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Word Gems 

exploring self-realization, sacred personhood, and full humanity



 of the seven articles



Editor's Note: This article is part of a series; see the 8 link-icons below - each is best reviewed within a wide corpus of knowledge. My research, for nearly 60 years, attempts to get at what's real and true. Concerning priority of the topics, there's a song-lyric, "love changes everything" - so it is with the scientific evidence of the afterlife; its reality changes everything.

Afterlife Bible Hell God
Jesus Christ Clear-Thinking Satan Summary




eye hath not seen

Those who've studied the thousands of afterlife accounts begin to know something of that coming Real World; but the most wondrous details still escape us. I think they always shall. I think there will always be more to come, with the best of it a sweet promise of tomorrow. I think the ancient psychically-derived scripture is forever true:

  • "eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man, the splendor and the glory" of all that awaits every willing and hopeful heart.


we cannot express it

We marvel at an account transmitted via Charlotte Dresser:

  • "You will never know a thousandth part of this life, for all the pages and pages and pages that have been written, until you come. Then, oh, then, happiness and more happiness... We cannot express it in any earth language. One must be here to realize its perfect satisfaction."


Also, notice the following comment by Montague Keen, premier afterlife researcher, recently passed into the next world.

By psychic-medium, Montague first tells Veronica that he loves her; but then, notice... he, even he, with decades of accumulated knowledge of the astral realms, stands awestruck at the reality of what he's found over there...


so much more it is

"Veronica, My dear, I love you very much, and I'm alright, and I'm going to carry on the work from my side now; and I just wanted to tell you that it's everything that I thought it would be - and so much more, so much more it is."   READ MORE




fighting for truth, justice, and all that good stuff

The classic DC comicbook superheroes, which I discovered at age eight at a neighbor's house, captured and dominated my imagination during childhood, even into late teens. The magnitude of the titans' multitudinous powers and shining righteousness was exceeded only by my keen interest, so rabid was I for those adventurous exploits. It would take most of my life for me to understand why all this super-hero drama affected me so deeply.


These noble and larger-than-life icons represent and touch something very deep within the human psyche. I doubt that we shall begin to wear an "S" on our shirts in future times, but the caped action-figures, in principle, speak to our thrill-packed lives in a coming world of heroic and ambitious service; a life lived for the betterment of all.



taking inventory of the inner riches...

The afterlife testimonies present a dazzling array of wondrous things to come. Like Silas Marner in the night, greedily fingering each gold coin, let us, with mounting excitement, take inventory of some of that which is ours by right:



a perfect and ever-youthful imperishable body; 



a keen mind that easily absorbs and retains all that it sees and hears; a burgeoning aptitude and energy to study an equally unbounded universe of knowledge to be gained; a human potential to become as competent and skilled, in any field of study, in any field of inquiry, as any accomplished person in history...



a divine right to self-direction and autonomy; to craft and pursue one's own particular definition of happiness...



a colorful continuance and way of life; a limitless array of social and cultural activities; an opportunity to meet with anyone in history, if they might further your advancement – as they might desire to meet with you...



each day, packed with thrills, action, quests, and achievement...



an inner harmony, a quiet acceptance and integration of person, allowing one to simply Be, to do or not do, as desired; a right to privacy, to solitude, to enjoyment of one's own sacred self... 



a life of absolute freedom, serving one's choices only, with no external authority to intervene; a self-styled mandate to negotiate life on one's own terms…



the opportunity to investigate mysteries, new peoples and civilizations across the cosmos; an ever-widening vista of exciting growth possibilities...



a godlike potential of stellar talents and abilities, so uncharted, so immense, with no discoverable upper limit; a heritage, as children of the Divine, not only to emulate, but to become, Love itself...  



a high calling to heroic altruism; to serve the disadvantaged and wayward, all those yet to awaken to the riches within…



a forever-destiny of undiminishing, authentic Twin-Soul love; the final fulfillment of the ancient prophecies concerning the sacred romantic One-Person status, the true forever-marriage with cannot be "sundered"...



a romantic union with a cosmic-Beloved, the “transforming fire,” the particular and unique "opposite-sameness," the mirrored aspect of one's own inner self, a "Soulmate, Myself"; an intimate-other, so familiar, so close, as to personify and define one's deepest longings and hidden desires...




of eternal Darling Companions, each to the other; the thrill and joy of simply living life, an eternal life, of doing all things, experiencing all things, with one particular other, deeply cherished and treasured…

Silver Birch: "you will adventure together"



Everything presented above, in broad principle, represents verified information from many thousands of afterlife reports; however, it will suffer inaccuracy - as Charlotte Dresser and Montague Keen attempted to explain, it's so much more and better than what we can envision right now.


the seven articles

Afterlife Bible Hell God
Jesus Christ Clear-Thinking Satan Summary


In prefatory remarks, I stated that "the afterlife changes everything." This fact escapes many right now. We get up in the morning and things around us seem to be enduring; familiar objects offer comfort, seem to be solid and substantive, lasting with hard edges, as we make our way in normal routine; and yet, at any given moment, we are but one missed heartbeat from a shattering of this grand illusion; one missed heartbeat from being utterly jettisoned, unremittingly cast - ready or not - upon the shores of a vastly different world.



We know this is true. I've shared with you the evidence of the afterlife - as empirically conclusive as that which verifies the existence of Mars, atoms, or that a person named Abraham Lincoln once lived...



The good news of Summerland is not just another shallow belief or private superstition in the marketplace. The reality of the afterlife, if we are wise, changes everything - how we live, what we do, how we die - as such, it would be better to speak of...


the 1 + 6 articles

We have the primary topic, the afterlife - the most vital information affecting one's future - and then we have six other writings which address six forms of repression, six evasions of personal responsibility, six barriers to destiny, currently oppressing the fearful billions of our world.

These six constitute hiding places and masks; immature and feckless quests for safety and security; mental defense mechanisms as "characterological lies" (as the great psychologists use the term); wherein people disengage and shelter themselves from reality, but, most fundamentally, from their true selves.

Why should this be?

We've discussed this in hundreds of pages of "the 6"; but, essentially, people are afraid - afraid to grow up; afraid to trust themselves; afraid of judgment and an angry God; afraid of their own thoughts; afraid of death. 



And so they hide in bad ideas, bankrupt philosophies, in surrogate-living, hoping-against-hope that a "strong father-figure," "infallible gurus" in their lives, might somehow get them through. All these empty illusions must be overcome before we might fully partake of our "super" lives in Summerland.



And what shall be our remedy for this self-inflicted blindness?

It is the remedy for most all that ails us - a remedy not of more knowledge, not more experience, not more lives - but, of one moment of cosmic clarity: a shift in mental perspective; an entering into a better state of consciousness...



"Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water...[success is] not being tense, but ready... not being set, but flexible... it is being wholly and quietly alive, aware and alert, ready for whatever may come... be water, my friend."



Strange as it is, however, we cannot unilaterally decide to enter this new, permanently-altered state of consciousness; we cannot of-and-by ourselves choose to become enlightened. But if the above information begins to resonate as truth with you, then it may be your time to open your eyes.



Editor's last word:

My books and articles represent, at least to me, core requirement for advancing as a human being. As I review my own life, the evolution of my own thinking, certain key insights, certain points of understanding, gathered over the years, have become icons of paradigmatic edifice concerning the nature of life and reality.

massive supporting pillars of essential knowledge


Allow me to share with you major pillars of knowledge and wisdom which have meant so much to me; those, in my opinion and experience, which constitute absolutely vital elements of cognitive framework to any person desiring to advance him or herself:

that, the fear of death (and the threat of harsh judgment taught by Big Religion) is the hidden motivator and impetus behind most thought and activity of the unenlightened person; it is the cloaked attractor toward all forms of cultism, which becomes a program of expunging, Hoffer's term, the “spoiled self”; see Ernest Becker’s The Denial Of Death;

that, we come to this world to "wake up," to individuate, to become a person in our own right, that is, to stop identifying with "strong father-figures"; becoming a "good person," while always desirable, is a later-stage developmental goal; 

that, the essence of “waking up,” of enlightenment, is to perceive the “true self” within, as opposed to the “false self” which is associated with thinking and the “chattering in the head”; the more fundamental “true self” is part of the wordless, background, subsuming monitoring presence of consciousness which perceives that we are thinking;

that, the architectonic structure of reality, the "ground of all being," is consciousness not matter; the profoundly important but counter-intuitive Double-Slit Experiment, which Noble laureate Dr. Richard Feynman called “the only mystery of science," suggests that our world is a kind of “virtual reality” brought into manifest being by an observing consciousness;

that, the vast majority, maybe 95% or 99%, of the Religions of this world teach wholly errant doctrines which are fear-based, anti-humanistic, counter-Renaissance, and cultish in nature; these dark collective-ego institutions, disingenuously posing as lamb-like agents of God, posture a fake-authority, offer fake-news about reality, oppress and manipulate low-information people, make them servile and dependent, by playing on existential terrors of death and judgment; and, in so doing, Religion (not authentic spirituality), with its Machiavellian power-and-control ways, constitutes one of the greatest -- possibly the greatest -- curses ever to befall humankind;

that, there is no death, neither punishment, of any sort (only education), nor judgment by any external authority; instead, we "judge" ourselves and are responsible, for better or worse, for what we make of ourselves; as there is no death, there is survival of consciousness, and an afterlife, concerning which we know a great deal via scientific evidence; our home-world, the "real world," Summerland, is where we'll live for unending times to come; knowledge of Summerland is meant to guide and encourage us during our "tour of duty" on this planet of suffering; this world, which has been called "another world's hell."

that, authentic romantic love, a union of spirits more than bodies, a gift to those "made in the image" -- so different from the ersatz version of John-and-Mary couples – is meant primarily to create microcosm of the archetypal Mother-Father God; authentic romance, ancient Spirit Guides inform us, is the best "classroom," the most effective route, to spiritual growth and human evolvement; that, the true eternal marriage is literally "made in heaven" as each yearning heart holds title-deed to a custom-crafted Twin Soul somewhere out there, specifically calibrated to answer, what The Wedding Song terms, the "calling" of the inner-person, one's particular happiness requirement; moreover, Twins, each for the other, will "reach and teach" as no other pedagogue; and in this sweet clash of male-female polar opposites, this didactic "One Person" delicious intimacy, Lover and Beloved will draw from each other the soul's hidden godlike potential and, as by-product, will attain to the blessing of sacred eros, of ultimate joy and extreme delight -- this latter, a permanent level of consciousness modeled by Mother-Father God; see my four books which thoroughly discuss these issues, matters of highest moment.



it feels like so long since I felt the sun on my face...

The image of the inviolate Sun, peacefully sequestered, ever shining, above dark clouds is a favorite analogy describing the often-cloaked true self unaffected by the drama of the false self. The reference to the Sun in Olivia Newton-John's wonderful song "Beautiful Thing" helps us express the essence of these principles.



treadin' water, killin' time, inspiration, hard to find, never noticed the symphony, music's playing, just for me, precious moment, time stood still, and it feels like so long since I felt the sun on my face, why did it take so long to find this place, if it were not for this I'd never have known or felt such a beautiful thing, all I ever wanted seems so shallow, suddenly I see reality, and the picture's coming into focus right in front of me…

Ultimate reality has a magnetically-beautiful face, engaging smile, and twinkling eyes. All things pursued and desired, before her coming, will suddenly "seem so shallow," so not worth it, without her. Each of us, one day, at the long yearned-for arrival of the Sacred Beloved, shall exult to proclaim, "suddenly I see reality, and the picture's coming into focus right in front of me..."



The Dazzling Darkness is a concept representing a frame of mind untrammeled by the dysfunctional ego. Therein, freed from base-alloy lower-nature inclinations, one might apprehend not only the identity of one’s true mate but also a realization of the living presence of God in one’s life. READ MORE