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Word Gems 

exploring self-realization, sacred personhood, and full humanity


downloading the entire Word Gems web-site,
securing your own copy of all the writings


"We trespassed, field to field; you, glad of my arms each time a fence challenged us; I, always held you longer than it took to help you over." Walter Benton, This Is My Beloved


I’ve often been asked to ensure that copies of Word Gems will exist, lest, in the future, the writings be lost. I have done this, but you might also want to do this for yourself.

As I write these paragraphs, my health is still reasonably good, but, as we know, things can change. I’ve attempted to arrange for the site to remain online after my passing, but, given the state of the world, we don’t know if the free-flow of information will continue.

To those who find the Word Gems writings helpful, my recommendation is this: Download the entire website to secure your own personal copy.

There is free software available allowing you to do this. Do a web-search for “download an entire web-site” and you will find several options. They say it's fairly quick and easy, so most of us, or maybe with the help of a tech-savvy friend, will be able to do this.

Currently, I am still adding to the site. Almost every day I might make small corrections, or sometimes add a clarifying “inset box” to an existing article, and occasionally I’ll write a whole new article. All of which means, if you do arrange to download, you might want to update your copy, let’s say, once a week or so.

All the best to you. And, as a closing item, I’ll just say -- probably the most important point on the whole site - learn how to “go within” and be instructed directly by Source; and then, in time, everything will come to us, and we won’t need external guidance.




The Dazzling Darkness is a concept representing a frame of mind untrammeled by the dysfunctional ego. Therein, freed from base-alloy lower-nature inclinations, one might apprehend not only the identity of one’s true mate but also a realization of the living presence of God in one’s life. READ MORE