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Soulmate, Myself:
Omega Point

How is it possible for Twin Soul romantic love to endure for eternity, for ages and eons without end, when its hapless earthly counterpart hardly survives the honeymoon?



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Editor's note:

Much of the science information offered in this writing is from David Bodanis’ excellent book, E=mc2, the story of Einstein’s monumental insight into the nature of reality.



What’s that you say?

You say you were in love once, well smitten and starry-eyed, and it was fun while it lasted, but it faded pretty quickly, and so now you know all about how it works, and there's not too much to get excited about, right? Nothing more going on here than the zeal of the bodily organs, just Mother Nature doing her job to perpetuate the species. No big deal, got it all figured out, just mammalian instinct in momentary high flight. As the joke went about having kids in the movie True Lies, “5 seconds of pleasure, 20 years of misery.”

the nasty habit of disappearing overnight

Well, it’s a popular sentiment, with lots of true-believers around the world and also in your neighborhood; lots of people who’ve been burned and are now well jaded, ready to offer sincere testimony to the insubstantiality. A super-abundance of literature and popular song, too, proclaim that romantic love is a concept for the naïve, the half-ripe and jejune, those who haven't been around the block yet. It just doesn’t last. Even the Beatles made this clear with their famous "nasty habit of disappearing overnight.” So get over it already, grow up, be mature, just accept life as it is -- real love has nothing to do with romantic fever and hearts twitterpating. That’s just kids’ infatuation.

Or not.

the ancient wise in Summerland do not support this lackluster view of love

The problem is, on the other side, they’re not buying it -- this cynical, cheap sophistication, this fin de siècle view of how life works. Their response is, "you, the immature of the Earth, are the ones who need to get over something."

See the “prologue” to “The Wedding Song” for a very long list of quotations from Spirit Guides and others in Summerland who insist that romantic love, and all the delightful trimmings, will last forever.

Editor’s note: In mitigation, it should be noted that it's in the not so good "neighborhoods” of Summerland that they’re not so keen on romantic love. We discussed this in the “500 tape-recorded testimonies from the other side” writing. Those of this equivocal persuasion are heavily led by the dysfunctional ego.

In our world, it passes for great wisdom that, once the phase of “we got married in a fever” spends itself, we need to move on to the real love. They say, we need to grow up and enter the mature agape love. We need to learn to become servants, to sacrifice for another, to put one’s own agenda on hold at times in favor of the requirements of someone else.

Well, such philosophy is often delivered with a tone of righteous near-haughtiness. I mean, who could argue against agape sacrificial love? Isn’t this what Jesus taught? Isn’t this the kind of top-shelf love that is the mark of a spiritual person?

It all sounds very religious, and even intimidating, but let’s think about this. If agape love were the necessary element in marriage, then why not find the most needy, the most dysfunctional person and offer a happy life? Would not this be most fertile ground for the expression of agape love – ones who need it the most?

Talk like this, however, makes even the promoters of agape to draw back. We intuitively realize the vacuity of this position. See the prologue of “The Wedding Song”. Dr. Joseph Campbell expressed it well, to the effect – “Both eros and agape are impersonal loves. Eros will sleep with any pretty face, and agape is the universal love for all, famously presented in the biblical passage, ‘God sends rain on the just and the unjust.’ Agape is willing to serve, in this sense, to love, anyone. But authentic marriage is much different. It based upon a personal love, what I call amor. It is the exclusive love of two alone; moreover, not just any two - it is the love of one particular man for one particular woman not love in general.”

However, to return to the main question at hand, what will keep true marital love aflame, not just for a while, but for eternity? This is rather different. How does it work?

Again, our experience with romantic love in this world is often not so encouraging. Why would it be any different over there? After all, the Spirit Guides also say that, in the moment of transitioning to the other side, we’re exactly the same, in terms of mind and feelings; this being the case, why would authentic romantic love unfold differently for us in Summerland?

let’s approach this question by generalizing and extending it to other energies

In my studies and writings concerning Einstein’s E=mc2 achievements, it occurred to me that his radically new vision of the universe was met with very similar doubts as that encountered with the issue of a romantic forever-love. Further, as I will be arguing, the solutions, in principle, to both of these contested areas, relativity and romance, resolve themselves along similar lines.

Editor’s note: At this point I should appeal to a joke Einstein told: "Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity." That's funny.

When we hear the assertion, “true romantic love will last forever,” we’re tempted to say, “ridiculous! there’s not enough energy to keep it going that long.” And when Einstein said a half-pound of matter could destroy much of a city, the typical response was, “ridiculous! there’s not enough energy there to make that happen.”

E=mc2 comes with many ramifications – the internet offers a great many explanatory writings, or you can see my own if you like – but a primary significance is this:

there is an enormous amount of energy hidden even in tiny amounts of matter

How can this be?

Our day-to-day common sense believes that it understands energy.

For example, a single-flame candle…


We say that we know about candles. There might be a pound of wax here. It will emit a small amount of energy for several hours, and then it will be gone. Nothing too sensational about this.

But Einstein would say that this innocuous pound of wax contains enough energy to take out much of a good-sized city.

We have a hard time accepting this. So did President FDR.


Einstein’s warning letter to FDR

In 1939 Einstein, having fled the Nazi regime, was working at Princeton. His colleagues in Europe informed him of most troubling news, the Nazi’s progress toward making the first A-bomb.

Einstein wrote to President FDR, warning him of the dire situation. He expressed that “quick action” was required; meaning, the fate of Western civilization was at stake; exclaiming that, “extremely powerful bombs of a new type” were being constructed by America’s enemies, of a destructive magnitude such that “a single bomb … carried by boat and exploded in port, might well destroy the whole port together with some of the surrounding territory."

Wow -- the "surrounding territory," too!


FDR responded virtually with a form letter, a brush-off 'thank you for the note, and you have a nice day'

FDR ignored and shelved the famous scientist’s letter. Why? Because he and his advisors couldn’t believe that one little bomb could effect such destruction; they didn’t believe that it could emit enough energy to warrant their attention; effectively, their position was, "We know all about power, we have a whole army here outfitted for war, and we're not losing sleep over one little bomb. That's crazy."


'Who do you think you are, Einstein or something?'

Editor's note: It's a "miracle," or maybe Providential, that America did not lose that War. Germany was a well-oiled super-killing machine with the most cutting-edge scientists in the world, led by the brilliant Werner Heisenberg, father of the quantum "Uncertainty Principle," and now they were sprinting toward creating an ultimate weapon of mass destruction. But American leaders, lost in yesterday's thinking, took seriously their own opinions rather than the stern warning of the originator of E=mc2.


Why should we believe that a pound of candle wax might level a city when its single flame cannot even warm a room?

We should believe it because not all fire is created equally.


chemical fire vs nuclear fire

We think we know what fire is. We see it here with the candle.

what we call 'fire' is a release of hidden energy from the unseen substructure of matter

The fire of a candle derives from the rearranging of electrons in the outermost shell of an atom. Dr. Tyler DeWitt explains in more detail.

It’s been said that all of chemistry might be defined as the positional changes of electrons in an atom’s outer shell. When elements come together to form new compounds, they do so by swapping, or sharing, or giving up, or capturing extra electrons. In this process, energy is often released from the atom. Some of this release we know as common fire.

This chemical fire can be destructive enough in large amounts. But we’re not frightened by a candle’s modest single flame. We see this as a small amount of energy, a tiny benign fire.

But there is no small and harmless amount of nuclear fire.

99%+ of the hidden energy of an atom resides in the nucleus; comparatively, the electrons house next to nothing, extremely little

This is so because 99.99% of the atom’s mass is in the nucleus. The electrons present a ghost-like mass, a mere specter of substance. Essentially, all the energy is in the core.

Einstein’s 1905 E=mc2 began to inform the scientific community, and the general public, of the massive storehouse of energy hidden deep within the atom's core. However, even in 1939, his letter to FDR, it was still generally disbelieved that Einstein could be correct. How could there be so, so much energy locked away in the tiny nucleus?

However, all the world was taken to school on August 6, 1945 when a small A-bomb, just a "firecracker-size," incinerated Hiroshima, 100,000 citizens gone, in a single hot-flash moment.


in like manner, The Wedding Song proclaims, and insists, that no one believes in, or understands, the ultimate power and energy hidden away in the hearts and souls of authentic romantic lovers

The Wedding Song, employing various artful devices, speaking like an indefatigable Old Testament prophet, stands firm in the message that true love is virtually unknown on planet Earth. Nobody gets it. Ironically, they all think they know but, in fact, know nothing.

human love as chemical fire

All human loves, typically, do not last very long. It’s not just the thrill of the honeymoon, but even so-called best friends drift apart when new paths are taken, or a mother’s love grows cold if we disappoint her, or the friendly neighbor withdraws if she feels slighted.

All these common loves are like chemical fire. The underlying energy is rather limited, a “poverty,” as Mother Teresa used the term for those who kill babies to support a dark, hedonistic, selfish lifestyle; which, even in this, is also one more human love turned to stone, the natural love of parent for helpless child.

'they had great chemistry together' - and that was their problem

These “chemical fire” loves are supported, if at all, by mere and fleeting mammalian instinctual drive, biological impulse, passions of personality preference, and the like. Ask John and Mary, they’ll explain it to you.

Evanescent loves, like a butterfly in the sun for a few days, spin about us at the surface of being, at the rim of psychological reality. There’s no real substance to any of it. It can seem real enough in the feverish moment, but then, so does a single candle flame if you burn your finger with it. But, it’s nothing really.

And this is what The Wedding Song is getting at. All of our base-passion loves are doomed to fade away. And yet, in the midst of this predictable exodus, the great Troubadour Spirit Guides proclaim that there’s a hidden energy, domiciled within your deepest person, that will light up your life, even more, set the cosmos ablaze, with a special love for a special someone - and that fire will last forever.

Editor's note:

Again, this “poverty” of interpersonal energy is not restricted to the domain of romance. Elsewhere I have commented that it’s not just the true mate for whom we yearn, but for the true neighbor, the true friend, the true mother, the true brother and sister. Without an accessing of authentic love, in all of its forms, based on the “nuclear fire”, the hidden energy of the soul, all human interactions will be tainted with ego and will yet disappoint us; we’re not capable of more without that deeper foundation. Recently, I’ve come to perceive the reality of this “poverty” of the spirit in a related context. There are several writers and thinkers to whom I owe a debt and, as a student, should pay a measure of homage to those who went before. However, even among those whom I consider to be wise and sighted, if I listen to them long enough, many will say something that betrays a poisonous “I thank thee Lord that I am not like other men,” a subtle signaling of “I am better.” How can this happen? I wonder. These teachers have led others to the promised land of wisdom and enlightenment, but then, in an unguarded moment of hubris, they throw it all away and make untoward comment just like any spiritually blind person on the street. This is more than unnerving. However, theirs is a surface wisdom based on “chemical fire” with the real, deeper stuff still out of reach. They might glimpse some things, even great things, but their day of final liberation from the ego is yet to come, even though they might have shown the way to the light for others.

In view of these thoughts, the words of Jesus take on new meaning. On one occasion, as he was teaching, someone passed a message to him that his mother and siblings were outside. Embarrassed for the family reputation, they’d come to take him away, as if he were a lunatic: ‘He is beside himself,” they raved. To which Jesus asserted, “Who is my mother and who is my brother and sister?” meaning, it is not blood ties that are primary -- and, without more, will not even be recognized in the next world -- but those whose spirits and actions which are founded upon the inner soul-energies; these might manifest as the true mother, the true brothers and sisters, the true friends, with others as unfamiliar – in a literal sense, “not family.”



union of spirits vs. union of bodies

You’ll want to explore the full discussion in The Wedding Song, but the Guides say that the real action takes place with the “union of spirits"; a deepest union on the level of core consciousness.

As we learn from the fathers of quantum mechanics, consciousness, not matter, is primary in the universe.

This means that even the hidden energy in the atom’s core is not primary but secondary, and in fact derives from the “parent energy,” Universal Consciousness.

And when two authentic lovers, Twin Souls, come together, it is not for a brief summer’s love, but for endless times to come. Why is this? It is so because their love is the fruit of a “union of spirits,” an intermingling of individualized consciousness (although, in reality, there is only one Consciousness). This latter is the true storehouse of all energy in the universe, an aspect of the essence of Mother-Father God. And it will manifest as the love that knows no end.


the great Newton spent 20 years experimenting with alchemy – and had nothing to show for his labors

Before the modern age of chemistry, there were the alchemists, ones famously characterized by an attempt to turn lead into gold. Even Newton, who invented a physics that would endure for 250 years and would take us to the Moon, failed in his alchemical efforts.

Why did he fail? Why does alchemy fail?

Alchemy is based on chemistry. Heating various elements might produce new compounds, but these can be disentangled and undone. New compounds, new molecules, do not fundamentally alter the underlying building-block atoms. And this is why the atoms of the elements lead and gold were never changed by the alchemists' fire.

However, if you could set up a chem lab in the belly of a supernova star, with its incredible level of heat, you might get some action for change. In that super-inferno, new elements are forged with nuclear fusion.

the main point for our discussion

It’s very interesting that “The Wedding Song” speaks of true lovers, Twin Souls, as becoming “something new,” as morphing into a “One Person” status.

This is not chemistry. John-and-Mary love is like chemistry, transitory fluctuations at the surface of life. “The Wedding Song,” however, refers to a form of romantic love as permanent mutation, of the order creating a new element, which is based on nuclear fusion.

John and Mary often speak of “working” on their marriage, trying to create true love by will-power and good intentions. But this effort is like Newton’s work for 20 years in the alchemical lab – it will come to nothing; but the hapless John and Mary already sense this.

And this is why, though you might interview a hundred, or a thousand, couples, even those who’ve been “working” on their marriage for 50 years, you will be hard pressed to find even one – I daresay you will not find one – who has enjoyed the kind of romance of which the Troubadour Guides speak.

Why will you not find even one truly successful couple? - just one that's been successful in turning "lead into gold"? that is, biological/instinctual incitation into a "union of spirits." 

It’s because alchemy does not, and cannot, and will never, work.

Unless the "super-inferno heat," the incredible hidden power, of Universal Consciousness has joined two -- two spirits -- together at the core of being, joined them even from their day of creation, they will not, cannot, they will never, ever, experience, what Jesus called, the marriage that "cannot be sundered."

Sundered means separated. Once two have been joined at the level of eternal spirit -- analogous to a new element forged in the bowels of a super-nova star -- good luck to any alchemical effort to separate them.

Our world of pain and suffering produces all kinds of traumatic "chemical fire" to keep true lovers apart, but none of this will alter the dictum "cannot be sundered."



When you study chemistry in the next world, you will be able to see actual atoms and electrons.

The following channeled information from the other side is recorded in Charlotte Dresser’s book, “Spirit World.” We learn that chemistry students, a little more advanced than Summerland dwellers, are able to view atomic particles:

Charlotte’s friend Mary is speaking on the other side:

"We in this circle [of enquiry and study] are not yet advanced enough to deal with atoms and electrons, or to watch their motions. Other planes have done this and are busy explaining the existence and movements and powers of the electrons… The electrons are the nearest approach to spirit of anything pertaining at all to matter. They are etherealized to such a degree as to be almost pure spirit; yet when they are surrounded by material forces they obey those laws.

“They may belong to either the seen or the unseen world. When connected with matter they become part of the material atom; when used by spirit they lose all material attractions and become amenable to spirit control."

"Try to conceive of thoughts as formative processes in themselves, and in dealing with the material used, are all-powerful to build from that material. The electrons are the material, and thought can attract, distribute, or segregate these minute particles as desired."

All this is very instructive to us. Compare the highlighted items to the comments of Heisenberg and his discovery that the atom has no form as such; or the findings of the Double-Slit experiment concerning the role of an observing consciousness.

I found these observations by Mary on the other side particularly interesting as I had wondered about these very things and had concluded that light and the electron, with their seemingly dual natures, sometimes acting like waves, sometimes like particulate matter, have “one foot” in the spirit world and the other in this 3-D plane. It seems that this view is correct.

And regarding the larger topic of this article concerning the eternal nature of Twin love, their soul-bond taps into a source of energy which far supersedes any "chemical fire" potency of this world.



Editor's last word:

I think part of our problem with this subject is that any time a “religious” word like “spirit,” as in “union of spirits,” is used, we immediately tune out. It’s just empty godtalk to us. It’s like FDR spurning Einstein with a disdainful “yeah, right.”

All of our lives we’ve heard from the churches about encounters with “spirit.” We're told to go to church once a week to be strengthened by God's "spirit," but we're not so overwhelmed by the infusion. We get baptized, supposedly now imbued with the “spirit,” but we feel nothing, perceive no difference in our lives; or we get confirmed, with the promise from the bishop that the “spirit” now has more influence, but we feel nothing, no change -- I remember being disappointed about this at age ten; or we get married in a church, with solemn blessing from a minister or priest or rabbi, who encourages us to know that God has united two, and has blessed them in a special way - but we feel nothing.

All of these become examples of “the emperor has no clothes”; we’re instructed by religious teachers and peers to exclaim, to affirm, certain things which should reflect an inner conviction, but we feel nothing, and so we go along and say that the emperor has clothes, even though we plainly see that he's naked; likewise, we settle for, or convince ourselves to feign a display of belief, based on will-power.

These faux encounters with God, accompanied by a near-cynical or fear-based churchy stagecraft and pageantry, jade us, program us, to ignore the real thing should it cross our path. The church doctrines, too often, are not even “chemical fire” for us, but only a hollow legal fiction; the result of which becomes, we don’t want to hear one more word of some vaunted “spirit union.” We’ve had enough godtalk, even if we continue to smile politely when the naked emperor goes by.

The Troubadour Spirit Guides are well aware of this pandemic disappointment, and they know that their message will be delivered to a “tough room,” a virtual hostile audience. Even so, none of this resistance alters the fact that all the energy of the universe hides within the secret core of Consciousness, a “nuclear fire” of true love to knock your socks off, upend your life, eat you up and spit you out and recreate you.

This is no empty godtalk but utmost pressing reality. As Spirit Guide Silver Birch put it, the real love is "so magnetic, so overwhelming." Note: he could have said this without the "so," but he was reaching for superlative that might express what he really wanted to say. He also said that the true love is part of the very essence of God's mind, that is, Universal Consciousness.

None of this exists as hollow legal fiction. When it happens for you, you will remember it; a million years from now, it will still rank as a defining moment of your life.

And you will begin to understand, in a concussion of wonderment, why certain things happened the way they did, and how the circumstances of your life led you to that upending, pivotal realization.

In that day of all things becoming new, as I once expressed to an unbelieving friend, our testimony shall be, concerning the shattering revelation, the injection of nuclear-fire "spirit" into one's life -- "I remember little else."

See the "Einstein" article and nature's "hidden reserves of potency."



Elenchus. Here’s an old-style Geiger counter, the kind we used to see in movies from the 1950s. It reminds me of something about you.

Kairissi. Did you find I was radioactive to you?

E. Maybe I did.

K. Mmm…

E. Sometimes I think about certain girls I’ve known in the past, ones I’d been substantially attracted to. There aren’t many in this category – let’s say, five. Later I realized that the reason I was drawn to them is that they sort of looked like you: same general body type – slender, fine-featured, graceful, similar facial attributes.

K. (silence)

E. To compound the confusion, each of these is a “perfect good girl,” the classic “girl next door”, intelligent and capable, exhibiting a natural and effortless beauty; modest with a spirit of purity and wholesomeness.

K. (softly) How do you tell us apart?

E. Well, that’s the question I’ve asked myself in my “3 AM introspections." Why one and not another? It took me a long time to understand this mystery. What I needed was a kind of Geiger counter. All of these girls, on one level, seemed very similar – like evaluating several pieces of metal which appear to be somewhat identical. But, a Geiger counter can reveal which metal pieces contain radioactive material, invisible to the ordinary eye.

K. And how does your Geiger counter work?

E. As I mentally envisioned “the five,” I’d ask a question of each one: Would I someday like to take you to visit my grandmothers? And that’s where it all begins to fall apart.

K. Four of them couldn’t pass muster with the “all-knowing, all-seeing” grandmothers.

E. The grandmothers would smile and be very polite, but I could tell they knew that four of five did not belong to me.

K. Knowing you so well, they weren't buying it. And this reaction by the grandmothers was like a Geiger counter reading.

E. But then I got into the real tests: How do the five resonate with me on a deepest level of my person? And I would mentally ask questions of each of them: Would I like to study math, physics, music, and philosophy with you in Summerland? Would I like to serve with you in an outreach effort in the Dark Realms? Would I like to go to parties with you in Summerland? Would I like to invite you to share "10 acres of home-and-hearth"? Would I like to build a life and family with you? Would I like to travel the universe with you and visit far-flung civilizations? -- basically, would I like to be with you all the time? and not just for a while but unending times to come.

K. All this is rather more than "I like your pretty face." And so what did your Geiger counter tell you?

E. I was very surprised to learn that only one of the five passed these tests. Only one of the five registered positively. And I asked myself, how can this be? These five are so similar! When I mentally see them – at the surface of life, you might say – they appear almost identical to each other. I can’t tell them apart. And yet, at that deeper level, only one is “radioactive” to me; only one deeply resonates with me... only one belongs to me -- the name of only one is "written on my soul".

K. (silence)

E. And then I noticed something else. It wasn’t that one girl was just a little better, with the four as close contenders. I thought it would have to be that way -- how could it not be, they're so similar? I had been tempted to think, well, if I lost “the one,” I’d have four “back-up plans.”

K. This is how men named "John" look at the playing-field. You thought you’d have four other “pretty fish in the sea” in reserve.

E. But that’s not the way it turned out at all. At that time I was still very immature in my thinking and knew little of the soul's particular preferences. “The one” was so far in advance of the others that she was zooming past the Moon, on her way to Mars, with the remaining four still stuck in Kansas. This was utterly shocking to me. It didn’t seem right. And yet, there it was – the Geiger counter reading from my own soul, and I couldn’t deny it. And I felt the reality of this, deep within me.

K. (silence)

E. But… my analogy of “Mars versus Kansas” doesn’t really go far enough in explaining the disparity. It's not a matter of "near or far." It was really the difference between the living and the dead. What I mean is, as I sensed and compared these energies during my “3 AM introspections,” I saw that “the one” offered me a portal to life, an open door to joy, of ultimate reality. But, the others, if I were to be with any of them, strange to say, would quickly send me to existential crisis; a profound sense of emptiness soon to enshroud my spirit. All this was most disconcerting as these four “perfect good girls” seemingly provided so much. And, of course, they did - but, not to me.

K. Tell me, Elenchus, how would you summarize this revelation?

E. Twin Soul mates are bound by mystical cords of soul energies, invisible to the materialistic eye. Other potential mates might seem to be similar, but the soul is not deceived. One's true mate is not a fungible product - like identical cans of Pepsi. The sacred couple is referred to as “Twin Souls” for a reason – not Twin Personalities, or Twin Body-Types; they find nexus at the deepest level, both of personhood and of reality itself. There is no substitute for the true mate. They made -- custom-made -- only one of her for you.

K. The apparently-identical pieces of metal can be sorted out only with a Geiger counter – only with the discerning, all-penetrating “eyes of the soul.”

E. Let me sum this up, but in a manner that will disturb many: if you think that you love 2 or 3 or 4 equally, then, in fact, you love none of them with an authentic love.

K. Elenchus, please offer a word more on this.

E. I think Dr. Campbell said it best: undisciplined eros is pleased to entertain the charming company of many attractive sexual partners; but the real love is much more - the real love is based upon an affinity at the level of primal consciousness, the sacred soul: it is the exclusive love, the unique and "one time" love -- "one time and for all time" love -- of one particular man for one particular woman; and she, for him.


she searches for you


Thor (2011)

"Can you see her?"


"How is she?"

"She searches for you."