life, Part IV: Omega Point and Universal Consciousness


the most important concept on the Word Gems site

One of my favorite essays is “What we stay alive for.” This is the crux of the matter. We need to come alive, which is primary importance, but, once alive, we need a reason to stay alive. In the writing “500 tape-recorded messages from the other side” we learn of a vast class of people over there who have not yet found their reason to live; as such, they drift into various levels of insanity.

On the “Prologue” page of “The Wedding Song” we are reviewing various testimonies speaking to the reality of Twin Souls. The mystic Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, however, better than others, intuitively grasped the sense of importance to be accorded Twin love as vital component of the spiritual mind of wisdom.

“The soul ... is itself only one-half of a complete being. For each of us there is a counterpartal [person] of the opposite polarity. And our pilgrimage towards emancipation [from illusion] consists in drawing ever nearer to this balancing factor ... so that, in the end, [while retaining sacred individuality,] we become [effectively One Person,] a male-female being in whom the positive and negative forces are in perfect equilibrium, reflecting the nature of the Male-Female Creator. Only through the perfect union of two souls of the opposite sex can that blending of forces be achieved which brings freedom from illusion and the full experience of Reality.”

Aivanhov gets it exactly right. It’s only through the union of destined Twins that a complete “freedom from illusion and full experience of Reality” might be achieved. Notice the emphasis. We might have expected to hear of "a complete happiness" but instead "a complete freedom from illusion" is presented as central concept.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; but, this one, right here, might be worth the entire Word Gems site - as a bride’s loving and joyous demeanor encapsulates, and well expresses, human destiny, purpose and meaning, freedom from illusion, sacred personhood, full humanity, and ultimate reality.

Why is Twin Soul love the doorway to ultimate wisdom, evolvement, and spiritual vision? - because it reflects the highest expression of ultimate reality, the subsuming influence and dominion of Mother-Father God.

The concept of “highest reality” brings to mind once again “the 500 tape-recordings from the other side.” Among these one finds the occasional testimony from those who were famous during their Earth sojourn; accomplished individuals – scientists, statesmen, and the like – they continue some of their work in Summerland.

However, concerning their personal lives, many of these did not live moralistically, and as they spoke one discerned that this attitude of using others for one’s private pleasure had not yet been expunged from their spirits. There was a certain “hollowness” and “brittleness” to their viewpoint.

Despite great accomplishments, one is left with an impression that they had not yet met “ultimate reality”, were still quite materialistic in their thinking. And this is what Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov is getting at when he says that true love is the doorway to freedom from illusion, an illusion of materialistic perspective; instead, authentic romance becomes portal to full experience of highest wisdom.

It would have to be this way as true love is not only part of the divine mind but reflects the highest domain of "what is" - the dual female-male energies - a closer attunement with, the hegemonic and "singular pervasive" reality that is, Mother-Father God. There is reason why ancient Spirit Guides refer to divinity in this manner.

See a 4-part writing on "Freedom From Illusion."

'you have not come to the arctic regions, you cannot be perfected without it'

Troubadour Spirit-Guide Margaret: “[Twin Soul] love is the atmosphere of this life [in Summerland]. You have not come to the arctic regions, but to the region where [romantic] love is a pervading influence, warming all hearts. No spirit can find its most perfect development who misses from his life the experience which [romantic] love can give him. If he has lived a loveless life on Earth, the possibility is still reserved for him here. The certainty will come to him in the future. His being cannot be perfected without it.”



Like spokes of a wheel uniting at the center, many great truths meet and find confluence in the ultimate reality, the evolutionary apex, of Twin Soul love and marriage

A man truly in love says, of the woman he adores, "you are my life" - what does this mean?

Staring into the existential void: "since I don't have you"

Kairissi and Elenchus review the major findings of quantum mechanics and discuss what this reveals about authentic love and marriage



The Mystical Experience: 'silence your ego and your power will rise'

Part I: Kairissi and Elenchus discuss how lovers' perceptions of existential beauty lead them to ultimate intimacy and oneness

Part II: Kairissi and Elenchus discuss how lovers' perceptions of existential beauty affect one's relationship with God

“Oh, my love, oh, my love, I cried for you so much!” – the Seekers’ 1965 smash hit speaks of an ultra-intimacy, “a world of our own,” known only to eternal darling companions.

Part I, Existential Beauty: Noting a sunrise as messenger of a new day is not the same as discerning the dawn as dreamily enchanting. The sublime awareness allowing for such is untainted by utilitarian concern.

Part II, Existential Beauty: Consonance with the whole: “What is good is in consonance with creation as a whole and therefore also with the world of men. Whenever we see the Good and the True in perfect accord, the Beautiful stands revealed.”


Mike Vogel and Katharine McPhee, In My Dreams (2014)


Revelation’s “bride adorned for her husband” represents a permanent and lasting solution to world evil, and this helps us understand how the true mate offers permanent remedy to the heart’s sorrowing aloneness, in the permanent marriage that “cannot be sundered.”

The television series “Touched By An Angel” provides useful metaphor helping us to understand that there is something higher and grander than love to bind the union of the eternal Twin Soul marriage.

Psychic-mediums channel the testimony of celebrities in the next world who speak on the subject of sex.


Benedict Cumberbatch and Adelaide Clemens, Parade’s End (2012)


Andrew Jackson Davis spoke of an 'inwrought adaption' operating in the lives of Twins. This principle works to bring two seemingly disparate, but destined, individuals into romantic harmony.

Over the years on WG, we have referred to Twin Soul love as founded upon “soul energies.” However, as Tesla asserted, to know the universe, one must think in terms of “energy, frequency, and vibration.” As such we may be able to further clarify Twins’ affinity as oscillating waves of Consciousness.

Sister Golden Hair Surprise

Dido’s White Flag: ‘I will go down with this ship, there will be no surrender.’ Is it possible for an advanced, enlightened person to fall away from true love?


I am gripped by a loneliness

Cyndi Lauper
Water's Edge

I went to the water's edge … I saw my own reflection, I just can't see it now … so I whisper your little secret … I'll save it for you in my heart, in case we both forget, oh, I wish you could wrap yourself around me, I am gripped by a loneliness, oh, I wish you could wrap yourself around me, I'd be released in your tenderness, I saw my life eclipse... and then felt myself slip… oh, I wish you could wrap yourself around me, I am gripped by a loneliness, oh, I wish you could wrap yourself around me, I'd be released in your tenderness

I'd be released in your tenderness

Editor’s note: In “Prometheus” Kairissi and Elenchus spoke of the possibility of becoming enemies during their Earth-mission, but then, "in case we both forget," pledged to recover themselves. "Water's Edge" is about missing someone, of being “gripped by a loneliness.” But before she lost her beloved, she had lost herself, could not recall the water’s reflection-likeness, felt herself "slip" – slip away from herself – and witnessed the "eclipse," the growing sense of darkness, in her own person.



Kairissi and Elenchus: I

Kairissi and Elenchus: II

Kairissi and Elenchus: III


I don't have anything, since I don't have you

Since I Don't Have You

I don't have plans and schemes
I don't have hopes and dreams
I don't have anything
since I don't have you

I don't have fond desires
I don't have happy hours
I don't have anything
since I don't have you...




Kairissi and Elenchus: IV

Kairissi and Elenchus: V

Kairissi and Elenchus: VI


secrets stolen from deep inside, the drum beats out of time


Cyndi Lauper & Sarah McLachlan
Time After Time

lying in my bed I hear the clock tick and think of you, caught up in circles, confusion is nothing new, flashback, warm nights, almost left behind, suitcase of memories, time after sometimes, you picture me, I'm walking too far ahead, you're calling to me, I can't hear what you have said, then you say, "go slow, I fall behind,” the second hand unwinds, if you're lost, you can look and you will find me, time after time, if you fall, I will catch you, I will be waiting, time after time, after my picture fades and darkness has turned to gray, watching through windows, you're wondering if I'm okay, secrets stolen from deep inside, the drum beats out of time, if you're lost, you can look and you will find me, time after time, if you fall, I will catch you, I will be waiting, time after time, I will be waiting, time after time, I will be waiting, time after time…

I'm walking too far ahead, you're calling to me, I can't hear what you have said, then you say, 'go slow, I fall behind'



Kairissi and Elenchus: VII

Kairissi and Elenchus: VIII

Kairissi and Elenchus: IX


oh my love, oh my love, I cried for you so much

Judith Durham & The Seekers
A World Of Our Own (1965)

oh, my love, oh, my love, I cried for you so much, lonely nights without sleeping as I longed for your touch, now your lips can erase the heartache I’ve known, come with me to a world of our own...

lonely nights, without sleeping, as I longed for your touch

Editor’s note: With a voice as distinct as that of Mama Cass, sailing high into the stratosphere, far above her quartet-mates, Judith Durham sings a gospel of love fulfilled. All true romantics wish for another world because it's not easily apprehended on planet Earth. C.S. Lewis once said that certain demanding desires, recognized deep within, could not possibly enjoy fulfillment here and now; and since God would not have endowed us with proclivities never to know satisfaction, there must be another time and venue to reify the “calling of our hearts.” Even if we glimpse true love in this world, odds are, we will not be allowed to delight in it. This is the world wherein lovers awaken at different times, are out of phase with each other: I spoke of this in “what we stay alive for”; therefore, as Judith sang, there must be another world, one of lovers' salvation, a coming “world of our own,” where true love might blossom and bear fruit, as it was meant, and is destined, to do.



Kairissi and Elenchus: X

 Kairissi and Elenchus: XI

Kairissi and Elenchus: XII


I've come to see myself at last, the time I spent confused, was the time I spent without you

John Sebastian at Woodstock (1969)

Darling Be Home Soon

come and talk of all the things we did today, and laugh about our funny little ways, while we have a few minutes to breathe, and I know that it's time you must leave, but darling be home soon, I couldn't bear to wait an extra minute if you dawdled, my darling be home soon, it's not just these few hours but I've been waiting since I toddled, for the great relief of having you to talk to, and now, a quarter of my life is almost passed, I think I've come to see myself at last, and I see that the time spent confused, was the time I spent without you, and I feel myself in bloom, so darling be home soon, I couldn't bear to wait an extra minute if you dawdled, my darling be home soon, it's not just these few hours but I've been waiting since I toddled, for the great relief of having you to talk to, go and beat your crazy head against the sky, try and see beyond the houses and your eyes, it's ok to shoot the moon, darling be home soon, I couldn't bear to wait an extra minute if you dawdled, my darling be home soon, it's not just these few hours but I've been waiting since I toddled, for the great relief of having you to talk to

waiting, since I toddled, for the great relief of having you to talk to

Editor’s note: See the Kairissi-and-Elenchus dialogues in "The Wedding Song" for extensive discussion on the meaning of John Sebastian's "Darling Be Home Soon."



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Franchezzo, A Wanderer In The Spirit Lands:

"I have seen one of a pair of lovers, whom some misunderstanding had parted, and between whom death had placed a last insurmountable barrier, [go to] the Beloved One left behind, and seek, by all means in his power, to convey to her the true state of things, that their hearts had been true, whatever might have appeared to the contrary."



Restatement: true love is rekindled by returning not just to the memory but to the ever-present energies, which originated, and continue to sustain

Summary: two destined ones leading each other to advanced levels of spirituality and evolution

Conclusion: "I got my girl, who could ask for anything more?"

Epilogue: the purpose of life

Postscript: the final K & E message


all I want to do is try and find myself

in searching for the way to go I've followed all the rules, the way they say to choose between the wise men and the fools, I listen to the words they say, I read what I should read, I do whatever's right to do, try to be what I should be, someone let me in I think the sky is falling, seems I've gotten lost on my way, all I want to do is try and find myself, come and let me look in your eyes, come and let me look in your eyes, but wisdom isn't underground nor on a mountainside, and where am I to take myself, there's no place here to hide, where can I hide, all across the universe the stars are fading, seems we've gotten lost on our way, all I want to do is try and find myself, come and let me look in your eyes, come and let me look in your eyes, come and let me look in your eyes

all I want to do is try and find myself, come and let me look in your eyes