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exploring self-realization, sacred personhood, and full humanity


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After nearly 25 years of construction, and almost 60 years of research, Word Gems is a kind of small library now. This was not my original intention, but it just sort of grew into that. It's where I collect my gold-nugget findings. There are 1800 documents on the site; if printed, 10,000 pages might ensue.

Where to start and how to negotiate this labyrinth?

To begin, a most salient feature, Word Gems acknowledges the validity of "the scientific evidence for the afterlife."

Twenty Nobel laureates - physics, chemistry, medicine - have critically examined this afterlife-evidence and have accepted its reality. See a list on the "afterlife" page.

This research data supports the larger metaparadigm that consciousness, not matter, constitutes the undergirding of reality. Many of the early quantum-mechanics fathers, arguably, the greatest scientists of history, affirmed this tenet.

homepage: 100+ topic link-icons

You will find this list of icons near the top of the homepage – from “Afterlife” to “Zen.” Virtually all 100+ are constructed with the same layout and format.

Click on any topic-icon, and it will open to:

(1) an introductory page with many quotations from a wide assortment of thinkers (not all of whom I agree with). Near the top of this page, typically, one will find link-icons to an “Editor’s Report” or “Editor’s 1-Minute Essay” on the subject under review.

However, in a minority of cases,

(2) the introductory page will immedately access a primary article with no bank of general quotations.

homepage: site search and index

These two “search boxes,” located just after the 100+ topics, are valuable resources. For example, if you’d like to know if a subject or phrase is addressed in the Word Gems library, this search function will scan all of the documents and provide a report. Further, the “Index” box offers an alphabetical listing of every word on the site.

homepage: short essays and links to favorite items

Beneath the five books (featured with cover-artwork), to the bottom of the homepage, you’ll discover several short essays plus links to items of special interest. I would encourage you not to overlook these quick-read essays as they represent, in my opinion, some of the best material on Word Gems; for example, the “What We Stay Alive For” writing.


the central theme of Word Gems

It’s on the masthead of every page: “exploring self-realization, sacred personhood, and full humanity.”

One of my books focuses specifically on how to access the "hidden riches" within:


However, "exploring sacred personhood" is investigated and presented, in the main, via an emphasis on “the scientific evidence for the afterlife.” For example, the vast majority of the 100+ topic-icons are addressed in terms of how they relate to the “afterlife” information. This is so because, as with true love, the knowledge and reality of the next world "changes everything." 

With this in view, I might mention that, within the very large body of data concerning the afterlife, I've adopted a certain topic for special interest: authentic romantic love, its nature and purpose, how it plays out on the other side. Many articles and four books speak to this vital subject:


which among the 100+ to read first

The “Afterlife” icon is probably an easy choice for the "chief seat." There, I’ve listed 70+ points of evidence; I could have listed many hundreds but have included only what I feel to be the most significant.

After reading the “Afterlife” page, try one of my favorite writings – accessed by the “Summerland” icon. On that page, be sure to also read the “1-minute report” for this. It’s a collection of really wonderful information about how things work in our "home-world."

While the scientific evidence for the afterlife takes the spotlight on Word Gems, several other topics are also very important in terms of errant information which, for many, will need to be "unlearned." Where it's appropriate, I've posted the following "inset box" highlighting primary subjects for remediation:

Editor's Note: This article is part of a series; see the 8 link-icons below - each is best reviewed within a wide corpus of knowledge. My research, for nearly 60 years, attempts to get at what's real and true. Concerning priority of the topics, there's a song-lyric, "love changes everything" - so it is with the scientific evidence of the afterlife; its reality changes everything.

Afterlife Bible Hell God
Jesus Christ Clear Thinking Satan Summary


Editor's Essay: the primacy of Universal Consciousness and how a better understanding of it might create for us a natural religion, a natural wisdom.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Afterlife: 10 Things You Need to Know upon Arrival

500 tape-recorded messages from the other side


why inform yourself about the afterlife

Much could be said here, and I’ve already said it in many articles; but, essentially, the more you know about where you’re going and what will happen when you leave this world, the more confident, the less afraid, you’ll be. 

Actually, the necessity for information here is a little more intense. Testimonies from the other side inform us that 75% of those crossing over will spend at least a short time in a dark place. However, let us not be troubled. If this should happen to any of us, not to worry, we can leave the same day. Education, not punishment, is the operative dynamic - see Sensibility: 1-Minute. 

We are encouraged to avoid the hubristic self-delusion of “I’m going to live one life at a time and will deal with that later.” This becomes a formula for failure, or worse.

If one were planning a first trip to Paris, it would be wise to inform oneself beforehand. And we invest a minimum of 12 years of schooling before embarking upon the adult phase of life, a mere temporary life soon fleeing from us, but then, for many, cavalierly presuming to enter our permanent home-world, an eternal world, without so much as a hip-pocket travel brochure.

This kind of purposeful ignorance causes many to stumble upon the shores of what-comes-next in a confused and fearful state of mind, which, for some, could last a very long time until one finds one's bearings. For almost all of us, it’s not what you think over there, it’s not what you were told.

Eventually, or immediately, upon transition, we will find ourselves living in the "real world", Summerland - a spiritual, humanistic, educationally-progressive, not a religious, social order. The Church has absolutely no say there.

a society built around the individual, not the group

Summerland civilization, unlike that of the Earth, is not built around power-structures of the group, the institution, or society, but, instead, focuses on the individual, the growth and development potentialities of each person. 

channeled information from Summerland, as reported in Excursions to the Spirit World by Frederick C. Sculthorp:

"There is no hope of getting by with the crowd. Each of us is a separate unit, each has to learn, however long it takes. To any person we can say: You are unique. There has never before been another person like you, nor will there ever be... Therefore you have made your own personal wavelength and that is why a telepathic thought [always] reaches its objective. Only your [particular] receiving and transmitting station has that wavelength."

2.0 software upgrade

It's a solid world there, its inhabitants enjoying solid bodies, walking on solid ground, living in solid houses. Summerland is a perfected counterpart of the Earth, the upgraded 2.0 software version (the graphics are awesome, as the kids say), the original blueprint and mould, containing all good things of the Earth-plane plus a great many which are unknown on our planet.

Again, to emphasize, there is no good thing here on the Earth which is not available in "the real world" - that's why they call it the real world; what we have here is just the echo, the faded image, the disposable practice turn. People worry, "if I don't get to experience such-and-such during this life, then I'll never find my heart's desire." Absolutely not true.

In Summerland we'll find birds in trees and flowers in gardens, universities and small farms, hide-away cottages and palatial mansions, concerts and theatrical productions, white-sand beaches for lollygagging and mountain trails for hiking, libraries and museums, houseboats and painted-desert retreats...

... public annual jubilee-festivals and private discussions with your best friend in your living room as you share a drink by a fireplace, art galleries and symphony orchestras, opportunities for far-flung adventure-exploration in the cosmos and secluded oases for quiet meditation, visiting august dignitaries sharing knowledge of more advanced realms and programs of heroic service just for the stalwart of heart ("damn few"), scientific research and poetry readings...

... reunion with lost beloved pets and therapeutic aid to once-abused animals, close friends and relatives getting together for backyard parties, proto-Twin Soul couples attending classes to learn about eternal love and marriage with a view toward having children of their own, on-the-job training to work as missionary-assistants in the Dark Realms, primary school-teachers, surrogate mothers for orphans, counselors to aid in finding the "true self," every kind of endeavor to serve the disadvantaged and, as one progresses in one’s chosen field, a day will come when “upper management” will ask if you’d like to enter a leadership position and run your own program.



It's a normal life for us to do normal things and lead normal real lives. It's where you get to do all the things you missed out on during your terra-mission. We will find Summerland to be not only the great healer but the great leveler, the grand reification of "the first will be last and the last will be first," a domain where fairness and equity finally rule; a strict meritocracy, such that, what we are, on the deep inside, what we've made of ourselves, is plainly revealed to all in one's energy-aura; no more deceptive smiles for the cameras, with the ultra-advanced there as the embodiment of total sincerity, no role playing, "what you see is what you get", and always on your side.

Editor's note: This kind of talk can make people nervous, because what about those hidden skeletons in the closet we never talk about? well, that's normal, we can make good on that, as here's the good news - everyone can change, everyone, with dedicated effort, no matter one's checkered past, can rise to the highest heights of development over there. How high is that? - you'd be surprised.

Even those who lost the most here on Earth will be made whole. It's a brand new level playing field. Recipients of gain will include those utterly oppressed and merchandized by Earth's power-mad upper class; also elevated are children who died young due to illness and, especially, the babies killed in the womb, those helpless scraps of human life which a godless materialistic society cavalierly deems to be rubbish and refuse. All disenfranchised entities will enjoy restoration of all lost opportunities for life and love; they will regain forfeited health and well-being, babies will grow up to physical maturity, all will find themselves totally repaired.

One does not need to be a saint to enter Summerland. Mistakes due to weakness are normal and, actually, no big deal. Just do your best, don't violate your own conscience, keep your spirit open and be willing to learn, avoid fear-and-guilt based religion, help others as you can, live as decently as possible, and this will be enough to begin.

But those who perpetrate atrocity with design, those who maliciously deprive another human being of any personal freedom - or support those who do as obedient cultish minions - will not yet be allowed into Summerland, but must first contemplate repentance in dark detention, sometimes affectionately referred to as "the rat cellar" or "the sewer pit."



from the Gospel of Thomas:

[Thomas said] "These sayings that you utter are laughable and ridiculous to the world, for they are misunderstood. How can we go forth and preach them, since the world does not respect us?"

[Jesus said] "I tell you the truth: whoever listens to what you have to say and turns away, or sneers, or smirks at these things, will be held in a cramped dark place... They will be imprisoned there..."



In the 1990s Mark Macy was part of a science team which received electronic communications from Summerland, including photos and recorded messages.

see Mark’s page in the afterlife report (item #40)

Mark Macy, an acquaintance of mine, a great guy


Mark's team asked scientists on the other side whether the soul of the child enters as soon as the cell has developed in the woman’s body. Swejen Salter replied:

Yes, at the moment the body disappears here and the conception has taken place on Earth, the soul has entered the cell.

Anne de Guigné (pronounced “geenyay”) was a remarkable French girl who died in 1922 at age 11. Today in the spirit-world she is head of “The Group to Protect Newborn Life.”

Mark says that this "portrait" of Anne was produced on the other side, "painted by spirit artists." It was "then delivered to a computer on Earth."

spirit-person Anne de Guigné
project leader, The Group to Protect Newborn Life


Anne also sent Mark’s associates a letter, received on two different electronic devices, unconnected to the internet.


sewer-green slime, lizards, rats, serpents, bats

The following is channeled information from the other side as reported in Heaven Revised by Eliza Bisbee Duffey. See the entire quotation on the “sensibility” page.

A missionary spirit-guide is sent to the Dark Realms to help a woman trapped there. The account paints the scene, the hideousness of the environment, pools of sewer-green slime, overrun by lizards, rats, serpents, bats, “and all sorts of noisome creatures.”

The Guide finds the frantic and fear-crazed woman. It seems she had been there for a long time. In the course of the rescue, however, it was brought to light that she had killed her own babies with abortion.

However, this was not a case of a young girl, frightened and distraught, having made a mistake under panic of the moment. Instead, she had heartlessly smirked about it, thought it a joke, didn't even feel shame. In her own sorrowful penitent words:

"I murdered my unborn babes one after another. I had not the excuse of shame which I wished to conceal. I was a fashionable woman, and I wanted my time to devote to society and my own amusement, and children would be in the way; so I murdered them.”

Editor's note: see the "levels of consciousness" article, discussing that the shameless, those who lack even a rudimentary hesitancy to commit barbarity, writhe on the very lowest level of spiritual awareness. Many of these are found today, in our world, as the frothing members of political parties who sanction Dear Leader's approval of ruthless and vulgar policies.



None of this is pleasant, and not meant to be, but, as we've said, people can leave the same day, but the worst cases choose to writhe in suffering there for a long time; they're too angry and too hard-hearted to admit their waywardness, that they'd been wrong.

They had believed their own propaganda that there is no survival of consciousness, wanted to believe this in order to license their rapacious ways; but when, to their utmost dismay, it doesn't work out that way, that there's no "big goodbye" or final curtain -- there's no such thing as death, only transition -- now they're really mad and want to fight.

This is what Jesus referred to as the "weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth": self-pity and outrage - "this should not be happening to me".

In Summerland, properly negotiated, we enjoy a fresh start to just about everything. It's not a "second chance" but our "first chance," as this world was not meant to "work" but was designed for something else

The following is channeled information via the mediumship of William W. Aber, the Psychic Research Society, as reported in “Beyond The Veil” (1902), compiled by J.H. Nixon. Testimonies were offered by numerous spirit-persons by means of full-form visible materialization.

“[Then] came [one] in the similitude  of  a  young  woman  in  garments  white  and  glistening … speaking in  a  whisper,  gave ... some  of  her  experience: ‘My  name  is  Stella.  I came  to  the  spirit  world [as] a  young  woman. In  the  earth  life  I  was  what  is  there  called  a  Christian. I  was sincere  and  tried  to  be  devout;  and  did  live  as  nearly  as  I  could to  what  I  was  taught…

'I hunted for my savior for a very long time but could not find him'

"Of  course,  [at my transition] I  expected  my  Redeemer  to  meet  me  and  conduct me  to  His  Father's  glittering  golden  throne,  but  in  all  these years  I  have  not  found  that  heaven,  nor  that  golden  throne,  nor that  [judging, angry] God  who  sitteth  thereon,  nor  His  only  begotten  Son  at  His  right  hand,  nor … one  wearing  that  crown  of  thorns,  nor  Him who  is  judge  of  the  quick  and  the  dead;  for  all  of  those  things  I hunted  [a very long time] and  made  diligent  inquiry,  but  found  them  not.

'a stupendous mythological idolatry'

"Was  my  whole  religious  life  on  earth  a  stupendous mythological  idolatry? Surely  it  was,  I  began  to  conclude. But  at  last,  after long  fruitless  search,  I  found friends,  or  rather,  they  found  me,  in  this  dark  and  forlorn  condition [of ignorance and blindness, having been defrauded of the truth by a rapacious and merchandizing Church]; and  I  knew  some  of  them,  and  they  looked  so  bright  and so  happy! 

not even spirits, thousands of years old, had ever met that savior

"And  they  told  me  that  the  wisest  spirits  they  had ever  met  in  the  spirit  world  had  never  found  that  Savior,  nor that  [judging] God,  nor  that  [mythological] heaven — but  they  had  found  conditions  infinitely more  glorious  and  beautiful,  in  which  human  beings  were enjoying  happiness  and sweet  peace  of  soul  that neither  pen nor  tongue  of  mortals  or  immortals  could  fully  portray  to  human comprehension.

'avoid the long struggle I had to endure'

"Although  my  progress  out  of  the  conditions  in  which my  [false] religion  had placed  me  was  slow,  I  am  triumphantly  above  it now. And,  in  the  hope  that  what  I  have  been  permitted to  hint  to  you  may  reach  many  people  of  your  world,  and  do  them good,  [I offer these things that my listeners might] avoid  the  long  struggle  I  had  [to endure] in  order  to reach [the truth of God, life as it really is].  I  bid  you,  my  dear  friends  of  earth,  good-night."


There's no wispy ethereal existence over there, no apparition, wraith, or phantom, no floating on clouds, no chubby pink cherubs sailing by, no pearly gates, no streets paved with gold nor strewn with palm branches, no white-marble thrones, no harps (unless you happen to like harp music, then go knock yourself out), no crowns, no Saint Peter as doorkeeper, no "ruling ten cities," no winged messengers (but for carrier pigeons), no pagan concepts as blood sacrifices to propitiate a blood-thirsty god, no halos, no saints to listen to prayer-requests, no holy trinity "and don't even try to understand it", no such entities as Michael, Gabriel, or Raphael, no surrogate salvation, no honoring of cynical death-bed repentance and no last minute absolution allowing the depraved to skate lily-white into bliss on a loophole-technicality, no immorality of another paying for one's debts, no such thing as unrequited true love as those who are romantically meant for each other always find each other in due time, no ruling religious class, no chosen, no special deals for favorites, no empty-chanting supplications with beads, no legal-fiction sacraments, no holy days, no sabbaths, no such thing as reincarnation, no past lives, no karma, no pre-birth life, but, instead, one eternal life, always pointing forward, one eternal life, which will always be enough, no such thing as joining any fevered two in so-called marriage by means of magic word, magic hand-sign, and notarized signed document but only soul-connections, no reigning goddess as de facto power behind the throne, no such thing as a harsh angry judging god, no holy water, no sacred shrines, no genuflections, no patron saints with magic wand, no single-gendered deity as male, no hell-fire, no society of the damned, no eternal punishment - or punishment of any kind - only education and opportunity of renewal and healing for all, no prayers for the dead as lobbying a venal god for mercy, no mysteries you're not meant to understand but only believe, no church-going and no priests / ministers / rabbis nor any robed holier-than-thou (at least, not in the sane neighborhoods), no exultation of mindless belief-as-willpower at the expense of rational thought, no infallible holy books and no infallible one-true doctrines, no apostles, no evangelists, no pastors, no deacons, no top-down hierarchical inspiration, no ostensible in-your-face government of any kind, no millennium, no second coming, no waiting in the graves, no seventh trump, no delay to receive one’s eternal spirit-body, no devil, no demons, no materialistic philosophy of external deity and external salvation, no tithing, no fasting, no rituals of any kind, no psalm-singing, no holy mountains, no beatific vision to hold in thrall, no self-serving prayer as "inform the aloof deity then ask for a favor," no such thing as holy relics, holy medals, holy pictures, no holy music, no such thing as a worship service (as if God were so insecure and narcissistic as to need constant stroking), no round-the-clock groveling and flattery called praise and veneration, no hallelujahs, no hosannas. We could go on.

We must put away all this darkness, the empty godtalk, the pious prevarication, the sterile formulaic and ritualistic path to God, this farce and charade, this draconian mythology, this patent error and propaganda - which misrepresents authentic spirituality and the real God -  a gross deception, fueled by the fear of death, imposed upon us, for centuries, by Despotic Ecclesia with its agenda of power-and-control over the hapless masses. In Summerland, all this parody and fake-news is finally over.



The following is channeled information via the mediumship of William W. Aber, the Psychic Research Society, as reported in “Beyond The Veil” (1902), compiled by J.H. Nixon. Testimonies were offered by numerous spirit-persons by means of full-form visible materialization. A visiting spirit-person speaks:

"Good-evening,  friends… I  am  meeting  cases  every  day,  every  hour,  of  troubled souls  about  their  false  religion,  and  these  cases  come  here in  such  great  numbers… I  met  a  friend — I  call  him  a  friend… I   met   this friend  who  had  been  taught  to  believe  in  that  [judging angry] God  when he  was  on  earth… but  also  to  believe  in  the  whole  train  of  the  usual theological  concomitants… [I said to the new friend] ‘When you  were  on  earth  you  were  taught  of  Jesus, the  only  begotten  Son  of  God,  whom  God  had  prepared  from before  the  foundation  of  the  world  as  a  savior  of  the  world … 

the 'awfully mistaught'

"'And  you  come  here  among  us looking  for  that  God,  expecting  to  find  such  an  one.  And  for that  Jesus [or a queen of heaven].  But,  my  friend,  you  see  now  that  you  have  been awfully mistaught  about  the  whole  affair… And  you  find  not  your  God  nor  your  Jesus,  and  you may search  all  eternity  for  your  God  and  Savior … and eternally you  will  not  find  them,  nor your devil, nor your hell, nor your heaven.

'one solid falsehood'

"'But  you  will  find  that your  whole  life  on  earth  was  lived  as  one  solid  falsehood…  You  come  to  us,  and  we  are  called  upon  to  teach  you anew  of  the  God,  the  heaven,  the  hell;  and  to  lead  you  out of  that  darksome  superstition  into  the  light  of  truth  and  eternal liberty.' 

'this great festering theological delusion'

"And  we  meet  many  thousands  like  this  one,  wandering about  in  search  of  their  Jesus  and  never  finding  him… And  I  am  determined  to  teach  your  world,  so  far as  I  am  able,  of  this  great  festering  theological  delusion."

millions in bondage due to false teachings by the church; whatever we say here does not go far enough

[Another visiting spirit-person adds] “As vividly  as  he  has  set  out  the  truth,  yet  it  would  be  hard  to present [or overstate] the  far-reaching  consequences  of  the  false  ecclesiasticisms  of  your  world.  And  how  common  orthodox  religious teaching  of  your  world  holds  the  souls  of  millions  in  bondage and  sends  them  to  spirit  life  in  undeveloped  conditions

nearly everything the church taught was untrue

"[we] find  that  those  victims  of  the  false  teachings  are  left  in  lower regions,  for  a  timeto  unlearn  nearly  all  that  they  have  been taught  on  earth.”

We will be introduced to life as it truly is, not as we learned in sunday school or from the pulpit. Most will be utterly shocked and totally not ready.

My own father, via psychic-medium, communicated with me. He had believed in the gross illusion and idolatry of a merciful "queen of heaven" who would save him from an angry judging god. He lamented, to the effect:

"This is nothing like I was told it would be. The Church made a fool of all of us with its false teachings."


Channeled information from the other side: 

RCC Monsignor Priest, Robert Hugh Benson (1871–1914)

"As a former priest of the Church, I regret deeply that I ever gave tongue to such misguided teaching... humiliating... absolutely crushing... And there are hosts of others like me." Robert Benson



Summerland is a world of no favorites, no special plea-bargains because of who you know, no fawned-over celebrities, no intimidating titles, no two-tiered justice system for the haves and have-nots, no blue-blood royalty, no visible government rule, no barriers to entry, no frocked old-boys-club, no Dear Leaders, no elect, no entitled ones, no exclusive fraternities, no grasping elites skimming the cream, no hidden back-room deals, no clandestine power groups with their dark conspiratorial ways, no fake-news, no murdering of babies and calling it one's right of "choice", no big sloppy grins canvassing for support, no political saviors making promises in exchange for allegiance, no dismantling rule-of-law for totalitarian agenda, no postured authority playing the role of smiling benefactor -- instead, it is the dreamed-for world wherein everything is finally made fair and right, plain and good, with perfectly equal opportunities for all. Merit, study, hard work, selflessness, heroic intentions, consecrated devotion to the truth, makes its own way, becomes the essence of morality - without invitation or approval from (if it could exist) an envious superior - and sends one's stock soaring. Same rules for everyone, all sons and daughters of God, same general outline for all, no matter their particular path forward in eternal life.

Total freedom to follow one's sacred inner guidance: it's the prime directive over there, from the very top - and no one can hold you back, or say a word against you. This is the grand fulfillment of the biblical principle "work out your own salvation."

Everyone "pays their own way," no third-party debt cancellors allowed, everyone is strictly responsible for all that one has done in one's life, everyone must work his or her way out of what one has made of one's own life. Each person must "pay the last penny" of personal "debt" owed, as Jesus said. Granted, some will have more "pennies to pay" than others, but this isn't bad news - the spiritually minded dearly want to set things right, to make amends for past infractions; it's part of their joy. As we engage in these reparations, we advance ourselves. How far can we advance? - you'd be really surprised.

There is immense personal freedom in Summerland, to become who you were always meant to be, to pursue Jeffersonian unique-and-private definitions of happiness.

Nothing good passes away in Summerland. When you find what you really like you can stay with it as long as you like. No one will bother you. It’s called the “real world” because of this sense of permanence - unlike the Earth-plane, which is the “shadow world”, the “pale copy”, where good things fade, suffer loss, or are taken away.

The following is channeled information via the mediumship of William W. Aber, the Psychic Research Society, as reported in “The Rending Of The Veil” (1898), compiled by J.H. Nixon. Testimonies were offered by numerous spirit-persons by means of full-form visible materialization. A visiting afterlife entity asserts:

"Man progresses more rapidly mentally after he has thrown off the mortal body, for he then gives no thought to food, raiment, or shelter for the physical body. He can pursue any study he takes up uninterrupted by petty cares of life... friend, the spirit world is the real world, and your world is the unreal. The spirit world never decays or dies, while your world is steadily passing away.”



from Arthur Findlay’s The Way Of Life:

"Another native of Glasgow [Scotland], now in that beautiful world, told her sister [via direct-voice medium John Sloan]...

'Oh, Jean, it is beautiful, and I have such a dear little cottage to stay in with a beautiful garden. I had never seen such a lovely garden before with glorious flowers of all colours, flowers that you never see on earth, and they do not fade. They bloom all the time, and, when you pick them, others just seem to come in their place. What beautiful perfumes they have, and, Jean, there is honeysuckle growing up at each side of my door, masses of it. I just wish you could see it, it is so lovely, but you will see it some day, dear. I will show it to you.'"


from Dr. Carl Wickland, “Gateway Of Understanding”:

“Shortly after passing from the physical life, a spirit, Mrs. H. R., sister of one of the members of our psychic circle, was brought to an understanding of her new condition while [speaking through trance-medium] Mrs. Wickland, and gave an enthusiastic description [in “real time”] of her [very] first spirit vision."

'Oh, look at that picture! A beautiful walk, with beautiful flowers on each side. There are verbenas and forget-me-nots as far as you can see, then yellow daisies with black centers, and in another row white shasta daisies that come up like a wall. There are lilies, maidenhair fern, all kinds of dahlias and honeysuckle. All these make the wall on each side of the road.

verbenas and shasta daisies

'Across the road is a gate which is made of three statues, a lady on each side and in the center another lady holding out her hands over the other two. The statue on one side is Love, on the other Truth, and the one holding out her hands is Wisdom - Wisdom gained through Love and Truth - the Understanding of Life beyond the Gateway. The gate is beautiful scroll work of roses. Now they open the gate and here is my sister, bringing beautiful flowers! She says, “Come with me to the everlasting home, where there is no sorrow, no sickness, only joy and happiness.” Such a beautiful home!'"



On first introduction, many will say Summerland sounds too good to true. You'll want to read the evidence for yourself. Many of the great scientists of history have reviewed the evidence and have accepted it as valid.

1800 documents, 10,000 pages: an attempt to encapsulate all of WG

If pressed to distill and epitomize the sum-and-substance of the entire WG site, I would venture this:

We are immortal beings, of vast unexpressed potential “with no discernible upper limit.” We are “sparks of God” and cannot die, sent to the Earth, one trip only, to individuate, to become persons in our own right, to "wake up" to inherent potential. We are to discover “God within” and live from that sacred center. We are to actualize, to bring to the surface of personality, the "inner riches," to become who we truly are. As daughters and sons of God, our presently-dormant “made in the image” potentialities secret an astonishing array of embryonic abilities, eventually to blossom and unfold “superhero” ultra-advanced powers of mind and body. We are to learn how to become an open channel to God's energies, thereby enjoying a "private tutoring" from the divine parent. 

This unveiling of the "true self," this "translucence," a shining through, "of the eternal splendor of the One" and of the Truth, prepares us for what comes next - a splendiferous mode of living in Summerland, our home-world, where one's unique and personalized definitions of happiness are reified; including, eternal romantic love with a darling companion, a perfectly matched Twin Soul, deliciously mirroring, complementing one's essential self.

We cannot deny to ourselves, but only delay, with suffering, that which God has planned for us to do and become. We postpone our joy by refusing to access the god-life within. This readily occurs when we fail to take responsibility for our own growth and, instead, surrender personal sovereignty to any external authority or power-structure, any “infallible” guru or purported inerrant way. The truth is a living thing, within us, as we are unalterably, indissolubly, linked to the Source of Life. As such, we do not need "saving" as Big Religion pontificates but only an opening of the eyes to the "factory-installed" inner riches.

Poets speak of our distorted vision, an abrogation of existential mandate, as "we feed on night, make inward bedlam and will not come out," a succumbing, in its many guises, to the fear of death; how few "would crawl out from under the obscure to stand defenseless in the open sunny air." All this, this surrogate living, this delusional capitulation to "I don't have enough" because "I am not enough," this repression and self-distraction, this "embedding oneself in other-power" -- anything that hinders, anything that misdirects, or, as so eloquently stated by Susana Wesley, "whatever weakens your reason, impairs the tenderness of your conscience, obscures your sense of God, takes off your relish for spiritual things, whatever increases the authority of the body over the mind, however innocent it may seem in itself” – whatever diverts attention from sacred destiny and mandate for growth, becomes the essence of evil for us.


'this great truth'

Missionary Spirit Guides in the Dark Realms speak of "this great truth": that, change and progression are ever possible; indeed, assured. We cannot, ultimately, defraud ourselves, try as we may, of the good things planned for us. Happiness is being stored up for us like an inheritance, safeguarded in a spendthrift trust, beyond the squandering reach of an immature beneficiary - yes, even for recalcitrant ones who presently spurn, and writhe, in the spheres of probationary suffering.

An ancient senior Guide, serving as missionary in the Dark Realms, with great beneficence of mind, addresses his younger helpers on the future of humankind:

“To what ultimate height of development we shall reach, I know not—none can know since there can be no limit to our knowledge or our progress. But I believe that, could we foresee the ultimate destiny of our own small planet, as we can, in part, judge of it from seeing the more advanced ones around us, we should learn to look upon even the longest earthly life [with its inherent suffering], and the longest saddest probation of these dark spheres, as but stepping stones on which man shall mount [so to speak] to the 'thrones of angels' at last.

"What we can see - what we do know and may grasp - is the great and ever present truth that hope is truly eternal and progression is ever possible, even to the lowest and most degraded and sin-stained soul. It is this great truth we would have each of you to preach, both to mortal and immortal man, when you return [as missionary spirit-helpers] to the Earth-plane and to your work there; and, as you [yourselves] have been helped and strengthened and taught, so do you feel bound by obligations of gratitude and ties of Universal Brotherhood [and Sisterhood] to help others [receive the same].”

Editor's note: This comment by the senior Guide stands as glorious and wonderful mission statement for all those who awaken to the god-life within - yes, "this great truth." On the "Summerland" page, I've repeatedly stated that there is no vacuous celebrity culture over there, no worshipping the stars, we're all just friends and neighbors; however, if anyone were to be worthy of laudation -- and the truly advanced would never even hint to encourage or seek for this -- we sense that the venerable servant-missionary Guides, such as the speaker here, constitute the "rock stars" in that world; and everyone there knows this.



One of the universe’s great paradoxes:

true spirituality, one’s higher sentience, a better level of consciousness, is not obtained by trying very hard, by religious rituals, prayer, fasting, vow, or pilgrimage - but simply by quietly observing the inner disorder

What is it like?

It is like planting an acorn; within, lies dormant a towering, mighty oak. But how is this bold expression of floral life brought to manifestation? - not by great effort or trying very hard, not by “seizing” for advantage...




From “The Vital Message” (1919) by the great afterlife researcher, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, of "Sherlock" fame:

“Now let me epitomise what these assertions [of and from the next world] are. They say that they are exceedingly happy, and that they do not wish to return. They are among the friends whom they had loved and lost, who meet them when they die and continue their careers together. They are very busy on all forms of congenial  work. The world in which they find themselves is very much like that which they have quitted, but everything keyed to a higher octave. As in a higher octave the rhythm is the same, and the relation of notes to each other the same, but the total effect different…

no need to mourn lost beauty or weakening brain

“In its larger issues this happy life to come consists in the development of those gifts which we possess. There is action for the man of action, intellectual work for the thinker, artistic, literary, dramatic and religious [work] for those whose God-given powers lie that way. What we have both in brain and character we carry over with us… Let no woman mourn her lost beauty, and no man his lost strength or weakening brain. It all awaits them once more upon the other side. Nor is any deformity or bodily weakness there, for all is  normal and at its best.”




The following is reproduced from the "Summerland" page:


"a perfectly normal world, a life packed with thrills"

  • Afterlife testimony, via psychic Geraldine Cummins, from a soldier killed in World War I: Cummins reported that "Maclean [the once-fallen soldier] said he was having an amazing time. He's found his own crowd [fellow soldiers] and they, including himself, were all so immensely relieved to find that they were alive and, not only that, were neither in [a depressing religious] heaven [with harps and chubby cherubs], nor in [a burning punitive] hell, nor in any other hot spot, but they were in a perfectly normal world, leading a [perfectly normal] life packed with thrills."   

Editor's Essay: Summerland

The Scientific Evidence For The Afterlife 

After 30 years of investigation, here’s what I’ve found as the most convincing evidence for post-mortem survival.




Editor's note: This photo “Earthrise” was taken by the Apollo 8 astronauts on Christmas Eve 1968 as they circumnavigated the Moon. It’s been called the “most influential photograph” of history. I adopted some of its mystical allure for my article “Earthrise Restatement of The Wedding Song" - one of my very favorite writings in the collection.


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