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Double-Slit Experiment

the only mystery of science 




The double-slit experiment, "impossible … to explain in any classical [Newtonian] way, [embodies] the heart of quantum mechanics. In reality, it contains the only mystery [of science]."

Dr. Richard Feynman
1965 Nobel laureate in physics



The “double-slit” experiment offers a view of reality, its architectonic underpinnings, so counter-intuitive, so non-common sensical, that great scientific minds have called it “the only mystery” of science.

Anyone desiring to understand the nature of truth – which is another word for “reality” – must spend some time investigating the paradigm-shattering “double-slit.” We cannot consider ourselves educated until we come to terms with this fundamental concept.

As Dr. Amit Goswami asserts, all of the various sciences – chemistry, biology, psychology, geology, anthropology, etc. – must undergo revision in light of the advances made in quantum mechanics. Why is this? Quantum mechanics impinges upon the nature of reality itself. Part of its realm is the very, very small, that is, sub-atomic particles. And since the entire material universe is constructed of particles, all aspects of science fall under the supervising domain of quantum mechanics.

Even though all sciences require this “quantum” upgrading, this has generally not been done. Long held beliefs, along with rigid, dogmatic mindset and preference for the status quo, create delay and foot-dragging. As a result, much that is taught in every science -- religion, too -- is obsolete, skewed toward Newtonianism, pending a “quantum” house-cleaning.

Authentic romantic love, as well, is affected by the quantum substrata. I will be addressing this in my fourth book.

The profound implications of quantum mechanics and the “double-slit” experiment will be explored in my writings concerning biological evolution. It's not what you think, not what we were taught in school. The truth will be shocking to those accustomed to a classical paradigm.

In the meantime, allow me to offer several primer videos on the “Double-Slit.” If you are interested in understanding the nature of reality, you'll need to spend some time familiarizing yourself with “Double-Slit” and related experiments, “delayed-choice” and “eraser.” The implications, truly, are phenomenal.


Physicist Tom Campbell explains Double-Slit (9 minutes)

Physicist Tom Campbell explains Double-Slit, Delayed-Choice & Eraser (7 minutes)

Physicist Tom Campbell explains Double-Slit, Delayed-Choice & Eraser, an expanded discussion (44 minutes)

Physicist Tom Campbell explains Double-Slit, Delayed-Choice & Eraser (1:42). Tom reports on ANU (Australian National University) physicists who carried out an experiment designed by the famous Princeton physicist John Archibald Wheeler (who coined the terms "black hole" and "it from bit"). The findings of the experiment answer, and negate, charges of materialist physicists who have resisted the implications of the Double-Slit Experiment.

Some physicists say that the Double Slit experiment acts like a time-machine, that events of the past can be altered. But other physicists like Tom Campbell state that this is the wrong interpretation of the data. I side with Tom, and I’ll tell you why. 

Physicists of the materialist persuasion have resisted the implications of the consciousness-based Double-Slit experiment. Tom Campbell discusses the history of this denial and also what happened when a new experiment was performed which eviscerated the basis of the materialists’ refusal.  


Editor’s note: The reader is invited to also review two sister-articles, Quantum Mechanics and Theory of Everything.





Editor's last word:

New experiments are being conducted on the standard "Double-Slit."

Read of latest developments HERE.