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Soulmate, Myself:
Omega Point

Over the years on WG, we have referred to Twin Soul love as founded upon “soul energies.” However, as Tesla asserted, to know the universe, one must think in terms of “energy, frequency, and vibration.” As such we may be able to further clarify Twins’ affinity as oscillating waves of Consciousness.



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Editor's prefatory comment: 

The entire realm of Twin Soul eternal love is enshrouded in mystery. Advanced love issues as a function of elevated consciousness. And consciousness, say the great “quantum fathers,” along with a rising tide of modern scientists, is the foundation of reality, is fundamental in the universe, not matter.

Quantum physics is sometimes described as the science of consciousness. The famous quantum “wave function” is said to encapsulate all possibilities before a measurement is taken, which “collapses the wave function” reifying one of the possibilities as part of the world. But consciousness too is said to house all manner of possibility. This leads me to suspect that the quantum wave function and the domain of consciousness are merely different terms for the same thing.

Elenchus, below, has some things to share with us. Many years ago he briefly encountered a higher-order mystical love, but only recently he's come to an understanding of what happened. He'll explain in his own words but, it seems, amplified “waves of consciousness” allowed him to break through "static on the line" of the dysfunctional ego. We'll look forward to his report.

This writing will be somewhat different from others in this series. It’s more of an open-ended investigation, a search for clarification. I’ll be presenting quotations from many science articles. We’ll begin with basics: what is a wave, what is a wave function, what does a wave do, why are there super "rogue" waves, and many related concepts. I hope to provide a framework for further exploration of the nature consciousness, especially as it relates to Twin Soul love and marriage.

There can be no final answers here. Consciousness dwells in the celestial infinite. It will never be fully mapped, labeled and pinned to a chart, but I believe that we can approach the “holy mountain” of understanding a little more closely than before.

At the end, Kairissi and Elenchus will assess what we've learned and what we think we know.



all the universe is made of energy waves

In 1690 Christiaan Huygens theorized that light is a wave.

Then in 1804 Thomas Young conducted the first double-slit experiment demonstrating convincingly that light, in fact, is a wave. All energy represented on the electromagnetic spectrum travels as waves.

But wait! It was then determined that matter is not solid but merely a form of energy. If this is true, then matter, as well, might be construed as a wave. This sounded too radical for many, but in 1923 French physics student Louis de Broglie posited that the electron particle, which is viewed as matter, can also be a wave, a “matter wave.” Einstein was consulted. What did he think about this? He said he didn’t know but saw no reason why it couldn't be so. And, indeed, a few years later it was confirmed, matter is also a “wave.”

Editor’s note: Light is a wave - but at times it also manifests as a particle. Planck (1900) and Einstein (1905) put forward this concept. Further, as is now known, the atom can oscillate between two states, wave and actuality; even more, as we learned from Dirac (1928), there is a continual popping in and out of (what we call) existence for particles. However, concerning our purposes here, we’ll focus on the fact that everything in the universe is waves of energy.

can we infer the nature of consciousness by what we see in the universe

Dr. Federico Faggin invented the first computer microprocessor in 1971. Today he’s a leader in the new science of consciousness.



I’ve read his book and have listened to 15 hours of interviews on youtube, and it’s my opinion that he knows more about the subject of consciousness than pretty much anyone in the world.

In addition to being a top computer scientist, about 30 years ago he suddenly found himself in receipt of a mega-mystical experience. This dazzling event caused him to put away common concepts that matter is fundamental in the universe, but with Universal Consciousness running the show.

You can find some of his key insights on the “inferential life” page, but, for the moment, what I’d like to center on is the principle, which Dr. Faggin would affirm, that, what we see in the physical universe can provide hints concerning how the invisible realms are constructed.

so, what is a wave anyway

from https://www.physicsclassroom.com/class/waves/Lesson-1/What-is-a-Wave

... waves are everywhere. But what makes a wave a wave? What characteristics, properties, or behaviors are shared by the phenomena that we typically characterize as being a wave? How can waves be described in a manner that allows us to understand their basic nature and qualities?

A wave can be described as a disturbance that travels through a medium from one location to another location. Consider a slinky wave as an example of a wave. When the slinky is stretched from end to end and is held at rest, it assumes a natural position known as the equilibrium or rest position. The coils of the slinky naturally assume this position, spaced equally far apart. To introduce a wave into the slinky, the first particle is displaced or moved from its equilibrium or rest position. The particle might be moved upwards or downwards, forwards or backwards; but once moved, it is returned to its original equilibrium or rest position. The act of moving the first coil of the slinky in a given direction and then returning it to its equilibrium position creates a disturbance in the slinky. We can then observe this disturbance moving through the slinky from one end to the other. If the first coil of the slinky is given a single back-and-forth vibration, then we call the observed motion of the disturbance through the slinky a slinky pulse. A pulse is a single disturbance moving through a medium from one location to another location. However, if the first coil of the slinky is continuously and periodically vibrated in a back-and-forth manner, we would observe a repeating disturbance moving within the slinky that endures over some prolonged period of time. The repeating and periodic disturbance that moves through a medium from one location to another is referred to as a wave.

Editor’s note: If we hit a softball with a bat, the ball goes flying. The energy of the swinging bat is transferred to the ball. In other words, the energy causes matter to move forward. However, in the typical wave dynamic, matter is not moved forward like the ball, but energy itself is transferred. This transfer of energy is called a “disturbance” as energy moves through a medium. For example, with a water wave, the medium is water, but the water is not moving forward, only a "disturbance" in the form of waves as transfer of energy.

other kinds of waves

Waves are said to be an energy transport phenomenon. As a disturbance moves through a medium from one particle to its adjacent particle, energy is being transported from one end of the medium to the other…

Waves are seen to move through an ocean or lake; yet the water always returns to its rest position. Energy is transported through the medium, yet the water molecules are not transported. Proof of this is the fact that there is still water in the middle of the ocean. The water has not moved from the middle of the ocean to the shore. If we were to observe a gull or duck at rest on the water, it would merely bob up-and-down in a somewhat circular fashion as the disturbance moves through the water. The gull or duck always returns to its original position. The gull or duck is not transported to the shore because the water on which it rests is not transported to the shore. In a water wave, energy is transported without the transport of water.

The same thing can be said about a stadium wave. In a stadium wave, the fans do not get out of their seats and walk around the stadium. We all recognize that it would be silly (and embarrassing) for any fan to even contemplate such a thought. In a stadium wave, each fan rises up and returns to the original seat. The disturbance moves through the stadium, yet the fans are not transported. Waves involve the transport of energy without the transport of matter.

the vocabulary of waves


from https://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/earth/oceanography/rogue-wave2.htm

A wave has several characteristics that can be used to define it.

The crest is the highest portion of the wave.

The trough is the lowest portion of the wave.

The distance from the trough to the crest represents a wave's height.

The distance between crests represents a wave's length.

The amount of time that passes between one crest and the next is the wave period or wave speed.

The amount of kinetic and potential energy carried by the wave is known as wave energy

‘reinforcement’ or ‘constructive interference’ can cause large waves



from https://www.answers.com/earth-science/What_is_reinforcement_of_waves

When waves of the same frequency are in phase they reinforce each other when their peaks and valleys occur at the same point. They add up.

what is a 'rogue wave'


from https://www.whoi.edu/know-your-ocean/did-you-know/what-is-a-rogue-wave/

But what, exactly, is a rogue wave? When scientists talk about wave height, they tend to focus on the tallest one-third of the waves in an area... For a scientist to call a wave rogue it has to be at least twice as high as the significant wave height in the area. The most extreme rogue wave recorded was three times taller.

What causes some waves to grow higher than others? …

Waves move at different speeds, depending on their wavelength, their period, the water depth, and any underlying water motion.

Faster-moving waves can catch up to slower ones; if the peaks and troughs align, they can reinforce each other...

What causes a rogue wave?

But not all waves add up in this way. Some exchange energy when they interact. This causes the wave heights to multiply, rather than simply add together. It’s this kind of interaction that creates rogue waves.

from https://interestingengineering.com/science/rogue-waves 

They are also characterized by their unpredictability... their reputation for "sneaking" up on unsuspecting vessels.

We don't know everything about how a rogue wave forms, but there are some processes known to produce a rogue wave.

One such process is constructive interference. Waves move at different speeds and have different amplitudes, and sometimes one wave can overtake another. When these waves pass through one another, their crests, troughs, and lengths can combine to reinforce each other.

If you think of a wave's crest as a 1 and its trough as a -1, adding two crests together can produce a 2, while two troughs combine to form a -2. This process is also cumulative, so if several waves combine in such a way, they can quickly grow to enormous heights.

what is a quantum 'wave function'

from https://arstechnica.com/science/2011/11/the-insanely-weird-quantum-wave-function-might-be-real-after-all/

Quantum mechanics has a concept called a "wave function." It's incredibly important because it holds all the measurable information about a particle (or group of particles) within it. In practice, the wave function describes a set of probabilities that change in time. When we make a measurement, we are really poking at the wave function, causing these probabilities to collapse and take on a definite value. The value that the wave function predicts is determined by the relative probabilities of all the possible measurement results.

from http://www.quantumphysicslady.org/glossary/wave-function/

A wave function, in quantum mechanics, is an equation. It describes the behavior of quantum particles, usually electrons. Here “function” is used in the sense of an algebraic function, that is, a certain type of equation. A function is like a little machine that if you feed in a certain number, the machine will “massage” it in a specified way and output a certain number.

What is a mathematical function

A function is a kind of equation. It’s a little mathematical machine that converts certain numbers to other numbers by following a rule.

It’s a wave function because it takes the form of equations that usually describe waves. Physicists can look at it and say, “I know what this equation is describing; it’s describing a wave.”

The symbol for the wave function in quantum mechanics is Ψ, the ancient Greek letter that is written “psi” and pronounced “sigh.”

The Quantum Wave Function and Schrodinger’s Equation

The wave function is an equation or a set of equations derived from Schrodinger’s Equation. Schrodinger’s Equation does not calculate the behavior of quantum particles directly. First it must be used to generate a wave function(s). It’s the wave function that actually describes the behavior of quantum particles.

Editor’s note: I’ve prepared a special page, part of the Quantum Mechanics report, which offers lengthy discussion concerning the definition of “wave function.”


is the 'wave function' something real, imaginary, or maybe an invisible wave

Somewhere in the lectures of physicist Tom Campbell, he states, to the effect, the wave function is not something moving up and down, we're not going to find anything 'waving'.

As we learn from the above definitions, the wave function is a set of mathematical equations which speak to probabilities concerning the movement of particles, usually electrons.

We can't see a philosophical-mathematical concept. This being the case, why do physicists call it a 'wave'? From the above discussion we find:

It’s a wave function because it takes the form of equations that usually describe waves. Physicists can look at it and say, “I know what this equation is describing; it’s describing a wave.”

In other words, when these equations were first being invented (or discovered?), it was noticed that the math was very similar to the kind used when dealing with material waves. And when they accepted this similarity, then, in their experiments -- as I understand the situation from what I've learned from quantum physicists -- they got answers which were "right," meaning, the answers solved real problems in the real world.

What does all this mean? We're not absolutely certain because we can't see a quantum wave function, but what is known is that the math fits very well with all known waves of the world.

ok, fine, but - if it looks like a wave, walks like a wave, quacks like wave, doesn't this mean that, maybe, in some hidden dimension of reality somewhere, it actually is a wave

This is a very important question, and there are scientists today who argue that, yes, it's not just a theoretical construct but, in some form or fashion, represents actual reality, but maybe not in our spacetime.

I believe these scientists have to be correct. Read the entire article.


Kairissi. As Carole King sang, I feel the earth move under my feet. You know, for years we’ve used the phrase “soul energies” but now it seems we might actually get to a crisper definition.

Elenchus. I think the above information is a big step toward understanding the role of consciousness in Twin love.

K. But, Elenchus, I’m a little surprised. The author says you know something about this – but you never talked to me about it.

E. I wasn’t trying to hide anything. It’s just that, it’s only been very recently that I’ve come to a better understanding of what happened in my head, a long time ago.

K. Are you able to explain?

E. Well… it’s about you… when we weren’t together…

K. (silence)

E. I’d like to tell you a story. At the beginning it’ll sound like things I’ve said before, but it’s different. I recently saw something new.

K. Something new about love?

E. About how it works.

K. And it has something to do with waves?

E. I don’t want this to be a physics lesson. Above, the author presented technical information about waves, and I guess I’ll have to reference that a little, but mainly I want to talk about what happened to me when I was immersed in your “soul energies.”

K. Alright.

E. I’m not sure where to begin. What happened to us long ago was not just a one-time event. Its effects ripple down through the years and cast an influence upon me today. But there’s another sense in which it wasn’t just one-time. Back then, there were a series of incidents, our early encounters – how can I describe this? Each encounter was like a gathering storm, or a growing energy, getting more and more forceful, with each successive interaction.

K. Were we aware of this growing energy at the time?

E. I doubt it. For one thing, these encounters were often separated by years, or even many years.

K. Long interim periods of quietude but then one more interaction, with the waves growing larger and larger each time?

E. I think so.

K. That's really odd, isn't it. So there was an energy about us that was growing and growing, but there'd be years of seemingly "calm seas and blue skies," but suddenly the storm would return, pick up where it'd left off, and then would add to the previous force of the waves. How did the energy know just where to begin again?

E. I don't think it was like that. I think the "calm seas and blue skies" were an illusion, a form of repression, with the "gathering storm" always below the surface of personality. It never really went away.

K. mmm... This is getting interesting now. What does it all mean?

E. It's taken me a long time to begin to understand anything about this.

K. You know, buddy, I'll tell you what this reminds me of. Way back in "Prometheus" we talked about the "ludicrous proposition" -- we said that we had no romantic history, didn't go to the prom together, never had one date or one kiss, never even held hands -- you didn't even like me --and yet we had this thing between us.

E. Not one date or one kiss, just tidal-waves of romantic energy tearing us apart.

K. (sighing) Oh, that little thing.

E. I remember some of the common wisdom back then about going to the prom, some of the "community mothers" would say, "you should go to the prom, just ask somebody, don't worry about it, go and have fun, it's just one dance, you don't have to marry her just because you take a girl to the prom." And that was reasonable advice. I didn't take that advice, but it was reasonable.

K. (softly laughing)

E. But what they didn't tell me had to do with the converse: I found out by experience that, if you don't take a particular girl to the prom, then you will have to marry her. (smiling)

K. (laughing) Is this a law of the universe?

E. Of course. It's like a girl and boy fighting at the start of a movie, so then you just know they'll be wild for each other by curtain fall.

K. (small smile)

E. However, it seems I've been distracted from my story, but before I continue I’d like to take a step back for a wider view. I was reading Dr. Faggin’s book…

E. And he shares with the reader that 30 years ago he had a major mystical experience, a spontaneous out-of-body event. Mind you, he didn’t believe in these things, was a materialist scientist, with no interest in spirituality. However, one day on the way home from work, while stopped at a red light, he glanced at the car to the right. As he did, suddenly, he found himself out of the body, with a perception of being one with the world. The best way he could describe it was that, normally he was a participant in the game of life, but now he was also an observer; that is, both subject and object. You'll want to read his account for yourself for more details. It should also be mentioned that he had another similar experience late one night.

K. There’s a great deal here, Elenchus, inviting comment, but, one thing I notice is a similarity between his situation and yours. He was a materialist, believed in matter, had no time for “New Age” fairy tales, and you were not a romantic, were one of the very few who did not go, didn’t want to go, to the prom, didn’t even like me. But, in both of these cases, a mystical experience arose unbidden, unsought for, even to serve a hostile audience. And yet this did not stop the transcendental event from unfolding.

E. Kriss, you raise a very important point concerning this unwillingness. Let’s see if we can make sense of it as we move forward.

K. Tell me why you mention Dr. Faggin just now.

E. It’s that wider view I spoke of. Dr. Faggin states that he’s learned much about the nature of Universal Consciousness by what happened to him. For example, during his OBE he saw himself as both participant and observer of reality. This experience, along with other research, led him to see that the primary characteristic of Universal Consciousness is Its desire to know itself.

K. In other words, we can learn something of what Consciousness is like simply by examining ourselves, as we are Its derivatives.

E. So many of the channeled afterlife reports say the same. Here’re a couple of my favorites:

Channeled testimony via the mediumship of W. Aber, presented in the book The Guiding Star: “The first thing is to make resolute search within your heart and make the great discovery of the aim and usefulness of your individual life. He who succeeds in this discovery, and holds firmly to it all his earth life, has made a success, whether he wears purple and fine linen, or homespun. You scan the heavens with telescopes, but far wiser is the man who becomes the astronomer of his own soul, [the inner cosmos]. You make analysis of the soil of the field, but more difficult, more desirable it is to make analysis of the soil of your own heart, and find what flowers may grow there best, and what noxious weeds must be guarded against. It is not what a man does that makes him great, but what he is. Action is merely thought dressed in visible garb. Being must ever precede doing. Below the surface which the world sees, are springs [see John, chapter 4] which feed the life. To keep these springs fresh and sweet, is the best object of endeavor. Study yourself carefully; and also study the seeming simple things of Nature, and you will learn that the secret of life is eternal Progress; and that the Earth life, which is of the utmost importance, is only the primary grade of life. Learn your first lessons well, that you may have a solid basis for your future unfoldment.”

Channeled information from medium Mrs. Elizabeth Sweet, The Future Life: January 19, 1856. A person on the other side, having lived an egocentric life on Earth, landed in a dark place, wherein he drifted and sought escape for many decades. Finally, in a more humble frame of mind, he called out for help. A Spirit Guide responded: “... thou hast not outlived all of Earth and its errors; yet thou wilt overcome them one by one, and daily thou wilt acknowledge that man's heart is a universe, wherein is contained all the mystery, all the beauty, and all the love of the divine Godhead, constantly unfolding a spark at a time; but never, never canst thou imagine the heights and the depths to which it shall reach in the unending cycles of eternal thought... Be not strangers to yourselves; listen to those intuitions which speak unmistakably to thy spiritual being."

K. These quotations are part of a much larger collection. I think these admonitions to find God and the mysteries of the universe by “going within” are just about the most wonderful items of wisdom on WG.

E. We would offer our readers a strongest encouragement to review all of these on the ”true self” page.

K. (softly) And so, Elenchus, what did you learn about love as you explored the "cosmos within"?

E. It was one of those times, not long ago, when I was just feeling so angry about what happened back then… all of those years that we lost… years that we could have shared love together…

K. (silence)

E. And I was angry with you… This happened to me during a time of particular vulnerability. One of our relatives had just died, and this served as catalyst to the early memories… and I was becoming more and more angry… Part of me knew that the ego was “taking me over” but, in my despair of the moment, I almost didn’t care, I just wanted to blame you.

K. (silence)

E. The accusations were being hurled in a furious way… the prosecuting attorney in me was out for blood… and in the rage of that moment, my rational mind also knew that I myself had done the same things to you, the very same things, and in fact worse things… but the ego doesn’t care about fairness and reasoned approach, it just wants to be “right”…

K. (very softly) What happened next?

E. I began to mentally review – a rogue’s gallery of images in the mind – of those early times when we interacted. I went over them, carefully… One of them always steams me if I’m not careful… you know the incident, I’d just come back from a long journey, had been gone for some years, was in the old village again but very briefly… and as it happened, by chance, you were visiting home at the same time… and then, also by chance, someone near, without warning, put a phone receiver in my hands, assuming that I’d want to talk to you…

K. (very softly) I remember.

E. I did not want to talk to you, but the event was thrust upon me before I could object, and now you’re chatting happily with me…

K. (very softly) It’s very strange how life can arrange a circumstance, sort of, out-of-the-blue.

E. Well, hearing your voice was bothersome enough for me, but it was your jaunty tone and spirit that really lit the fuse of anger… you had this playful, perky tenor, tried to make little jokes, acting as if we were old buddies – but, I well remembered, you wouldn’t even look at me all through high school, we were not buddies, and, oh boy, this really set me off, and now I was boiling - I wanted nothing to do with you. Even so, against my will, life had arranged for me to be accosted by you.

K. (sighing)

E. So, recently then, I’m mentally reviewing all this history, I was conjuring images of raging minutes from a very long time ago, as I, now in real time, also rekindled the rage… rage upon rage… and, needless to say, this was not one of my most mature moments… the ego had overpowered me.

K. (silence)

E. But then I began to recall “the rest of the story,” as one of your relatives uses the phrase. I continued mentally surveying that ancient phone incident, and I remember thinking, as you were talking, “I’ve been gone for some years and, during all that time, I doubt I was ever really angry, not like this, but here I am, talking to a girl I grew up with, and in just seconds, I'm fit to be tied and gagged. What is going on with me?”

K. (softly) As you’ve said, I bring out the worst in you, as no one else.

E. (sighing) And so I’m continuing to mull over this long-ago phone event. But then, I remembered something else… in the midst of that long-ago rage, some new influence was creeping over me… what is going on… even though I’d been encouraging my anger with accusations against you, this new influence was causing me to feel extremely strange… now, all of sudden, I am feeling, for you, an intoxicating sense of “coming home,” of “utter familiarity,” of “you are just like me.”

K.(softly) I look forward to your further explanation of all these perceptions, but - what do you really mean by "coming home"?

E. I was listening to the old Peter and Gordon love song "Five Hundred Miles," and they talk about being far "away from home." In my life, because of my studies and what I know, I haven't fit in, have always been an outsider, with no warm welcome from any group.

K. All the narrow self-serving views are threatened by you.

Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch (1863-1944): "A very well-informed person is an object of terror."

E. As such, for a very long time, I'd said to myself "there's no place on this earth that feels like home." I don't have a home; not like that. But when I felt that sense of "coming home" in your presence, it hit me so hard, I didn't know what to do. I have never felt this way - only with you.


a sense of home and complete rest

K. Elenchus, look! – see this quote from the “what we stay alive for” essay; it’s just what you said about “coming home”, implying a sense of complete rest for the soul.

As some teach, it is the darling companionship which "rests in God"; the mystic Carlyle Petersilea also expressed this at the sight of his sacred beloved:

“It was the first time in my life that a sense of home and complete rest had filled my soulObey me implicitly in one thing. Do not marry for any consideration [of wealth, comfort, status, or physical beauty]; if you do, bitter woe will be your portion, and a lifelong misery on earth; every morning you will desire death, and every night your pillow will be wet with tearswait for the counterpart of your own soul.” 

K. In other words, if you don't wait for that one particular person as your "home" and "rest," you will write your own tear-stained chronicle of lesson learned.

E. (sighing) I experienced my feeling of "coming home" with you about 50 years before I discovered a similar sentiment in the channeled works of Carlyle. 

K. We are tapping into a universal spiritual knowing.

E. Yes... the heart always knows where its home is.


Barry Gibb and Olivia Newton-John, 'The Heart Knows'

it's time for me to say exactly how I feel, the heart knows what is true and what is real… 'cause I know where your heart is, and the heart knows where the home is



K. (softly) Elenchus, it's very strange, isn't it - in the midst of these mystical perceptions, your anger was still there.

E. This may have been the most anomalous experience of my life: great romantic anger and great romantic euphoria -- both at the same time.

K. (sighing) Usually, John and Mary have the good sense to switch back and forth between love and hate, not merge them.

E. It can get confusing, so this was very different.

K. (silence)

E. My present-day self, still angry, continued to review this old image, the positive and the negative aspects, the love and the hate. And now my recent anger was leading me to despair and melancholia, and so I mentally reached out to God, asking for some sort of help in dealing with these memories. And shortly thereafter I noticed something. I left the phone-call image and accessed other memories over the years, beginning from early childhood.

K. You and I have a very long history for two who “have no history”.

E. Ludicrously yours. But as I then mentally spanned the years, reviewing the major interactions, and the attendant feelings, and though I’d taken this “magical mystical tour” in my head many times, this time, I saw something new… With each significant encounter over the years, I mentally saw, could feel, that the energies were growing and growing, expanding and swelling. Near the end of the review, with durations of time separating the incidents, sometimes by 20, 30, or 50 years, I realized that, with each new encounter, the underlying energies "knew" exactly where they’d left off, and picked up the baton in perfect stride. To restate, the energies grew and grew between us, and with each successive incident, the energies didn't start over from "level zero," but picked up where the last one left off, even though there might have been a gap of many years!

K. You know, Elenchus, the world is filled with couples who believe that they love each other, but there’s something really different about our story. Maybe, as we learn more about what happened to us, we can better illuminate this process known as the greatest mystery of life.

E. Death and love, the great mysteries.

K. I would appreciate your further thoughts.

E. The realization that our interactions involved a mounting, building, crescendoing energy came to me shortly after reading Faggin’s book. And though I myself had often done this, I believe that his view of examining the self as avenue of access to understanding Consciousness at-large made it easier for me to perceive the workings of true love by way of my own experience.

K. What does this teach us about true love and consciousness, Elenchus?

E. It’s not totally clear to me yet, but let’s talk this out. In the “mystical experience” writing, we said that Universal Consciousness is like the Colorado River ever pressing against Hoover Dam.

The Hoover wall spans 726 vertical feet – more than a tenth of a mile high (for comparison, the Empire State Building is 1250 feet tall).

It holds at bay and commands the burgeoning, tumultuous Colorado River.

Imagine the tremendous water-pressure pushing against the wall, trying to break through.

What might all this signify? Any analogy quickly falls apart if extended too far, but this is what I see:

The Hoover wall is the dysfunctional ego, repressing humankind, blocking the "true self".

The Colorado River is the God-consciousness/soul-energies/true-self ever pressing forward to manifest in our lives.


K. This would mean that Universal Consciousness, in the form of true love, is trying to reveal itself to proto-Twins but, early on, they’re too immature to “get the memo.”

E. I think this is exactly right.

K. So, as we look at our early and subsequent interactions, we discern an energy, growing and building, readying itself to burst into our surface-level consciousness.

E. More and more, there were cracks in Hoover Dam, and eventually something’s gotta give.

K. I think we began to feel "the pressure of the Colorado River" as early as age seven, that incident when we were being taken to school, and I shouted bloody-murder at you from the top of my little lungs.

E. I remember, and everybody else who was there does, as well.

K. And too, when we had the chicken pox at age nine, those two phone calls after the Flintstone program - you've said, amazingly, you never felt as good again, in your whole life, as when we laughed on the phone when we were nine. Elenchus, that can't happen by accident, and boy-meets-girl doesn't begin to explain it. For one thing, you didn't even know I was a girl yet. Something else, really big, was going on down below.

E. Things were being set in motion, even though I was still DOA.

K. And then when we were thirteen, and I came to you… that was major for me. By that age, you did know something about girls, but you still didn't know that I was a girl.

E. You know, I think I’m blocking some of this. I have memory of all these incidents, but when they’re all laid out in a row, I'm just flattened in astonishment at what happened to us.

K. But we're not done. There were several mini-incidents in the early years that could be mentioned. But the next notable one was the phone call that we’ve already discussed. And then, 22 years later, you called me at the death of a relative… that was a really big event for us, I mean, big.

E. Again, true to my ethos, I didn’t like you, I was still angry with you, but this time, so unexpectedly – the "hidden pressure" had now grown to be so great that the Hoover Dam, all of a sudden, came crashing down, was swept away, and I was subjected - even against my will - to a full-blown mystical experience, and I was never the same again after that.

K. We need to stop saying that we have no history. That’s a gross distortion. We have more history than almost anyone.

E. It’s very clear to me that, over the years, Universal Consciousness (UC), like the Colorado River, was pressing against our spirits, readying itself to reveal itself, waiting for us to be capable of mindful and eyes-wide-open interaction.

K. I hadn’t really seen this before but, as we lay it all out, it’s pretty obvious. Can we say more about this?

E. I think we can, but, as we do, we enter a realm of studied opinion, not hard evidence.

K. I think all major theories begin in this humble way.

E. That’s right; as Will Durant said, speculative philosophy, refined in the fires of debate and investigation, later becomes the established truth of science.

K. What is your best theory right now?

E. Tesla helps us…

E. Many of the great scientists have said that UC, not matter, is the building block of reality, that everything derives from it. And Tesla, in the above quotation and in other statements, suggests, or hints at, that UC just might be the primary wave-form of the universe.

K. But UC is not a “thing” in our universe.

E. As they say, it’s not part of our spacetime. Presumably, it exists in some lofty, non-material dimension.

K. And because we ourselves are linked at the core to UC, that’s where our “true selves” also reside. But let’s say more about UC as a wave.

E. If Tesla is right that everything is vibrating, meaning, everything is a form of vibrational wave, then maybe UC is some sort of energy wave, a primary or master wave; if so, it may very well express the general characteristics of all waves.

K. Because it would be the “original mould” of all other waves.

E. That night, not long ago, when I finally snapped out of my anger, when I “saw” that the pressure of UC had grown and grown for us over the years, it occurred to me that UC might be a wave. I provisionally concluded this because, as I looked at our series of incidents, with the progressively building energy, I said to myself, “this seems just like a rogue wave, growing and growing.”

K. All of this is extremely interesting, Elenchus. Look at that science quote again on how rogue waves do not just add to but multiply each other:

What causes a rogue wave?

But not all waves add up in this way. Some exchange energy when they interact. This causes the wave heights to multiply, rather than simply add together. It’s this kind of interaction that creates rogue waves.

K. I think…what happened to us was so out-sized, so invasive to the ego, so over-the-top to the ordinary things of our lives, that it cannot be explained in terms of UC waves growing slowly, merely adding. I say this because there was a sudden exponential leap of expansiveness of force with the power of the UC wave, apparently, multiplied -- its new strength, jettisoning us, ready or not, surging forward, into a higher celestial level of romantic awareness.

what might it mean to say that UC is an energy wave

E. We must proceed very cautiously here in stating what we know, or, more likely, what we think we know.

K. It will be said that, how can we know anything of Universal Consciousness (UC) as it’s something invisible. But science deals with invisible forces all the time. Sir Oliver Lodge commented:

It may be said, you cannot be as sure as you are of sensory experience. I say I can. A physicist is never limited to direct sensory impressions; he has to deal with a multitude of conceptions and things for which he has no physical organ – the dynamical theory of heat, for instance, and of gases, the theories of electricity, of magnetism, of chemical affinity, of cohesion, aye, and his apprehension of the ether itself, lead him into regions where sight and hearing and touch are impotent as direct witnesses, where they are no longer efficient guides.

E. I see two main areas of definition for UC. Dr. Sheldrake speaks to the first:


consciousness is a quantum field containing all manner of possibility

The following is a paraphrase of a portion of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake’s lecture which can be accessed on youtube beginning at 15:45.

In the 1920s, when quantum physics was just getting started, Alfred North Whitehead was one of the first to understand it. Other philosophers didn’t have the math background, but Whitehead was also a mathematician and so he grasped the significance immediately.

Because light and matter are wavelike, and because waves spread out, both in time and area, Whitehead realized that you couldn’t have a wave at an instant; you can’t have a small slice or particle of a wave and say here it is, because it’s spread out. A wave takes both time and space to move about. And so you can’t define it in a particular time or place, and this is the subsuming reason for Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle because fundamental particles are wavelike.

'matter is a process', not made of hard little bee-bees

And so, what Whitehead showed was that matter is not “stuff,” as the nineteenth century physicists had insisted. Matter wasn’t like little billiard balls – hard, impenetrable stuff that persisted. Whitehead said that, instead, matter is a process, because it’s like a wave, and if it’s a wave, and if it’s a process, then it takes place in time, and if it takes place in time, then it has a polarity of time, a past and future ‘pole.’ And this completely transforms our view of matter.

And the most interesting aspect of this, I think, is that it gives us a new way of looking at the mind-body problem. We’re used to the notion that the mind is the internal and the body is the external. Our language is replete with these metaphors – we speak of the inner life, the inner thought, the inner world, the inner consciousness – we use these spatial metaphors all the time. [See the discussion of the "inner body" on the OBE page.]

However, we’re less familiar with the “time” version of mind-body that Whitehead put forward. Recall that a wave process takes time, and therefore it will have a past-future polarity. What Whitehead suggested is that the mind is the “future pole” and the body is the “past pole.”

He pointed out that, when in quantum theory you work out all the future possibilities concerning all that might happen to a particle [that is, to a potential particle once it becomes a particle in the world], you are using math to describe a potential future – it hasn’t happened yet, it’s not part of the physical world, it’s just mathematical probability. But as soon as the particle-wave interacts with something, with another particle or something else, there is a collapse of the wave function, all the great number of possibilities collapse down, and you have now a physical particle created in specific time and space. Now that potential particle is given a “body” and it immediately becomes part of the past, no longer a future possibility.

quantum mechanics gives us an insight into the essence of consciousness

Editor's note: Whitehead showed that this is the general way that minds work. The mind, consciousness, is an arena of quantum possibility as it entertains what it should do. A seemingly infinite number of possibilities lie before it, but they’re all in a quantum state of potential existence until one path is chosen. Our consciousness is a field in which we hold together all manner of possibility.

'minds are containers of possibility'

"Consciousness is the realm of possibility," said Dr. Sheldrake, "and you can't know about possibilities unless they're in a 'conscious space.' I think minds are containers of possibility. Possibilities are not physical facts, they're just possibilities, and they exist only in something like an imagination. I think our conscious minds [have to do with] making choices among possibilities."

All this is quite interesting because the mind, in effect, becomes a "movie screen" upon which the infinite quantum possibilities come to life.

See several short videos on how quantum mechanics works.

READ MORE concerning Dr. Sheldrake's lecture


K. There’s so much here, and we’ll want to avoid simply reprinting what’s already been offered on the “consciousness” and “quantum” pages.

E. But let’s emphasize a key point for our discussion, which is, one of the primary definitions of UC:

(1) UC is a "quantum field containing all manner of possibility", or, restated, "minds are containers of all possibility".

K. Now it’s also said that:

(2) the quantum “wave function” (QWF) encapsulates all possibility before a measurement is taken, which “collapses the wave function”, reifying one of the possibilities as part of the physical world.

K. Is there a difference between QWF and UC?

E. They’re very close, but there is a difference. UC is a container of all possibilities, while QWF is a mathematical construct which attempts to predict the likelihood or the probabilities of how those possibilities might manifest.

K. And so they are different.

E. Two different perspectives on the general concept of "all manner of possibility."

K. Elenchus, let’s try to steer this massive ship of information and point it toward Twin Soul love. No subject could possibly be larger than “all manner of possibility,” so tell us how we might pare this down to our favorite subject.

no 'traffic jams' but 'hidden blueprints'

E. Dr. Amit Goswami said that if there were no mechanism to limit the infinite possibilities, there’d be a gigantic existential “traffic jam” with every sort of random possibility trying to manifest in the outer world.



K. But, we don’t see “traffic jams” in the evolving cosmos; instead, there’s widespread regularity, a general harmony and predictability. Atoms and molecules unite and align according to specific patterns; cells seem to know just how to build complex physical bodies, whether it’s a bacterium, a cat, or a human - the end product, within general parameters, is extremely predictable. And stars coalesce "on script" from gaseous nebulae, and go on to assemble as galaxies, and then clusters of galaxies.

E. And while there are minor exceptions, overall, it’s very apparent that the universe constructs itself according to “hidden blueprints.” There is no haphazard “traffic jam” for the infinite possibilities of UC -- 99%+ of the possibilities never see the light of day.

morphic fields as 'hidden blueprints'

K. It all unfolds with astonishing regularity; or, with “laws,” as science uses the term. The great ordered complexity of the universe could not have happened by chance -- mathematicians inform us that this is absolutely not possible. There is some unseen guiding force in play.

E. You can’t have “all manner of quantum possibility” and then, as the final product, by randomness, arrive at regularities or “laws”; in fact, there could be no such thing as “science” without the existence of regularities.

K. And this paring down, a culling out, of 99%+ of the quantum possibilities occurs by way of “hidden blueprints” that are built into the system. These “hidden blueprints” are called “morphic fields” by Dr. Sheldrake.

E. There is a great deal of evidence for the existence of morphic fields, but we can’t address that large topic here. The reader is asked to review this subject on the “evolution” page.

K. And so, Elenchus, where does this leave us in terms of explaining Twin Soul love as part of UC?

What does it mean that two are destined to love eternally as Twin Souls?

E. Like everything else that, theoretically, might suffer a “traffic jam” of too many possibilities, true love, Twin Soul marriage, is guided by morphic fields serving as “hidden blueprints”. These pare down and limit the possibilities.

K. That’s very interesting, isn’t it. Just as atoms and molecules avoid utter confusion and find union in predictable ways, Twins are meant only for each other: as Dr. Campbell said, "one particular woman for one particular man." Can we offer more detail on this?

E. It seems that morphic fields are specialty quantum fields of possibility.

K. Dr. Sheldrake uses the phrase “structured randomness”! – isn’t that the coolest phrase?

E. It would need to be something like that. The essential aspect of “quantum-ness” is uncertainty.

K. That’s why there’re so many possibilities.

E. And yet, the inherent uncertainty is regulated and managed -- we would say, by an Intelligent Designer – by means of the “hidden blueprints.” And so the underlying uncertainty never goes away, but its domain is severely reduced as a “structured randomness.”

K. It’s quite beautiful, really. The awakening affections of two destined ones are herded or directed or encouraged by a morphic field, a hidden blueprint, just for them. Now, the substrata uncertainty never shuts down, and they can get themselves into trouble, and deny each other, if they work very hard to derail themselves, if they love to suffer, but their specific morphic field, also, never deactivates and, like a homing device, will always, eventually, bring their minds back to what they were designed to be to each other.

what are 'soul energies'

K. Elenchus, even as we speak I feel my mind opening to new understandings. It’s all very exciting to see the out-of-sight framework of romantic love a little more clearly. And, for years, we’ve used the phrase “soul energies” to describe what brings Twins together. But I believe we can sharpen this a little more. How do you see “soul energies” now?

E. It’s a good phrase, it’s helped us a lot, but I think we’re realizing that concepts such as “hidden blueprint” and “UC as waves” need to be added to the mix.

K. Please explain, Elenchus.

UC analyzed in the laboratory of one’s own mind

E. As we’ve said, we can’t inspect UC directly; we can’t weigh it on a scale or put a rule up against it. But, as so many philosophers and scientists in history have done concerning many new ideas, we can analyze it by “going within” the laboratory of one’s own mind.

K. We can take note of how we, in our own hearts and feelings, were affected at various junctures of our lives.

E. And I think that means something. But let’s first say a word about waves again. Let’s tentatively accept Tesla's assertion that everything in the universe is “vibration,” meaning, waves, and I’ll also accept for consideration my own assessment of what happened to us as feeling “just like a rogue wave.”

soul-energies as waves

K. Elenchus, what would it mean that our soul-energies are like waves?

E. I’d like to be careful what I say here as there’s much mystery. However, let’s recall a fundamental property of all waves. Waves transfer energy. Waves are a disturbance in a medium.

Think of that bird again bobbing up and down as a wave goes by:


E. The wave is moving along laterally, but the bird isn’t going anywhere, just moving up and down.

 K. The medium is the water, and the disturbance is the wave. The molecules of sea-water, like the bird, also remain in one place, and so the only thing that’s being transferred is energy, in the form of a wave.

E. Rippling energy, if you will. And now the question is, if UC is a wave, what's the nature of the energy-transfer?

K. Also, what’s the medium and what's the disturbance?

E. These are such excellent questions. I'm not sure if we can offer final answers yet, but, I think we can see, when we are able to credibly answer, we'll really have something.

a disturbance in the force

K. When Yoda said this, as I recall, he sensed danger. But it doesn’t have to be negative, does it?

E. It’s both. And for our purposes here, we’ll be focusing on positive energies that Twins come to know.

K. So, a disturbance in the force would mean a “wave of energy” in the force. Is the force the medium?

E. I’d like to suggest that we slow down a bit. Let’s look at one of our early encounters. Would you like to choose one?

K. We could begin at the beginning, that ride to school when we were seven.

E. I would say that was the first two-party interaction for us as proto-Twins. There may have been an even earlier item, a very brief glimmering about you, just for me, when I was six, but I was so unformed at that earliest stage that it’s hard for me to know if it really happened or if I’m imagining it.

K. (smiling) I jarred you from your slumbers a year later.

E. Actually, you did. It’s one of my earliest memories of being “jerked awake.” And of course “awakening” as a sentient being is the primary reason why we came to the Earth.

K. I realize now that, in my own very immature mind, I was trying to be noticed; so unskillfully executed, needless to say. But, Elenchus, put this into context of what we’re learning about Twins’ morphic fields.

E. This Twin-Soul morphic field would have been with us, or part of us, since the “soul nursery.” For me, it was pretty much in dormant stage, but you – as a girl, with your primary domain of Love – knew it to be activated, at least in part, even at age seven, and maybe before.

K. I’m wondering what prompted me to act, with that outburst?

E. As we’ve said, you screamed bloody-murder – but, as Elvis sang, that was just a lie. What you were really doing was trying to get the attention of a comatose little boy.

K. (small smile) Must all my secrets come out?

E. But, as to your question, why then? – what prompted the outburst? We can’t answer that. The soul, individualizing UC, has its own timetable for inciting us to action. It would be like asking, how did that water-wave get started? We can never know that. It might have started a thousand miles away by some fluke or whatever, but we can say something about the process.

K. I can’t know the precise origin, but, I think, on that day at age seven, there was a disturbance in the force for me, prompting me to action.

E. Let’s focus on this prompting.

impulse to destiny

K. Looking back on it now, I’ll tell you what it feels like to me… It’s like an “impulse to destiny.”

E. Say more on this.

K. Normally, I would sit there, not saying anything to you; maybe even treat you a little snarky. But then one day it wasn’t enough. I call it an impulse. An impulse is a sudden, unplanned action. It just came over me. I didn’t really choose it. It was like a heartbeat, it just happened all by itself. The best way I can describe it is, “impulse to destiny.”

E. (silence)

K. It’s not that my little-girl mind was seeing far into our future. It was more like – though I didn’t show it on the outside, while even doing the opposite – I liked being around you, it felt good to see you, but, you wouldn’t talk to me.

E. And so you screamed at me.

K. (smiling) What else could I do? At least you looked at me.

E. Well, there was that for you, I guess, but I think “impulse to destiny” is not a bad descriptor. And possibly this “impulse” was a disturbance in the force. Let’s define the force as UC. Normally, your soul-energies were somewhat in quiet mode.

K. Small waves of energy.

E. But then, without notice, there was this significantly larger wave registering “in your spirit.” You were now aware of it, and since it was quite noticeable, this impulse compelled you to act.

K. My sense is that, suddenly, larger waves were issuing from a quantum morphic field dedicated to our future Twin love.

E. That could be correct. I'm reminded of the channeled material quoted on the Omega "Introduction" page. The afterlife entity didn't use the term "impulse to destiny" but said as much. The communicating person declared, very boldly, that, when the true mate comes into one's life, the ensuing vivifying force becomes so potent that "there is nothing that one might not accomplish".

K. That's quite an assertion. And I think we sense this enhanced state of effectiveness. We want the true mate, not just for his attractive face - that's almost the minor part of it - but intuitively we are drawn to the true mate for the unleashing of one's inner soul riches. This is all well in line with what I meant with "impulse to destiny."

E. The inner riches of the soul offer the prospect of unlocking the power of God in our lives, and we sense the undercurrent of potential expansion - courtesy of one's Twin.

K. Elenchus, concerning our question of that duck bobbing up and down, not moving anywhere. How does that relate to what happened to me? - because I did “move” - you might say, I was moved to action, wasn’t I?

E. We need to refine this idea. It’s too obvious to state that the whole purpose of Twins’ morphic field is to lead them to eventual love and marriage, a whole eternal life together. And so, of course, there will be "movement," new conduct, new activity, expressed in the outer world.

K. That has to be a given. Another way of approaching my question is, what is being transferred in the UC wave? – we would say, “some form of energy,” but what does that mean in this case?

E. We’re definitely going deeper into this whole question, and I think I’m seeing something new. We say that morphic fields are hidden blueprints. This means that they reflect the purposes of the Creator, the plans, the very mind of the Intelligent Designer.

K. This is a very important point. That “impulse to destiny” reflects the mind of God! It’s where Mother-Father God want us to eventually be.

E. And so, concerning “What is the energy being transferred?” can we not say that it's an energy leading us toward a destination? That’s what “destiny” means – a “destination.”

K. Elenchus, consider this. We’re talking about Universal Consciousness here. It’s primary attributes are mental, spiritual, cognitive, attitudinal, and the like. All these might blossom or unfold, in one's mind, without the body going anywhere.

E. Yes, I like that. The “true self”, the awakened soul, our own purified consciousness, is like that duck bobbing up and down. It doesn’t go anywhere.

K. That’s right. It doesn’t go anywhere. We could even say, with the Gospel Of Thomas, it’s eternally at rest – at rest in God.

E. Ok, I think we’re onto something here. What eventually happens in the world, as a result of the elevated consciousness, is not the primary focus of UC.

K. This is so because, once you get the “inner life” properly oriented, then one’s actions in the outer world naturally flow apace and take care of themselves. The outer actions are not the problem. The real issue is getting one’s head straight, one’s “inner life,” one's orientation to UC. This is the essential nature of UC's energy that's being transferred. It's focused on awakening the soul to its "made in the image" purpose.

E. It is an energy that perfects us existentially, an inward transformation of restful wholeness, and yet, at the same time, will also move our spirits forward, along with the UC energy wave, toward sacred destiny, in the outer world.

K. (smiling) Let's hear it for the bobbing duck.

reconsidering bobbing ducks

E. I'd like to recheck our work here. It's not quite right.

K. What are you seeing?

E. I think what we’ve said so far is good – to a point. But here’s one problem. When we look at commons waves in the world, like our water wave, the bobbing duck is a separate thing and the energy wave is another separate thing. But this analogy breaks down with Twin love; with this, UC is one “thing” – though it’s not accurate to call it a “thing” – but Twins affected by the process are not a separate thing. All human beings – not their bodies but their spirits – are linked to, are one with, UC.

K. This is a big difference. What does it mean for our explanation?

E. I’m not sure right now. Let’s leave this an open question for the moment as we investigate further.

morphic fields organize energy

K. It’s helpful that we clarify the difference between morphic fields (MF) and UC. Dr. Sheldrake said that MFs organize energy.

E. This definition makes sense because without some means to organize the infinite possibilities, we’d have those “traffic jams.”

K. Stated plainly, this means that MFs organize the UC waves, the infinite possibilities of UC.

specific MF regulate different aspects of sexual affinity

K. Some people might say that human sexual attraction can be totally accounted for by brain chemicals. Are there little “blueprints” in the chemicals? – little pictures of erotic goal, with a whispered coaching, “Here’s the photo of the good stuff, now go for it”? I don’t think so. Brain chemicals do not come with a GPS system.

E. I see brain chemicals as a general incitement to riot, like injecting fizzy carbonation into water. It can make the body want to “snap, crackle, and pop,” but, without something more, there’d be no direction.

K. But let’s take a step back and ask, what about the “sexual incitement to riot” in various animals? I’m not a chemist but I’ll bet you a dollar that each different species, most of them, have their own brain chemicals, but the result of the “spiked cocktail” is different in each case.

E. That’s right. The goose or the gopher or the gorilla is not interested in alluring bodes outside its own species. The goose does not find the gopher enticing, and the gorilla would not cross the street to meet a goose.

K. In like manner, the goose or the gopher or the gorilla would yawn at a photo of scantily-clad Marilyn Monroe.

E. "Girl-la-my-dreams."

K. Try to stay calm.

K. But the “goose-equivalent” of Marilyn might very well cause the gander to go into shock, and lose some feathers.

E. We lose more ganders that way, didn’t have a chance.

K. Uh-huh.

E. But your point is well taken. And concerning the gorilla, or the whole chimp family, I think it’s been said that their genome is something like 98% equal to humans. And again, we’re not chemists, but I’ll bet an extra dollar that their brain chemicals, associated with “sexual incitement to riot”, is very similar, if not identical to, that of humans. So, Kriss, you brought up the subject of MFs regulating this. What’s going on here?


beauty is not in the thing

Jiddu Krishnamurti, September 24, 1967, London: “Like love, beauty is not the cultivation of thought. A thing of beauty is not beauty. Beauty is not in the thing, in the building, in the person; but there is that beauty which is not the result of conditioning, in which thought in no way interferes.”

The sense of beauty is an opinion, a judgment, concerning the good and the true.

Beauty issues not from one's “hardware” but “software,” the “programming.”



K. We should, once again, encourage our readers to review the evidence for MFs put forward by Dr. Sheldrake. However, I think, the closer we look at this, the more it becomes clear that particular MFs regulate sexual attraction within a species.

E. Each member of a species has his or her own idea of what a "beautiful mate" looks like. Things like this cannot happen by accident.

K. These allurements are species-specific. Particular species-oriented MFs cause the goose to be sexually attracted to another goose, the gopher to another gopher, and so on. These MFs are of a generic kind, meaning, with pretty much all participants within a species, the players aren’t so particular which feathered, finned, or furred body they’re hooking up with. This is so because MFs are designed to perpetuate species.

E. And these MFs would direct the behavior of human sexual partners, as well.

K. Almost certainly this would be true. This is why unenlightened John thinks he can be happy with any pretty Mary - "any pretty fish in the sea." And it's why, according to some studies, close to 50% -- I think it's more -- of those who get together as couples do so because they’ve caught “the fever.”

E. “Hotter than a brussel-sprout.”

K. Humans contract this same "fever" that bedevils pretty much all life-forms. Each species feels the "incitation to riot." We’re led, generically so, by the promiscuous wiles of Mother Nature to keep the generations moving forward. She has zero concern for morality, only growing numbers.

E. But, there's a certain sub-class of humans who are led by more than common impetus to sexual union.

K. We call them Twin Souls. There are other MFs that regulate a higher, more evolved, form of sexual union – the eternal Twin Soul marriage. And we are led to suspect that each Twin couple has its own unique MF to manage and direct their coming together. This sort of MF leads two into an awareness of mutual bondedness -- between one particular woman and one particular man.

bam-bam meets pebbles

E. Let’s try to bring some of this down to practical example. After the “bloody murder” incident, two years later, when we were nine, there was the Flintstone event.

K. That was so amazing. This was our first, joint, high-toned interaction - high spirits, high feelings -- in terms of both parties greatly enjoying the jubilant occurrence. Strangely, this high-emotion reciprocity would not be experienced again until many decades later!

E. This will take some explaining - because, from what we've just said, it would seem that I, at age nine, was fully on board "for us." But this is not how it was at all.

K. Why don't you talk about the Robin Williams example.

E. In the movie “Awakenings,” Williams portrays Dr. Malcolm Sayer working with catatonic patients. In 1969 he discovered that the drug L-DOPA could awaken his patients from catatonic state. While the healthful effects were temporary, for that brief period of time, the once near-comatose invalids came to mental life and blossomed as somewhat fully-engaged persons.

K. Tell us, Elenchus, how this relates to our situation.

E. Sayer provided a wonderful benefit, and I do not wish to diminish his achievement by a loose or untoward comparison. However, I can’t help drawing some measure of similitude to what happened to me. I was nine years old. A boy - and that says a lot right there. And I had never (consciously) thought of you as a “special friend”. And yet, during a phone conversation with you, lasting 30 to 45 minutes, I came “alive” to you. Yes, I know, this doesn’t sound like much, but I know, and you know, what I was before our talk, and the difference is utterly stark.

K. You’re saying it was like coming out of a catatonic state.

E. I was socially immature. I don’t want to exaggerate, but, part of me knows quite well that this cognitive-impairment analogy is not altogether misapplied.

K. After our talk, you went right back to being your “comatose” self. It’s as if you had no memory of our extremely good time together.

E. This seems unlikely, but it's correct. And here's another detail to this story. Exactly one week later, once again after the Flintstone program, we revisited our phone conversation, and, once again, the very same ultra-high feelings, the very same intoxicated euphoria simply to converse, overwhelmed me – all over again!


Mary Lou's perfect 10

E. Allow me to emphasize the unlikelihood, the anomaly, for me -- not just to have one ultra-euphoric encounter with you – but two! exactly the same! one week later, exactly the same!

K. This reminds me of the 1984 Olympic gold medalist, Mary Lou Retton, on the balance beam. She scored a perfect 10 for her flip...

K. And here she is, perfectly poised, landing solidly on the beam, with no hint of wavering, easy as a walk in the park...

K. It was a memorable event, a flawlessly executed gymnastic marvel. But, wait, something else happened, and this is why so many of us still recall that moment 40 years later. She then had the unmitigated chutzpah, without warning or requirement, to bounce right back up on that balance beam -- and go flying all over again! -- another perfect 10! -- just to playfully show everyone that the first time wasn't a fluke! Absolutely incredible!

E. Wow!

K. And Elenchus - this is what happened to us. God-and-the-universe allowed us to experience a "perfect 10" ultra-joyful moment -- and then, easy as pie, we did it all over again a week later!

E. I hadn't thought of this until just now, but - I was given a reading from a psychic who, in vision, saw some of our early encounters -- not that they were all that way, of course, hardly any, but we did have our moments of extreme punctuated "peak experience." She said to me, those times were "pure joy" for you two. But, even more than this, she said, she was getting from you, that our time together as children was "the happiest time" for you.

K. Wow, Elenchus! Each of us, each reporting to the other, via various means, that, our early days together would be counted as the happiest time of our entire lives!

Special note:

E. Kriss, before we move on here, let me add one side-thought. Some of the those early encounters were so explosively joyous that part of me fears that it was just a fluke, that we could never access that kind of extreme delight again. But, as I look at what happened the very next week, and also other incidents later on, I see that it was and is possible for us to have that joy again.

K. I know... it was so over-the-top enjoyable that we’re terrorized that it could never happen again. But, the evidence suggests that this is not so.



K. And then, this second “awakening” the very next week, like the first, was immediately forgotten, and you reverted to the familiar little-boy “catatonic” state – that is, in reference to me.

E. I mentally review this incident now, so many decades after the fact, and I am astonished, all over again, that I could have felt so much, in that short time with you, but then to deny it all, to sweep it away, as if it never happened. Twice!

K. Elenchus, you have stated, for the record, many times, that the happiness you felt with me, and for me, during those two conversations – two precisely identical-in-effect conversations! – constituted the happiest moments of your entire life, the euphoria of which would never be superseded, during the next many decades, despite living a somewhat experientially-rich life!

E. It is impossible – I say this, I know this, because I can feel its throbbing vitality deep inside! – it is impossible for this to have happened in my spirit without some extremely major vivifying force to have brought it all into being. I didn’t understand this at the time, and I wouldn’t be able to perceive the significance until my old age – not until a time of much greater sentience – but I can feel the truth of it, right now, and I know this is what happened.

E. You know, I still remember some of that conversation after the Flintstones show. You were so crazy, way more animated than the cartoon, you were imitating the characters, talking like them, and this made me laugh and laugh. Well, it was funny, but it wasn’t that funny, there was something else going on, making me feel very lightheaded.

K. (small smile) Bam-Bam meets Pebbles. Just as "beauty is not in the thing", neither is one's euphoria. There's some other underlying force in play.

E. Bam-Bam meets Pebbles, and immediately he soars from Neanderthal to Cro-Magnon level.

K. (smiling) Instantly, he understood that, without her, he had no reason to evolve.

E. And when he first saw her, through clearing Neanderthal eyes, did he suddenly realize that this was the absolute happiest moment of his entire life?

K. Of course. Note carefully that this "happiest moment" did not come to him when he was playing marbles or baseball or a hundred other little-boy activities, but, only when he was with her.

E. I really need to readjust my morphic field, it's been acting up, still under warranty, I think.

K. Uh-huh. But, I should also add that this "happiest moment" would retain title only until their next rogue-wave encounter, which would then be viewed as the new "happiest moment." This is how life unfolds for Pebbles and Bam-Bam.


Restatement: another look at the meaning of pleasure

E. Krishnamurti in his lectures had a lot to say about the meaning of pleasure. He said it was the “other side of the coin” of pain, in that, the egoic mind worries about losing pleasure. He said thought becomes entwined with feelings of pleasure - we create a memory of it and want to find a way to get back to it.

K. Is there anything wrong with this?

E. I would say, no, but it becomes dysfunctional when people hide in pleasure to wallpaper over, to repress, the fears and sorrows in their lives. Krishnamurti is very good on many subjects, but I don’t think he understood the core issue with pleasure. I think he missed this because he didn’t know about Sheldrake’s morphic fields.

K. Elenchus, if I might ask, why are you bringing this up? - as we’ve addressed some of this before.

E. It’s been on my mind, what we said about the goose, and all species, concerning sexual attraction. It's all very species-specific.

K. "Beauty is not in the thing" -- what we call "beauty" is not in the "hardware" but in the "software," in the "programming."


Editor’s note: The writers for “the tabloids” sometimes speak of “the sexiest man alive,” referring to a latest movie icon. But what’s interesting is that said good-looking man, from an objective point of view, might have quite ordinary looks. But since he’s associated with a movie fantasy-world of heroic exploits, larger-than-life adventures, of always “getting the girl into bed,” the egoic mind is gulled into seeing him as very good looking - whether he is or not. What we’re really seeing here is an example of “beauty is not in the thing” but an editorial comment, in this case, by the needy ego who would love to live, and inject himself into, this fantasy world and be adored by millions for movie-stunt exploits. Those who can do this, the ego judges, are seen to be “beautiful.”


E. Well stated, Kriss. And look at what Mother Nature has done to us, the "programming" tricks she plays, to induce the creation of offspring. For example, the human female with well-developed breasts is better able to care for her young, and so the male is “hard-wired”, via invisible morphic fields, to perceive large female breasts as “beautiful”.

K. But beauty is not inherent in the object of desire.

E. And if we look at it logically, there’s nothing in the construction of female breasts that should provide some sort of overpowering and mesmerizing sense of “beauty”.

K. And yet, most men go crazy for this. The reaction is way over the top for these mammary glands, just globes of protoplasm.

E. It’s obviously a “set up” by Mother Nature, a trick played on the mind, to facilitate the process of having babies.

K. And there’s more to it, as well. Mother Nature wants the male to be attracted to young females, young fertile females. OIder women also have breasts, but the male is often not so interested in her measurements

E. I knew an older woman who joked that it would be more likely to be struck by lightning than for her to find an attractive mate - who thought that she was attractive - after age 55.

K. This is a problem for older women.

E. We could go on listing the tricks Mother Nature plays to rouse the male to fertilize the female’s eggs.

K. And that's really what Mother Nature is after in all this showmanship. It's all about fertilized eggs. But looking at things from the purely biological level sort of takes “the fizz” out of the process.

E. Mother Nature is ok with fizz or no fizz -- don't think about it, just say yes, she says - good recreation for five minutes on a Saturday night, no cerebral element needed, just have a good time, don't be concerned about the morning after.


True Lies (1994), Tom Arnold:

'kids - 10 seconds of joy, 30 years of misery'


E. You said men go crazy at the sight of a young woman's large breasts – which they swear are “beautiful.” But what is this sense of beauty made of? How does this judgment come about? But I think we know.

K. It’s just a “radioactive” morphic field causing a temporary insanity for the male, all designed to keep the world population on a good trajectory.

K. But, if we look at all this too clinically, we might be tempted to devalue the female-male attraction. How do you see it?

E. I don’t think it needs to be that way. While there are morphic fields providing "fever" for the biological impetus, as we’ve also said, Twin mates are additionally led by a higher order of attraction; in other words, when Twins desire union its more than a bio-impulse but a yearning to be "One Person", an emulation of Mother-Father God.

K. This is a very important clarification. So many, even on the other side, have not experienced true love, and so the common judgment is that sex is just something physical, low grade, something to grow out of. But we would object to this view. Physical intimacy for Twins is not just about bodies in contact but, much more, a representation of a very deep spiritual desire for sacred oneness - as expressed or pictured by their bodies.

E. This is vastly different in kind from the ordinary flesh-on-flesh.

K. Sex has a bad name among some spiritualists because "the fever", of and by itself, ignited by images of big "beautiful" breasts, does not result in long-term good. None of this, alone, can create secure or lasting marriages, the kind Jesus said "cannot be sundered."

E. When Mother Nature gets what she wants, the fizz goes away.

K. And if "starving for sex" is all that the marriage has going for it, then it will easily be sundered or separated. 

E. Actually, if the hot-to-trot male chooses a girl just because of her large breast size, there's probably an inverse relationship to the longevity of the union.

K. It's uncanny how quickly the inebriated male can lose interest in large breasts - and every woman's "radar" knows this.

E. Especially, if he's now held captive in the chains of wedlock and "buyer's remorse". But it takes more than a "double padlock" of vows and signed contracts to keep two together. And it doesn't matter if their wedding photos display the typical big wolf-grins, the biggest smiles of their lives -- as everyone knows about this temporary madness and illusion.

K. Twins are not immune to, nor do they deny, the pleasures of the body and, I would say, enjoy them in a more complete way. But, large breasts and other ample measurements will not be nearly enough for any couple to "survive the terrors of living forever."

E. Dr. Adler had something to say about this illusion of body parts:

This [idealization of one's lover] may be true also on the external level of physical beauty. That [even] the homely face of a person we love appears beautiful to us is a common human experience. An instance of this is provided in the ... novel, A New Life, by Bernard Malamud, in which the hero falls in love with a woman who is almost completely devoid of the pectoral development which is currently regarded as essential to feminine charm. Yet he comes to find her flat-chestedness beautiful and right, for it is an attribute of the woman he loves.

K. I would say that the male needs to be fairly mature to understand what Adler is saying about the inadequacy of "the pectoral development".

E. And I will just emphasize that Adler's statement is more than a little correct. In true love, whatever she brings to you, the male will judge to be "beautiful and right" - even if she's virtually flat-chested.

K. This judgment of "beautiful" is an "impulse to destiny", a feeling of the rightness of it, a "consonance with the whole."


Editor’s note: The perception of the true mate as supremely beautiful is a perfected version of the tabloid writers’ (see above) “sexiest man alive.” When this process works well, it creates a judgment of beauty built upon, not the ego’s neediness but, sacred destiny and “consonance with the whole.”


E. I'll say it again: in the true love and marriage, the gifts of pleasure she offers her mate, whatever she's endowed with, will be "seen" as exactly what he always fantasized the "perfect" girl to be. In fact, the truth is, he will not have truly known what he really wants until she presents herself to him! and then he will realize that, by some wizardry, she gives to him precisely what he always dreamed of, and more, since he was a boy. This is not empty theory. I speak from experience. This is exactly how it is.

K. It's absolutely astonishing! and women need to understand this, and not worry about their "measurements." When she finds her true mate, he will perceive her as "drop dead" gorgeous, his "to die for" first and only choice, and this will be the case no matter what her body type is, no matter what she brings to him!

E. And there’s another aspect to Mother Nature's tricks, and it feels like pure manipulation.

K. I’m sure it is manipulation.

E. It’s all so generic, so unthinking, and scripted. What I mean is, a young woman might be “the devil in disguise, “ as Elvis sang; she might be unkind, totally selfish, needing “to be ashamed for the things she does to men,” as per the Jim Croce lyric – but if she flashes her breasts at the male, she’ll stun him into incoherence. There was a scene in the movie “Under Siege” ...

... with the terrorist standing outside the ladies room, having allowed his captive a minute of privacy, but then she opens the door, flashing her breasts, and now the terrorist is stunned, allowing the “good guy” to do him in during his moment of insensibility. They called it, “**** to die for”. But this is what I’m talking about. The male reaction to the nude female form is programmed, predictable, on-demand, and has nothing to do with any thoughtful consideration of her character or virtue, nothing to do with destined love or whether you even like the girl or not.

K. Mother Nature isn’t interested in playing fair or whether a couple is in love, and will shamelessly use manipulation to get her job done.

E. The male "software" is so hypersensitive, so hair-trigger, in this area that he can be ginned up, ready for action, at a moment's notice -- even if an artist were to scrawl two roughly drawn circles, or even parts of circles - which could be enough to set him spinning. Now, put this "scratching of delineation" within the boundaries of two vertical curved lines, and now immediately the male is cooking with gasoline. Virtually the vaguest similitude of female form is sufficient to activate the libidinous nature. This is ridiculous but accurate.

K. It is incredible, and women need to understand that his outsized reaction may very well have nothing to do with being authentically drawn to her.

E. Obviously, none of this could ever occur by chance, there's some underlying hidden triggering mechanism, it's all too immediate-and-certain. Mere biology and brain chemicals could never fully account for this.

K. Especially since it's so species-specific.

E. But Twin love and marriage is utterly different, is founded upon morphic-field waves in concert, waves reinforcing each other, a harmonizing of identical soul-energies -- which is the real reason why true lovers belong to each other -- and when this blending occurs, be prepared to be pleasantly shocked at how much he truly wants you, for all the right reasons, and on a lasting basis. Think of the old Bobby Vinton song, "forgive me for wanting you so"!

Forgive me for wanting you so
But one thing I want you to know
I've loved you, since heaven knows when
There! I've said it again 

K. And let me conclude this item with a comment about “I’ve loved you since heaven knows when.” With John-and-Mary, they can point to a day when they “fell in love.” For them, there is a before-and-after. But with the real love, it doesn’t work this way so much. While true romantics will be aware of a certain history, they will also find themselves immersed in a sense of “no beginning and no end.” It will feel this way because part of their love is built upon eternal soul energies, leading them to perceptions that they’ve always been in love; and so, yes, absolutely, “I have loved you since heaven knows when!”

Allow me to address all of my "sisters named Mary" reading this:

You need to learn how to find your true eternal mate; no matter how demanding the discipline, no matter long it takes; because, unless or until you do this -- and I hate to be the one to break the news, and I must now put this in very plain language -- you have nothing, and never will have true happiness.

You have not found, I daresay, full and complete happiness in this life; probably, very little to none -- I know this, because no one knows how to do this -- and you will not find what your heart yearns for even in Summerland, until you prepare yourself spiritually, in terms of our discussion in this writing. It is "something never seen before."

hidden structures of the mind shape and interpret sensations of objects from the outer the world

Editor’s note: I began what was meant to be an extensive study of Kant’s teachings but abandoned the project when I deemed the treatment of the subject to be inadequate. See my notes on this page.

Other teachers pointed out grave errors on the part of Kant, but he did offer a major insight: the mind is not a blank slate, as John Locke taught, but actively shapes and interprets sensations of objects that come to us from the outer world. This was a major break-through in understanding how the mind works.

Since Kant’s time, it is my judgment that views such as Sheldrake’s morphic fields better describe the process of human behavior. There are “hidden blueprints” which organize energy and lead us to destiny. Materialistic philosophers would ridicule the notion of goal-orientation as they believe in a meaningless universe; but this is why we call them materialistic.



romantic love is often seen as something insubstantial, a whim, a fever, something to get over – but beware of violating the holy and authentic version of this

The “insane 500” believe in marriage as a passing phase in our evolution; they adopt this view because they’ve never experienced the real thing. But other teachers, having accessed the life within, disagree.

Life In Two Spheres, or Scenes in the Summerland, by Hudson Tuttle, channeled testimony from the other side. The speaker of the following is known as "the ancient Sage," a resident of Summerland for nearly 3000 years:

A newcomer to Summerland confesses that he had foolishly lost his true love when they were teens. He speaks to the Sage concerning how, during his Earth-life, he never recovered from this profound grief of losing her:

The Sage: "You are guilty?"

"Guilty! yes, a vile, guilty wretch! … I suffered so much, [but] recognized [the] punishment as just … [because] I loved a maiden, and she loved me. We played and sang together in our childhood, and in our youth our lot was always cast together. She was confiding, unaffected... She was always what she appeared.”

Editor’s note: The girl of his youth interacted authentically with him, wasn't trying to get anything from him but wanted only him; she confided, shared secrets of her life, spoke unaffectedly, never flirted, never played a role, but “was always what she appeared.” However, the boy, not knowing his own mind well enough at the time, was led away by infatuations, a false “ideal.”

“At length I saw [another girl, or girls, whom I foolishly believed to be] the ideal of my dreams. She made me forget my first love…” Very quickly, however, the mere passions of biology deserted him, so-called “love vanished, and I was miserable.” The girl of his youth, his true love, in her grief of losing him, made bad decisions for her life, and died prematurely.

“Oh, to think of this! To remember the pleasant days we passed together [in our youths] – that I, in whom she had placed her confidence, should cause her death, intensifies my suffering."

The Sage: "Human affection is more precious than diamonds; and he who crushes [it] is severely punished [in a natural way, by resultant suffering].”

"I was ignorant of the injury I was inflicting; I knew not [that] unanswered affections recoiled with such force. I supposed love [to be] but a transient passion, soon and easily subdued."

Editor's note: Imagine the emotional train-wreck for a young girl who had trusted, had emptied her secret heart to, a young boy, only to see him cavalierly wander away, and toss her away, in pursuit of some pretty face.

when the mountains are crushed to vapor, the holy and authentic romantic love will still be there

The Sage: "Cause and effect will eternally operate; and punishment must necessarily follow crime [against holy, destined romance]… [True] love is not [just] a passion, neither is it transitory, but it is the uniting of two souls into one; and unions founded on [this] basis will exist, growing stronger and more intricate, when [a] mountain shall have changed to vapor and passed away. This is true marriage - an eternal union of soul, thought, and being. Passion is secondary, and will perish with the conditions on which it depends, but spiritual love is as lasting as time, and develops more and more in the Spirit-world. It seeks one object…

Editor’s note: The male, truly in love, “seeks one object” for his desire. Not just one woman in the sense of “any woman” to whom exclusive fealty is offered, but “one particular woman.” See Dr. Campbell’s comments.

It seeks one object, and clings to it, through life and death, and puts forth its immortal bloom a thousand ages hence [that is, he will still feel the same though a thousand summers might pass]."



the gathering rogue wave 

K. In our meditations concerning what happened to us, and as we evaluate it all in light of UC as wave-energy, I would like to remind us that the UC wave-energy might not just be "sourced" from one of us, but, with the Flintstone event, I would suggest that we entered a phase where the energy was coming from both of us.

E. This would be “wave reinforcement”, of waves blending to make bigger waves.

K. Look at the two “interfering waves.” That’s you and me.

E. We see that their ups-and-downs match.

K. And because they match, they easily combine. And when they combine – or, interfere “constructively” – they create a wave that’s twice as big!

E. And I think that the concept of reinforcing waves can explain something of what happened to us in those two talks. For me, it was more than just feeling happy. I came "alive." It felt like being jerked into a higher consciousness level.

K. I was a little more awakened then. But, I would say, you were not totally dead to me, just a little “comatose” with smaller energy waves. I believe that our two energy-waves – two matching waves – combined, and you were sent flying. You didn’t want to fly, had no intention of feeling that good with me. However, it wasn’t your decision but your soul’s decision, and it chose that moment to stir itself.

E. These are rough analogies, but I feel there’s some truth in it.

reinforced waves = 'no you and no me'

K. This is a major point of understanding, and I hope everyone has taken the time to make sense of each step of explanation. Allow me to say, as well, in the list of articles at the bottom of this page, you will find much discussion on the subject of “no you and no me.”

E. This might not sound like much but it’s actually one of the most important concepts on the entire WG site. Its value will escape most, however, as it could seem unreal or impractical.

K. Elenchus, there’s an important quote from Sculthorp that supports some of what we say here. We’ve often said that Twins, "made in the image," each for the other, reveal the hidden face of God. Even more, now, with our understanding of waves in confluence, we sense that their energies can align in a kind of joint meditation, a joint accessing of the mind of God. We’d like to “read into the record” Sculthorp’s testimony as it relates quite closely to what we’re investigating here.

channeled information from Summerland, as reported in Excursions to the Spirit World by Frederick C. Sculthorp: He had learned how to astral travel and had visited his departed wife on the other side:

“My first actual meeting with my wife [was] … deeply imprinted on my mind. The indescribable spiritual perfection that I saw in my wife when we were face to face, the sacred intensity of the high vibration, and the later explanation of ‘God's image’ caused me a great deal of quiet thought for days afterwards. I somehow knew that it was one of the eternal and unfailing spirit laws and that it was simple and natural… When I met my wife and our auras intermingled, there was a beautiful and gentle harmony, and we both thought alike and as one mind… In that wonderful meeting there were no thoughts of self. Each thought of the welfare of the other…  ‘God's image’ I can still only describe as perfection.”

K. To avoid excessive repetition, we must assign our readers the homework of studying “no you and no me” in the sister-writings; see below. All this acknowledged, Elenchus, could you make a statement concerning application to the present discussion?

E. Reinforced waves, waves that interfere constructively, are in harmony. They match. They become one wave, usually, resulting in a much larger wave. When this coming together of waves occurs, there is no longer space between the waves. They’ve merged. They’ve become each other.

K. And this elimination of space, of becoming each other, this “no you and no me”, is what began to happen to us – on the level of morphic field waves -- more and more, progressively, in the various interactions of our lives.

E. “No you and no me” eliminates existential "distance" between two. This results in perceptions of oneness – and oneness, as discussed in our articles, produces an unparalleled experience of pleasure. Far more than ordinary bio-attraction. Actually, “more” is not the right descriptor, as it’s different in kind not just more. It feels “higher grade” or “lighter” or “fresh and clean.”


software upgrade 2.0

K. In our discussions, we have sometimes stated that, what we felt for each other, during our major mystical encounter at mid-life, constituted for us “the most erotic moments” ever experienced.

E. This assessment is all the more striking and wondrous as there was no bodily contact.

K. Elenchus, I'm reminded of certain channeled comments from the other side. In numerous reports from “the insane 500”, we’re given a view that, while normal physical love is available to lovers in Summerland, it’s a passing thing, they say, and will be abandoned with greater maturity.

E. Many of the “insane 500” are anti-marriage, and so we’ve discounted those reports as merely part of their propaganda.

K. It is part of their propaganda, but they may have accidentally gotten something partly correct. We learn from other teachers over there, those we count as wise and mentally balanced, that lovers will yet enjoy a higher form of sexual pleasure.

E. A software upgrade.

K. I think it is like that. There’s a natural tendency for us still living on planet Earth to disdain any talk of putting away the pleasures of the body. We don’t want to give this up, and part of us feels there'd be no full joy in heaven unless lovers can love each other as they crave to do. But we’ve also learned from better teachers that in Summerland we never give up anything that is truly good; there is nothing on the Earth-plane that is better than what they have there.

E. But, we like what we know, and we don’t believe that there could be anything better than physical love-making. Most would say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” We like it fine the way it is.

K. We understand the hesitancy. And we would feel the same, but for a mystical revelation we shared. We actually entered into a higher state of lovers’ awareness and this issued as “the most erotic moments” of our lives. Because we briefly experienced the reality of what the Guides over there are saying, we know it’s true.

E. And while we don’t have all the details on how this works, we’ve learned from actual personal experience that a better, more enhanced, more pleasurable, “software upgrade” is coming for lovers.

K. The graphics are awesome. But we could also point out that the two versions of love-making are really not similar at all, are very different in kind. The familiar sort is based on instinct, the same proclivity that stirs to action pretty much all citizens of “animal planet.”

E. Most people don't know that higher-grade sexuality, along with one's gender identity, is not rooted in the body but in the soul, one's "consciousness waves." It is not by accident that ancient Spirit Guides refer to God as "Mother-Father," and the Genesis account is correct to declare that we were made male and female, in the image of God. We reflect "their" energies.

K. The “software upgrade” leads us to destiny. It's not part of the common animal world but is virtually a godly attribute, a cosmic meeting of the minds, an expression of higher intelligence and being, resulting in sacred oneness.

E. Just a final note on this. In our world, on a low level of physicality, sex is a contact sport, mixed and matched any way you like; go to any bar tonight and you’ll find some fervid and willing body to accommodate. But the “software upgrade” we’re talking about can't be experienced with just any “pretty fish in the sea.”

K. It won't work with just anyone. The "software upgrade" is about two spirits in complete harmony; so much so, that their “consciousness waves” blend as one. This merging of energies creates a degree of oneness resulting in super-stellar pleasure, better than anything we normally encounter on Earth. This is possible only with one particular person, made just for you.

K. You and I don’t debate these things with others. We tell people, not what we believe but, what we know.

E. With common modes of knowledge acquisition, discussion is profitable as it hones and clarifies.

K. But forms of mystical revelation are simply dropped into one's head. You can't go to a class or read a book to know these things. And they come with their own armor of certainty.

E. If I have an apple in my hand, and someone comes along with an argument that there’s no apple, or that it’s really a plum, I’m not interested in debating. I know I have an apple in my hand, and it doesn’t matter what others say or want to believe.

K. It this what Eve told Adam? (small smile)

E. She would have been right.



K. And it seems to me that this “no you and no me”, this "no distance," began to happen for us, even at age nine, during the Flintstone incidents. And, I think it’s clear, this is the source of your feelings of “happiest moments” of life. What you felt was way off the charts of anything a little boy should have been privy to. A highest-level mystical-experience of oneness produced this euphoria. But we were just getting starting.


Restatement: The concept of psychological “distance” is extremely important but difficult to understand for those who’ve not experienced it. Whenever there is “subject and object,” including even “lover and beloved,” then “distance” remains.

This is so, yes, even for those intensely absorbed in the intimacy of love. What does “distance” mean for those compellingly associated?

This distance is not the spatial distance of the physical universe. It is "non-local" distance - as the physicists use the term; meaning, for lovers, it affects them whether they are spatially near or far from from each other.

In this “distance”, two spirits lacking harmony, the ego has room to inject disturbing memories laden with doubt, hurt feelings, accusations of past untrustworthiness, and the like. One might be plagued with these dismaying images of one’s beloved even in the midst of intense affection.

These might be images of actual misdeeds of the past, or imagined ones, or these images might be of potential loss in the future, a fear of betrayal or "you have failed to make me happy". As long as there is “distance” then the ego will use this psychological sense of separation to create negativity.

And this is why love is not the highest virtue, but must surrender the crown to ultimate oneness, a state of “no you and no me,” wherein “distance” does not exist. In this most sublime state, lover and beloved "become each other."



‘no, I can’t take your call, I don’t even like you’

K. Elenchus, for our remaining discussion, I suggest that we focus on the two major calls later in life. There were some minor incidents prior to this, but these two were pretty big for us.

E. Just to mention, one of those prior events was at age 13 when you came to me, with great enthusiasm, and wanted to tell me some things. And the question could be asked, why was I still so disengaged – especially, after the euphoria of age nine?

K. How do you see it?

E. I think you had given me cause to be wary; certain “snarky” behavior on your part had made me cautious.

K. As we’ve said, the energy from morphic fields can be toned down if we try very hard to suppress. I suspect that’s what happened. And, of course, after the age 13 event, I took my own turn at disengagement. I thought you had rejected me, and so I wouldn’t even look at you all through high school.



E. I should make special mention, too, of what I call my “volcano” incident at age 14.

K. We can refer our readers to the “repression” page for the inglorious details.

E. But there’s one aspect of this that should be highlighted now. We have spoken of the “gathering” rogue wave. And the volcano event well illustrates the principle of this out-of-sight energy accumulation. At age 14 I was substantially unaware that you meant anything to me; however, this was true only at the surface of life, where, as Elvis sang, “that was just a lie.” On a much deeper psychological level, you were already my “life, heart, and breath.”

K. The surface-person failed to get the memo. But now the question will be asked, how could all this churning energy lie so well cloaked within the depths?

E. I believe the answer is to be found within the present discussion of waves. That “rogue wave”, all that I felt for you, had been gathering, building and growing, and was well in place, even when I was 14 - but very out-of-sight to that “comatose" young boy. And I think my absolutely sudden and explosive “volcanic” reaction speaks volumes to all that was going on, far down below.



E. And so this takes us up to the first major phone call. We’ve already talked about this and have given details. I had just come back from a long far-away journey of some years. I didn’t want to talk to you, but a phone receiver was shoved into my hands by a relative.

K. And now, suddenly, we were talking; sort of.

E. I don’t want to recap everything, but only to apply our new knowledge of waves to “what happened next.”

K. As you give account, even against your will and preference, meaning, you were still very angry with me, but in the midst of all that negativity, you suddenly found yourself awash in MF waves – inundating waves! – feelings of “coming home” in my presence, a sweetest feeling of “you are just like me,” an intoxicating perception of “utter familiarity” concerning me.

E. Fourteen years had passed since the Flintstones. During that time, the “rogue waves” were not sleeping. They were growing and growing. In this new situation, they’d burgeoned and swelled to such an extent that their energy could now overcome and swamp, if only temporarily, my intense anger!

K. And from our more knowledgeable perspective today, this is pretty much what happened.

whether you like it or not

K. As we’ve indicated, you wouldn’t stay on the line very long, you were too mad. But, even so, you remained in the flow of conversation – mainly coming from me – long enough to flood your spirit with a recognition of who I was in your life; whether you liked it or not.

E. When I hung up, I put you out of my mind once again, and refused to think about you for many years.

K. Repression is a handy little tool – for a while; but eventually it doesn’t work anymore. And now we know why.

E. You bring up a great point. When the hidden rogue-wave is still relatively small, heavy duty repression can put a big damper on it. But that works only so long.

K. A day comes when, try as you might, you can’t hide that tidal-wave within anymore. The waves of the morphic fields are now many stories high, and they just sweep your life away. But I’m getting ahead of our report.

E. Twenty-two years later I called you. I still was mad at you, didn’t want to talk to you, but decided to make contact. Your image was popping up in my dreams, night and day, and this really annoyed me.

K. I hadn’t thought of this before but those dreams were also surface-evidence of the growing rogue-wave “way down below.”

E. That’s really interesting, but I can see now that you’re correct.

K. This is one more indicator of the “impulse to destiny.” The morphic fields begin to throw off more and more energy directed toward bringing two together. Actual union or marriage might still be decades away, or even in the next life, but the morphic fields don’t care about those practicalities. They just want to burst forth right now.

E. (sighing) I can feel that this is correct. Well, that first phone call had a lot of power behind it, but – nothing like the gigantic power released in the second!

K. It’s hard for people to believe us, or to imagine. But this was a full blown mystical experience, with all the trimmings of deep insights, all the psychic fallout.


Iris intuitively perceived that, unless she and Anselm shared harmonized waves of inner soul-music, they could not be together

“Anselm, I’m not astonished by your proposal. I love you, although I had never thought of becoming your wife. But look, my friend, I’d make great demands on the man I marry. I’d make greater demands than most women make. You’ve offered me flowers, and you mean well. But I can live without flowers and also without music. I could do without all of this and much more if I had to.

"However, there’s one thing I can’t and won’t do without: I can never live, not even just for a day, if the music in my heart is not at the core of everything I do. If I am to live with a man, then it must be one whose inner music harmonizes perfectly in a delicate balance with mine, and his desire must be to make his own music pure so that it will blend nicely with mine.

"Can you do that, my friend? If you do, you’ll probably not achieve fame and reap any more honors. Your house will be quiet, and the wrinkles that I’ve seen on your forehead for many years will have to be erased. Oh, Anselm, it won’t work. Look, you’re one of those who must study so that more and more wrinkles appear on your forehead, and you must constantly create more and new worries for yourself. And whatever I may mean and am, well, you may certainly love and find it pretty, but it is merely a pretty toy for you, as it is for most people.

"Oh, listen to me carefully: Everything that you now consider a toy is for me life itself and would have to be the same for you, and everything about which you worry and for which you strive, I consider a toy and not worth living for. I’m not going to change, Anselm, for I live according to a law that is inside me. Will you be able to change? And you would have to become completely different, if I were to become your wife.

"Anselm stood and could not utter a word, for he was startled by her willpower, which he had thought was weak and whimsical. He was silent, and without realizing it, he crushed a flower he had picked up from the table with his shaking hand."

READ MORE of Iris and Anselm



10 to 100

E. I’ll just say that if phone call #1 was a wave ten feet high, this call #2 was a hundred feet high.

K. I recall it as a major example of "no you and no me."

E. Much later in life, I was finally able to perceive the meaning of "no you and no me" from what happened to me during this event.


E. There is another aspect to the mega-mystical experience of call #2. Frankly, I don’t like talking about it because it's too personal, too invasive to discuss, and it sounds too unlikely, something akin to a fairy-story. The only reason I speak of it now, or speak of any of this, is that - maybe it will help someone someday. I know what happened to me was something real -- because it totally up-ended my life -- and I feel I have a duty to offer my testimony to those, in the future, who might read this, in their searchings concerning the nature of Twins coming alive to each other.

K. It’s not what people might think. Much of it is not typical boy-meets-girl process. But, please continue, Elenchus.

E. I’d like to offer more detail about what happened to me. Before I do, let me reference something Mortimer Adler said 70 years ago about romantic love:

“Many persons first realize their own essence and worth in loving and being loved by another person. Cynics and pundits call such personal knowledge in erotic love 'idealization' or 'over-valuation' of the love object. But perhaps what they call 'idealization' is simply realization of what exists potentially in the beloved person and is first actualized in love."

K. It's common for two in love to see each other in unrealistic terms; it's said, through “rose-colored glasses.” Psychologists call this “idealization” or “over-valuation”. John and Mary in love want to believe that the other is “the most” or “the best” this or that. They reach for superlatives and easily grasp them. And, for a time, they surrender to this sweet delusion.

E. It’s a fantasy world, one that fades when Mother Nature is paid her due.

K. And were you afflicted with “idealization” when the Hoover burst?

E. I want to answer this carefully as it became one of the most astonishing experiences of my life.

K. (silence)

E. When John and Mary fall off a cliff into “idealization” they find exactly what they want to find or wish to find. Judgments are colored by sexual intoxication.

K. In that brief phase, they couldn’t pass a breathalyzer test.

E. But this is not what happened to me. Recall that I went into that conversation with the severe intention of being rid of you from my life, once and for all. I never wanted to see you again. My purpose was to “pop my bubble” of any temptation of illusion concerning you. You’d invaded my dreams and daytime thoughts, and I didn’t like it all, and just wanted to be finally done with you. After all those years, I was still boiling: "Go sparkle someone else's eyes, American Woman."

K. (silence)

E. And so, what happened next, as part of “no you and no me,” was wholly unexpected, and even unwanted. I was so utterly shocked. As you were speaking, suddenly, your voice seemed to me the most melodious voice in all the world; but this doesn’t fully explain, as it was more – your voice became the most beautiful music I had ever heard. I know this sounds fanciful, but I still recall myself taken under by these perceptions.

K. (softly) The Greek myth of the Sirens came to life.


sound of music... corresponded exactly… precise consonance

In “Life In The World Unseen” Father Benson, then a new arrival in Summerland, recounts his first look at his own backyard garden:

It was not merely the flowers themselves and their unbelievable range of superb colourings that caught my attention, but the vital atmosphere of eternal life that they threw out… There was another astonishing feature I noticed when I drew near to them, and that was the sound of music that enveloped them, making such soft harmonies as corresponded exactly and perfectly with the gorgeous colours of the flowers themselves… these musical sounds were in precise consonance with all that I had so far seen.

Notice that these flowers were not simply profoundly beautiful but somehow exuded a sense of symmetry and harmony with both the environment and their own essential natures.

In the “holodeck” writing, quoting the mystic Swedenborg, we learn of an interactive environment in Summerland. He indicates that not only does one’s attire become a matter of choice but how we dress will automatically reflect our personality and inner being. So, too, with one’s chosen area of charitable service. It will correspond to one’s deeper desires and character traits.

All of this has direct application to “the sound of music” that you will one day detect in your Twin mate’s voice. When you hear it, you will think, “this is so you.” Moreover, her beautiful body will not just be exceedingly beautiful, but will reflect the finest aspects of her deeper scintillating person, and serve as fitting temple of her sacred essence; similarly, the subtle tones of her voice will issue – perceived by you, if not others – as a perfect harmony with the sweetness of her soul, the most exquisite music you’ve ever heard.


E. But, I was far from done. Now, your spirit, your mind, seemed to me as the most gracious, the most congenial, even the most intelligent, the most scintillating, female essence I’d ever encountered. I was awed and mesmerized by the glistening beauty of your mind.

K. (softly) But, Elenchus, you yourself know that I am not perfectly gracious, or melodious, or intellectual. Is this not the dysfunctional idealization?

E. It is idealization – but of the elevated sort of which Adler spoke: It is a “realization of what exists potentially in the beloved person and is first actualized in love." In those moments with you, even against my egoic will, my Twin-Soul MF treated me to an “impulse to destiny.” I was granted a flash-vision of your future glorified state – all that you would yet become in the unfolding of your soul’s riches.

K. (softly) How long did this “vision” last?

a sense of shattering, couldn't breathe

E. Once it began, it lasted for the duration. It’s interesting – with the first call, I virtually hung up on you in anger. But with the second, once again, I was the one to end – but this time, I did so with great reluctance; also, I couldn’t speak, could hardly breathe, felt like I was shattering. And let me say this, too. It’s been nearly 30 years since that interaction, and, yes, I know you have items of immaturity still to overcome, but what’s strange is, when I think of you, I pretty much never think of you in terms of deficiencies; instead, my “default setting” of mental view of you is that glorified goddess I met during that phone call. Her glistening image, while fading in and out at times, has never gone away.



new insight concerning 'shattering' and 'breathing'

K. We’d like to inform our readers that these paragraphs here concerning “shattering” are being added many months after what we thought was the conclusion of this writing on “waves.”

E. As we’ve learned, no subject is ever truly wrapped-up with a pink bow and finished. All knowledge is connected, and, eventually, we see how more pieces fit together.

K. This is a really good insight, and since you were the one to speak of “shattering,” Elenchus, we don’t you lead this explanation?

E. Let’s begin by referencing some concepts of several years ago. We said that “Summerland can’t be invaded.” The full discussion is on the “Summerland 1-minute” page, but here’s an excerpt:

Nobody in Summerland could ever be invaded or bullied or even insulted. But what’s to stop uncivil people from marching into Summerland? There are no walls or customs officers at the borders; in fact, there are no borders to be seen...

But, why don’t the sordid denizens of the Shadowlands simply walk out of their squalor and move into the pleasant Summerland?

The issue is one of vibrational essence. Those of “low vibration,” which equates to a selfish spirit, if they attempted to cross over the line into Summerland, would experience a sense of shattering. It would feel like they couldn’t breathe, a coming apart at the seams. Read about this in the “Crystalline Entity” article.

No negative dark force, from anywhere in the universe, can take one step into Summerland without experiencing a feeling of being ripped apart... by the disparity in vibrational essence. Their energies would be out-of-phase with the positive spirit of Summerland.

K. This is so interesting - and this is exactly what you said happened to you when you "first met me"! You said you couldn't breathe, that you felt yourself to be shattering and ripped apart!

E. It is incredible as we look at all this.

K. But, Elenchus - you were not of a selfish disposition when this overtook you. So explain to everyone what happened.

E. The principle here of “energies out-of-phase” applies not just to the selfish, but it's a principle governing everyone, from lowest to highest. For example, the vibrational essence of those living in Summerland will be more rarified, with a higher frequency, than those of the Dark Realms – but, there are all sorts of worlds beyond Summerland with environments finer and more elevated, and the Summerland residents can't go there yet.

K. Father Benson and Ruth were given an invitation to visit a person billions of years old who inhabited one of these domains of very high vibration. Their personal energies did not match and so they had to be protected with a kind of force-field in order to make the visit.

E. The general rule is, no matter where one lives over there, one can always “go down” in terms of vibration and visit lower realms, but one cannot “go up” unless there’s some kind of protection.

K. And so the shattering, the inability to breathe, will be felt if there’s a disparity of energies, no matter where one lives on that scale.

E. It’s a natural process. As we mature spiritually, become more and more like Mother-Father God, our vibrational essence ratchets up. This means we can then easily visit or move to more rarified worlds, but we don’t have to relocate if we don't want to.

K. The “Ancient Sage” talks about this (again, see the Summerland page). He says he’s lived in Summerland for thousands of years even though his spirit-body is fitted to inhabit finer worlds. But he doesn’t want to move, and simply visits and travels where he likes, and keeps his “roots” and counseling work in Summerland.

E. I like that plan. And I wouldn’t like to disturb the many animals we hope to have on our small farm. But here's a section from Father Benson's first channeled book that speaks of these things:

...there are other realms immeasurably more beautiful than that in which we were now happily living; realms of surpassing beauty into which we cannot penetrate until such time as we have earned the right to enter… What of the lower spheres that Edwin spoke about? We could visit them whenever we desired. We can always proceed to a realm lower than our own, while we cannot always mount higher…

E. And here he describes what happened when they hiked toward an invisble boundary to a "higher" level of Summerland:

We walked a little way forward, but we could proceed no farther. There were no visible barriers, but we felt that we could not breathe if we went onward. The whole atmosphere was becoming so much the more rarefied the farther we penetrated that, in the end, we were bound to retrace our steps on to our own ground…

K. Wow, they could not breathe, felt themselves undone! So, Elenchus, I think we’re starting to understand, but spell it out for us, what happened to you when “Harry met Sally.”

E. It seems pretty clear to me now. True love cannot be experienced by John and Mary. True love requires an upward shift in consciousness, in vibrational essence.

K. It’s like traveling to a more rarified world.

E. Yes, but it's not about geographical boundary but related to essential being. When I “first met you” my spirit was suddenly catapulted into a higher level of consciousness, but the mortal body wasn’t able to “live on Mount Olympus.”

K. It was like attempting to invade a world that one’s spirit-body had not been fitted for. And when you stepped over that line, you immediately couldn’t breathe and felt yourself to be shattering.


the reluctant Twin overcome by the hidden rogue-wave, growing and growing

K. Elenchus, one final thought on this from me. We’ve spoken of the hidden rogue-waves growing and growing. You describe yourself mesmerized and awed by a vision of me, and it strikes me now that this euphoria is a souped-up version of that happiness you knew, only with me, at age nine.

E. That's a very interesting observation, and I think it's correct. It’s my attraction to the Flintstone-Girl - on steroids.

whether he wants to or not

K. And just to offer a word of encouragement to the many, those yearning to find their Twin out there somewhere. I hope you might begin to discern from our experience that - it's not possible to lose your Twin. Two might be very angry, and even more opposed than that, but if you're connected at the soul level, well then, it's just a matter of time before his eyes begin to open - whether he wants to or not!

E. There’s a school of thought, even among those in the afterlife-research sector, that says, finding your Twin sounds really hard, “I’ve never experienced this so I don’t believe it can happen,” maybe not everyone has a Twin, maybe it doesn’t happen.

K. This is the very philosophy warned against by the Spirit Guides who channeled “The Wedding Song.” They said the real love and marriage is “something never seen before.”

E. And I will tell everyone, from experience, that when it’s time for the soul to awaken to love, then the one you love will get the memo, whether he wants to or not!

K. Now some might say, what about free will?

E. And I would just say, that’s a very shallow way of looking at it. Your soul, your “true self,” is the real you, not the ego-led “false self,” and the point is – again, I speak from experience – it doesn’t matter what the ego at the level of personality thinks it wants or thinks it’s doing, when the soul says it’s time to open your eyes to the identity of your eternal mate, the angry ego doesn’t get a choice, and he will get the memo, whether he wants to or not! Trust me, I know how this works.

K. A future romantic union is being arranged for us, at a very high level of the cosmos, well above the pay-grade of angry egos. It will happen because it's a microcosm of the very essence of Mother-Father God, and therefore this entire process is not some optional side-trip but the main deal.

E. In order to minimize delay, our part, in the meantime, until it is our time, is to discover, and to live from, the "true self."

K. Elenchus, I was thinking about what Father Benson said about the flowers, how they exuded or “threw out” not just a colorful visual appeal but a “vital atmosphere of eternal life.” And I thought of this in reference to what you said about hearing the true mate’s voice as “most melodious” and other superlatives.

E. What are you seeing, Kriss?

K. When I hear your voice, or see your smile, it’s more than just pleasant as I find these subtly cheering my heart. My spirit is uplifted simply to receive your smile, or your familiar voice - it feels so good to me, like a walk in the spring-morning sunshine. And I thought, this is just like what Father Benson said about the flowers – they offered a “vital atmosphere of eternal life.”

E. You make an interesting observation. There’s more going on here than just a mate’s pretty face, because we see other pretty faces but they do not bring to us a “vital atmosphere of eternal life,” they do not cheer the heart simply to be in their presence.

K. Well, we’ve been talking about invisible energy waves, and it’s clear to me that the true mate makes us feel good for reasons extending far beyond a pretty face. There’s a hidden energy issuing, just like with the flowers. And it makes me happy to be close to this harmonious energy source.

E. In our world, the troubled Earth world, so often we feel brought down by the negativity of the egos around us.

K. And sometimes we wonder if we'll ever feel good again, or could dare to believe that this is even possible - but it’s very encouraging to know that, in our home-world, we will be with a sacred beloved who, simply by his presence...

E. ... just by her smile and tone of voice, the heart will be cheered; and, like rising from the dead... 

K. ... rising from the graveyard of buried hopes for happiness;

E. - yes, those long-dead hopes.

K. But we will find ourselves, with surprise, joyously agreeing that life will be worth living after all.

E. It seems to me that Someone has put a lot of thought and design into ensuring our happiness.

K. Elenchus, I'm still somewhat reeling from the phrase “vital atmosphere of eternal life.”

E. Are you seeing something more, Kriss?

K. I'm reminded of Dr. Barclay's comment that the Greek word for "eternal" is not primarily about endless duration but a certain advanced quality of life, of "living as the gods."

E. This would mean that, when the true mate makes one feel so good, it's part of the energies of an advanced mode of existence.

K. I see Benson's flowers throwing off a vitality of eternal life, and so I sense it to be with the true mate, throwing off an enhanced energy of evolved living and existence.

E. I can see you're excited about this, Kriss. Why is this different from what we've known?

K. People on the other side are asked, what is your world like? And the answer sometimes is, well, we could tell you about prettier flowers or the greener grass but this wouldn't do justice to your question, because we can't really explain, and you couldn't understand, what it's really like here. And so it is with talking about true love. John and Mary hear of the benefits but then say, oh, yes, we had that, too, we know what it's like. But they don't know what it's like. There's something very new and different about all this. True love, not John-and-Mary love, throws off a “vital atmosphere of eternal life.” But these are just words. What do they mean? They mean something that cannot be communicated, neither in words nor to those who live on lower-levels of consciousness. There is a shimmering-sparkling-glistening element to true love that partakes of a quality of life known only to "the gods," to those on advanced levels of being.



K. Elenchus, in keeping with our analogy… would you say that the Hoover Dam was obliterated in the aftermath of phone call #2?

who moved my Hoover

E. The answer is complicated – it’s yes and no; eventually, very much yes, but initially, not as much. That event totally up-ended my life, but by degrees and in stages. Almost immediately, long-held dogmatic religious beliefs began to crumble. I began to see more - and then, more and more. Five years later my personal life was in complete upheaval. But what I’ve just said misrepresents what happened, it wasn't a smooth curve upward. Even though I was changing, the ego was attempting to “rebuild Hoover Dam.” And even though the ego had taken a severe blow, it was not down for the count quite yet. I found myself trying to make sense of what had happened, and, failing that, attempted to repress. But that didn’t work anymore.

K. The waves were way too high now.

please keep to my business hours

E. However, in my struggle to sweep the memory of you "under the rug,” I created suffering in my life. I would need another 15 years to substantially admit what had happened to me – admit who you are to me – but then, another 5 years, a total of 20 years after the phone call – to fully surrender to and accept the reality of who I was in relation to you. But, during this latter phase of my life, the daily insights, with the Hoover now largely gone, just bombarded me, every day -- pop, pop, pop -- the new insights flooded and ovewhelmed me; by day and, maybe especially, late at night. I'd be worn out by "the messages" and would sometimes just ask "them" to stop sending the memos.

K. I think many people assume that a mystical experience is “one and done,” and now your life is immediately new. But look at what happened to the apostle Paul on the way to Damascus. He spent the next 20 to 30 years sorting this out. We see his internal conflict as represented in his letters, as he discarded various beliefs, but only after many years.

E. And so the effects will come straggling along. The ego won’t let you go so quickly just because you had “the heavens open” for you. For a long time, it just doubles down, to keep you from wandering off the plantation.

legal age is now 70

K. And so, after 20 years, would you say that the Hoover Dam was gone?

E. In a substantial way, yes. It’s not that I no longer had an ego, but it was greatly toned down, and even people around me, who had known me for decades, would tell me how different I’d become. They couldn’t figure it out. But this didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen. Another way of stating all this, and I’ve said this to myself many times, it took me almost all my life to “grow up,” to become a mature man. I didn’t count myself as a truly mature person until close to age 70.

K. Allow me to make a comment; for me, something sad. It takes so long to mature and "grow up." And, by that time, the game is pretty well over. What this means is, for almost all Twin couples, they need to realize that this world and this life is not the place where God intended Twins to find their happiness. There's another world for this.


‘sword in the stone’ moment – oh, it’s you

Editor’s note: In another K&E dialogue, I introduced the “sword in the stone” analogy, the unexpected, and shattering, realization of the identity of one’s true mate.

She’s probably not who you thought it might be; she will be your soul’s choice, not necessarily the surface-personality’s choice.

The contretemps “sword in the stone” event helps us understand related concepts concerning true love. It’s been stated that it’s not possible to lose your true mate, or even, if the “sword in the stone” principle is operational, not possible to fail to recognize her. But how does this work? In the world of John and Mary, there is no certainty, and their process of finding love is fraught with error and illusion.

The truth, when we find it, is always simple and easy to apprehend. This can happen for us when our “internal radar” is finally well in place, when the “true self” is activated and engaged. It works like this:

When John and Mary meet, they experience a bio-induced thrill and excitement. However, if they were conscious enough to perceive, underneath the brain-chemical fireworks, there will be a sense of “emptiness”, of “you are not like me,” a lack of soul-based oneness. We discussed this in the “nature of beauty” writing.

But when one’s soul energies are involved, the newly-discovered true mate will debut with an accompanying sense of “fullness.” Something about her will exude a perception of rightness, a “consonance with the whole,” a wholeness and completeness.

Strangely, this “fullness” will impinge upon sensibilities even if she’s rude to you; conversely, the non-soul-based mate, while appearing to be a “perfect resume,” will meet you with the “emptiness.” You can't shake this built-in "editorial comment."

This is the essence of the “sword in the stone” moment concerning meeting your true love. Once your internal radar comes online, any “pretty fish in the sea” you meet, no matter how perfect, will present herself with the “emptiness.” This means she doesn't belong to you. And your true mate, even if she’s still immature, speaks unwisely, or hurtfully, cannot fail to also bring an introduction to the glistening “fullness.”

None of this will convince those still living on the John-and-Mary level, but when, so to speak, the heavens roll back and that shaft of light reveals eternal destiny, then we will learn by experience that “emptiness” and “fullness” never go away. And this is why Twins can’t lose each other. They instantly perceive who belongs to them, and who doesn’t.

Special note: On the “Wedding Song” prologue page is a quotation from the mystic Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. He stated that the union of Twins creates a complete “freedom from illusion and full experience of Reality”.

Notice the emphasis. We might have expected to hear of "a complete happiness" but instead "a complete freedom from illusion" is presented as central concept.

What is the nature of this revelation, this freedom from illusion, that only Twins, in their ecstatic joy, can viscerally feel and know?

John and Mary, for all of their fever and fireworks, are burdened with fears of loss, doubt, and “not enough.”

But sacred Twins are given a beginning glimpse, a mystical insight, into the true nature of the universe, which is founded upon “fullness” and abundance.


E. An old friend once asked me, "what do you mean, you were not a fully mature person until nearly age 70?"

K. And how did you answer that?

E. I said, "it took me until almost age 70 to finally commit myself to following the truth wherever it might lead."


K. Elenchus, shall we begin to wind down our discussion?

E. I’ll mention a few odds-and-ends. It’s strange, but many of our major interactions took place on the phone. We didn’t plan it that way, it’s just what life offered. And some would say, how could you experience so much when you weren’t even together? But physicists use the term “non-local”. This means that X can affect Y no matter where they are in the universe.

K. In the quantum world, spatial proximity has little to do with it.

entangled lives

E. Entangled particles are connected by waves, which might stretch from one end of the universe to the other, and the particles affect each other instantly. The speed of light has no bearing on the process.

K. And of course the Spirit Guides say that Twins are never, ever separated. And non-locality tells us why. Their morphic fields can be muted, but always in active mode, and very non-local.

E. There is so much to this subject.

K. Many loose ends, but it shall always be so. We wish our readers all the best in finding meaning here for their lives.




This addendum is being offered some time after the completion of the above. I see some new things.

In the “freedom from illusion #4” article, we discussed how a Twin couple, with their co-mingled male-female soul-energies, begin to substantially emulate the dual-energies of Mother-Father God.

With this confluence of Twin’s energies, there’s an activation of what has anciently been termed the sacred “One Person.” Individuality will always be maintained, but the One Person status, in a sense, takes on a life of its own, and, with this in place, Twins more readily access, come into contact with, the bi-energied Creator.


Editor’s note: This concept of lovers, dual-energied, standing before God as something new in the universe, communicating jointly with God in their status as "One Person," is well captured by the mystically-derived perceptions of a famous psychic-medium of the latter 1800s (featured on the “Wedding Song” Prologue page).

Emma Hardinge Britten (1823-1899) began to exhibit mediumistic abilities as a young girl. Later, as a writer and public speaker, she would become an advocate for the Spiritualist movement:

"It is soul affinity … the realization that man and woman have no actual existence apart from each other; that they are, in fact, counterparts, without which their separate lives are imperfect and unformedLife is dual … and love, true soul-love, is the bond of union which reunites the severed parts.  It exists independent of personal charms or mental acquirements; subsists through sickness or in health, through good or evil report, lives on for the one beloved … and realizes heaven only in the union which death may interrupt but can never sever [or "be sundered" as Jesus used the phrase]. Divine spiritual affinity survives death and the grave, unites the two halves of the one soul, and in eternity perfects the dual nature of man and woman into one angel."

the odd half of a pair of scissors 

Benjamin Franklin, in a letter, advising a young man regarding love and marriage:

"It is the Man and Woman united that makes the complete Being. Separate she wants his force of Body and Strength of Reason; he her Softness, Sensibility and acute Discernment. Together they are most likely to succeed in the World. A single Man has not nearly the Value he would have in that State of Union. He is an incomplete Animal. He resembles the odd Half of a Pair of Scissors."

Half of a pair of scissors could be used as a paper-weight, a door-stop, or possibly for stirring paint. But it will never know its primary purpose without its other half.

Emma Hardinge Britten, channeling wisdom of Spirit Guides, said the same for man and woman. While they can find a measure of usefulness for their lives living alone, in another sense, theyhave no actual existence apart from each other.”

Made, designed, as “two halves of the one soul,” they cannot enter a complete sense of destiny and fulfillment until “eternity perfects [their] dual nature ... into one angel,” that is, a new, more evolved creation, the sacred One Person status.

Some time ago (see on the “God” page), I came across a Jewish rabbi who insightfully instructed that the concept of God as Father has no meaning without a corresponding God as Mother. How can you have a father without a mother? Yes, of course, and how unwise of us to create a God as “one half of a pair of scissors.”


We’ve spoken of “rogue waves.” These are larger waves as a result of smaller waves coming together. I think this helps explain the meaning of “One Person.” Twin’s individual energies reinforce each other, harmoniously merge, create something new, and now act as one entity. The force of such, this new "One Person," can be utterly overwhelming.

And maybe this can help us understand more about the “bobbing duck.” Recall that it doesn’t go anywhere. What is stationary? I would suggest that it’s the individuality of each Twin. It remains at rest. We had a question about the "bobbing duck" not being the wave, but "we" are the bobbing duck in this example, but "we" are also the wave. Notice here, the answer might be, there's a kind of split: we as individuals - part of UC - don't go anywhere as individuality remains, but we as One Person - another part of UC - are very much moving and developing in this process. The "Wedding Song" says that this part of us is "traveling on" toward One Person.

a mind of dual energies

But, again, what is the “rogue wave”? Like all waves, it might transfer energy. Of what sort? The energy is of Universal Consciousness, the purpose, work, and mind of God – a mind of dual energies – which begins to manifest, more forcibly, as a Twin “rogue wave,” something new in the world, an impulse toward the sacred “One Person” possessing a mind of dual energies, a result of confluence of individual Twin waves of consciousness.

Editor’s irrelevant comment: This is being written early on a Thanksgiving Day morning. Once again, they talked about "turkey day," one more disingenuous attempt, a trivialization, by materialists, to separate us from a national heritage of giving thanks to Divinity, of acknowledging something larger than pursuits of the ego. A free America is tottering on the very brink of collapse due to totalitarian policies. We are now very close to a point of irreparable harm, and no return, to its mission of light to the world, pilgrim Jonathan Winthrop’s “city on a hill.” We are being destroyed, by design, a purposeful way, from the inside, from the top, by those who hope to inject themselves, for our "benefit," as totalitarian saviors regarding the orchestrated chaos. Can we recover ourselves? It’s looking grim. The wanna-be dictators are very close to total control now, with a frenzied sense of “blood in the water” and, having come this close, will not give up their gains without… well, let’s just say, the lesson of history does not overly encourage us.



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We feel uplifted at the singing note of a bird, a blossoming rose, and with a woman’s grace and loveliness. But can any of these bring about a transformation of heart and mind? Is her mystical allure a basis for authentic love and marriage?

Over the years on WG, we have referred to Twin Soul love as founded upon “soul energies.” However, as Tesla asserted, to know the universe, one must think in terms of “energy, frequency, and vibration.” As such we may be able to further clarify Twins’ affinity as oscillating waves of Consciousness.

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