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Reincarnation On Trial

The Central Issues:

Whose Memories are They?
Does Experience Enliven and Mature the Soul?
Can the Soul be Individualized more than Once?



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Was this boy once a WWII fighter pilot?




"In 2004, ABC News aired a profound reincarnation story about a six-year-old boy named James Leininger who, at age two, began to have what many believe were spontaneous past life recalls. It all began innocently enough at 18 months old when the family visited a war museum. Gradually, the child's fascination over airplanes increased and developed into recurring traumatic nightmares of a burning plane crash. As he began to develop speech, James started telling his parents about his former life as a fighter pilot in the World War II Pacific Campaign. James not only named the kind of plane he flew, but also the name of the carrier he was on as well as the name of a pilot who'd witnessed his death. In addition, James's parents tracked down the pilot and James's sister from his former life, who is also convinced the boy is her brother reincarnated. Fox News did a more recent interview with James and his parents."  (paranormal.lovetoknow.com/reincarnation_stories)

there are a great many stories suggestive of reincarnation; some of them, so dramatic and sensational, defy any materialistic explanation

"One of the most famous tales of reincarnation ... comes from the leader in the field, the late Dr. Ian Stevenson. The case centered around a young girl who began describing her previous life in a nearby village. Her parents didn't pay too much attention to her until she began naming 25 people whom she'd known during that lifetime. When Dr. Stevenson and his team of researchers learned of the case, he was pleased to discover it hadn't been contaminated by self-research as he'd found so often when investigating reincarnation stories. Dr. Stevenson documented over 3,000 cases of spontaneous past life recall by children. He wrote a book about the most provocative cases titled, Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation." (ibid.)



The books of Dr. Brian Weiss, too, offer many astounding accounts of apparent evidence for reincarnation.

Are these reports "suggestive of reincarnation"? or, more fundamentally, evidential for the existence of the AfterLife?



had she been a scullery maid in old England

One of these "suggestive" stories had a big impact on me. I happened to see this on tv. A lady living in Australia claimed that, some hundreds of years ago, she had lived in England as a maid. Having never been to the British Isles, and with filming-crew as enterouge, she led skeptical investigators along a stream in the English countryside. Suddenly, she recognized a certain rock formation amidst the rushing brook, a landmark, she thought, and directed her party to a nearby property. As she approached, she announced that this is where she had lived many years before.

She spoke in detail of the barn; that it been added to and no longer featured certain windows. With the camera-crew filming, she knocked on the cottage door. A young couple greeted her. They were renters and had not been there long. Securing permission to explore the barn, she conducted a tour of the centuries-old structure. It was plain to all, from the inside of the barn, that, indeed, at one time, it had been added to; and windows, now boarded over, had existed where she remembered them to be.

But the very best evidence was yet to come. She remembered the nature of the barn floor, composed of cobblestones; moreover, most significantly, she stated that one of the flat stones bore a peculiar marking, a distinctive etching.

The original floor of the barn could not be easily accessed. The cobblestones, for many decades, had been covered with a foot or two of compressed gravel and ancient manure. Some of the attending fellows, swinging pick-axes, began to clear away the compacted refuse. Finally, the workers hit bedrock. The camera crew was ready. The mistress-of-ceremonies immediately directed them to a specific spot. All witnessed the discovery of an unmistakable etching upon the long-buried rock floor - just as she had prophecied.

This is the kind of evidence that cannot be discovered on the internet.

amazing, yes; but is it evidence of reincarnation

For a long time I accepted information such as this as conclusive evidence of reincarnation. How could it not be? I asked myself. These people know things that could not be known but by first-hand experience. They must have been there.

Or not.

More discerning teachers, in recent times, have led me to ask the question, Whose memories are they?

excellent evidence - but of the afterlife, not reincarnation

In the last several years, I've changed my views regarding reincarnation; largely, the result of James Webster's research, The Case Against Reincarnation.

  • Editor's note: James Webster has spent over 60 years researching the scientific evidence for the afterlife. He participated in the famous Scole Experiments.


The amazing stories documented by Doctors Stevenson, Weiss, Newton, and others are best viewed, it now seems to me, as substantial evidence for the reality of the afterlife - but not reincarnation.

whose memories are they

An account of a little boy who remembers specific details of life as a WWII fighter pilot is not easily set aside; neither, that of young children who can speak ancient languages. Something out of the ordinary is happening here.

But James Webster helped me to see that there are other possible explanations - reincarnation is but one. After reviewing more data, I would say, not the best choice.  

The central question becomes: Whose memories are they?

Reincarnation, if it is to be validated, must align itself with a very large corpus of related afterlife information. All things considered, it doesn't fit the data well.

The information in the following 100+ sub-articles has been very meaningful to me. I will attempt to keep each item easily digestible. This issue is complicated, multi-faceted, and we cannot arrive at a verdict without a careful consideration of many factors; therefore, I will encourage you to read all of the following writings before rendering judgment.

The truth, if it might be known this side of Life - and I think some portion of it can be known - will be found, I sense, not in any single point of evidence but from a variety of arguments considered in aggregate.

However, all this acknowledged, the real touchstone of truth regarding "R" will be that of its resonance, or lack thereof, with what you sense deep within your own soul concerning the nature of cosmic natural law.



please click on each of the link-icons, 100+ sub-articles, exploring the errancy of the reincarnation doctrine.


The reason behind the reason for what most people believe.

Why only the virtuous find the truth.

Let us begin with the conclusion of the matter: reincarnation, properly categorized, must be viewed as a subset of spirit-attachment, spirit-overshadowing, and spirit-possession. “Whose memories are they?” – they are the memories of mischievous and wicked discarnates, in their hundreds of millions, who roam the planet in search of the gullible. There is no such thing as “past lives” and “karma.” These are empty constructs, devised to lend credence to a bankrupt philosophy, a dark-spirit "fake news" campaign, a gigantic hoax.


‘Primitive man is here with us… that same primitive man is now resident in the spirit world.’

The following is from Father Robert Benson, channeled testimony from the afterlife, via the mediumship of Anthony Borgia, as reported in the book, Facts:

"Primitive man, as the very early inhabitants of earth are called, is here with us in the spirit world. Such souls are the occupants of the highest spheres. They came here as they left the earth world -- you would regard them as savages… those ‘primitive’ men who have so evolved and spiritually progressed that they are now dwellers in the highest realms, who are possessed of immense knowledge and wisdom, and who are, in every sense, wondrous souls."

In his writings, Father Benson asserts that all those who once lived on the Earth are now in the spirit world. This includes primitive man. However, these once-savages now comprise a ruling class over there “in the highest realms.”

But this awesome and marvelous spiritual evolution – from savage to “upper management” of the spirit world – was accomplished naturally, as a tiny germinating seed grows to be an oak -- with n'ary a hint of any need to return to mortal life on Earth.




A teacher from the other side channeled this information: “I love this life, I feel the upward longing, I am sure that I will progress from here and not return to the old dismal Earth … The reincarnationists have no proof, except in their own imaginations."


like going to an amusement park, over there one can enter make-believe worlds to play ‘let’s pretend’ to simulate whatever you want

My acquaintance August Goforth is a New York psychiatrist and also an accomplished psychic-medium. With his friend Timothy Gray on the other side, he has written a number of books offering information about the afterlife.

anything can be simulated

On the other side, Tim reports, the mind is so powerful, even to create whole worlds. Therein, one might simulate almost anything the mind can conjure or conceive.

turning yourself into an animal, just for fun, like a scene out of 'Sword In The Stone'

For example, he says, if one wanted to see what it would be like to live as an animal, you could do that, in simulation, in one of these make-believe worlds. It's a grand game of "let's pretend."

August: “Tim, it  really does sound as if it’s all an immense and  dramatic soap opera, or some kind of game.”

a grand make-believe game simulating reincarnation

Tim: “So why can’t it be? ... [and] If you want to make up a game about reincarnation and make it seem so real that it appears real, why not? … there’s no reason why a person can’t manifest [in game-simulation] yet another experience on another version of Earth that is completely like the one they left. Mind is that powerful.

Editor’s note: In the writing “the 500 tape-recorded messages from the other side” we saw that there are many millions over there who simulate a kind of alternate reality. For these dysfunctional ones, reincarnation seems to be real – although none of them has actually been able to witness the "big goodbye." Still, there're all true believers.

Tim: "[It's like] a very large and entertaining play… These other worlds [are] no less real than [bona fide] reality; nevertheless, they are not reality, but [merely] thoughts about reality… it has an apparent feeling of reality and will respond to its manifestor’s mind as directed."


also see more "Risen" quotations near the bottom of this page plus in the "holodeck" writing (item #6



The doctrine of reincarnation originated in the East and is taught differently over there. Primarily it was a tool to oppress women and other disadvantaged. Like politicians who change their message according to a regional audience, gurus sanitized, made palatable,  reincarnation for the Western mind. Obviously, with this Machiavellian changeableness, we are not dealing with eternal truth but just one more quasi-religious tenet designed for power-and-control over the hapless masses.


From “The Vital Message” (1919) by the great afterlife researcher, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, of "Sherlock" fame:

Concerning "the question of reincarnation there is a distinct cleavage [of verdict but] I am myself of opinion that the general evidence is against this oriental doctrine...”


Those of the Dark Realms, having so perverted themselves as to appear as wild beasts, do not consider immortality, living forever, to be an advantage but a great and “awful curse”. They wish to die, they try to kill themselves, try to get others to kill them, but without success. If they could escape by reincarnating, they would immediately choose to flee from their suffering, but “R” is not an option.




“Touched By An Angel” television series provides dramatizations of encounters with messengers from heaven. In these peak experiences, according to the story lines, people find themselves advanced spiritually. But can a wonderful experience, of and by itself, effect real spiritual change?

All this, in principle, is well in line with the underlying thesis of “R,” that, experience, of and by itself, can evolve humanity. “Touched By An Angel” provides a useful metaphor to explore this proposition.




Aftermath, Part I: His dangerous missionary work in the Dark Realms completed, Franchezzo enters Summerland. There, he’s honored both for his heroic altruism and spiritual recovery. Many would say, the demanding experience of rescuing others is what advanced him. And, if this is the case, is not the concept of reincarnation strengthened with this seeming efficaciousness of experience?

Aftermath, Part II: Materialism's exaltation of experience in the world ignores the greater aspect of experience, the awakening of life within. Dr. Peebles on the other side, speaking through Mrs. Wickland, admonishes us: “Do not become hypnotized by belief [such as reincarnation, which he insisted is error], but find God within and be free; then your eyes will be opened and you will not want to come back to this Earth again.” What is needed is a brief opening of the eyes, just one moment of clarity, not many additional lives.

The afterlife testimonies differ. Some affirm while others deny reincarnation. What's going on?

Those in the Spirit world who affirm the reality of reincarnation typically are vague and tentative in their assertions.

What about birth marks or identifying scars which correspond to those of another in a past life?


Dr. Peebles on the other side, speaking through Mrs. Wickland, forcibly addresses the error of 'R'

"Do not become hypnotized in any way by dogma, creed, or belief [which supports reincarnation], but find God within yourself and be free. Ask to hear, to see, to feel, and to know God, then your eyes will be opened to spiritual things and [then] you will not want to come back to this earth life again."

READ MORE concerning how to access the God-life within.



Reincarnation is a salvation theory. But we already have a most appealing and effective one.

Eric Hoffer and The True Believer: the psychology of mass-movements, the frantic search for the substitute-self.

Reincarnation's "infinite doing" theory: "I must do everything, become everything, in order to become a complete person and evolve as a soul."

Will the experiences of 1000 lifetimes create an evolved soul? Eckhart Tolle: The small ego seeks for enhancements as it believes itself to be “not enough.” If the small ego could speak it would say: “Please give me more time so that I can add something to myself, to complete myself." But you cannot achieve the new state of consciousness by "adding" something to yourself.


'if man cannot be developed on earth, he will have an eternity in which to expand hereafter'

Life In Two Spheres, or Scenes in the Summerland (1892), by Hudson Tuttle, channeled testimony from the other side. The speaker of the following is known as "the ancient Sage," a resident of Summerland, it seems, for nearly 3000 years:

“There is no soul made in vain in creation; and if man cannot be developed on earth, he will have an eternity in which to expand hereafter. Men look on the surface when they speak of greatness. Very few kings, lordlings, or autocrats are great; he alone is truly great, who not only has love, not only philanthropy, not only wisdom, but all of these combined into one harmonious whole. Then harmonize your being; make this the object of your lives. Eradicate your peculiar evils one by one, with a firm faith in success…

“Every man and woman should consider [him or herself] individual sovereigns, to think and to act as best pleases... if they do not infringe on the rights of others. There should be no conformity except to NatureTo be perfect, thereby great, should be the aim of all. Not as Caesar or Alexander as warriors; not as Laplace and Cuvier in intellect; not as Confucius or Plato in morals; but as all of these combined in one.”

Editor’s note: Near the bottom of the “favorite quotations” page, see comments from other Spirit Guides on the profile of the “perfect person.”



Jiddu Krishnamurti: Experience involves remembrance, time - which is the past. What we see is a product of our cultural conditioning. Therefore the experiencer is the experienced.

The doctrine of karma misunderstands and misconstrues the nature of suffering, spirituality, and what it means to be human.

Do others volunteer to come to the Earth with you in order to teach you lessons? Do these others volunteer to cause you trouble, persecute you, injure you, take what is yours, and, in some cases, kill you, to offer you a service of helping you to learn lessons?

Analogies might illustrate but cannot be used as proof.

Dr. Carl and Anna Wickland, Thirty Years Among The Dead. They helped thousands of confused spirits, some trapped in this world, trying to reincarnate.

Silver Birch seems to say that reincarnation is true. But look a little closer.

Is reincarnation an option, one's right to choose?

An afterlife-person, living in Summerland for 3000 years, comments that we should try to make this Earth-life as profitable as we can, meaning, rather than looking to future lives.


the purpose of the brain is to filter out, from universal consciousness, anything not correlating with the body’s perspective; in this ‘step-down transformer’ process, separate egos, with separate personal identities, emerge

Dr. Bernardo Kastrup, PhD philosophy, PhD computer science, for many years worked at CERN, the large hadron collider in Geneva.

“… the function of the brain is to localize consciousness, pinning it to the space-time reference point implied by the physical body. In doing so, the brain modulates conscious perception in accordance with the perspective of the body.

a brain that filters implies the existence of unbound mind, a universal consciousness

"When not subject to this localization and modulation mechanism, mind is unbound: it entails consciousness of all there is across space, time, and perhaps beyond. Therefore, by localizing mind, the brain also ‘filters out’ of consciousness anything that is not correlated with the body’s perspective… like a radio receiver selecting [a particular station], among the variety [with] all other stations being filtered out and never reaching the consciousness of the listener…

"[T]he filter hypothesis implies that consciousness, in its unfiltered state, is unbound. As such, consciousness must be fundamentally unitary and non-individualized, for separateness and individualization entail boundaries.

Editor’s note: Father Benson from the afterlife speaks of a being, formerly mortal, five billion years old, so advanced as to enjoy awareness of all life-forms in the universe; in this, we see the future of the ‘unfiltered’ mind. Read More on the “500 hundred tape-recorded messages from the other side” page.

the filtering brain creates the illusion of separateness, of disconnected personal egos

"The emergence of multiple, separate and different conscious perspectives or egos, is a consequence of the filtering and localization process: different egos, entailing different perspectives on space-time, retain awareness of different subsets of all potential subjective experiences, the rest being filtered out. It is the difference across subsets that give each ego its idiosyncratic vantage point, personal history, and sense of personal identity.

a brain designed to filter out experiences to a minimum would not be much of a help if reincarnational purpose were that of coming here to gain as much experience as possible

Editor’s note: A brain designed to filter, and reduce to a trickle, experience does not substantively support a theory of reincarnation which exalts much experience. We do not come to this planet to gain experience, as such, but to individualize, to transform one’s tiny sub-set of universal consciousness into a personal ego. With this, we become ready for what comes next in the afterlife, even if we are not yet “good” persons, which can be accomplished later, but only after one becomes a person in one’s own right. Read More on this need for individualization.

"The subjective experiences that are filtered out become the so-called ‘unconscious’ mind of the respective ego. Since each ego allows in only an infinitesimally small part of all potential experiences … the ‘unconscious’ minds of different egos will differ only minimally… As such, the filter hypothesis, unlike materialism, predicts the existence of a ‘collective unconscious’; a shared repository of potential experiences that far transcends mere genetic predispositions of a species…

the likely origin of the mystical experience

"[A]nd most importantly, the filter hypothesis predicts that one can have experiences that do not correlate with one’s brain states. Since here the brain is seen merely as a mechanism for filtering out experience … when this [filtering] mechanism is interfered with so as to be partially or temporarily deactivated, one’s subjective experience could delocalize, expand beyond the body in time and space, and perhaps even beyond time and space [giving rise to what is called the mystical experience]…”

READ MORE of Dr. Kastrup's work on the “quantum mechanics” page



Madame Blavatsky, who helped popularize reincarnation in the West, changes her opinion.

Emanuel Swedenborg, in his memoirs of out-of-body travel to Summerland, states that there is no reincarnation, no return to the Earth.

only the superficial, lacking a depth of research, believe in reincarnation

Famed London psychic-medium, investigator of Jack the Ripper, Robert James Lees, in his channeled works, quoting Spirit Guides in Summerland, asserts that reincarnation appeals to the immature mind, those who have not looked at the issue with sufficient depth. There is already an educational system in place, the Guides assert, to rehabilitate the wayward, and it is not reincarnation. It is the Dark Realms.

August Goforth, a New York psychiatrist, in his book, "The Risen," documents his contact with Tim on the other side. Tim offers testimony that a sense of "past lives" is created by Earth-bound spirits, often intent upon creating mischief.

An unusual statistic: A sizeable majority of those claiming memories of so-called “past lives” recount a sudden or violent ending. This statistical anomaly could not occur by chance. Earthbound spirits, obsessed with the “injustice” of an unscheduled departing, believe themselves to have unfinished business on this planet and attempt to consummate their affairs by attaching themselves to a surrogate mortal life.


Swedenborg speaks from the other side:

Channeled testimony from Swedenborg, as he references “the second birth,” the awakening of the soul.

“The human soul, when first awakened from the slumber of its material nature to a consciousness of its spiritual being, presents a strange medley of conflicts and changes in its transition state… There is a new and strong principle takes root and grows up within the soul, constantly strengthening and sustaining the feeble and fluttering efforts which the spirit is making to burst from out the bondage in which it has been held for so great a length of time… Man's soul, after having become thus quickened, feels a consciousness within himself of his hold upon eternal life. He feels his spirit going out into the vast regions of infinite space, and endeavors to grasp an atom of knowledge wherever he may find it.”

READ MORE – this testimony by Swedenborg, a favorite writing, is one of the best descriptions of the process of coming to enlightenment.

See his comments concerning the soul being individualized only once.



Where is that race of supermen, that better world? - the purported result of ever-improving mortals after thousands of reincarnations.

A Spirit-entity testifies: "The ones who have found the Light are those who would never think of coming back to Earth again in a physical body."

An Indian teacher, The Great Brahma, speaks out against reincarnation.

Is Summerland just a waiting room for one's next incarnation? Is the Earth our only classroom?

If reincarnation is true, why would the Dark Realms need to exist?

The feeling of "I have met you before."

How would you ever again see your lover, or grandmother, or good friend, if they reincarnate before you find each other?

Mediums with rigid belief systems can skew messages received.

Reincarnation: for the math-challenged?

Why some suddenly speak foreign languages.

Have aborted babies, or children who die young, missed their chance to learn important lessons on the Earth?

Is not progress a forward indicator? - don't die facing the wrong direction.

Spirit-Guide Abu, on the other side for 3500 years, speaks out against the "absurdity" of both compulsory reincarnation and that the "puny and petty" Earth is a unique classroom.

The child-prodigy virtuoso explained: not a product of "past lives" but spirit-attachment

Colin Fry, the TV-famed British medium, channels an ancient afterlife entity, "many, many thousands" of years old, who addresses, and dismisses as fraud, the reincarnation issue.


The Dazzling Darkness is a concept representing a frame of mind untrammeled by the dysfunctional ego. Therein, freed from base-alloy animal inclinations, one might apprehend not only the identity of one’s true mate but also a realization of the living presence of God in one’s life. READ MORE


Two Years In Heaven, Rose Carson's experiences in the afterlife: "The consciousness that I have attained tells me this great truth: The soul aspiring for progress never retrogrades; it goes on and on, throughout all eternity, toward greater achievements and higher realizations."

Some of the most accomplished scientists, philosophers, and writers of history were the least experienced. But, if experience is the golden key to becoming a super-advanced person, how could this be?

Dr. Peebles, Part I: from the other side, he speaks via trance-medium Anna Wickland: "Why should you want to come back again? Why should you go back to being confined in a small body and have no will of your own? In the spirit world you are free to travel everywhere; you do not need a physical body. Why go back into that prison again? Why should a child, ready to enter high school, go back to sixth grade? You can learn in one day here what it takes ten or twelve years to learn on Earth."


Will we still have to battle the ego's selfishness when we transition to Summerland? Can it be removed? Do even the ancient Spirit Guides still have to deal with this egocentrism?

Further, there are many teachers on the other side who say it’s easier to learn our ‘kindergarten’ lessons here, on the sorrowful planet Earth. What do they mean by this?




Dr. Peebles, Part II: from the other side, he speaks via trance-medium Anna Wickland: "If you think you want to return to the Earth, it's because you have not yet found God within, [the true self]."

Jiddu Krishnamurti affirms the assessment of Dr. Peebles: once we find the life within, we will no longer crave experience; meaning, the very psychological impetus of reincarnation is extinguished.


Reincarnational belief in the Bible and the ancient world

Was John the Baptist really Elijah reincarnated?

John, a reincarnation of Elijah?

The Jews often called other teachers by the name (or title) of Elijah.

The New Testament explicitly states that “we die only once”, just as Jesus offered his saving work “only once” - meaning, there is no endless round of death and rebirth.

Was a man born blind because he sinned in a previous life? 

Jesus said "you must be born again," but he wasn't referring to mortal life.

What the ancient Jews believed about the afterlife.

Some say that Josephus taught that the Jews commonly believed in reincarnation, but this is not true.

Swedenborg, a staunch believer in Christ and the Bible, during his astral travels to the other side, was shown that a sense of ‘past lives’ does not originate with the experiencer but an external source.

Reincarnational belief was common is the Greco-Roman world and this ubiquity, among the ruling class, would have influenced some of the Jews.

Editor's summary comments



Dr. Rupert Sheldrake: Just as last night’s television movie is not “in” the tv circuitry, the memory of a seeming previous life is not in the percipient.

Reincarnational dogmatism, a belief-system of this world, though ostensibly part of the proof-of-afterlife movement, effectively mutes and scuttles what’s most important for us to know concerning post-mortem survival.

The Seth Material, which includes advocation for 'R', takes its place among similarly errant philosophies, offered in scores of channeled books and “the 500 tape-recorded messages from the other side.”

Kant and Berkeley: Does experience shape the mind or does the mind shape experience? The work of these great philosophers destroys the foundational premise of reincarnation.


the psychology driving those who wish to return 

The following is from "The Religion Of The Spirit World" (1920) by Prof. G. Henslow. 

...the animal body disappears at death ... [and the new astral body] is now solely adapted for the existence beyond the grave. There, the spirit is everything, the terrestrial existence has gone forever. The great lesson of earth-life is, therefore, to adapt ourselves ... i.e., to live in harmony with the requirements of the next world.

This is why we are told that many on the other side long to return. It is because they find themselves unprepared and ill-adapted for the new existence, and [to their great dismay] they realize that they have neglected to begin to prepare by spiritual cultivation of the soul for the next world while on earth...




Jiddu Krishnamurti: “We think experience is necessary. I wonder if it is. We've had 30 million years of experience. Have we learned anything? Is the mind chaste, virgin? Only a mind free from the known, dying every day, renewing itself, can see the truth.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti: “We think that by multiplying experiences we shall learn. We look to time to give us wisdom, through the constant change of experience. I say, you will never find truth through the gradual change of [experience] - only through immediate perception, immediate discernment, lies the whole of wisdom.”


restless, chattering, endless motion, ever seeking

Krishnamurti lecture: 26.May.1966. “When one is awake, with light in oneself, there is no seeking. Only the man in darkness is always searching for light, for more experience…A monkey is restless, scratching itself, chattering, endless movement. So is our mind. One says, ‘I must control it’ and concentrate. We don’t realize that the entity demanding control is still the entity that is like the monkey.”

READ MORE on the "Gospel Of Thomas" page



Jiddu Krishnamurti: The ego's impulse to seek for salvation outside itself leads it to reject personal responsibility as a general rule. Even knowledge acquisition, or the attainment of new experience, if colored by the ego's cravings, becomes tool for evading a life of freedom.

Jiddu Krishnamurti: We feel uplifted at the singing note of a bird, a blossoming rose, the purple hues of a sunset, and with a beautiful woman’s grace and loveliness. But can any of these experiences bring about a transformation of heart and mind?

Jiddu Krishnamurti: “A petty mind is always seeking more and more experiences… a mind that is always concerned with itself, a mind that is not very deep… that is why there is this craze for taking LSD., hoping to expand consciousness… Why do we want experiences? We demand it because our lives are empty.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti: "Most of us want deep fundamental lasting experience, that will be completely satisfying, that will never be destroyed by thought. So the demand for satisfaction dictates experience.To have great satisfaction is a great pleasure, so pleasure dictates the form of experience we demand. Pleasure is the measure of experience. So in seeking what is true, is there anything which is really holy in life?"


for thousands of years, people believed that the Earth was at the center of the cosmos, and that the Sun traveled around the Earth

This seemed reasonable. After all, every day we see the Sun cross the sky, from one side to the other. Few things could be clearer. What more evidence do we need? It’s as plain, well, as the Sun in the sky.

Each morning the Sun rises in the east. Well, of course, it's rising. We can see it rising. How foolish to disbelieve this infallible doctrine. And not only that, it's obviously circling the Earth. Like the sweeping arm of the hypotenuse circumnavigating the unit-circle, the Sun arcs its way across a lonely sky, and then falls into sleepy repose beneath the western horizon. Everybody knows this to be true. No one doubts it.

Twinkling points of light, stars, peering down upon us from a midnight-blue canvass seem to be firmly fixed (which is why the ancients used the term "firmament"), like raisons stuck in a pudding.

As these heavenly bodies imperceptibly drift overhead - no doubt, at the nudging of angels who manage such things; who could gainsay this? - the Earth itself is surely at rest, not moving at all. Why, if the Earth were moving, we'd all be thrown about, this way and that, like jostling marbles in a little boy's cupped hands. (Editor's note: See the movie "Agora" on the life of female ancient scientist Hypatia who may have been one of the first to find an answer here.)

But, in all of these assumptions and surface-judgments, we were deceived. Might we be deceived about other things that we're very sure about?

Reincarnation seems to offer evidence of its veracity. From a certain vista, its case appears fairly solid. But so did the geocentric model, until Copernicus overturned it all.

The Sun appears to be going around the Earth, but only from a very limited viewpoint. As we gain higher perspective, we're suddenly introduced to the utterly unsound basis of earlier beliefs.  

The evidence for reincarnation seems convincing, but only in a shallow way, and only until we gain more knowledge of how the universe, and the mind, truly work.

reincarnation, the new hell-fire

The belief in eternal hell-fire has gone out of style, with few disciples now to support it. But it had a long run. In its day, tortured reasonings by the Church seemed to offer basis of logicality; to the effect:

“Drop a stone. It falls to the ground. This, alone, tells us something. And see how the sun, stars, and planets move about the Earth? All this is evidence that our planet is at the center of the universe. Why doubt our senses on this as it’s so plain to see? And what is at the center of the Earth? Why, that would be the lowest of the low, of course. This is where we will find the eternally damned, burning forever in hell-fire. Our best teachers assure us that this is the case, and even the testimony of nature and God's creation supports the Church’s doctrine of eternal punishment at the center of the Earth.”

Except that it didn’t. At the surface of life, with few facts at-the-ready, granted, there seemed to be good reason why hell-fire existed at the center of this stationary and flat planet:

"There are very logical reasons for these conclusions: If people lived on the under-side of a world, they would fall off into space. And if the world were moving, then this would create a wind which would topple the birds from the air. This is just common sense."

Editor's note: These spurious contentions remind us of what the "ugly duckling" endured from its peers. For, if you disagree with the "one-true religion" of "R", its devotees will say, "I wish the cat would get you."

Today, we smile at these quaint and provincial surmisings. We no longer believe in a universe-centered Earth with hell-fire at the core. We’re far too sophisticated for that. Instead, we've traded it for the trendy and fashionable “personal cosmology” of reincarnation.

Who could doubt any of its precepts? "R" is built on the apodictic evidence of past lives, birth marks, karma, NDE reports, life plans, memories, and more – who could gainsay any of this?

Reincarnation is patently true, what could be more persuasive? - obviously it's all valid, as true as the sun crossing the sky and melding into the western horizon.


Editor’s note: It's not often understood that virtually all channeled information from the other side is either partly or, usually, largely skewed with materialist viewpoint. This is the case for all subjects, not just “R”. Of the 200 or so channeled books I’ve reviewed over the last 30 years, I can think of only 2 or 3 which I might rate as unqualifiedly accurate, essentially, in all details of natural law. Right now we cannot know how pretty the flowers are over there, but anyone, no matter where they are in the universe, can judge the truth of natural law. We do this by “going within” to access the “true self.” And this is what “the blind leading the blind” have not done. See a full discussion in “the 500 tape-recorded messages from the other side.”


There are some that preach, “Those who want to be done with this world are very immature and selfish. They should have more love in their hearts and want to come back to help people grow spiritually.”

“Promissory reincarnationism” involves issuing undated promissory notes for future discoveries. It is an example of blind faith, a quasi-religious belief.

Father Benson reports from the afterlife that his best sources of information, all the way up to an advanced person 4+ billion years old, know nothing of reincarnation, but for its error.

Father Benson repeatedly comments on the enduring, eternal nature of our lives in Summerland: here is a collection of his assertions in this regard.

Reincarnational Theory: Just another form of Fake News.

The Small Ego "turns everything into a Me" - including the future.

The 500 tape-recorded testimonies from the other side, revealing a debate about reincarnation even in the next world. Every religion has its 'ecclesiastical ghetto' over there, and so it is with 'R'.

The 500 tape-recorded messages suggest that the concept of reincarnation originated over there, not on the Earth plane. “The 500” represent a class of many millions in the next world who are psychologically off-base, self-loathing, and emotionally needy, with the teaching of reincarnation as something they want and need to believe in.

Pythagoras, one of history's original teachers of reincarnation, from the afterlife, admits his error and repudiates this doctrine as gross falsehood.

All of the great music-masters are in Summerland. They have not reincarnated.

Beauty: All great theories of science have in common a profound “elegance or simplicity of assumption,” says Roger Penrose. This principle relates directly to our discussion of "R."

Eckhart Tolle: “A consciousness mesmerized by experiences, and conditioned to identify exclusively with form, finds it almost impossible to become aware of inner space. Even when you seem to be aware of yourself, you have made yourself into an object, a thought form, and so what you are aware of is a thought, not yourself.”


True spirituality is gained only by accessing the 'inner life'.

Spirituality is about burgeoning life, blossoming, unfolding life, and this life comes only from God; life comes only from life.

Experience can prune, scintillate, and offer choices, but it cannot impart life.

Experience can effect change at the surface of personality but not at the level of core being. There, it is only the self-observation, the 'simply noticing' of the antics of the mind, which allows the true self, the divine life, to emerge.

There is no salvation in experience, little or much. This is the crux of reincarnation's error, where its believers go wrong.




Aristotle asserted that man by nature desires to know; further, that we take delight in our senses which offer to us information about the world. Experience is a form of knowledge, and so we naturally desire it. However, we lead ourselves astray by ascribing benefits to experience and knowledge which lie outside their domain of blessing.

We have discussed that a sense of “past lives” results from attached spirits who inject their memories into our consciousness. Our mistake here, in principle, is not unusual and happens to us all the time, in a different context, during our years of spiritual immaturity.

Eckhart Tolle: “The majority of Buddhists believe that enlightenment was only for the Buddha, not for them; at least, not in this lifetime.”

It is not possible for one to undergo transformation as, to experience, another gender. To do so would destroy any semblance of self.

Can the soul be individuated more than once?


Dr. & Mrs. Carl Wickland, a husband-wife medical team of trance-mediumship, for 40 years, serving confused spirits who wanted to reincarnate, but could not, as there is no such option available to them

Dr. Carl & Anna Wickland

"Realize that this little Earth is only a grammar school. It is not a University, not even a High School; it is only the first lesson of life. Do not become hypnotized in any way by dogma, creed or belief, but find God within yourself and be free."

"The first thing I had to do was to conquer self ... selfishness. We must conquer that before we can do any work at all in the spirit world."

"Memories of [so-called] 'past lives' are caused by spirits that bring such thoughts and represent the lives they lived. A spirit impresses you with the experiences of its life and these are implanted in your mind as your own. You then think you remember your past. You make the mistake of taking this for the memory of former incarnations."


Elsewhere I’ve stated that the more advanced forms of mediumship offer a direct access to reports from the spirit world, unfiltered by the mind of the psychic. One of the best is the direct-voice mediumship – for example, that of Leslie Flint, Emily French, and John Sloan – facilitating “voices” from Summerland; many hundreds of these, which have been tape-recorded or transcribed by stenographer.

The service work of the Wicklands, their trance/spirit-attachment mediumship, offers another form of this direct, unfiltered access to discarnate entities. While rereading the Wickland's book – see a copy free, online – it occurred to me that, in a sense, these reports are even more valuable and instructive to us than those via direct-voice.

I say this because reports from Summerland, while not always issuing from the spiritually sane, are usually marked by a certain level of civility. But the Wicklands were dealing with confused spirits still on the Earth-plane, which automatically suggests that these had a reason to hang around; often, with motivations centering about not just unfinished business but addictions and criminal activity.

As we “listen” to Dr. Wickland interview these recalcitrant-unrepentant, we receive viewpoints laced with raw egocentrism, tendencies toward violence, all manner of ill-repute. But then, it struck me how valuable this is: Note carefully how these insane ones speak – in one sense, they sound very ordinary, just like any troubled person around us all the time, every day, and being interviewed on tv in the news – but take note of the excuses, the victimhood stories, the hard-done-by accounts, the blaming and scapegoating, the slanted story, the evil eye, the bloodthirsty cravings for revenge.

by way of contrast

I said all this is valuable and instructive because, if we listen very carefully, we will gain insight, by way of contrast, to every precept of natural law, all of the good rubrics, which rule the “better neighborhoods” of Summerland - and reflect the mind of God.

We see the diamond more clearly against a background of black velvet cloth.



Would the experience of changing one's gender create the fully mature person?

Restatement: Why it is mathematically impossible to satisfy the “infinite doing” theory; neither should we want to, nor, even if it were possible, would it deliver to us what we think it seems to offer.

The Course In Miracles rejects the fundamental error of "R," that of requiring endless time to evolve oneself spiritually.


'R' puts far too much emphasis on this mortal life and far too little on the vaster opportunities for growth in the coming worlds

Dr. Carl Wickland, via his trance-medium wife, Anna, over several decades, helped to free thousands of discarnate entities who had obsessed mortals. Many of these spirits, confused and sometimes malicious, were attempting to reincarnate, but could not.

The following is from the Wicklands’ second book, “Gateway Of Understanding”:

The theory of reincarnation subverts the natural spiritual progression; too much stress and importance is placed upon this brief mortal life. The teaching of the reincarnationists that we must return again and again to earth life to become perfected is equivalent to saying that...

like going to kindergarten over and over again; but 'R' considers this the ripest wisdom

...after one has passed through kindergarten, grade schools and university, he must return to kindergarten over and over again to learn everything that is to be learned pertaining to life.

What is mortal life but a kindergarten? Too little is credited to the vaster opportunities of the next school in the spiritual realm, the verity of which has been so abundantly demonstrated and which may be easily verified by the unprejudiced student through intelligent Psychic Research.

The entire scheme of reincarnation is a limited idea, one that fails to recognize this is a formative plane and that there are many planes and schools on the Invisible Side which offer far greater opportunities for the higher soul culture than does this mortal plane. There is no need of returning to the mundane when we can progress from sphere to sphere, or school to school, and thus ultimately realize the "God within."

Editor's note: Discovering "God within" advances us more than any other single factor, far more than 'R's vaunted experience, which, of and by itself, cannot elevate the soul a micron. See the "true self" page for a great many affirmations, from a multitude of sources, concerning the need to find "God within."

To live morally and uprightly, to learn in this life what we are living for, and to realize there are future opportunities, is undoubtedly the cardinal object of our human existence.



The Course In Miracles states that "you cannot change your mind by changing your behavior" but the errant theory of "R" does preach this. 

The Course in Miracles insists that “God has no secrets. He does not lead you through a world of misery, waiting to tell you, at the journey's end, why He did this to you.” The Course teaches we can know God’s open, not secret, mind, and there are no plans for reincarnation in it.

Dr. Wickland argues with a confused spirit, given voice via the trance mediumship of Mrs. Wickland. The angry spirit was trying to reincarnate but without success.

Reincarnation is a worldly, materialistic concept.

Reincarnation is "against public policy."

The 16 savior-gods of history, ‘resurrection’ epics, are more properly viewed as ‘reincarnation’ myths



What is the real issue here?

Experience, per se, cannot change and evolve us. Only a perception of the life within, of what we've had all the time, the “inner soul-riches,” can advance us.

What does this mean?

It means that we do not need to gain something from "out there" but only to realize what was "factory installed."

The dysfunctional ego is led by systemic fears of “I don’t have enough” because “I am not enough.” It’s a poisonous, debilitating, gnawing feeling of “lack” on the deep inside.

We can have a world of experience from “out there,” or 10,000 lives of doing everything under the sun, but, without something more, one’s inner existential uneasiness will not subside.

This is the core problem with ”R” and why it cannot help people.

the poisonous feeling deep within will not go away just by experiencing more

Only when we access the life within, the “true self,” are we granted release from the poisonous sensations of "not enough".

This perception of “inner life,” when it comes, comes in "no time," comes in one timeless eternal moment of cosmic clarity.

In receipt of this mystical gift, we are jettisoned into a higher level of consciousness, and we’re changed from the inside out.

And the change is permanent.

Experience, a form of knowledge, may be thrilling, captivating, mesmerizing; or it may be horrific, oppressive, brutalizing. Experience can effect certain changes at the surface of personality; it can lead to behaviors which are more courteous, civilized, refined, or we can go the other way and sink into fear, greed, retaliation. Whatever experience might do for us, or prompt us toward, or sensitize us to, at the periphery of life, there’s one thing it can never do. It cannot make us truly good persons, from the inside out. This is well beyond good manners; moreover, no matter how much experience we attain to, it cannot, and can never, expunge the cringing and knavish perception of the little-me ego, that of, “I don’t have enough” because “I am not enough.”




This world is like a processing plant, designed to produce products according to very narrow and specific criteria.

Two of the world's best direct-voice mediums offer conflicting views on reincarnation.

Krishnamurti: one of the universe’s great paradoxes: true spirituality, one’s higher sentience, a better level of consciousness -- finding God, finding the truth -- is not obtained by working or trying very hard, by religious rituals or much religious experience, by prayer, fasting, vow, or pilgrimage - but simply by quietly observing the inner disorder.

On the WG site, the issue of spiritual maturity is often addressed. How is it to be obtained? – not from 100,000 reincarnational lives but in “one timeless moment of clarity.” However, in this grand cosmic instant, what exactly is the “clarity,” what are we to become aware of?

Channeled testimony: Franz Petersilea interviews Jesus in the spirit world: “Tell me, is reincarnation true? It is said that some remember a former reincarnation." "They are mistaken; [further] when once an immortal being is developed from a germ, it can by no possible means return to an undeveloped one, and no developed entity can ever become an undeveloped one. Natural laws do not work in that way."

James Rhoades (1841-1923) English poet and mystic; author of "The City Of The Five Gates" (1913), writes: "Unanswerable, too, is the argument against reincarnation - a theory which always seemed to me to impeach the omniscience and infallibility of God.”


the 'nebula theory' of reincarnation


A nebula is a cloud of dust and gas in space. Gravity can slowly cause this particulate matter to coalesce, to draw together in clumps. These lumps grow and grow; eventually, becoming so big to collapse under their own weight. The ensuing heat and pressure can ignite to form a star.

Many people believe that reincarnation mirrors this “star nursery” dynamic. Instead of gas and dust pulling together, it’s theorized that a multitude of heterogeneous experiences will eventually congeal to form the mature and good person. But this is error. 




Editor’s comments on the Millboro, VA case of purported group-reincarnation

There is a simulation, in microcosm, of reincarnation, which the dysfunctional ego attempts to manifest each day of our lives.

The reincarnation doctrine misrepresents, mischaracterizes, the challenge set before us as human beings.

The most important point I wish for you to know


In a world of competing voices, how shall we discern the truth concerning reincarnation?

Let us condense and summarize, one more time, this entire contentious issue.

On this page we might review 100+ articles presenting views, and counter-views, regarding the question of “R.” Each side offers its testimonies, arguments, philosophies, and experiences.

They debate this even on the other side!

However, we also know that if we go looking for evidence to support a pre-conceived conclusion, we shall surely find it. It’s easy, and quite self-deceiving, to paint a bulls-eye around an arrow in the wall.




Messier 13 (M13), or NGC 6205, and sometimes called the Great Globular Cluster in Hercules, is a dazzling mass of about 300,000 stars in the constellation of Hercules. (Wikipedia) But this small bejeweled array hardly registers against the universe’s unfathomable 200 billion galaxies each with an average of 100 billion stars; plus trillions -- trillions! -- of dwarf-galaxies, unworthy of mention, each with a mere few billion stars. And the question for us becomes: What undiscovered treasures, what advanced civilizations, what insight, knowledge, and marvel, await us out there? The future is a long time, our capacity for enriching our spirits is unlimited, and every day we shall thrill to some new perception revealing the hidden nature of reality. And how foolish and myopic to declare, as Spirit Guides attest, that this "puny and petty" planet Earth is our only classroom.
Let us also consider this concerning other worlds out there: If only one in a million stars is orbited by a planet; and if only one in a million of these planets has given rise to life; and if only one in a million of life-bearing planets is home to intelligent life; then, across the universe, there are millions and millions and millions of planets supporting intelligent life. Odds are, among this exceedingly vast multitude, there are civilizations far older and far more sophisticated than our own.
As Carl Sagan used to say, "Do you wanna take a ride?"

summary and conclusion

Many have wondered about this little boy. Was he once a WWII fighter pilot?



The empirical evidence presented herein, especially, Dr. Carl and Anna Wickland's 40 years of research, suggests that the popular theory is errant.

A more likely scenario is this:

The Earth is crowded with unseen discarnate spirits - hundreds of millions of them. So numerous, like barnacles covering the hull of a ship, confused entities, who, for whatever reason, having refused to go to the Light, prowl this planet. Many of these disoriented beings attach themselves to flesh-and-blood mortals, with a connection most subtle; yet sufficiently bonded, such that, the thoughts of the parasite-spirit become the "memories" of the host.

Children, in particular, are open to this spirit influence; some of these young ones are mediumistically inclined. Discarnates are especially drawn to these tender sensitives and "drift into" their magnetic aura. Amazingly, neither child nor attaching spirit might be aware of this nexus.

We presume that the fighter pilot was a good man; courageous men usually are. When he was killed, at a young age, he had his reasons for remaining on Earth; possibly, he became angry that he should die so young, that he would not be with his lover again; or maybe, as is so often the case, as Dr. Wickland discovered, he might not have realized that he had died! Be that as it may, the pilot's spirit found itself attracted to a young boy with psychic abilities. The warrior's memories of battle were transferred to his young unsuspecting charge.


James Webster spoke to the Leininger family, the parents of the young boy, offering better answers

Saturday, 23 November 2013, James Webster:

'Soul Survivor' - The Reincarnation of  a World War II Fighter Pilot set the pace for what was to become a seemingly perfect example to support the case for reincarnation and to prove 'past lives'. Those following the doctrine and those desperate to have a case to quote which would prove the theory and be impossible not to rebuke, were ecstatic as it became very clear from the international coverage in the media following the publication of the book.

My first book 'Life Is Forever' was about my research and personal experiences of my own psychic awareness and mediumship from a child and the many happenings and experiences that proved for me personally that there was no death, just continuation and progression of living.

Then I knew I had to write the second book entirely about the Reincarnation issue which was causing so much misunderstanding and confusion and much argument between the pro and the anti camps. And so my next book was 'The Case Against Reincarnation: A Rational Explanation'.

As soon as I heard about the 'Soul Survivor' case, in August 2009, and started following the news reports, articles, discussions, video, obtaining and reading the book etc, I knew what this really was and what it certainly was NOT! My heart sank realising that the 'hell and torment' which the two principal characters, James Leininger the child and son of Bruce and Andrea Leininger, and James Huston the fighter pilot (and their families) were put through, could have been prevented if only the right knowledgeable and understanding people had been there to advise and take charge of the situation in the beginning when the problems started to happen. An experienced 'spirit rescue team' could have nipped it in the bud and communicated with the pilot James Huston to get him to realise and understand what had happened to him and set him free from his earthbound/bondage condition and the overshadowing and obsession of the child giving him the false belief that he had reincarnated into the body of James L. At the same time young James L was encouraged to believe that he was the reincarnation of the pilot James H.

The brilliant work and services which Dr Carl Wickland MD and the fine mediumship of his wife Anna did in these such cases (early 20th Century) is essential reading ... ref the classic books: 'Thirty Years Among The Dead' and 'The Gateway of Understanding'.

It is tragic that this case was taken over, or allowed to be, by people who had no idea what was involved. They just wanted to show it up as reincarnation which it had all outside appearances of being  ..... and popular with a ready huge market audience ... just needed the media to get to work with the interviews and cameras etc. Another big mistake was to allow the Foreword to the book to be written by Carol Bowman, a devout reincarnationist and author of books concerning Children's Past Lives.

Excellent confirmation came when I was led to having a personal valuable communication with the Leininger family (authors of the book) during the past year. They were in agreement with me and stated that:

"Reincarnation is a term that does not really describe what we have witnessed. Our book does not ascribe to it nor advocate it. The terminology in the title was used to provide some genre of the story."

I cannot state too much here as some of it was confidential, but there will be more to come out when the time is right. I can say that the young boy James Leininger is now a teenager and his own person with his own earthly parents and family around him. James Huston (the pilot) is his own person in the etheric world and his own family are aware of that. The families never thought of JL as JH.

James W.



channeled information from the other side

The following is spoken by Tim, in the afterlife, as he communicated with his mortal friend, August Goforth, a New York psychiatrist; documented in the book, "The Risen."

no such thing as 'past lives'

“The experience of remembering past lives may be from the projection of character elements of an earth-bound spirit onto the ego-mind of a receptive embodied person. Those who are convinced they have lived a previous life are actually recalling memories of those who have gone before them… The word gets around fast [on the lower spirit levels] where there are willing Earthers who desire to [attempt] a ‘reincarnation experience.’ Earth-bound spirits will seek them out to try to relive their own previous Earth life to relieve certain discomforts… There is a noticeable parallel here between those on Earth who mentally or emotionally cannot or will not move on through difficult life challenges, and those on the lower Astral planes who cannot or will not accept the change and move on with their transition…

“Children, who have a minimum of life experience, are especially open and vulnerable to invasive Earth-bound spirits, and easily confused and led to believe they have lived a previous life. The misconception becomes more solidified when adults actively promote and push the child to continue the … fear-based beliefs in reincarnation...

because this one life is eternal, it will always be more than enough

"The evidence strongly indicates that we cannot be re- individuated again…my observation is that there is never any need to go back to do it again, for the universe is infinite and never-ending and will provide me with unceasing opportunities, always new, fresh, and alive, to explore, learn, and expand my self-awareness on a continual basis. I don’t need to claim more than one life because my one life is enough. Because this one life is eternal it will always be more than enough, which is the core meaning of ‘abundance.’

Editor's note: yes, one's eternal life will always be more than enough; think of this - when we have lived a million years, or a billion, or 100 billion, there will always be an infinity of time stretching before us; one eternal life, to explore veritable unlimited classrooms out there, will always be enough.

no real limit to anything

"Clearly, we are reborn upon our transition, but this rebirth is always into a new world and a unique state of existence, not back into the old one. The old one no longer exists - life is experienced in the continual now. We develop and carry forward the template for our new life. We are the template, and a new world will simultaneously arise from us as we arise from it, as a direct result of how we lived our lives on earth or from wherever we are continuously transitioning. The more brilliantly we live, that is, the more light-filled, the more spectacular will our lives manifest as we transmute ever onward. There are no limits to brilliance except as self-imposed. But even that is an illusion, for there is no real limit to anything."

Editor's note: Concerning Mr. Goforth’s comment concerning “one's eternal life will always be more than enough,” it should also be stated that the same applies to the universe – one universe will always be more than enough. The New Agers speak of “parallel” or “multi” universes. This is incorrect, from more than one perspective. First, there is no scientific evidence for multiple universes -- see physicist Tom Campbell's interview with his explanation -- neither have I come across the concept in 200 channeled afterlife books. It’s an errant idea, posing as knowledge, one that denigrates sacred individuality. Further, there’s no need for more than one universe, as we will be challenged to comprehend what we have. Granted, spirit-beings, eventually, with super-human powers, might require a large playing field for their exploits. But, even if our current universe were to be mapped, flagged, all figured out, our own familiar universe is becoming more, expanding at a rate faster than the speed of light! - and this unimaginable forward pace ever increases! See many science videos on this subject for the details. This means that there will always be ample space, enough room to grow, and sufficient opportunity for us, over the coming eons, as new stars, planets, and galaxies come into existence. One universe will always be enough for us.

Concerning ample room, let us take note of this Hubble photo: we see here one modest globular cluster, far less than galaxy-sized, with a hardly-worth chronicling star count of only a few million, plus millions of planets. These mega-numerous clusters present themselves in addition not only to the trillions of dwarf galaxies but the hundreds of billions of full-bodied galaxies, each with a couple hundred billion (or more) stars -- all of which tallies as more, and likely far more, stars in the universe than grains of sand on all of Earth's beaches.

Final comment on multiple universes: Having offered assessment concerning one universe as sufficient for anyone, I would like to take refuge in Heisenberg's statement that "the universe is not only stranger than we think, but stranger than we can think." There are things out there of which we have neither knowledge nor present capacity to engage.

For example, on the other side we know there are “alternate realities” engendered by the mental power of group-consensus, even if the group-think is utterly errant in terms of natural law.

We spoke of this at length in the “500 tape-recorded messages from the other side” writing. These alternate realities often take the form of fully-shaped worlds, multiple worlds, and, no doubt, very real, very solid, entire universes. Every philosophical group over there – these, numbering in the many thousands – probably do have their own worlds and, if they want, their own universes.

Edward Randall and Emily French, direct-voice medium: 'the spheres ... millions ... countless in number'


Edward Randall was a prominent attorney in Buffalo, NY in the early 1900s. He became interested in the scientific evidence for the afterlife and, for about 20 years, regularly met with the aged and frail Emily French, a gifted direct-voice medium. He and others thoroughly investigated the work of Mrs. French with a view toward affirming its veracity.

See more information about Randall and French here.

Mrs. French brought through thousands of voices, some of which spoke of these ad hoc worlds:

worlds, countless in number

"The spheres [worlds]! No tongue can describe them. There are thousands... millions... countless in number... all rounded into complete worlds, and all the habitations of those who cherish the special idea which rules the sphere... There are spheres of every mental light, thought, and knowledge; spheres of special grades of intellect and wisdom. In all and each [person] is a special need of happiness."

And so, yes, multiple universes do exist, but these, though solid to the touch, are not built upon sure foundation and can be swept aside the moment a group-consensus shifts.

But what about “multiple universes” as a permanent feature, especially among “the sane” and the “better neighborhoods” in Summerland? Do they exist? My guess is that multiple universes, in this sense, do not exist as there seems to be no need -- as we may never "tag and flag" even the one we have, ever-expanding as it is. A profusion of universes would violate the principle of “least action”, seen everywhere in physics, along with the parsimony of Occam’s Razor. See discussion on the "inferential life" pages.

Certainly, in any case, the notion of “parallel universes”, with multiple or infinite versions of you and me, is utterly fraudulent, and, as discussed elsewhere, without a particle of basis in science. But, again, could there be, somewhere out there, your ordinary garden-variety “multiple universes” free for the taking? While my immediate sense is no, I think it best to reserve judgment on this one, deferring to Heisenberg’s “stranger than we can think.”

Special note: The idea of multiple universes is called the “Many Worlds Theory,” and is one of 20+ interpretations of quantum mechanics. However, even though there is no evidence for “Many Worlds”, it is the top contender to oppose Bohr’s Copenhagen interpretation, for which there is much evidence. Why this rapid desire to accept “Many Worlds”? See the “quantum” page for more discussion, but, essentially, the issue is not one of science but a philosophical argument on the nature of reality. As usual, there’s much politics in this; or maybe a kind of religion.

My own sense would categorize the difference this way: “Copenhagen”, from one perspective, would lead us to see the universe with meaning and purpose, an acknowledgement of the importance of free-will and individuality; while “Many Worlds” sees the universe as meaningless, without purpose, an accident of chance, with man as mere pawn and machine, flotsam to the process. And this is why materialism loves to promote “Many Worlds” despite not a shred of evidence for it - just like a political or religious spin-miester promoting a party-platform or infallible doctrine.


Two Years In Heaven, Dr. C.H. Carson, from his wife Rose, her experiences in the afterlife:

"My mind is filled with plans of what I hope to do. How glorious it will be to enter into active work and to realize that whatever I set out to do I shall be able to accomplish through the efforts I make! It seems good to be alive; to feel so well and strong that one’s whole being vibrates with new and wonderful life…

"Every moment of the time I spent in spirit life was occupied with something helpful and instructive… [to] furnish me with some helpful idea that I could impart to others to aid them in their progress toward higher, grander, and better things...

"My soul is alive and vibrant with plans for the future, and I am happy and more glad of life as each day passes, not for myself alone, but for those who are to follow after me and whom my influence is to lead heavenward... The consciousness that I have attained tells me this great truth: The soul aspiring for progress never retrogrades; it goes on and on, throughout all eternity, toward greater achievements and higher realizations."

Editor's note: I love this writing - so positive, so encouraging. And we thank Rose for the clear statements: no retrograding, no going backwards.

How infectious is the joy and enthusiasm of this lady - her "soul ... alive and vibrant with plans for the future." Is this not the mind-set of The Great Teacher, as expressed in Mark 11?

'mountain moving' talk at its best

And look at her supreme confidence: "whatever I set out to do I shall be able to accomplish." Is this not "mountain-moving" talk at its best? How "good" she says, "to be alive." What a wonderful example of "embrace this God-life, really embrace it."

READ MORE in the Mark 11 article.



Editor’s note: Professor Steven Goldman in his lectures “What Scientists Know and How They Know It” speaks of a certain fallacious form of reasoning which infects modern science. This error of logic was well known to philosophers and scientists of the past, but it’s ignored today as if we were immune from the consequences of bad thinking. In common parlance, the problem can be defined as “if the experiment works, then the theory must be true.” And this fallacy also invades the doctrine of reincarnation. See the discussion below.

the sun comes up in the east every morning, it's so obvious that the sun is circling the earth, we can even see it crossing the sky all day long, and we can predict that the sun will rise again in the east tomorrow morning, we’ve never been wrong yet in these predictions, so we know we're right

“It’s a simple matter of cause-and-effect,” the chanticleer chuckles to himself. “Anyone can see that my crowing causes the sun to rise. It happens every morning at my call, and has done so for thousands of years. What could be more convincing?”

‘if A is true, then B is also true’ – but, not so fast

Professor Steven Goldman of Lehigh University teaches a course, What Scientists Know and How They Know It. He says that just because an idea “works” as predicted doesn’t mean it’s true. There could be many other reasons why it “worked,” and maybe the popular reason isn’t the real reason at all. The fallacy is codified in ‘if A is true, then B is also true.’

modern science is based upon the following flawed experimental method

Professor Goldman, near the end of lecture two, asserts:

“There is a serious intellectual problem [extant today] that Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes were well aware of, and so were Galileo, Newton, and Leibnitz. [The problem arises in the] attempt to argue that a scientific theory is true because it makes correct experimental predictions… There is [in this a fallacious] form of reasoning [going back to the universities of the Middle Ages and their courses on logic] which is called ‘Affirming the Consequent.’ This is how it works:

"Let’s suppose we know that the following sentence is true:

If my theory is true, then, as a logical consequence, X should turn red.

"Well, [as it happens] X does turn red.

Therefore, my theory is true.

"This form of reasoning is a deductive logical fallacy because there could be other reasons why X turns red.

[We can formulate this error with]

If A is true, then B is also true

"And if B, in fact, turns out to be true, this does not tell you that A is true.

All of modern science is based upon [flawed] experimental prediction of this sort. So, this means that, built into modern science, is a flaw [of logical procedure, making it prone to error]… There is [in modern science] a kind of fracture zone that precludes certainty. We can never be certain that just because a theory ‘works’ [or gives us a predicted response] that it is true [in a universal sense].

many theories in the history of science 'worked' but they were still very wrong

"As we will see in this course of lectures, there were many theories [in the history of science] thought to be correct [as a final answer] because they ‘worked,’ but were subsequently [overturned] and declared to be false. Newtonian mechanics being one example of this [overturning], once we hit relativity theory.

swept under the rug

"We will talk about this [problem] with respect to Newton and Leibnitz [who were well aware of this pitfall in logical reasoning], but then, [after these two great scientists passed from the scene] this awareness [of the logical fallacy] disappears [in the history of science], as if it could be swept under the rug.

"Nevertheless, it is a fact that a deductively fallacious reasoning is a fundamental feature of modern science."

‘if A is true, then B is also true’ – but, 'if B, in fact, turns out to be true, this does not tell you that A is true'

And this is the fallacious argument for reincarnation – that is, if "past lives" or certain NDE testimonies or particular channeled afterlife reports supporting reincarnation have occured, this does not mean that reincarnation has been substantiated.

As Professor Goldman points out, there could be other reasons why we find what appears to be "past lives" or supportive NDE testimony or the seemingly affirming channeled report.

On this page, you will find a great cache, scores of writings, concerning evidence explaining why "B" in fact does not exist, that is, why the apparent support for reincarnation melts away under a torrid rebuttal of closer examination, a full review of the facts, better views and explanations.

The sun coming up in the morning is not "proof" that the rooster has power over our nearest star; further, though it appears, with millions of eye-witnesses, that the sun rises in the east and travels across the sky all day long to find its nocturnal repose in the west, this is not proof that the sun orbits the earth.

Science is a process of piercing through shadows of "obvious" reality all the way to an undergirding of greater mystery, complexity, and wonder. The surface-meaning is rarely the final answer. Study quantum mechanics to find out just how true this statement is.

giving solidity to wind

The many points of rebuttal against "R" on this page are often ignored, "swept under the rug," as Professor Goldman intimated, made out to be non-existent. It is only this blinding of the eyes to a full treatment of the facts, however, that allows reincarnation to parade itself as legitimate. It is, in reality, a gigantic fraud, a hoax, it doesn't happen, is a product of one-sided investigation, of "painting the bulls-eye around the arrow," of sloppy reasoning and cultish dogma posing as knowledge; just an attempt to give solidity to wind - and as convincing as the chanticleer's proudful sunrise anthem.

Some who support “R”, and attempt to present it as “scientific evidence of the afterlife,” like to speak of “repeatable experiments,” as if this were the dispositive factor in determining truth. If one seeks for evidence within a narrow area concerning those who believe in “R,” or in areas where the immature tend to reside, then, yes, you will receive confirming testimony from “repeatable experiments” – but the sampling is tainted and not representative of the truthful whole.

Professor Goldman spends considerable time eviscerating this fallacious use of what can be a smug hiding behind “we use repeatable experiments.” Allow me to quote from the notes from his lecture:

the collective as self-fulfilling prophecy

In addition to Thomas Hobbes' criticism of [Boyle and Hooke's] scientific machines [the just-invented air-pump], Hobbes had sharp words for the newly-organized Royal Society. What did he have against it (other than their rejection of him as a member)? Hobbes had some good objections: He thought, because the Royal Society was an exclusive group, self-selected, and the fact that experiments were done for them, by invitation only, that, in effect, these people were reinforcing their own prejudices. The discoveries they were announcing were of the sort they were already committed to.

I submit to you that the lauded "repeatable experiments" seemingly propping up "R" constitute nothing more than a "reinforcement of the prejudices" of an "exclusive group," those who accept "R" as a kind of religious dogma irrespective of a necessary wider treatment of the facts.

For further reading on Professor Goldman’s instruction, see the articles “Knowledge, Part II,” “Hume’s Causation and Induction,” and “Evolution: Not Enough Time, Part III.”



The following testimony from Summerland, a tape-recorded account, was facilitated by the direct-voice mediumship of Leslie Flint. His work was featured in the article “500 tape-recorded messages from the other side.”

the belief in reincarnation takes its place as just one more religion of the world, something to discard and grow out of when one crosses over

A Mr. Briggs communicated from the other side:

'My name is Briggs. I was for many years, when on your side, a member of the Christadelphians" [an American sect believing that they, and hardly anyone else, will be raised from the dead and return to Earth when Christ returns to subdue the world from Jerusalem].

In my own narrow way, when I was on your side, I sincerely believed at the time that only those who accepted and believed as I did would inherit the kingdom of God. I know this is a fallacy now - that all peoples inherit the Kingdom of God because it is a natural law. When a man dies his spirit inherits the spiritual realms which are all around and about your earth world. It is inescapable.

There is no one left out, and man inherits according to his nature and his achievement, or lack of achievement going to a lesser condition or place. In other words man receives exactly what he himself has created in his life, his outlook, and his way of life. Religion in itself cannot save a man. Religion cannot necessarily make a man a better person. This is something that can only come when man realizes that he is already in embryo a spiritual being.”

He went on to tell the story of his arrival on the other side.

happiness and confidence in a fool's paradise

My mind was closed to truth. When I first came here, I found myself in an environment which for me was very satisfactory and very happy. I was in paradise. But I realize now I was in a fool's paradise. A condition of life which consisted entirely of people of like mind. People who had believed as I had believed, who had accepted as I had accepted what I thought was the complete and absolute truth. We were content with our meetings and our singing of hymns, and our prayers, and we would talk of the time when we should be brought back to Earth to be resurrected as we had been told, and we would enter into our physical bodies and becomes earthly people living in an earthly paradise.”

Neville Randall, reviewer of Leslie Flint’s work, comments: “His re-education came slowly. It began when he started to feel uneasy. Then, curious to him, he became aware that other people, not of his own sect, who seemed to have got to Heaven too.

everyone is damned, except, so conveniently - me

"They started to talk to him. One of them, a man called Bernard, took him for a long walk and told him that he'd been a Roman Catholic priest. Briggs was horrified. Catholics and Spiritualists, he'd been taught, were equally damned! Not to worry, said Bernard. They had both held strong views. And they had both been wrong.

“Their journey took them through a series of small, isolated communities still dressing and living as they'd done three or four hundred years ago on Earth. And it ended in a beautiful city where everyone seemed uninhibited and loving.

a prison for the mind, finally opened

Briggs: “And here, I found that peace which I feel I want to give to the whole world. I want to tell everyone there is no barrier at all to man once his mind is unshackled, once he is free to think for himself.”

each one believes him- or herself to be part of the 'one true' group of God

Editor’s note: Briggs, a Christadelphian, had he sent a psychic message immediately upon crossing over, would have offered sincere affirmation that the next world is set up to honor the beliefs of Christadelphians. And if a Catholic were to communicate, he or she would offer testimony that “heaven” is oriented toward the teachings of the RCC. So it would be for true-believer Baptist, Muslim, Buddhist or any other fundamentalist.

fake-news reports from the philosophical ghetto

And so it is with the believers in reincarnation, members of one more religion of this deluded world. If they communicate with the Earth, they will attest to the veridical nature of “R.” It’s what they know, it’s what they see, from the perspective of the philosophical ghetto in which they live. But they, along with all fundamentalists, will be growing out of these narrow views.

A communicator named “Pierre” spoke via Flint on September 1, 1963:

"There are far too many selfish people, even among the Spiritualists, who are only concerned with what they are going to get from it. They are not concerned with spiritual truths. That is why they ask such mundane, material questions...

'one truth' - but it is not reincarnation, nor any other fraudulent religion of the world

"There are many, many different religions in your world ... many confusing, conflicting ideas and thoughts. But there is one truth, and it is the truth of everlasting life; that, all who die, live...

the truth is not meant to mirror one's fears and prejudices

"We are grateful because you [of the Flint group] have, like so few have, the true spirit, the true realization. Your minds are free and open to receive. There are no prejudices. There are no stumbling blocks that we find with so many who want to tie truth, which must always be free, to their own particular brand of religion. They want to try, if they can, to bring this great truth down to a certain level which only they can understand and appreciate, because it must be in the confines of their own particular religion or belief or dogma.

"We have no dogmas. We have no religion in the sense that you understand religion. We have a freedom of expression, and a freedom of thought, and a freedom of spirit which is far beyond the confines of Man and his pettiness and his foolishness. We are free to speak the truth and it is because of this that we are happy to come and be able to give it to you.

ask, seek, knock - but knock like you mean it, or have you already decided what you want to find

"Knock, it has been said, and it shall be opened unto you. But how few people in your world truly knock. There are some who gently tap the door and are surprised because no one hears them. There are those who strive to turn the handle, but it will not open. And there are those who put their whole weight against the door and it flies open..."



Great Mystery - or is it Great Mockery? 

'please, God, save me from this hope which is despair, this dreadful good' 

Written over 100 years ago, a dying wife's poem encourages both herself and her husband concerning a future reunion. If anything, in the coming eternities, were to separate them and their love, heaven could never offer its promised bliss:

... a horrible fear within me grew
That since the preciousness of love
Went thus for nothing
, mine might prove
To be no more, and heaven's bliss
Some dreadful good which is not this

What shall I dread? Will God undo
Our bond... Why, it seems almost wicked, dear,
Even to utter such a fear
Are we not 'heirs,' as man and wife,
'Together of eternal life?'

And are we not forbid to grieve
As without hope? Does God deceive,
And call that hope which is despair
Namely, the heaven we should not share?
Our union is, you know 'tis said, 'great mystery.'
Great mockery, it appears to me;
Poor image of the spousal bond,
of Christ and Church, if loosed beyond …

Reincarnation is presented to us as a salvation theory; a necessary medicine, they say; a "dreadful good" required to perfect us. However, especially for lovers, the remedy would be infinitely more harmful than the disease.

a grey gruel of essential self

After thousands of lives, after mixing our essential selves endlessly, transforming core being into some form of grey gruel of personhood, with other mates, other unions, other genders, then, the reincarnationists assure, we shall have attained “perfection”.

diluted into emotional nothingness

Even if such dubious wholeness were attainable via many lives, who would want it, with the love of one’s life having been diluted into an emotional nothingness after unnumbered existences?

Thankfully, God does not deceive and call that hope which is despair; and the preciousness of love has not presented itself for naught.

One thing we can know assuredly concerning the reincarnationists’ fraud and deception, the proponents of this pernicious doctrine have not, themselves, experienced true love.

how cold is my room


The Hollies, Pay You Back With Interest

"... how cold is my room, how cold is my room, without your love beside me, we look at the same old moon, but you're not here beside me"



you can have it all laid out in front of you, but it won't make you think 

Concert for George
Royal Albert Hall
November 29, 2002

Horse To Water

you can take a horse to the water but you can't make him drink, oh no, oh no, oh no, a friend of mine in so much misery, some people sail through life, he is struggling, I said, "hey man, let's go out and get some wisdom," first he turned on me, then turned off his nervous system, you can take a horse to the water but you can't make him drink, oh no, oh no, oh no, you can have it all laid out in front of you, but it won't make you think, oh no, oh no, oh no


listen to Sam Brown’s sensational version of “Horse to Water” at the Concert for George