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Soulmate, Myself:
Omega Point

Freedom from Illusion: Part I

When the great mystics speak of the benefits of authentic eternal Twin Soul marriage, they do not focus on ultimate happiness (though this is part of it) but, instead, emphasize Love and Wisdom as freedom from illusion. What is the nature of illusion we’re to be freed from?



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Kairissi. Let’s remind everyone what we’re doing with these discussions in the “Omega” book. Our task is not only to define the nature and meaning of real love but how it fits with the evolutionary goals and direction of humankind.

Elenchus. This sounds like something unknowable. Are we able to say anything about this in a credible way?

K. I think the details and minutia will escape us right now, however, I do feel we can catch a glimpse.

E. I think so, too, but explain to everyone how this might be possible.

K. Our prescience, meager as it might be, will be founded upon a source of wisdom available to us for all weighty questions in life: We have to “go within.” We need to commune with our own souls, our linkage to God.

E. It’s interesting that those who are the most skilled “astronomers of the inner cosmos” – the best mystics – say that the future of authentic love, the eternal marriage, will lead us to a “freedom from illusion.” I say it’s interesting because we might have expected them to say “freedom from loneliness” or “freedom from unhappiness” or the like. And, of course, none of this is left out, but, the mystics don’t focus on these things.

K. Let’s offer our readers a favorite quotation in this regard.

E. On the “Prologue” page of “The Wedding Song” we reviewed various testimonies speaking to the reality of Twin Souls. The mystic Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, better than others, intuitively grasped the sense of importance to be accorded Twin love:

“The soul ... is itself only one-half of a complete being. For each of us there is a counterpartal [person] of the opposite polarity. And our pilgrimage towards emancipation [from illusion] consists in drawing ever nearer to this balancing factor ... so that, in the end, [while retaining sacred individuality,] we become [effectively One Person,] a male-female being in whom the positive and negative forces are in perfect equilibrium, reflecting the nature of the Male-Female Creator. Only through the perfect union of two souls of the opposite sex can that blending of forces be achieved which brings freedom from illusion and the full experience of Reality.”

K. Aivanhov's assertion begs the question, ok then, just what is the "illusion" we're to be freed from?

E. It’s a comment that catches you off-guard. On that happy day when one actually finds the real love of one’s life, there’ll be so much joy that “freedom from illusion” might not enter one’s mind.

K. In that moment I’m sure that it won’t – but the mystics are “technicians” in this area, and so they see things that might escape the common view.

E. How can we explain this?

K. It’s not easy to make plain a mystical perception. However, I think we might briefly recap (1) the essence and meaning of love, and (2) the nature of the ego’s domain, which is the opposite of love.

E. Kriss, you’re the one who taught me the meaning of love, so why don’t you lead this enquiry?

K. (sighing) Well… first, let’s remind ourselves what love is. In “The Wedding Song” we offered a long discussion on its meaning. We said that love is a perception of the underlying “one life” of all things, all people, and all creation. We spoke of “God as singular pervasive reality,” in that, God is all and in all.

E. And for those who desire a “scientific” version of this, we might quote the great quantum fathers who asserted that consciousness – we would say “Universal Consciousness” – is the ground of reality, not matter.

K. This means that, for lovers, what they call “falling in love” or “romantic feelings” is really entering into a perception of an underlying affinity between the two.

E. We should also point out that “John and Mary” experience something different, a brain-chemical, biology-led simulation of this process.

K. The world equates love with pleasure -- pleasure, meaning, bio-stimulation.

E. It's the counterfeit version, the shadow - but it's not love.

K. The counterfeit is not nearly as potent as the real thing, and, worse, it doesn’t last very long – just as any “chemical high” is transitory.

E. So, how can we summarize this in terms of human destiny, of “Omega Point”?

K. Each human being is directed toward greater expressions of oneness, unity, and harmony – with all creation, all peoples, and, especially, with the destined Twin Soul. It seems that we’re “hard wired” to want to do this. We can know this because, anytime we further this process of integration, on any level – we feel good. This sense of well-being comes to us in various degrees: from “one with nature” or enjoying a “sense of community,” or good friendship, all the way up the line to the ultimate joy of becoming “One Person” with a destined Twin Soul.

E. This is our future. We were made for this. We can’t be truly happy without it. All advanced Spirit Beings report their joy of having entered into greater levels of harmony and oneness with all aspects of God’s creation.

K. Much could be said here concerning the nature of what we call love, but we’ve already addressed this at length in “The Wedding Song.”

E. And now let’s sharpen the focus with a comment on the opposite.

K. Krishnamurti was probably the best in this area. For 60 years he traveled the globe giving lectures on the hidden reasons for all the conflict in the world.

E. Can we summarize 60 years of lecture?

K. Strangely, I think we can. He constantly spoke of how the dysfunctional ego divides and separates people. It does this because of our fears of not attaining happiness, fears of not being respected, of not finding love, and, most fundamentally, our hidden fear of death.

E. So, here we have the two great paths of life: one leads to greater harmony and oneness, while the other sends us to more isolation, more separateness, more division.

K. It’s all quite simple, once we see the essence.

E. And so, Kriss, put this all together for us. What was Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov really saying with his assertion that Twin Soul love brings “freedom from illusion.” What’s the illusion?

K. I think it becomes clear. When the ego runs one’s life, we are totally convinced that the way to get ahead, or find happiness, or become successful, or get what we want, means that we have to stand alone, to “look out for number one,” we have to take as much as we can, we need to negotiate the best deal for ourselves, because, as the world instructs, “if you don’t look out for yourself, no one else will.”

E. In other words, separateness, isolation, hunkering down and protecting the self is the way forward.

K. And that’s the “illusion” under which the whole world is laboring. And, of course, it’s anti-climactic to say, but – the only way that brings true happiness is to promote unity, harmony, and oneness.

E. As we leave this topic, I would just like to say – simply outlining the problem will not convince anyone. When one has lived one’s life, for decades, grasping at private advantage at every turn, a short “sermon” as we’ve delivered here will issue as dispositive to no one. But I will tell you this. On the day when one’s eyes are opened to the “secret identity” of one’s Twin Soul, in a hot nano-second, when the joy of all that she is to you hits you like a tornado, then, one will enter certainty.

K. We should say a little more about “freedom from illusion.” This is an extremely underrated point of wisdom.

E. You have the microphone, Kriss.

K. We’ve said that “freedom from illusion” means that (1) life is constructed on an appreciation of oneness, harmony, and unity; and that (2) to live life in an egocentric “every man for himself” way is to totally miss the essence of what it means to be human.

E. Or “made in the image.”

K. Exactly. And, of course, we’ve already said, in many of our discussions, that the eternal romantic love and marriage is the highest expression of human oneness and integration. But I would like to bring out a new aspect of this “ultimate reality.”

E. We’re all listening.

K. This issue of “freedom from illusion” is really potent. Think about the average person in Summerland. He or she will be congenial, and will help you if you need something. And yet we know that most people in Summerland are not so mature or wise.

E. They reflect a form of shallow “goodness” that is still quite Earthlike.

K. In other words, though they may be friendly and fairly pleasant to be around, almost everyone in Summerland has not yet gained a “freedom from illusion” in the truest sense.

E. Elsewhere, we’ve talked about how most people in Summerland know nothing about Twin Soul love.

K. People in Summerland are still burdened by John-and-Mary perceptions of love and marriage.

E. What does this mean in a practical sense? What are you really seeing?

K. In Summerland, along with the average citizen, there are those who are highly skilled in the arts and sciences; some of them were famous during their time on Earth.

E. The great mathematicians, the physicists, painters, sculptors…

K. Or the chemists, the celebrated writers, musicians, and the great thinkers and philosophers. Now, we need to remind ourselves that, among this stellar crowd, virtually all of them will not have attained to “freedom of illusion.”

E. That is strange, isn’t it? We might think of those who discovered the electron or the essence of quantum mechanics

K. Or those who created history’s masterpieces of art – we could go on listing the achievements. These are the highly accomplished, the literati, the glittering ones and virtuosos, those who knew more, saw more, did more, than others in the world. I could point to the Romantic poets, some of them especially, their lives were a mess, treated their mates and children horribly, yet they delivered all this high-sounding writing about love.

E. As we have come to perceive, these gifted ones had not yet entered that far country of “ultimate reality.” Explain this to everyone, Kriss.

K. There’s that quotation from Dorothy Sayers that we like: "The proportion and relations of things are just as much facts as the things themselves; and if you get those wrong, you falsify the picture really seriously." This means that you could even be a famous Romantic poet, or one of the “quantum fathers,” among the very most brilliant, piercing the mysteries of the ultra-small, getting near to the underpinnings of reality – and yet, without something more, you will miss “freedom from illusion” by a proverbial country mile.

E. It’s the “proportion and relation of things”. And what would you say this really means, Kriss?

K. We were made to live as emulation of Mother-Father God. We were made to love – all forms of love, but, primarily, the true eternal romantic love. And if you miss out on this, then you'll get "the proportion" wrong, and you'll fail to perceive the greatest mystery of all -- the purpose and deepest meaning of life – and it doesn’t matter if you were the first to understand the quantum wave-function. I don’t want to minimize those scientific accomplishments as they were wonderful, and they do help us to understand the nature of reality. But only to a degree. What I want to say is this: Becoming the greatest mathematician or painter or writer, if that’s all you have, will eventually lead you to ultimate despair – if you don’t find your “ultimate reality,” that is, if you don’t find the one who's your “reason to stay alive for.”

E. We would like to share with our readers a channeled testimony from the other side which expresses the same sentiments.

The following is given by P.B. Randolph in the work “Beyond The Veil,” 1878, via the mediumship of Frances McDougall and Luna Hutchinson:

E. He begins by explaining what it was like to awaken in Summerland and to meet the one you love most:

the great tidal-wave of Reunion

"And then the awakening! O for the pen of Millennial Archangels to write its raptures, to picture or portray the sights and sounds that come and go -- expire, fade away, and return, in a round of wonders, leaving no moment for thought or reflection, until the whole is merged in the great tidal-wave of Reunion, when raptured loves and lives once more flow together with a depth of joy no language could express. Only the tightening strain of clasping arms, the full assurance of answering eyes, the pulsing of quickened hearts, the perfect intelligence of responsive souls, might give it utterance."

K. This is really something. A reunion described as a "tidal-wave" is some reunion - just imagine the explosive feelings unleashed.

E. And what I like is "the full assurance of answering eyes." In other words, he's glad this is no embarrassing lop-sided love affair with all the gushing just on one side of the equation.

K. That's funny.

E. And it's deadly when it happens.

K. Tell me about it.

no sweeter words in all eternity than 'you are mine'

"And all these only said, only could say, 'Mine! mine own! forever mine!' The summit and noon of thought, speech and consciousness -- all that the past had been, or the future might be, this moment of infinite rapture had bound in one little word, Mine."

"I have known, I have felt all this; but to externalize, or to give it the form of language, would call for all the power of all the poets to write, of all the painters to paint, of all the prophets to previse [foresee] or foreshadow…"

E. And then he makes a bold statement about how quickly people can change if they've experienced the true love:

it's true love, more than acumen in science and poetry, that will really advance you

"It is amazing to see how rapidly a true spiritual culture contributes to the growth of the mind and the consequent enlargement and exultation of all its powers; and on entering the Land of Souls it is the spiritual affections, far more than any mere mental illumination, that determine the true status of the Soul."

not even being the greatest scientist or artist will top experiencing the true love

"I would that every human being whose walk and work, whose love and hope, take rise, center, and circulate wholly in the material, even though their powers should be embodied in the boldest flights and loftiest forms of science, would remember that all these weighed against the one grand principle of outreaching, all-forgiving, all-loving Love, are as down [feathers] in the balance, the opposite scale being laden with gold."

K. I would like to make the point here even clearer. Picture the great scientist. He or she has impressively discovered a grand detail of nature: let’s say it’s the electron, or, even more noteworthy, has determined that a sub-atomic particle under review has a particular electrical charge, that it has a certain mass, has a relative position within the atom. Now, we might say to ourselves, this person has accomplished a great deal – and this is true. Are we not closer to understanding an architectonic structure with such discoveries? – yes, we are. And yet, with all this achievement, if this is all one has, the greater part will be missing. The “proportion and relation” of things goes begging. How does it fit into the whole of Nature? I have witnessed this deficit many times, and it looks like this: a scientist might determine the existence of said particle, but, unless this information is fitted within a framework of a higher reality, of the oneness of all, of eternal romantic love, of an emulation of Mother-Father God – then, this lack of “proportion and relation” will prove to be a feckless and soulless endeavor, doomed to encounter existential crisis.

the best intellect is just a cold and dead iceberg without true love

"This is the true vif [French: “brightness”] of the soul. It is the life, the inspiration, and the fulfillment of all things. It quickens our sympathies. It broadens our plane of interest and observation. It multiplies our means, both of enjoyment and usefulness, and from the outbeaming effulgence of the central Self it radiates in lines that open a world-wide circle of fraternity and fellowship. It gives a finer sense of beauty, a truer perception of truth. It warms. It invigorates. It inspires. It reacts on the mind with a creative power. Without it, the highest intellect is as a glittering iceberg, cold and dead, and with it the common mind blossoms and bears fruits of immortal beauty and sweetness. It opens the Garden of the Beatitudes, and has the master-key of its thousand locks. By love, as here written, you will understand the nerve, the life, the inmost soul of the spiritual forces…"


I don't have anything, since I don't have you

Since I Don't Have You

I don't have plans and schemes
I don't have hopes and dreams
I don't have anything
since I don't have you

I don't have fond desires
I don't have happy hours
I don't have anything
since I don't have you...




K. This last paragraph is incredible. He can't say enough, his heart is so bursting, about how the power of love evolves us.

E. I love this! True romantic love opens the heart to all other forms of love: "a worldwide circle of fraternity and fellowship."

K. (softly laughing) It's like the old song, Love Potion Number Nine - "I started kissing everything in sight."

E. Wow, Kriss! (sighing) All this sounds familiar to me. When I realized, when I woke up to who you really are to me, when I began to experience the real love in my spirit, I began to change and to such a degree that family, friends, and even strangers, would make comments on how different I was.


until love and wisdom are united, truth cannot be apprehended in a full and balanced way

“Every soul in existence has a mate, or counterpart; the actual other half of itself; and until they are reunited as a whole or perfect being, they can never be really happy, or make much progress in wisdom. Until love and wisdom are united, truth cannot come to light, and error and darkness reign." The Discovered Country, Carlyle Petersilea 



Editor's note: In the channeled book featuring Spirit Guide Margaret, we find an account of a mother crossing over to find her lost baby boys. She, too, with great emotion, emphasizes the word "mine":

"My babes, how I had longed for them, yearned for them! They had always been babes to me in my memory, little tender clinging things, finding their whole world in mother-love. But when I beheld these youths beside me, some subtle instinct revealed to me that they were my babes, now nearly grown to manhood. I felt neither hesitation nor surprise in the recognition. It was as though I had always expected them to appear thus to me. I only held out my arms with an unutterably glad impulse, crying, 'My boys! Mine!' Is there a more contentful, more blissful word in our language, in any language, than that word 'mine'? Whether we say it of child, friend or lover, home or heaven, we have expressed the supremest emotion of our hearts. It indicates the fullest fruition of our hopes and desires, whether they be worthy ones or unworthy ones. Barren and pitiful indeed is the life of that wretch who cannot say 'mine' of some joy, some hope, or some love. It is the first feeling of the infant heart when it begins to realize its possession of motherly tenderness and care, long before it can give the feeling its appropriate word. It will be the ultimate emotion of the soul, when, having passed through the cycles of eternity, it shall at last have reached the center and source of all, and shall be able to say of infinite wisdom and love, mine!"

K. Elenchus Dear, as we leave this subject, a small item comes to mind, and possibly I could add it as addendum to the discussion.

E. Please.

K. In “The Wedding Song” we had a lot to say about the biblical book of Genesis. And, of course, we know that the Bible is not an infallible work, but we also suspect that certain sections may very well represent channeled wisdom from the other side.

E. Yes.

K. As we were speaking of the great scientists, the great artists, the great writers, and all the rest, it occurred to me that there’s no little box-for-comments on a baby’s birth certificate to make note, “Today was born a future great scientist,” or “Here today we witnessed the birth of a future great painter.” No, none of that.

E. (silence)

K. But, if Genesis is trustworthy guide, we could fill the comment-box, for each one of us, “Today we are privileged to be on hand for the birth of this made-in-the-image creature, this divine creation fashioned, either female or male, in the form of the Creator.” What we later do in science or the arts is optional fare, but what is inescapable is the ultimate reality associated with The One whom, in essential essence, we reflect on the deep inside. And, as we said in “The Wedding Song,” male and female made-in-the-image is just a synonym for Twin Souls – and this designation might properly be embossed on everyone’s birth certificate.


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