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Dr. & Mrs. Carl Wickland 



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Dr. Carl & Anna Wickland 


During the early 1900s, Dr. Wickland worked as a psychiatrist and paranormal researcher; a member of the Chicago Medical Society, and director of the National Psychological Institute of Los Angeles. He specialized in cases of schizophrenia, paranoia, depression, addiction, manic-depression, criminal behavior, and phobias of all kinds. His wife Anna, a trance medium, allowed him to speak to, and help, discarnate entities which troubled his patients. For over 30 years this husband-and-wife team communicated with thousands of confused, disoriented spirits and documented their findings:

"Spirit obsession is a fact - a perversion of a natural law - and is amply demonstrable. This has been proven hundreds of times by causing the supposed insanity or aberration to be temporarily transferred from the victim to a psychic sensitive who is trained for the purpose, and by this method ascertain the cause of the psychosis to be an ignorant or mischievous spirit, whose identity may frequently be verified."


Editor's note: I purchased a copy of Gateway Of Understanding and was surprised to find this handwritten dedication by Dr. Wickland's secretary of 40 years, Nelle M. Watts! It's always a good sign if those working closely with a public figure are willing to offer high praise.



I highly recommend these two books by Dr. Wickland.



Wickland came to understand that the doctrine of reincarnation was incorrect:

  • "The theory of reincarnation can undoubtedly be traced to early stages of mankind when departed spirits took possession of the bodies of sensitive individuals and lived and acted through them, thus seemingly indicating reincarnation. But in reality this was only spirit obsession or possession."


from www.psychicanada.com:

... I highly recommend you read both of Dr. Wicklands books and decide for yourself if his work shouldn't be brought into a more central position among the most influential studies of the psyche.

Due to the fact his work has been mysteriously plunged into the annals of obscurity, we remain fifty years behind in our grasp of the eternal aspect of our psyche. Ask yourself especially why Dr. Wickland has been systematically moved out of the limelight and into obscurity. Were his experiments and findings a threat to a status quo?

I would suggest certainly this becomes obvious when viewed from the perspective that his work challenges the stances of enormous billion dollar industries including the psychiatric and religious institutions that have vested interests in how we conceptualize mental and spiritual health.

Further I believe it is now at this time in our human growth that this understanding is critical if we intend to honour our commitment to understanding the purpose of human embodiments, the relationship between the earth plane and spirit world, and the fact of eternal life. Knowing why we inhabit a physical universe at all may help us get straight about our priorities and advocate more vigorously for a united and moral world.


Why should you go back to being confined in a small body and have no will of your own? 

Dr. Wickland, Thirty Years Among The Dead:

A venerable family friend, Dr. J. M. Peebles, former Consul to Turkey, world traveler and, for sixty years, an international lecturer on psychic science, passed on at the age of ninety-nine and has since spoken through Mrs. Wickland upon various occasions, sometimes bringing earthbound spirits for enlightenment.

Spirit: DR. J. M. PEEBLES.

Spirit: Good Evening, my friends. I thank you for opening the door so I could bring in the ones that are in misery and have them find understanding. I like to be here with you and I like to help you with your work.

Doctor: Whoever you are, you are very welcome.

Sp. You know who I am. This is Dr. Peebles. I am young now. I was always young in spirit but my body commenced to grow old and I could not always do as I wished. I should very much have liked to live to be one hundred years old, but I could not. I had a most beautiful celebration on my hundredth birthday in the spirit world among friends.

I was very glad to go. When I reached the spirit world I was glad to find such glory and happiness and beauty. I understood about the spirit world but it cannot be described. I cannot tell you how it is...

I traveled around the world five times, saw many conditions of life and heard many different lectures on the Great Truth. Let us not have beliefs. Let us only learn to understand the grandeur of God. Realize that this little Earth is only a grammar school. It is not a University, not even a High School; it is only the first lesson of life. Many do not learn in that school.

Dr. (Who had been discussing reincarnation with a member of the circle, jestingly.) They reincarnate again!

Sp. (Earnestly.) No, they do not. Why should you want to come back again? Why should you go back to being confined in a small body and have no will of your own? In the spirit world you are free to travel everywhere; you do not need a physical body. Why go back into that prison again? Why should a child, ready to enter High School, go back to the Sixth, Seventh or Eighth grade?

Those of you who are here at the present time, when you have learned the primary lesson of life, would you like to go back into a small body, and know nothing? When you travel, you learn. You can learn in one day here what it takes ten or twelve years to learn on earth. If you feel like seeing things, you travel.

During my life I studied Reincarnation, and also Mrs. Cora Richmond's Re-embodiment.

Ques. What is Re-embodiment?

Dr. It is a projection of self into the physical to acquire certain experiences.

Sp. She believed you had to have many experiences; that you had to be a murderer, a thief, a salesman, a tailor, that you must learn all the trades and professions. Why can't you learn these experiences through others? If you come in contact with a man, you do not need to be perfect to profit by his experience. You can learn by object lessons. We teach children by object lessons and so it is through life.

In the spirit world, if you wish to see a big factory making all sorts of machinery, you can, as a spirit, go there by thinking and can learn all about it. If you want to learn what they are doing in other parts of the world, in Russia, Germany, England, Indian, Australia, think and you are there, and so learn your lessons. Should you then be born again?

All you learn in [Earth] life is only like a day in spirit. I do not mean you grasp it all at once. You have nothing to hold you when you are free - remember, a free spirit, free and open to learn.

Dr. For instance, here [on Earth], when we want to know what is in a book, we have to go through it. In the spirit world, I presume you sense the contents.

Sp. Yes, you sense it by feeling. When you are in the body, you have to act through the brain, and it is difficult, but in the spirit world you are free. You have no brain to interfere. Life is everlasting. Everything you have learned through life that belongs to the soul is stored in your memory, but so long as you live in the material body the cells clog up. You lose your memory because the spirit cannot work on the brain cells as well in old age as in youth. The cells are not so active, and there are times when memory is shut out.

There are times when you feel like a drowning man; everything stands before you, things which have been forgotten. As spirits we have our memory, but when we come back and control a medium, sometimes even our names are forgotten. We get into another body, very much like obsession.

Dr. That must be a form of obsession.

Sp. No, it is not. When obsession takes place, the spirit clings to that body and it is hard to let go. I would say that there is not one person on Earth who is not obsessed in one way or another. You know, in olden times, when I was a young boy, life was very different from what it is now. We did not hurry, because there was nothing to hurry for. Now, life is all hurry. People are living too rapid a life. If a man does not work fast, they say, "Quit him"; if he does not do that and that, "Quit him."

Nowadays people have to be so keen that the nervous system fails and they lose themselves; then the spirits step in. If you were a clairvoyant and walked down some busy street, You would be surprised to find how many persons have invisible company...

Do not become hypnotized in any way by dogma, creed or belief, but find God within yourself and be free. Ask to hear, to see, to feel and to know God, then your eyes will be opened to spiritual things and you will not want to come back to this Earth life again.

You could not live on Earth more than once - no, no! You cannot light again a candle that has burned out. Life is progression not retrogression. You go from one degree to another, and so on and on.

In the spirit world your time is so taken up with duties that you have no time to think of coming back. You want to see your friends and you want to travel, because you can see all you want to when you are free and have understanding.

Many ask, "How about children who have passed out and have not had Earth life experience?" They have it. The spirit of the mother's love brings the children to her, often they are around her and in this way learn of Earth life. They are also taught. We have, in the spirit world, teachers of higher things, and they teach by object lessons. We take children to schools of various kinds and teach them God's wonders. There they learn the real life, not merely reading and writing... Our schools teach progression to a higher life. I wish you could open your eyes to see how rapidly the children progress by object lessons...




Dr. Wickland speaks to a disturbed spirit-girl, Sarah McDonald, who does not realize she's died. The following is an excerpt from Dr. Wickland's "Thirty Years Among The Dead":


MARCH 28, 1923

Spirit: Sarah McDonald. The spirit who assumed control of the psychic (Mrs. Wickland) tonight was vigorously singing a religious hymn.

Doctor: Have you been here before?

Spirit: Let's sing some more.

Dr. We are going to talk now.

Sp. I think we'd better sing another song.

Dr. If we did, you might become too enthusiastic.

Sp. We are in church, and you know you have to sing. Sing!
Hallelujah! Tell the story!

Dr. We are going to be sensible.

Sp. You have to sing. You have to do that. That belongs to
church. Let us pray, in Jesus' name, for evermore!

Dr. That would be very tiresome. 

Sp. Let us sing and pray to the Lord. Hallelujah! Jesus Christ!

Dr. Now stop; that is enough. What is your name?

Sp. Let's sing and pray!

Dr. You must be sensible or leave. Tell us who you are and where
you came from.

Sp. What church is this anyhow, where you talk in this way?

Dr. Be sensible, otherwise you will have to go. How long have you been
dead? You know something happened to you. You have been
hovering around the earth, probably for years, and have never gotten
anywhere. Be sensible.

Sp. I am sensible; I'm not crazy.

Dr. You are religiously insane.

Sp. We all pray to God and the Holy Ghost. (Loudly.) Hallelujah!

Dr. We do not need that shouting.

Sp. I am doing work in the name of Jesus Christ.

Dr. We have heard such talk before.

Sp. Not from me, you haven't. I am working for the Lord Jesus

Dr. This is not the place for such talk as that.

Sp. Are you a sinner?

Dr. Listen to me. Whoever you are, you have lost your body.

Sp. What church is this?

Dr. It is no church.

Sp. I am glad of that, because I thought the church must surely
have changed. Let me talk, in Jesus' name!

Dr. You have been brought here by kind spirits so that you can
understand your condition. You are a spirit and probably have been
for a long time. You will not listen to any one who tries to enlighten you.

Sp. Go ahead then, and say what you have to say. Then I can talk, too.

Dr. Understand your condition. You are temporarily controlling
this body. Some friend brought you here for help. Do you realize that
something happened to you?

Sp. No.

Dr. You would if you were honest. You know that you are in a
strange condition. You are not honest enough to pay any attention to
it. Do you know that you are in Los Angeles, California?

Sp. How did I get there? I suppose I sang and prayed as a
missionary. A missionary must have taken me away.

Dr. You were brought here because you are an ignorant spirit.
What did your mother call you?

Sp. I don't know just now; I can't think.

Dr. You have lost your physical body. Ignorant spirits often lose
the memory of their earth lives. You do not even remember your name.

Sp. My name is Sarah, in Jesus' name!

Dr. Sarah what?

Sp. McDonald, in Jesus' name!

Dr. You know that all that shouting is useless. Do you not realize
that you have been "dead" for some time?

Sp. Hallelujah!

Dr. You do not even know that you are dead. You are only using
this body for a short time. Do you hear me? Do you know what year it is?

Sp. In Jesus' name, I do not care.

Dr. Religious fanatics never care.

Sp. I am a Christian woman, in Jesus' name. Glory to God! Hallelujah!

Dr. Do you know what Jesus said?

Sp. Yes; He said: "God forgive them, they do not know any
better." I will pray for you.

Dr. We do not need your prayers.

Sp. Glory to God!

Dr. Do you know that you are dead?

Sp. That doesn't interest me.

Dr. You are controlling the body of a mortal sensitive.

Sp. Jesus is my friend! Glory!

Dr. We carry on experimental work to learn what becomes of the
dead. We always find that the most ignorant, stubborn spirits are the
religious fanatics, shouting and singing all the time. Jesus said:
"Know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Sp. God forgive them, they don't know better! I will pray for you all.

Dr. You need not trouble yourself. You do not understand your
condition at all. What you say is nothing but foolish talk. In your
heart you know you are a pretender.

Sp. God forgive! Let us pray!

Dr. We do not need your hypocritical prayers.

Sp. I never was in such a place before. I never saw anything like
this. (Crying.) I do not know what will become of me!

Dr. Try to understand what I am saying to you. Stop your foolish
religious talk. You say "Jesus" and "Lord," and you have no
understanding of true religion.

Sp. God help me! God help me! God forgive!

Dr. He does not need to. Listen to what I say.

Sp. (Drawling.) What more do you want?

Dr. Why speak with such affectation? Do you know that you are
controlling a body that does not belong to you? Aren't you ashamed
of yourself? You know that you are not sincere. Tell us how long you
have been dead. You must realize that something has happened to you.

Intelligent spirits have brought you here and allowed you to
control my wife's body, and we are trying to help you understand
your condition, but that does not seem to interest you.

Sp. I don't care! (Trying to bite.)

The spirit would not listen to any line of reasoning and was
forced to leave.




The following is a partial transcript of a spirit-person's testimony who, years earlier, had been brought to his senses by dialogue with Dr. Wickland. Now, having found his true life in the Astral Realms, he returns to the Wicklands on a social call and with a report of his progress:


I believed that Christ died for my sins, that belief and creed would keep me out of the higher spirit world.


Editor's note: Why is a belief that "Jesus died for my sins" detrimental to one's spiritual health? It constitutes a non-acceptance of personal responsibility, leaving one in a co-dependent frame of mind - which retards one's growth.


When I had passed out of my body, you told me that I should look for
spirit friends who would help me, and that my first lesson would be to serve others. I have had a very hard time.

The first thing I had to do was to conquer self, and it is very hard to
conquer selfishness when you have never thought of anything else but
selfishness. We must conquer that before we can do any work at all in the
spirit world.

The best way is to be put in a dark room - we sometimes call it a dungeon - where we see nothing but ourselves and our acts of the past.


Editor's note: It's a kind of "detention" where one is alone with one's thoughts.


One after another these acts come crowding in. The good ones are so few that they hardly count for anything. When we do see a good act, it seems as if it belongs to some one else. We have to stay there until our hearts and eyes are opened. When we seek to overcome our bad habits and to live for others then we get out of the selfish state.

My heart was very hardened, but finally I cried out: "Not my will any
longer, but thine."

The first thing to be done is to help serve the very lowest we come in
contact with. I felt that I did not want to assist with this or that, but I had to. I had to learn patience. When we can serve without grumbling and do it for the love of our fellow man, it does not seem so hard.

So I have gone on and on, from one thing to another, always learning, and
through learning I have stepped into a more beautiful condition. In the
invisible world we advance by stages, but only through learning.

I want to thank you tonight for the help you have given me. I have a beautiful little home in the spirit world by this time, and I am happy, but my work is not done yet.

My work is to keep on helping those who need help, and to try to
influence the boys on Earth not to do the mischief they are planning, but to
try to be good, and do the very best they know how for their fellow men...


it was only spirits who sent the thoughts to my mind


Dr. Wickland, Thirty Years Among The Dead:

The testimony of a spirit entity speaking through Mrs. Wickland:

"There was a time when I thought I had reincarnated, because when I would write I felt that I had been here before, but I find that it was only spirits who sent the thoughts to my mind and gave me strength to write, and in that way I felt that I had been here before. It was only another's mind reflecting on my mind."


Editor's note: As James Webster masterfully frames the issue: "Whose memories are they!?"



I wanted to reincarnate to be great. I got into a child's body and crippled it, and could not get out!


Dr. Wickland, Thirty Years Among The Dead:

The testimony of a spirit entity speaking through Mrs. Wickland:



Spirit: Is it really true that I am well now? Can I talk? Can I move my
arms and feet? Then reincarnation is true, because before I could neither talk nor walk. How did I get out of the child?

Doctor: Intelligent spirits brought you here for help.

Sp. I wanted to come back and reincarnate in a child, and I got in [i.e., spirit attachment] and could not get out. I was so paralyzed that I could not express myself and I was in an awful state.

I was a Theosophist and I wanted to reincarnate to be great. I got into a
child's body and crippled it, and also crippled my mind and that of the child. I stayed in the child because I did not know how to get out. I acted as a child and I could not talk.

I know I passed out of my mortal body some years ago, far away in
India, but I do not realize when it took place. I wanted so much to
reincarnate and to come back to this earth life to live my other Karma.

Do not hold on to the thought of coming back. but look for something higher, for the state I was in was the worst torture anybody could have.

I lived in Calcutta and wanted to learn to be a Master and go through my
Karma, but instead I am as you see me to be.

I reincarnated [i.e., attached his spirit to] in a child and became crippled, and I also got into the vibration of the mother. It was very hard and I want to warn others never to come back and try to reincarnate through a little child. Leave reincarnation alone, because it is only a mistake, but the philosophy of Theosophy is very fine.

Look upward; don't think of the astral shells, for they are of no use.

I was very selfish and wanted to come back to earth life just to be
something great, but instead I got into a very low state. I had intended to
show the Theosophists that I could come back and reincarnate in a child.

Madam Blavatsky should have taught differently. (pointing to an
invisible) I will tell you, Madam, you are the one who is to blame for the
condition I am in today.

Madam Blavatsky stands here trying to help me now. She is the one who
gave me the teachings and thoughts of reincarnation
, and now she is trying to show me the right way and states there is no such thing as reincarnation.

One gets all mixed up trying to enter another's body for reincarnation.

Dr. What is your name?

Sp. I cannot recall my name just now.

Madam Blavatsky was in India and taught Theosophy, had many
followers and I was with her. I have also met Anna Kingsford and Dr.
Hartmann, and he also was to blame for my condition.

They pushed me in here that I might be taught and freed. I am so pleased
that I can talk again; that is something I have not been able to do for years.

Madam Blavatsky, Anna Kingsford and the Judge were all great lights,
and now they have found out their big mistakes. They are all working to get their victims free, and so they brought me to this place for instruction and guidance.

I was in India, having been there for many years. My father was an
officer in the Army. I spent most of my time in Calcutta, where I met all the
great lights of Theosophy, and I joined the Theosophical Society. I liked
Colonel Olcott; he was a great fellow.

I remember being very sick in India for some time. I have no desire to reincarnate again because reincarnation is a wrong doctrine. It creates a selfishness to come back.

One can learn without being reincarnated. What, I suppose, did I learn in my last reincarnation (i.e., spirit attachment) in the child? What did I learn?

I believed in Theosophy and my Karma, and I thought I had to go
through with it.

Colonel Olcott belonged to the Great Masters. He belonged
to the spirit of Fire and Water-I mean the elementals of Fire and Water.

Dr. Have you ever heard of mediums?

Sp. They are only astral shells. Madam Blavatsky says we  must all help
those who try to reincarnate. She and the others have come to say they
are trying to help and for that purpose have formed a big society.

I thought I had come to life when I came here, and that I could reincarnate
and talk to them as I did in life. I did not know they had passed over. Teaching as they did, why did they not reincarnate the same as I?

Madam Blavatsky was a great missionary, as you know. She says she is
now trying to make all her victims understand about the life after this
as it really is.

She says that she was a medium at one time, but that she did
not want anybody to control her. She thought you should develop your own
self and mental faculties, and go through your Karma.

I should not have been taught the falseness I was.

Madam tells me that I should listen to this gentleman, (Dr. W.) and that
he will explain things.

Explanations were given regarding life on the earth plane, the preparation for the life that is to follow, and the fact that the knowledge and wisdom gained here will be the light of understanding each one carries to the other side of life.

The spirit finally gave the name of William Stanley, and departed, grateful for the enlightenment he had received.



Oh! the beautiful worlds beyond!


Dr. Wickland, Thirty Years Among The Dead:

The testimony of a spirit entity speaking through Mrs. Wickland:

You can learn much about the other side of life while here [on Earth], and when you pass over there you will learn more and more of things which you could not learn while here because you could not understand them.

Oh, the world of worlds! If you could only travel to the beautiful worlds beyond and see the grandeur there!

We also have to serve, to bring others to the same harmony we enjoy. We cannot return and be babies again, but we step down to earth-life to help our loved ones and friends.




memories of 'past lives' are caused by attaching spirits


Dr. Wickland, Thirty Years Among The Dead:

The testimony of a spirit entity speaking through Mrs. Wickland:

I studied Reincarnation, and I thought there was truth and justice in the theory that we come back and learn and have more experiences. I taught it and wanted to bring it out to the world and its peoples. I felt that I remembered far back in my past. I felt I knew all about my past, but I was mistaken.

Memories of "past lives" are caused by spirits that bring such thoughts and represent the lives they lived. A spirit impresses you with the experiences of its life and these are implanted in your mind as your own. You then think you remember your past.

When you study, especially when you study Theosophy, you develop your mind and live in an atmosphere of mind. You remove yourself as much as possible from the physical. Naturally you become sensitive, and naturally you feel the spirits around you.

They speak to you by impressions and their past will be like a panorama. You feel it, and you live over the past of spirits and you make the mistake of taking this for the memory of former incarnations.

I did not know this when I lived. I took it for granted that these memories were true, but when I came to the spirit side of life I learned differently. I studied a great deal. Theosophy is the best and highest philosophy of life intrinsically, but let us study the truth, let us live up to the truth of it and forget theories.

Let us develop the truth within us - find ourselves. Do not let us look far away; do not let us look in the past, do not let us look into the future, but let us find ourselves in our present condition and let us be true to ourselves. Let us forget all theories and dogmas. Let us know and feel the nearness of God.

Reincarnation is not true. I did not want to believe that. They told me here in the spirit world that I could not reincarnate. I have tried and tried to come back to be somebody else, but I could not. We cannot reincarnate. We progress, we do not come back.

Why should you come back to live another life when you have gained experience and an understanding while you were here, and, furthermore, since this is only a preliminary school on Earth? Let us learn to find ourselves. While I am sorry to say many have not found themselves, let all of us here acquire knowledge so that when we go to the spirit side of life we shall go on to a higher life.

In earth life you have your material body to hinder you. If you want to write a book you have to look up data here and there and go to the library to find some book that contains what you wish to know. You may have to go from one place to another and yet not find it. It all takes time, and time is limited; you are hindered.

In the spirit world, if we want data on a certain thing we think of it and it is all before us. There is no time, no matter, to hinder. In the spirit world, if we want earthly experience, do you think we have to reincarnate to get that experience? No, we do not.

For illustration, say one wants to know more about medicine. He then goes to a school as a student, hears everything, sees everything, and comes in contact with everything, learning it much quicker than he could grasp it on earth, and he has it much clearer in his mind. In earth life you have to study for years, and then you do not get it as clearly as we do.

Suppose you want experience in the spirit world with machinery or anything else - you can get it easily. We have everything in the spirit world, because everything that is invented on earth has first been invented in the spirit world.

Suppose an inventor passes on before completion of his invention. He will not give it up. He studies it on the spirit side of life because it is easier to study there, as he has more time. When he has everything ready he finds some sensitive and impresses the invention on his mind. Then that one commences on it, perfects it, and gives it to the world.

If I impress a sensitive with an idea, in one sense I reincarnate - not in his body, but by impressing him with what I want done. In this way we come and go, if we are attracted to earth life and want to be here.

When you have once reached the spirit world, where all are congenial, where all is life, where all is bliss, where there is no jealousy, no envy, where all is one grand harmony, do you think for one moment that you would want to leave that beautiful condition to come back to earth and be a little baby, restricted in mind and knowing nothing - nothing whatever?

Furthermore, you might get into a sickly, crippled body and be worse than you were before. No, reincarnation is not true. I believed it, I taught it, and I was sure that I should come back and be somebody else. But I will not. I can do far more good now.

If I want to do some missionary work, or some good, I go down to the earth sphere, the earthbound sphere, where the spirits are in all kinds of misery. I preach to them and teach them; I try to rescue them. So I find my work. Why should we go down from the harmony in the spirit world [into mortal life a second time] to what I might call hell?

Here we have one group, singing and praying and praising God from early morning until night, and they are so self-hypnotized that we cannot talk to them. We go to another group and there we find the misers. They are so busy counting money, money, which is their God, that we cannot reach them.

We go to others who have been ruined in life; they are bitter and jealous, they have nothing but revenge in their minds. They have no love or kindness. They are like sponges which have been dipped in muddy water; you would not even know they were sponges. Their love has turned to hate and they cannot be taught love and kindness. They will spit at you, they will laugh at you, for they feel that there is no God, no kindness, no love, but all is jealousy and selfishness.

But we are not disappointed; our mission is to turn these souls to better things. We may have a hard time. We cannot go there and pray for them - no, no! They would shut the door and say they did not want us, and so we cannot go there and talk and lecture.

You may ask how it is possible to reach them. First we try to concentrate on them. Then we have music. Sometimes we have to play very softly so they can hardly hear it, then we play a little louder. No matter how evil, how mean, how low, souls have been, they will listen to music. When they have given their attention to the music, we concentrate on them to waken and look up to higher things.

Artists then paint pictures of the higher life for them, object lessons, little stories. Their life history can be seen by us and we put this in pictures, one by one, and let them see the mistakes they have made. Presently they ask questions and then we come a little closer to them. After that we take them to the higher life.

In another group are those who are self-hypnotized. They have gone to sleep. They were taught that death is a sleep and that they will sleep until the Last Day when God will sit on His throne and judge them. They are difficult to reach, especially if they have put themselves into an actual death sleep.

Sometimes we have to bring them to control a medium and waken them in that way. When we cannot reach the earthbound spirits at all we have to bring them to earth life to a circle like this [with Dr. and Mrs. Wickland] where they get understanding through matter.



Editor's last word:

A book review, above, wonders why Anna and Carl Wickland's 30 years of research has been "mysteriously plunged into the annals of obscurity." 

There's little mystery about it. This great body of knowledge constitutes, not only irrefutable evidence for a highly-populated invisible world, but a massive threat to vested interests, both scientific and religious.

Thirty Years Among The Dead and Gateway Of Understanding are required reading for anyone desiring a clearer perspective on how the moral universe really works.

We are warned against the pitfalls of the religionist, the dogmatist, the reincarnationist, and the materialist. Instead, to advance ourselves, we are to emphasize finding God within, along with our true selves, and maintaining a trustworthiness toward both.

This latter precept is just about the most important thing we can know about living life successfully, in this world and the next.

I hope to discuss "finding God within," in greater detail.