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Word Gems 

exploring self-realization, sacred personhood, and full humanity




        "O My Lost! I sweep aside the rubble of our years to see you clear of their shadow." Walter Benton



"I desire so to conduct the affairs of this administration that if, at the end, when I come to lay down the reins of power, I have lost every other friend on earth, I shall at least have one friend left, and that friend shall be down inside me." Abraham Lincoln


This statement by Lincoln, among the thousands of Word Gems quotations, might be my favorite. An honoring of the "friend down inside," a self-respect, a realization of sacred self-worth, is just about the most important lesson to learn; and the most difficult.

In my own life, I would need to approach age 60 before I authentically met, and could accept, that "friend down inside."

Word Gems constitutes a kind of life-notebook, a collection of my best gold-nugget findings. There is enormous benefit, as George Spenser Brown used the phrase, "simply bearing in mind," just keeping close to, the stellar insights of history's great thinkers; subconsciously, these seeds of wisdom, in a cross-fertilization of ideas, influence and lead us, eventually germinating as new and increased vision

The good "friend down inside" remains stranger to most. It's not easy to arrange a meeting. We live in a world arrayed against the sacred person, the "true self." Collective-ego institutions - political, corporate, and religious - ever grasping for power and control, attempt to convince us that we are not enough, that we are defective, that we are not able, that success could never be ours, that God could not love us, but for the superintending benevolence of self-appointed elites:


they bought and sold you... controlled you


While My Guitar Gently Weeps

I look at you and see the love there that's sleeping...
I don't know why nobody told you how to unfold your love
I don't know how someone controlled you
They bought and sold you...



If the "friend down inside," the true self, remains unknown to us, if we live without self-respect, that realization of sacred self-worth, we will fall victim, become servile accomplices, to cultish elements in society intent upon merchandizing, "buying and selling" us.


the education of a free man or woman 

ancient Greek pottery, “Phlyax Scene,” depicting a master (center, long tunic) and a slave (short tunic)


Many years ago Mortimer Adler helped me to understand the meaning of the common term “liberal education.” “Liberal” in this context has nothing to do with political leanings but, in its classical sense, speaks to “liberty.”

A liberal education is one befitting a free man or woman. Slaves in ancient times were treated as chattel, as things, belonging to a master. Instruction for a slave was limited to training, the acquisition of skills in relation to tasks to be performed for the benefit of a master.

However, the education of this latter, a free person, was very much different in kind. It was liberal in orientation, that is, pertaining to freedom, and centered upon clear thinking and developing the mind -- for its own sake, as an end in itself, and not as a means to something else or someone else’s private agenda. Most views of education down through the centuries have not been "liberal" in any meaningful sense but were crafted in service of a master, some Dear Leader - a government, a church, an ideology, a cult – with little regard for the individual. It's been this way for many thousands of years and not much has changed (also see Dr. Adler’s essay and my own “1-Minute essay”).

People often wonder about their purpose in life. There are “outer” purposes which vary from person to person; however, as our time on this planet is very fleeting, none of this matters overly much. It is the “inner” purpose which takes on cosmic significance, and this purpose will be the same for every individual – it is the call to “wake up,” to open our eyes to who we truly are; it is a beckoning to freedom, to an activation of the sacred “true self.” A great many articles on the Word Gems site address this universal summoning to action.

Without a mind calibrated and tuned to the sweet melody of freedom, we will fall prey to those who strut and prance and proclaim themselves to be our saviors. Look around you – almost every institution, every ideology, every belief-system of the world, if we have eyes to see, exists to make you its pawn; if you let them, if you have not yet discovered who you are.



A central organizing element of my writings is the scientific evidence of the afterlife; as with love, it changes everything. My core articles and books, the fruit of 55 years of investigation, attempt to expose error, bad ideas and bad thinking, the propaganda of this world, designed to control you, to separate you, from the "friend down inside," the sacred true self.


Edward C. Randall, attorney and afterlife researcher: "I have found an unknown country about and beyond this Earth, and I would not go from this world of men without leaving a record of what I have learned. We are but custodians of knowledge as of wealth, and it is the duty of every one to give to others that which he has acquired, whenever it will add to human happiness."


The following icons form a nucleus around which Word Gems is built:


Afterlife Bible Hell God
Jesus Christ Clear Thinking Satan Summary



The scientific evidence of the afterlife, indeed, changes everything. Our world is but mere "pale copy," just a black-and-white awaiting the full color version, a "practice turn," a "training ground," a place to open our eyes and "wake up" as preparation for the "real world" to come.

It's a solid world over there with hard edges where people walk on solid ground, with real birds singing in real trees, flowers growing in gardens with buzzing bees, and boisterous little children running and playing tag. 

There is no "floating on pink clouds and playing harps"; no judgment, no divine wrath, no angry god -- all of that medieval draconianism will be left far behind in the "hell" of our world

Daily life and environment there, for the most part, is quite Earthlike, that is, a perfected Earth, without the social problems or struggles for existence; no bills to pay, no health issues, no worries about crime, war, or invasion -- think of the most pleasant and carefree summer day you ever had and multiply that euphoria by a hundred. The locals call it Summerland.

We shall thrill to discover in that "real world" a substantial and complex society of higher education, gourmet cooking just-for-fun, scientific research, the fine arts, parties and get-togethers, university libraries, concert halls, theaters, art galleries, and friends walking in parks for quiet conversation. Our new "home world" is humanistic and progressive, spiritually oriented but not religious, a place where personal choice and self-development become the air we breathe -- an enlightened civilization centered upon the sacred autonomy of each individual.

In Summerland we will live and love, learn and evolve, moving forward doing normal and natural things, all the good things we wanted to do here but lacked the enabling means. Moreover, to our amazement and disbelief, we will discover that it is not too late to recapture what we lost -- lost opportunities and lost love. In that "real world" we shall find resolution and fulfillment for all authentic desires. Awaiting us is the "real life" of romantic Twin Soul love, personal growth, adventure, recreation, service opportunities, travel and exploration, educational and cultural advancement of every sort -- all that the heart longed for but was denied, here, on this planet of sorrow, blindness, and injustice.   

The entrance requirements to our destined and permanent home-world are not onerous; perfection or "sainthood" is not required by any means, nor will any particular belief-system or creedal assent offer any advantage at all. None of that will matter anymore in the slightest but only -- our entrance ticket becomes -- a willing heart to improve, grow, and change; a desire to serve and care for those less developed; a studied commitment to become what we were meant to become, a fully mature son or daughter of God, one "made in the image."

For the sincere individual, there is absolutely nothing to worry about; and even if one begins as not so sincere, such deficiency can be rectified with a decision to change and do better, allowing one to catch up. 

All of the dreaded stories about crossing over we've heard since childhood, all of the terrifying threats of judgment and punishment, of a harsh and humorless god, are simply not true. These fear-and-guilt inciting fables were invented by dark forces, as George Harrison asserted, intent upon "buying and selling" us, "controlling" us -- by way of separating us from the good "friend down inside."

All the very best to you in your investigations,

Wayne Becker


Editor's note:

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The solace of a quiet small room, a sanctum of personal transformation, is a good place to meet the “friend down inside.”


you can have it all laid out in front of you, but it won't make you think 

Concert for George
Royal Albert Hall
November 29, 2002

Horse To Water

you can take a horse to the water but you can't make him drink, oh no, oh no, oh no, a friend of mine in so much misery, some people sail through life, he is struggling, I said, "hey man, let's go out and get some wisdom," first he turned on me, then turned off his nervous system, you can take a horse to the water but you can't make him drink, oh no, oh no, oh no, you can have it all laid out in front of you, but it won't make you think, oh no, oh no, oh no


listen to Sam Brown’s sensational version of “Horse to Water” at the Concert for George