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Scientific Evidence
for the Afterlife


20+ Nobel laureates have investigated, and accepted, the evidence for post-mortem survival of consciousness




Editor's Note: This article is part of a series; see the 8 link-icons below - each is best reviewed within a wide corpus of knowledge. My research, for nearly 60 years, attempts to get at what's real and true. Concerning priority of the topics, there's a song-lyric, "love changes everything" - so it is with the scientific evidence of the afterlife; its reality changes everything.

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"It is not so much what you will find when you come to this side of life as what you will bring with you... [on Earth] you are the apprentice to your own soul; here, the promoted individual...

"Bring all of your soul treasures - you will need them, your culture, your love of art, of music - all this you will use... Every want shall be satisfied. Material possessions you will not need...

"We are undisguised, for on our foreheads is the insignia of whatever we have gained in culture, love for humanity, charity, selflessness, energy and force, ambitions for the sake of others - all this is here waiting for us when we are given ... our Wage, whatever we have earned during our years of apprenticeship." Frederic W.H. Myers, Vanishing Night,  transmitted to Juliet S. Goodenow



After you've reviewed the 70+ items below, you'll want to make special note of:


Hitchhiker's Guide to the Afterlife: 10 Things You Need to Know upon Arrival


Editor's '1-minute' report: Daily LIfe in Summerland 

After 30 years of investigation, here’s what I’ve found as the most convincing evidence for post-mortem survival.

500 tape-recorded messages from the other side


"There is a great body of evidence which, taken as a whole, absolutely and unqualifiedly proves the case for the afterlife... This evidence would be technically admissible in the Supreme Court of the United States, the House of Lords in England, the High Court of Australia, and in every civilized legal jurisdiction around the world." Victor Zammit, retired attorney of the Supreme Court of Australia

Editor’s note: “Taken as a whole,” facts in aggregate, a total-field perception, becomes key to determining better views of reality.

Single facts can never be 'proved' except by their coherence in a system.



What we call the ‘afterlife’ is part of the universe, not a fairyland or dreamscape. It’s a system of real and solid worlds - solid to those living there - only many miles above the surface of the Earth.

Like the sound emitted by a dog whistle vibrating at frequencies beyond what the human ear might detect, the afterlife worlds are composed of substance vibrating at higher frequencies than the matter of our planet, thereby rendering them both invisible and intangible to mortal senses.

there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on all of earth's beaches




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Below you'll find 70+ favorite examples of controlled experiments, next-world testimonies, televised debates, mystic revelation, Nobel laureate assessment, unexpected discarnate visits, heat-sound-motion electronic equipment surveillance, studied opinion, double- and triple-blind testing, personal experiences, military remote-viewing, laboratory investigation, courtroom cross-examination, and accumulated empirical research over decades, some of it published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, regarding post-mortem survival of human consciousness.


#1 Dr. Gary Schwartz: detecting the presence of light-radiating Spirit entities in a biophoton laboratory

The following experiment, conducted by Professor Gary Schwartz, University of Arizona, is elegant in its simplicity, easy to understand, yet offers some of the most potent empirical evidence for the existence of an afterlife.

"What happened next I witnessed with my own two eyes. In watching hundreds of hours of outputs, I rarely saw photon sums above 50-75. I was now seeing a 173-unit photon, and it occurred shortly after I had [silently] asked [invisible Spirit entities] to make a big [display of light]."




#2 Dr. Gary Schwartz: testing the abilities of psychic-mediums under controlled laboratory conditions

"Some of the mediums failed the test; some were so-so; but a few, such as John Edwardsucceeded amazingly and brilliantly - with the likelihood of pure chance orchestrating results in the realm of billions to one."




the difference between a medium and a psychic

It’s been said that all mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums.

  • A medium serves as conduit, a bridge, midway between two entities, or acts with agency of another.

  • A psychic enjoys abilities derived from the powers of the mind, the psyche, such as remote viewing, telepathy, or clairaudience.

like telegraph offices

Afterlife researcher British Admiral Usborne Moore concluded that “mediums are, after all, only telegraph offices,” and that the “gift of true mediumship ... is entirely independent of character… many mediums [are] of good character, but some are rogues.”

Editor's note: the telegraph office does not filter messages, but, a medium's belief-system does. See discussion here and here.



#3 The Scole Experiments: considered by many to be the most evidential affirming data for the existence of an afterlife 

For five years, physicists, electrical engineers, psychologists, university professors, medical professionals, and others would observe and analyze an astounding panoply of psychic phenomena.

"I had the opportunity to take part in two sessions of the Scole Experimental Group in 1995 and 1996. My own observations, as well as later personal reports of my colleagues, left me convinced of the genuineness of the phenomena." Dr. Ernst Senkowski, Physicist

Over 100 items materialized during the five-year period - including various coins, jewelry, lockets, a silver thimble; but, my favorite: an "original" copy of the Daily Mail from 1944, printed on paper of that era, no longer being produced.




#4 Direct-Materialization Mediums

Most people have heard of psychic-mediums, those with an ability to receive messages from the other side of life. But direct-materialization mediums offer much more. While exceedingly rare today, they might facilitate the actual bodily appearance of persons from the Spirit-world.

"I am your Betty! I kissed her lips, which were warm, soft, and natural; and she commenced to weep."




#5 Direct-Voice Mediums

Direct-voice mediumship allows persons on the other side of life to audibly speak, such that, anyone near the medium will be able to hear their voices.

"I think I can safely say that I am the most tested medium this country has ever produced... I have been boxed up, tied up, sealed up, gagged, bound and held, and still the voices have come to speak their message of life eternal." Leslie Flint

“Here [in the ‘real world’], no one glories in being a leader. The first thing a person must learn here, if they are to progress, is to lose this idea of self-importance. Those who are really progressed on this side never, never, give that impression. I would say to you, above all things, if you want to discover truth, avoid men of power and position.” Elizabeth Fry




#6 Remote-Viewing

"She went into a trance. And while she was in the trance, she gave us some latitude and longitude figures. We focused our satellite cameras on that point, and the lost plane was there." President Jimmy Carter




‘The idea that man ceases at death is a contradiction in itself. For what is the living man but a portion of the essence [of Universal Consciousness]?’

The following is channeled information via the mediumship of William W. Aber, as reported in “The Rending Of The Veil” (1898).

"We teach that the spirit of man is a refined material element, an ever-active essence of immortal existence, and that it is an emanation from the Active Principle of Life… Dark, cheerless, and more than brutish idea to think that man ceases at death...



#7 The Cross-Correspondences

This area of afterlife-research was designed and implemented by persons in the Spirit-world. Their purpose was to provide, what they hoped would be, unassailable evidence for the survival of human consciousness.

"In 1875, as young adults, they had agreed to marry; but before the wedding Mary died, having contracted typhus. Arthur, in grief, never married. From the other side, she initiated an effort to reach Arthur, which, according to Mary’s surviving family, displayed a certain note of desperation – rooted in something that Mary had failed to tell Arthur before she died."




#8 The Near-Death Experience

Over 25 years ago, my first contact with afterlife evidence was the near-death experience (NDE). While I've discovered even more compelling confirmation since then, the NDE remains a very important area of research.

A popular rebuttal against the NDE by materialists is that of the oxygen-deprived dying-brain theory. But specialist scientists in this area, brain surgeons and cardiologists, say this idea is nonsense.

The most evidential NDEs, impossible to refute, that is, by any rational person, are the NDEs by those born blind but now able to see; little children who see things and know things outside of their cultural conditioning; shared NDEs by those who die together and see things together; and the NDEs of those who travel while out of the body and become privy to events and conversations later confirmed to have occurred.




#9 Cora Richmond, a famous psychic-medium, one of the most famous women in the world, of the latter 1800s. But today we ask, "Cora who?"

"At the urging of Mrs. Lincoln, President Lincoln and several congressmen were said to have attended Cora’s lectures in Washington, D.C. when she was still a teenager, and to have been much impressed with her. The abolition of slavery was one of the key themes in her lectures during those early years."




#10 My friend 95 year-old Robert O. Feland, WWII veteran, awarded the Silver Star by General Mark Clark for walking through a minefield to save wounded GIs. But here is the untold story of Bob's amazing psychic abilities during the War.

"I had to try to help them. I couldn't just stand by. They were my friends. If I die, I die. But I have to try."




what is the ‘good news’

As a young person I would hear traditional religion speak of its central tenet, the ‘gospel’ or the ‘good news.’ It seemed strange to me, however, that, given the preeminence of this doctrine, no one could give me a short and clear answer as to exactly what this ‘good news’ might be; at least, not in terms of anything that sounded like something you’d really want.



#11 Hello From Heaven: 3500 personal messages from transitioned loved ones

"On the third day after his death he made an appearance to me. My father was crying and asking for forgiveness. He told me that he was sorry for everything he had ever done to me. We needed to understand that as a child he had seen abuse and had been taught that way."




#12 Heaven Revised, by Eliza Bisbee Duffey

“My God! was I then really dead? How can I describe to you the emotion which swept through me, and which seemed to shake my whole being to its very center! How strange it seemed to be dead, and yet with such superabundant life! How mortals misapprehend the meaning of the word. To be dead means to be alive with a vitality earthly humanity does not know…"




#13 Dr. Rupert Sheldrake: the mind's epicenter is not found in the brain; therefore, consciousness is not extinguished but continues on when the physical body, along with the brain, dies 

"I’m not confident memories are stored in brains. I think that brains are more like tuning devices, more like TV receivers than like video recorders. Now that’s really a scientific question, how is memory stored? It has religious implications because materialism says that memories are stored in brains. The brain decays at death, therefore, memories are wiped out at death. There’s no possibility of any kind of personal survival without memory."




#14 Automatic Writing

The name of Paul Stookey [of "Peter, Paul, and Mary"] "does not appear as the author of The Wedding Song, either on the record or the sheet music. Neither does he receive any of the royalties; because, he says, after he prayed he was 'given' the song. All he was required to do was to allow the pencil to move across the page."




#15 Dr. & Mrs. Carl Wickland, a husband-wife medical team of trance-mediumship, for 40 years, serving confused spirits who wanted to reincarnate, but could not, as there is no such option available to them

Dr. Carl & Anna Wickland

"Realize that this little Earth is only a grammar school. It is not a University, not even a High School; it is only the first lesson of life. Do not become hypnotized in any way by dogma, creed or belief, but find God within yourself and be free."

"The first thing I had to do was to conquer self ... selfishness. We must conquer that before we can do any work at all in the spirit world."

"Memories of [so-called] 'past lives' are caused by spirits that bring such thoughts and represent the lives they lived. A spirit impresses you with the experiences of its life and these are implanted in your mind as your own. You then think you remember your past. You make the mistake of taking this for the memory of former incarnations."




#16 Reincarnation On Trial: The Central Issue: Whose Memories Are They?

Charles Tweedale: "Proof of survival after death we have in abundance, but absolutely no proof of reincarnation as a general principle. Such proof, if it were attainable, would be the greatest calamity that ever befell mankind.”

Elizabeth Barrett: “My whole nature would cry aloud against that most pitiful result of the struggle here – a wrestling only for dust, and not for the crown [if there were no future state in which to love Robert]. What a resistless melancholy would fall upon me if I had such thoughts! ... Dreary and ghastly, it would be! I should not have strength to love you, I think, if I had such a miserable creed. And for life itself … would it be worth holding on such terms ... not worth playing to an end.”




#17 Silver Birch: a 3000 year-old afterlife-entity channels his wisdom

"Those whom the natural law has joined by love can never be sundered, in your world or mine... the real love ... only comes once to each man or woman ... the real love is so magnetic, so overwhelming in its attraction, that it must find itself and claim itself, when once you have got rid of the imperfections of the Earth, which were deterrents to recognition." 

"The whole purpose of earthly life is to awaken the dormant slumbering souls to the reality of their existence. Your world is full of living sleepwalkers who go through the day's activities in a dream."




#18 Andrew Jackson Davis: writer, lecturer, well-known psychic-medium of the 19th century, and, reportedly, a spiritual counselor to Abraham Lincoln

"[The true, spiritual] marriage is the blending, the entrance, of two souls, each into the other, thus making of two, one perfect being. Every individual is born married; that is, every male and female, affinity with affinity, has a true and eternal companion. Each will become a messiah and salvation to the other; each is designed to work for the spiritual development of the other."

before 1856 he foretells the coming of the automobile, the airplane, and the typewriter




#19 Dr. Dean Radin, Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences

"This is the best survey of real evidence for the existence of psychic phenomena ever compiled. Clear, comprehensive, engaging, and convincing, it provides hard facts, not hazy opinions. It is a bastion of substance in a sea of credulous psi publications that separates the real science of parapsychology from the morass of [fraudulent claimants] who have unfairly caused parapsychologists to become pariahs to their colleagues in the more conventional sciences." Michael Epstein, PhD

Dr. Dean Radin lists many dozens of peer-reviewed, scientific journal articles, accessible via link icon herein, featuring experiments/research which support the reality of the afterlife. He comments that "hundreds or thousands" of these could be offered.




#20 Father Robert Benson, Life In The World Unseen - some of the most detailed and descriptive accounts of daily society in Summerland ever produced

"Before us the countryside reached out in a seemingly unending prospect. In another direction I could clearly perceive what had all the appearance of a city of stately buildings… each of which was surrounded with magnificent gardens and trees, with here and there pools of glittering water, clear as crystal… Here were fine broad thoroughfares of emerald green lawns in perfect cultivation... This city was devoted to the pursuit of learning, to the study and practice of the arts... It was exclusive to none, but free for all to enjoy with equal right."




#21 Kahlil Gibran, The Beloved; sacred eros as catalyst to spiritual evolvement

"For Gibran, romantic love is a means - perhaps the best means - to self-realization, without which one is less than a full person... love is a force, pre-existent, which we may tap into with the trigger - the beloved."

"The first sight of the beloved is like the spirit that moved on the face of the waters, from which flowed forth heavens and the earth. The first sight of life's companion echoes God's words, Let there be... It is the beginning of magical tremblings that separate the lovers from the world of space and dimensions and carry them to the world of revelation and dreams."




#22 Angel Encounters

"It seemed to me that mere minutes had passed when I heard a voice saying, 'I just want you to know everything is gonna be ok.' Looking to my right, I was surprised to see a fisherman standing there, within arm's reach of me. His super-deluxe 3-tier tackle box was wide open, and his line was already in the water ... How could he have walked the distance from the parking lot to halfway across a quarter-mile bridge, open a large tackle box, and have his line already in the water, all without making a sound!"




#23 Emanuel Swedenborg, one of the most famous men of the 18th century - statesman, physicist, musician, inventor, engineer, and mystic-seer of the afterlife - whose visions and writings would influence intelligentsia for the next hundred years

"[Romantic-spiritual] love is peculiar to man because only he [of the animal kingdom] can become spiritual, of elevating his intellect above his natural loves … no other animal can do this … all in the heavens are associated according to the affinities and relationships of love …

"There is provided in heaven a marriage with one whose soul inclines to mutual union with the soul of another, so that they no longer wish to be two lives, but One … the delights of [romantic-spiritual] love are superior to all other delights in heaven and in the world

"Each married partner becomes continually a more interior spiritual person; for that love opens the interiors of their minds; and as these are opened, a man becomes more a man, woman becomes more a woman."




#24 Dr. Frederic Myers, via medium Juliet Goodenow, speaks from the afterlife

"[The true] marriage is the uniting of Twin Souls. This is the only spiritual marriage and the only marriage that survives bodily death.

"There shall be no marriage ceremony in Heaven - because Nature itself is the officiating minister, uniting souls destined to be one - each person has its own Twin Soul. Cohesion attracts and unites them, as the dawn blends into the day."




Why teaching-examples of authentic romantic love are included in this roster of afterlife evidence.

Eckhart Tolle, in a discussion with Peter Russell, asserted that the scientist, in order to access the higher levels of knowledge, must become a mystic. Peter Russell, one of the world’s great physicists, agreed with this statement. What does it mean?



#25 Dr. Amit Goswami, quantum physicist, addresses what has been called "the only mystery" of science

"Consciousness is the ground of all being" because consciousness collapses wave-forms, transforming them into particles, and thereby draws from Potentia a material form to manifest in the world.

All things of the universe exist within consciousness - not, consciousness as just another element within the universe.

As consciousness is necessary to precipitate matter, such process becomes evidence for the existence of a Great Consciousness, the original superintending awareness of the cosmos.




#26 Jiddu Krishnamurti and Eckhart Tolle instruct us on the 'true self'

Consciousness - which, as Goswami asserts, gives material form to the universe - also provides essence of the True Self.

The implications are utterly profound and far-reaching. No subject could be more important, for if we fail to come into our own, fall short of accessing who we really are, we'll be of little use to ourselves or others.

Everything - one's entire future, all we hope to do, accomplish, and possess - hinges upon first coming alive.




#27 a 3500 year-old afterlife entity speaks of the power of God's love, which does not employ brute force but patiently seeks to open minds, thereby effecting permanent change

"Let our hearts be open to sorrow and suffering. As we do, our compassion for suffering ones will draw them to us; and, by this means, they will be drawn to God...

"It is entirely unfortunate, for any who attempt to serve the disenfranchised, not to understand that unless the spiritually insane find themselves wanting to be like their teachers, to love their teachers, no good can come from any outreach effort."




#28 James Webster, afterlife researcher of 60 years

His seminal work, "The Case Against Reincarnation," opened my eyes to a great illusion.




#29 Dr. Gary Schwartz: communication with the afterlife via electronic equipment

While this area of afterlife evidence is in its infancy, progress is being made. Dr. Gary E. Schwartz of the University of Arizona is working on producing an electronic device which may one day allow us to contact departed loved ones as easily as one might speak to someone across the country.

Dr. Schwartz tells us that his "research demonstrates the feasibility of future electronic communication with spirits."




#30 Psychic Crime Detectives:

Victor Zammit has compiled nearly 100 testimonies from law-enforcement officials who became convinced of the stunning abilities of forensic psychics

Sensing Murder psychic Sue Nicholson has received threats because of her work on the crime-solving tv series. The Wellington psychic told Sunday News she has been warned to stay silent because of what she knows. "I have had ... a phone call at 1 AM  from a male who talked about one of the cases," Sue said. "He watched me on the program and told me to keep your mouth shut, you know too much."




#31 the 500 Leslie Flint Tape-Recordings: 500 Testimonies from the Other Side

"I think I can safely say that I am the most tested medium this country has ever produced... I have been boxed up, tied up, sealed up, gagged, bound and held, and still the voices have come to speak their message of life eternal."  




#32 Professor David Fontana, one of the world's premier afterlife researchers

"a billion billion to one"

Dr. Fontana speaks of several scientific experiments, comprised of thousands of trials, which, in aggregate, offer insurmountable statistical evidence supporting post-mortem survival of consciousness; so much so, he states, that the odds of the findings occurring by chance are “a billion billion to one.”

In other words, chance is ruled out as causal factor; or, to state it differently, the existence of an unseen world of unseen forces has been more than amply substantiated.




#33 Dr. Steven Greer and The Disclosure Project

Steven Greer, MD, a former emergency-room surgeon, had a near-death experience (NDE) as a teenager. His present work serves as disclosure of what he began to learn 50 years ago.

Today we can read of hundreds or thousands of NDE reports, and so why should we particularly highlight the account of Dr. Greer?

The answer here cannot be offered with simple explanation. For the moment, allow me to comment that Dr. Greer’s long-ago mystical experience, in terms of resultant life’s work and purpose, is unique among all consciousness-survival cases I’ve reviewed. The implications, for all of us, shatter every world paradigm.




#34 Dr. Wilder Penfield's brain research


Dr. Wilder Penfield

Dr. Penfield performed over 1000 brain surgeries. From his work we are given some of the very best information concerning the difference between mind and brain, with resultant implications for survival of consciousness.




#35 Psychologist Titus Rivas' new book featuring more than 100 NDE reports confirmed-as-accurate by independent sources




#36 an Oxford professor of linguistics received messages from the other side in 14 different languages, including a “dead language,” an ancient Chinese dialect

"The professor tested the “voice,” asking about a poem written by Confucius, providing the first line. The voice responded by reciting all 15 lines of the poem. The voice also explained a mistake made in modern translations of another poem, stating that the copyists were in error, as the character written as should have been i, and the character written as yen was an error for fou."




#37 Spirit entities from the other side reveal the locations of 1500 buried archeological artifacts

"Some were [buried] in deep gullies, others high on cactus-covered hills far from the highway. One was hidden in a ledge of sandstone behind a wall of cactus plants which [the investigator] had to chop away before finding it."




#38 Sir William Crookes (1832-1919), arguably, the leading scientist of his day: noted for his discovery of the element thallium, along with the identification of the electron, plus his cathode-ray studies in the development of atomic physics. Awarded the Nobel Prize in physics, elected President of the British Royal Society, knighted by Queen Victoria in recognition of his stellar accomplishments

Sir William, circa. age 20

What is generally unknown, however, is that Sir William was also a pioneer researcher in the area of direct-materialization mediumship. Many experiments, over years, were conducted with great success, producing appearances of communicating solid-form spirit-entities from the other side.




#39 The Out-Of-Body Experience

An “out-of-body experience” (OBE) can occur when one’s consciousness becomes disconnected from the five senses.

Many people report undergoing this phenomenon, and websites are devoted to presenting thousands of testimonies from OBE reporters.

Tom Campbell, physicist, whom we’ve met in videos regarding the “Double-Slit experiment,” is also known for his research and first-hand knowledge, over decades, concerning the OBE.

On the following page I will present a summary of what Tom has said about the OBE. There’s a lot to it, and it’s not what people think.




#40 Mark Macy and ITC: instrumental transcommunication, the use of technologies to receive voices, images, and text from the spirit world

A gentleman and a scholar, Mark Macy has been involved with afterlife ITC for decades. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of communicating with Mark. Allow me to introduce you to his work.




#41 Michael Tymn and afterlife-researcher colleague suggest that the 'Dino and Annie Nanji case' may be the most significant for post-mortem survival among thousands reviewed




#42 Whitley and Anne Strieber, husband and wife, made a pact for after-death contact when either of them crossed over

But they agreed that the communication should come from a third party, a friend or relative, to eliminate any attributing of the message to wishful thinking or hallucination.

Within a few hours of Anne’s passing, Whitley received a phone call from a friend. And then, in the next week, he received several similar calls, all at the behest of the departed Anne.




#43 Channeled testimony directly from the afterlife, a report from Rose Carson, Two Years In Heaven

With pleasure I share with you one of my very favorite first-hand accounts from Summerland. Rose speaks not only to impart detailed information of life over there - charitable service, recreation, travel, study, friends, and quiet time - but her warm and fervent enthusiasm reflects her great happiness to be living in the “real world.”




#44 Afterlife researchers Victor and Wendy Zammit report on the Stanford experiments

Dr. Edwin May and his associates combined the results of all the 26,000 trials on 154 experiments with psychic phenomena done at Stanford Research Institute from 1973 to 1988. They found that psychic phenomena had been shown to exist with odds against chance of more than billions to one.




#45 A room filled with a battery of electronic sensing devices, monitoring every nuance of motion, heat, and sound, but the evidence is summarily rejected by radical skeptics

Professor Eckhard Kruse reports of his investigations of physical mediumship. In an effort to preempt radical skeptics’ immediate charges of fraud, Professor Kruse employed an impenetrable array of high-tech electronic equipment.




#46 After his plane went down in the ocean, while adrift on a life-raft, Rickenbacker sent a psychic message to his girlfriend via a New York medium. Even more strange is that the communication issued without his conscious knowledge of the transmission.

Eddie Rickenbacker, WW I Fighter-Pilot Ace




#47 Leslie Flint, arguably, the greatest medium of the 20th century, gifted with astonishing abilities of 'direct voice'

"I think I can safely say that I am the most tested medium this country has ever produced... I have been boxed up, tied up, sealed up, gagged, bound and held, and still the voices have come to speak their message of life eternal."  

We met Mr. Flint in item #31, “the 500 tape-recorded messages from the other side.” However, not only was he a great medium but a great man, often working alone with modest income, striving to promote the truth of life eternal in a world gone mad on materialism.

On October 15th 1971, he addressed an audience in New York:

“We have a great truth of survival, yet so many deny it… I have no time for orthodox religion, although I'm speaking to you in a church… There are lots of people who pretend to be mediums, but if they saw a spirit they would drop down dead with fright… [Too many mediums,] because they realise they can earn an enormous amount of money, prostitute themselves and their gifts. Instead of wanting to serve the people, to uplift humanity to comfort those who mourn - which is our job - they [seek for] fortune.”

READ MORE of the transcript of his lecture



#48 one of the greatest direct-voice mediums of the 20th century

John Campbell Sloan

The direct-voice medium is much to be preferred over the more common mental-medium. While the latter’s offerings can be valuable, the direct-voice medium provides an unfettered access to speakers from the other side, messages which have not been filtered through the mind of an intermediary. We receive the voices unprocessed, untouched.

John Sloan provided his services for decades but never accepted a penny for his work. He lived the life of a common laborer, raised a family, tended his garden in the evenings, and suffered from poor eyesight. Arthur Findlay chanced to meet him in 1918, from which encounter ensued many years of investigation of Sloan’s mediumship.

419 quotations from the other side

Herein, you’ll find 419 quotations, extracts from transcribed messages from people on the other side, telling us of their daily lives.




#49 the apostle Paul changed his mind concerning what happens at death

Visions of heaven were not unknown to Paul. However, he intimated that an accurate description of the next world could not be contained in earthly language. This is a common lament from many reporters on the other side who declare that the beauty of their world defies an ability of language to convey.

On the “Bible” page, we found Paul changing his mind on a number of issues which he’d once considered to be “gospel”; for example, since he was a boy with his Torah studies, he believed in a “seventh trump” for which one needed to wait in the grave.

However, after being thrown to lions in Ephesus, a very close brush with death, it seems that Paul found himself rethinking the details of what it means to die. Well-respected biblical scholar Dr. F.F. Bruce analyses what happened to Paul, as recorded in First and Second Corinthians.

The outcome, for Paul, was a new view of death that speaks well in line with our modern “scientific evidence for the afterlife.”




#50 Raymond Lodge was killed in battle during WWI. Soon after, via several psychic mediums, he began communicating with his father, Sir Oliver Lodge, a famous British scientist.

Raymond Lodge

Sir Oliver Lodge


Sir Oliver collected and published the many testimonies from his son, speaking from Summerland:

On the other side, a sensitive, Freda, helped Raymond to communicate with his parents on the Earth, relaying this:

“If only people would go within themselves more, just now and then, they could reach out and get a good deal of what he [Raymond] has learnt [in Summerland]. But when they want to do things on the Earth-plane, they don’t wish to go within themselves, because they are afraid of reaching a decision against what they [that is, their lower natures] wish to do. That is the reason people can’t choose between right and wrong.




#51 on October 5, 1930, during a flight over France, the British airship R.101 went down.

Passangers and crew might have survived what should have been a gentle landing, but the airship was inflated with hydrogen which ignited.

Two days later, captain of the airship, Carmichael Irwin, offered an offical statement via psychic medium.




#52 the chess game that offered substantial evidence for survival of consciousness

Afterlife researcher Michael Tymn reports that the “Viktor Korchnoi vs. Géza Maróczy chess game, which began in 1985 and ended in 1993, lasting 7 years and 8 months, is without a doubt one of the most intriguing cases ever in the annals of psychical research. It was reported by Dr. Wolfgang Eisenbeiss and Dieter Hassler in the April 2006 issue of the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research.”




#53 Direct-Voice medium Emily French, with Edward Randall, brings through a scientist from the other side who offers the basic concepts of quantum mechanics. This testimony was given before Heisenberg, Bohr, Dirac, and Schrodinger made their discoveries.

We met Randall and French in item #5 (above), “direct-voice mediums.” They worked together for about 20 years in the early 1900s. While they brought through hundreds or thousands of voices from the other side, one in particular offers most astonishing scientific information – before it was discovered by the fathers of quantum mechanics.




#54 Daniel Dunglas Home (1833-1886), according to some, the greatest psychic-sensitive of all time.

Home’s astonishing mediumistic abilities were investigated by many scientists of the day, including Nobel laureate in physics, Sir Williams Crookes (see above #38).

Though he could have become rich by selling his gifts, Home, all his life, despite frequent poverty, never accepted a penny for his services.

Professor Challis: "Either the facts must be admitted to be such as are reported, or the possibility of certifying facts by human testimony must be given up."

Captain Wynne: "If you are not to believe the corroborative evidence of three unimpeached witnesses, there would be an end to all justice and courts of law."



Editor’s note: Consider the implications of the statements made by Challis and Wynne (just above). D.D. Home, all of his working life, was viciously attacked by the British establishment-press and Big Religion. Despite scores and hundreds of corroborating evidential testimonies by “unimpeached witnesses", some with world-class professional skills to judge competently; if all this deposition of affirmation is but “humbug” and “twaddle”, “fraud” and “imposture”, then why should we believe a word that you say? In other words, they would set aside the validity of time-honored jurisprudence concerning rules of evidence when others speak, but then expect to be taken seriously in their rebuttals just because it’s from them. This scheme works well in a totalitarian state but not among those who honor best methods of ascertaining the truth. 


#55 The Mystical Experience: 'silence your ego and your power will rise'

In this series we have been reviewing testimonies and reports which, to various degrees, might be called "the scientific evidence for the afterlife”. This great corpus of data can, indeed, lead one to accept the reality of the next world – but, even at best, not without lingering doubts.

There is one avenue of approach to coming realms, however, which is not tainted by hesitation. The mystical experience offers not belief but knowledge - total certainty.




#56 The Case of Flight 401

Victor Zammit reports:

"One of the most authenticated cases of after-death contacts ever documented is the so-called 'Ghosts of Flight 401.' In December of 1972, an Eastern Airlines Tri-Star jetliner, Flight 401, crashed into a Florida swamp.

"The pilot, Bob Loft, and flight engineer, Don Repo, were two of the 101 people who perished in the air crash. Not long after the crash, the ghosts of Loft and Repo were seen on more than twenty occasions by crew members and passengers on other Eastern Tri-Stars."




#57 Did President Lincoln Seek Guidance from the Afterlife?

Was the implementation of the Emancipation Proclamation influenced by spirit-guide advisors?

Did intelligences from the unseen world offer advice concerning Civil War strategy?

Was he warned of assassination threat by afterlife counselors?




#58 Brain researchers discover patients, essentially, with no brain at all but a cranium filled with water. And yet, in notable cases, the IQ can be near 130, with honors-degree math achievement.

"This article was based on case studies (hundreds of them) done by British Neurologist, Professor John Lorber on patients with hydrocephalus. Particularly focusing on one case. The case of a university student who had an IQ of 126 and had gained a first-class honors degree in mathematics, and was socially completely normal. But on doing a brain scan they found he for all practical purposes did not have a Brain!"

Editor’s note: Now we know why math is a hard subject for most people. But the larger issue here relates to post-mortem survival of consciousness. As many scientists, who are also afterlife-researchers, point out, consciousness is not centered in the brain, and this is why, when the physical body, including the brain, dies, one’s awareness continues on, unaffected.




#59 Mirabelli was surely the medium to end all mediums. You name it, and he is said to have done it. (Guy Lyon Playfair)

Carmine Carlos Mirabelli
(1889 - 1951)

a full materialization, beating heart and warm body, of the deceased daughter of one of the investigators

"During one seance held for the [Brazilian] academy [of investigators] at the unlikely hour of 9:00 AM, the dead daughter of Dr. de Souza materialized. The doctor recognized his daughter and the dress in which she had been buried. He was allowed to embrace the spirit form and numerous photographs were taken of the scene. The spirit being remained in material form for a period of 36 minutes. This seance was witnessed by a large assembly, including 20 medical doctors and seven professors. Investigated by scientists and psychic researchers from all over the world."

600 witnesses, 28 languages (including ancient Greek and several African dialects)

"By 1926 Mirabelli had produced phenomena before a total of nearly 600 witnesses, most of whom had been recruited from the ranks of Brazil's leading scientists, medical doctors, administrators, and writers, with an occasional learned visitor from abroad. As a trance-speaking medium, Mirabelli particularly excelled in xenoglossy, the ability to speak in languages unknown to him in his normal state. Not only did he speak in foreign tongues, but [despite having had only a primary school education] he gave spontaneous lectures on philosophy, astronomy, sociology, politics, medicine, history, and the natural sciences. These speeches were delivered alternately in German, French, Dutch, English, Greek, Polish, Syrian, Albanian, Czech, four Italian dialects, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, and several African dialects, in addition to Latin, Ancient Greek, and his native tongue, Portuguese. As an automatic-writing medium, he produced lengthy and erudite written dissertations in 28 languages, in a speed impossible to achieve under normal writing conditions."




#60 In these articles we speak, not only of survival of consciousness but, Universal Consciousness, a singular pervasive reality, a quantum-based consciousness as 'ground of all being,' a lattice-work of interrelated 'one life.' But what does this mean in practical terms concerning the objects and entities around us in our daily lives?

“Cleve Backster (1924-2013) was the world’s foremost expert in lie detection using the polygraph machine. An interrogation specialist for decades with the CIA and FBI, he later ran his own school for lie detection, training police and security forces on how to use the lie detector.”

In his office one day, he was watering a plant and, on a whim, decided to attach the plant to the polygraph. As a result, by this chance event, he discovered that plants respond to human emotions, intentions, thoughts, and other events in their immediate environment.




misconceptions about the afterlife

People talk of “going to the afterlife”, like traveling to Paris or Disneyworld.

Some say that the afterlife is all around us, and very near.

We’ve also heard that “heaven isn’t a place but a state of mind.” And that “there’s no time in heaven.”

There are many misconceptions.



#61 Victor Zammit offers the findings of Dr. Robert Crookall: remarkable consistency of reported conditions in the afterlife from a variety of independent sources, across time and cultures  

Dr. Robert Crookall (1890-1981)

“Dr. Crookall's focus was on the consistency of descriptions of conditions in the afterlife through mediums and out-of-body experiences. In his book The Supreme Adventure published in 1961, Crookall analyzed significant communications from the spirit world which were available from a wide variety of written sources.

"He was amazed at the consistency of the evidence coming from thousands of different afterlife contacts in every country and continent – from Brazil, England, South Africa, Tibet, Europe, India and from Australia.

"This was a fantastic achievement, especially at a time before word processors and the internet. The collective results are:

“1) an afterlife description with a high degree of credibility because so many sources contributed the same information even though they were independently produced;

“2) strong evidence for the existence of an afterlife for the same reason -- an intellectually consistent set of statements derived from many independent sources.”




#62 Mark Macy reports on the afterlife research of engineer George W. Meek, inventor of electronic equipment by which he spoke directly with, and tape-recorded, scientists on the other side. 

George W. Meek (1910-1999)

During World War II George Meek served on the War Production Board and on the staff of Ambassador Averell Harriman. Later he revolutionized the air-conditioning industry with a series of inventions which made him financially independent.

He pioneered the two-way electronic device ‘Spiricom’ to communicate with discarnates; most notably, Dr. George Jeffries Mueller, a NASA engineer who had died in 1967 and with whom the first-ever two-way voice contact was recorded on April 16, 1980.

In 1970, at age 60, Meek retired to devote himself full-time to writing and researching the afterlife. He began traveling the world to explore and analyze the human spirit from a scientific angle.




#63 What we call matter is 99.999% empty space. The solidity is an illusion, nothing more than force-fields.

Victor Zammit brought to our attention a vintage, but excellently produced, video from the Moody Science Institute.

In this 7-minute presentation, simple experiments are conducted which clearly demonstrate that it is entirely within the realm of scientific probability that two worlds might occupy the same part of space, at the same moment of time.

Each of these worlds could seem just as real and solid as the other, and one world might pass freely through the other world, with neither world knowing of the interpenetration.




#64 Shared-Death Experience: those attending the transitioning of another can sometimes briefly witness and even accompany this entrance to the next world


"A groundbreaking, authoritative exploration—rich with powerful personal stories and convincing research—of the many ways the living can and do accompany the dying on their journey into the afterlife. In 2000, end-of-life therapist William Peters was volunteering at the Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco when he had an extraordinary experience as he was reading aloud to a patient: he suddenly felt himself floating in midair, completely out of his body. The patient, who was also aloft, looked at him and smiled. The next moment, Peters felt himself return to his body… but the patient never regained consciousness and died."

William Peters, M.Ed., M.F.T., is the founder of the Shared Crossing Project and director of its Research Initiative. Recognized as a global leader in the field of shared-death studies, he has spent decades studying end-of-life experiences.




#65 Independent Writing

Automatic writing was introduced on this page as item #14, but independent writing is different. With the former, a psychic holds pen to paper, but no human hand touches a writing instrument with the “independent” version.

George Sherwood Eddy (1871-1963)

The following account is from Christian missionary and afterlife researcher, George Sherwood Eddy, presented in his book “You Will Survive After Death.”

A Princeton Theological Seminary graduate, he became well known in the first half of the twentieth century traveling the world, promoting world peace. His ideas came to be known as “Christian internationalism.”

He witnessed independent writing on a number of occasions – along with almost every other psychic ability - and reported his findings in published research.




#66 Wax Moulds of Spirit-Persons' Hands

Franek Kluski (1873-1943) was a Polish banker, newspaper columnist, and poet. But he’s primarily remembered for his mediumistic phenomena, the most noteworthy of which is known as the 'Kluski Hands'. 

Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine 1913, Dr. Charles Richet, investigated Kluski’s abilities. Experiments were conducted involving warm liquid wax. Spirit entities, who might be present, were asked to put their hands into the wax.




#67 Victor Zammit reports on the 50-year career of medium Estelle Roberts

She held sold-out presentations of trance mediumship in the Royal Albert Hall for up to 6,000 people at a time. One of the high points of her 50-year career was a demonstration of mediumship in the British House of Commons.

Estelle Roberts (1889-1970)

She consulted royal families from numerous countries, major British movie personalities, and military and political leaders. She helped police to find missing persons and made national front page news with her successes.

the table followed her

As a young person, Estelle was told by a medium that she had psychic abilities. The medium encouraged Estelle to try to move a table with her mind. Estelle attempted this but without success and walked away. As she did, however, the table followed her and bumped her to get her attention.




#68 for 60 years a surgeon on the other side performed operations here, working through a trance-medium

Afterlife researcher and film maker Dr. Keith Parsons investigated this claim. He produced a 14-minute documentary to share his findings.




#69 Helen Duncan and the 'witchcraft trial'

Helen Duncan (1898-1956)

During WWII the British medium Helen Duncan received information from spirit-entity fallen sailors. This allowed her to know of top-secret sinkings of battleships before this information had been declassified.

So threatened was the British government by the prescience of Duncan that they sought means to have this “security risk” arrested and silenced.

Afterlife researcher and film maker Dr. Keith Parsons investigated "Britain's last witch". He produced a documentary to share his findings.




#70 Dr. Richard Ireland and his astonishing psychic abilities; offering very detailed information.

Dr. Richard Ireland (d. 1992)

He seems to have been the first to offer psychic demonstrations on television; for example, The Steve Allen Show in 1971.


With his eyes taped and blindfolded, multiple times, he would respond to scores of written questions from the audience, without seeing the writings. His answers were very detailed, great specificity, often, uncomfortably so for the questioner.

In one instance, he addressed two young lovers, and revealed their secret intentions to be married; revealed, not just to the audience but to the couple themselves, as they’d not yet openly discussed this. She was very embarrassed.




#71 Personal Messages from the Spirit World

He interrupted somebody else's reading. I wasn't even there. As I envision it, he essentially "grabbed the microphone" and forced his way into the mediumistic session of another person, so desirous and insistent was he of communicating with me.




all facts are important

J. Arthur Hill: "Facts differ in importance, but it is a fundamental article of ... science that all facts are important in some degree.

all facts are important for, as they gather, an underlying tapestry of reality is revealed

"The import of some of them may not be clear at first, but continued collection brings about the possibility of valuable inferences. An orbit cannot be computed from one or two points given; many are necessary.

all facts are important and none of it is 'minor', for all knowledge is connected, Nature is of a piece and unfurls seamlessly, but only to the mind patiently assembling the data

"Similarly a number of facts — the more the better — may be required before we see their meaning. But there is a meaning, and it is worth our while to amass details patiently. This is the modern spirit [of science] — to inquire of Nature instead of building philosophic word-structures into the blue. Observation and record are the watchwords.”



 Attorney Victor Zammit answers Stephen Hawking 

Victor Zammit

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking, May 16, 2011, The Guardian:
"British scientist Stephen Hawking has branded heaven a fairy story... 'I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark' ... in his 2010 book The Grand Design he said a deity no longer has any place in theories on the creation of the universe in the light of a series of developments in physics."
Attorney Victor Zammit responds:
"Professor Hawking said this week in an interview with the Guardian newspaper that our brains are like computers. Then he said, 'There is no heaven or afterlife for broken-down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.' I say 'put up or shut up, Professor.' He made an a priori conclusion, a decision without first investigating the scientific evidence for the afterlife. But other ... scientists, physicists, chemists, and biologists scientifically examined the afterlife" and have accepted the evidence.
Editor’s note: “a priori,” literally, “that which is before”; meaning, before inductive reasoning, before a fact-gathering analysis. An “a priori conclusion” is a judgment made without evidence or research; a synonym for “a priori conclusion” might be “prejudice.”
READ MORE: See the testimony from many famous scientists, including 20+ Nobel laureates, who investigated and accepted the evidence for the afterlife.
READ MORE: Attorney Victor Zammit creates a courtroom cross-examination illustrating the questions that must be posed to Professor Hawking.
READ MOREA listing of nearly 300 notable individuals, including dozens of Nobel laureates - from the fields of science, mathematics, literature, art - who investigated or were interested in afterlife or psychical research. 


Victor Zammit reports on the Open Sciences organization:

"We believe that the sciences are being constricted by dogmatism, and in particular by a subservience to the philosophy of materialism, the doctrine that matter is the only reality and that the mind is nothing but the physical activity of the brain. We believe that the sciences would be more scientific if they were free to investigate the natural world in a truly open way – without the constraints of materialism and the prejudice of dogma – while adhering to the scientific methods of data collecting, hypothesis testing, and critical discussion."




Dr. Rupert Sheldrake discusses the present crisis of fraud and deception afflicting peer-reviewed scientific journals:

'The peer-review system is falling into disrepute... [that] so many unreliable papers are [now] published shows that the system is not working... [an] investigation by the American journal Science revealed ... shocking results... a spoof paper, riddled with scientific and statistical errors, [with] 304 versions [sent to] peer-reviewed journals [and were] accepted for publication by more than half of them.'




Nobel laureate Dr. Brian Josephson: "For the last six weeks, BBC2 TV has been running a series called Heretic, detailing the responses of the scientific community to ideas generally considered unacceptable by scientists, and the treatment given to those advocating such ideas... In every case a similar story unfolded: dismissal of the claims as being nonsense or impossible, generally without any serious attempt to look at the evidence or the arguments; the non-materialisation of the honours, promotions, invitations to give public lectures and so on that such individuals might have been expected to receive given their past achievements; violent attacks by other scientists; and, for some, demotion or withdrawal of research facilities."


Stephen Hawking: the Pope told me to stay away from the life-after-death subject

British political activist against censorship
of the scientific evidence for the afterlife
Michael Roll is an activist afterlife-researcher with whom I've had the privilege of communicating several times. Michael regularly sends information to British MPs and other influential individuals in an effort to stop the suppression of the scientific evidence for the afterlife. His efforts have been instrumental in changing British censorship laws.

Hawking went to see the Pope. On his return, at a press conference that was televised, a journalist asked Hawking what the Pope said to him. This was Hawking’s reply:

“The Pope said to me that he did not care what I did in science just as long as I never encroached on his subject, life after death.”

I asked Michael, "Was this reported in the popular press? How did the journalist make this known?"

Wayne, I was in the right place at the right time. I was at home watching lunchtime TV news. The cameras were at the press conference. I am sure it was cut after this. I did not see it in the evening news...




Editor’s note: The Pope, in comments to Hawking (above), jealously guarded the domain of the afterlife, key element in maintaining sovereignty over the uninformed masses.

Big Religion became the most powerful institution in the Western world by manipulating the fear of death, thereby controlling whole continents and civilizations

Dr. Bernardo Kastrup, PhD philosophy, PhD computer science, interviewed by Beshara Magazine:

“[Scientific] materialism didn’t become mainstream without reason. One of its biggest advantages is that in one fell swoop it eliminated the biggest fear humanity has had throughout its history, which is: what are we going to experience after we die? In Christian terms, are we going to go to hell? This fear [of death] has dominated human life to the point that the Church could control whole continents and civilizations and became the most powerful institution in the Western world. It is this fear that makes us feel guilty, which imbues us with anxiety and a sense of responsibility for what we do. But if we don’t believe in anything beyond material existence, we don’t need to worry.”



a 'professional' skeptic on afterlife-evidence is rocked by his own personal mystical encounter




How Materialists Skew the Evidence for the Afterlife

"So how does skeptic Susan Blackmore reconcile the fact of seven successful experiments out of twenty-one experiments with her often-repeated claim that her own research led her to become a skeptic? Simple: as Dr. R. Berger pointed out, Blackmore applied a double standard to her experiments. When her experiments seemed to show evidence of psi, the results were dismissed as due to flaws of the experiments. But when the results did not seem to show evidence of psi, she simply ignored the quality of the study." Chris Carter, Science & Psychic Phenomena: The Fall of the House of Skeptics 


Rupert Sheldrake confronts Richard Dawkins in a televised debate

Sheldrake reports: Dawkins produced no evidence at all, apart from generic arguments about how people want to believe in the paranormal because of wishful thinking. The previous week I had sent Richard copies of some of my papers, published in peer-reviewed journals, so that he could look at the data.

Dawkins: “I don’t want to discuss evidence.”

Sheldrake: “Why not?”

Dawkins: “There isn’t time. It’s too complicated. And that’s not what this programme is about.”

The camera stopped. The Director confirmed that he too was not interested in evidence. The film he was making was just another Dawkins polemic.

Sheldrake explained that he had been given assurances, in writing, prior to the debate that their meeting would discuss facts and evidence and not become a media circus, a low-grade witchhunt exercise. But this agreement had not been honored.




Victor Zammit offers a legal perspective

When materialists and closed-minded skeptics refuse to accept the objective evidence for the afterlife, we are reminded of a courtroom scene.

Imagine that the police prosecutor in a case of murder has brought in one hundred witnesses. All of these witnesses are highly accredited scientists, doctors, lawyers, writers, psychiatrists, psychologists, physicists, and many others. All of the witnesses state that they saw the accused take a gun out of his belt and shoot the victim five times in the chest.
"everybody's lying - but me"

Then the defense lawyer stands up and argues the debunkers' argument:

all the prosecution witnesses are hallucinating
• they were all hypnotized
• they are all in collusion with the prosecutor
• alternatively, all of these witness are projecting their own guilt onto the accused
• these witnesses exteriorized their own extra energy collectively which killed the victim
• (and if all else fails) it was super-psi.

We have personally had many undeniable experiences of contact with people who have "died"– as have hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Over the last twenty years, as knowledge about afterlife contact is becoming widespread, more people are prepared to talk about these experiences. These experiences are reaching a threshold, and as more people share them, the contact field is being strengthened.

Editor's note:

As one reviews the literature concerning the investigations of mediums and so-called “supernatural” events, the radical skeptics tend to say the same thing: (1) the experiment was flawed, not enough safeguards, the evidence was tainted, it’s self-delusion, mass hallucination, mere wishful thinking; and/or (2) it’s all fraud, everyone involved is lying, it’s a conspiracy of hoodwinking; plus, (3) none of it can be true because there is no such thing as a spirit-world, only matter exists, we’re certain of this, and so we don’t need to look at your purported evidence.

"everybody's lying - but me" and how convenient

In cultish religion, whenever there’s a threat to “true doctrine”, the contrary information is deemed to have been produced by “the Devil” (who does not exist). The religious fundamentalist needs to believe in Satan as this mythological figure provides the “glue” to hold in place all manner of illogicality. So, too, with cultish materialistic science: Whenever evidence for the afterlife and the spirit-world is presented, the cultish radical skeptic immediately cries “fraud,” “they’re all lying” – with the implication “but you can believe me in all things.” These immediate charges of “fraud” become the “glue” to hold together a materialistic paradigm of the universe. See the article on “why people believe the things they do” and “the Joker is wild” principle.



Wikipedia has been taken over by radical materialists intent upon distorting information about evidence for the afterlife.

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake has written an essay, “Wikipedia Under Threat,” concerning this problem of fake-news and propaganda.

“Wikipedia is a wonderful invention. But precisely because it's so trusted and convenient, people with their own agendas keep trying to take it over. Editing wars are common. According to researchers at Oxford University, the most controversial subjects worldwide include Israel and God.”



Victor Zammit reports on attacks against Dr. Amit Goswami: opposition froths at the mouth

First TED was seen to be openly censoring Drs. Sheldrake and Hancock and then academic opposition to Dr. Amit Goswami. Amit assures us these new developments make it apparent we have scientific materialism on the run.

A filmmaker writes:

"A dean of a science department literally frothed at the mouth yelling at us - 'Why are you interested in what HE has to say, all this mumbo jumbo about consciousness being the ground of being is nonsense, not science!!' He was truly bent out of shape that we were there to interview Amit Goswami and not himself about the cutting edge of research that day."

Then there was the unique experience of Dr. Goswami’s Wikipedia page being pulled, essentially by one adamant voice arguing that, although he is a popular author numerous times over, stars in a film made about his concepts and ideas, was in What The Bleep Do We Know? (the 5th largest grossing documentary of all time) and… literally wrote the university textbooks on quantum physics, still, this person argued his irrelevance effectively removing Dr. Goswami’s Wikipedia page.

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake comments on the censorship at Wikipedia concerning afterlife information:

"It's been a battleground for years, where guerrilla skeptics and other dogmatic activists dominate the content, preventing others from changing the text, even to correct errors, by automatically reversing their edits, banning people who continue to try, and other unsavory tactics".

Editor's note: see Dr. Sheldrake's confrontation with TED and Wikipedia in the "Evolution" article.



Catherine Crowe, The Night Side of Nature (1848): “… this hasty and precipitate opposition … instead of investigators, they become partisans; having declared against it in the outset, it is important to their petty interests that the thing shall not be true, and they determine it shall not.”


'Scientism isn’t the same as science. It’s the opposite of searching for truth.'

The following is reported by Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove, writing for the Bigelow Institute For Consciousness Studies:

"Scientism isn’t the same as science. It’s the opposite of searching for truth. Scientism is the unquestioned belief that the mechanistic, materialistic worldview ... can provide us with a complete explanation of everything. In this era, academics, scientists, and professionals largely ignore the massive accumulation of evidence for postmortem survival – as if it never existed

circular reasoning's new respectability

"For example, a recent article by two prominent psychologists, Arthur Reber and James Alcock, in The Skeptical Inquirer makes their profoundly unscientific 'skeptical' position clear when they claim:

Parapsychological claims cannot be true ... the data are irrelevant.

a new dark age of scientism

"This untenable position reflects the mainstream academic approach... In scientism’s dark age, we have ... presum[ed] dead matter is the foundation of reality. That’s why we say, when something is important to us, it matters. In this dark age, we give precedence to external sensations over intuitions and feelings. That’s also why, when we agree with some statement, we say it makes sense.”

Editor’s note: This new dark age comes with accessories, its own inquisition of unbelievers, holy doctrines of the primacy of matter, the one-true-church of materialism, and infallible temple priests, in white robes, who must not be questioned.

The average person, unfamiliar with the dirty politics of scientism, assumes that a materialistic paradigm, if espoused by those in labcoats, must be the “way it is.” But even a modicum of investigation reveals the indefensible soft underbelly of what passes, with a wink, for objective assessment.

Notice Dr. Mishlove’s assertion: these imposters to science not only “ignore the massive accumulation of evidence” to the contrary, but act “as if it never existed.” It's a propaganda scheme that would make Orwell proud: just keep repeating the dysinformation until it debuts as status quo.

Materialists rewrite the history of science; for them, the last 100 years never happened. Bohr, Heisenberg, Planck, Einstein, Shrodinger, Pauli, Tesla, Born, and others -- arguably, the greatest scientists of all time -- never led the quantum revolution, never upended determinism, never produced their world-shattering findings that consciousness, not matter, constitutes the undergirding of reality. Instead, those of the "rival religion," scientism, continue to worship their favorite patron saint, Isaac Newton.

But Newtonianism has been long superseded as leading icon - and everyone in science knows this; even so, the prevarication of scientism continues, in textbooks and the popular press, cheerleading the primacy of matter. It is a jaw-dropping conspiratorial chutzpah, but also a tired ploy taken from the pages of 1984, or a Big Religion cultism.

And look at this hardly disguised circular reasoning:

Parapsychological claims cannot be true ... the data are irrelevant.”

The "data are irrelevant"? - since when is any data irrelevant? The whole point of science is investigation, precisely because we don't know, and can never know, what's relevant. Before we could grant license to discard anything, we would require a complete accessing of all knowledge in the universe, what it all means, and how it fits together. Until then, as we stumble in a fog of endless mystery, we might want to keep an open mind.

  • Physicist John Wheeler: "We live on an island of knowledge surrounded by an ocean of ignorance. As our island of knowledge grows, so does the shore of our ignorance."

And concerning "circular reasoning," even a high school debating team would shred this kind of shallow, illogical argument; of painting the target around the arrow, of seeing only what you want to see, of very selectively reviewing evidence.

In other words, we endure scientism's sophism: “We begin with the unsubstantiated conclusion as our premise, we refer to the question under review as if it's already been verified. That's ok because we already know we’re right, there's only one answer, we can't be wrong, so there's no use allowing you to speak, it's just a waste of time looking at new data, as we’ve already decided, for sure, what the outcome has to be.”

Is this science? - or some Jim-Jones guru-ism at a tent-meeting? Why is fanatical materialism not embarrassed to pontificate this way? In the "levels of consciousness" article we discussed that those on its lowest rungs lack the sensibility even to feel shame in their impropriety. All of this casts a shadow over the reputation of science, and the objective analysis we expect from it.

Special “irrelevant data” note: Those who cavalierly trample upon language and logic to win a debate provide highly suggestive data, not irrelevant, of a short path, if opportunity presented itself, to the denial of civil liberties and human rights; those who censor and stifle others' opposing viewpoint, and haughtily vilify their right to express it, would soon brutally suppress, if they had the chance, the defiance speaking to the contrary. We should not doubt this. It’s all around us in the world today, it's an old lesson of history. But, then, not to worry, they intend to rewrite history.


Also see the important writing:
Man is his own star [his own source of light and truth]. Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string. Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind. Insist on yourself; never imitate. Shakespeare will never be made by the study of Shakespeare. Emerson puts forward these precepts of sacred individualism, not only as guide to spiritual maturity but, as protection against those who would control us. Strangely, this safeguard is even more important in the next life.

you can have it all laid out in front of you, but it won't make you think 

Concert for George
Royal Albert Hall
November 29, 2002

Horse To Water

you can take a horse to the water but you can't make him drink, oh no, oh no, oh no, a friend of mine in so much misery, some people sail through life, he is struggling, I said, "hey man, let's go out and get some wisdom," first he turned on me, then turned off his nervous system, you can take a horse to the water but you can't make him drink, oh no, oh no, oh no, you can have it all laid out in front of you, but it won't make you think, oh no, oh no, oh no


listen to Sam Brown’s sensational version of “Horse to Water” at the Concert for George