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Word Gems 

exploring self-realization, sacred personhood, and full humanity


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After nearly 25 years of construction and 55 years of research, Word Gems is a kind of small library now. This was not my original intention, but it just sort of grew into that. There are 1400 documents on the site; if printed, 10,000 pages might ensue.

Where to begin and how to negotiate this labyrinth?

homepage: 100+ topic link-icons

You will notice them near the top of the homepage – from “Afterlife” to “Zen.” Virtually all 100+ are constructed with the same layout and format.

Click on any topic-icon, and it will open to:

(1) an introductory page with many quotations from a wide assortment of thinkers (not all of whom I agree with). Near the top of this page, typically, one will find link-icons to an “Editor’s Essay” or “Editor’s 1-Minute Essay” on the subject under review.

However, in a minority of cases,

(2) the introductory page will immedately access a primary article with no bank of general quotations.

homepage: site search and index

These two “search boxes,” located just after the 100+ topics, are valuable resources. For example, if you’d like to know if a subject or phrase is addressed in the Word Gems library, this search function will scan all of the documents and provide a report. The “Index” box offers an alphabetical listing of every word on the site.

homepage: short essays and links to favorite items

Beneath the five books (featured with cover-artwork), to the bottom of the homepage, you’ll discover several short essays plus links to items of special interest. I would encourage you not to overlook these quick-read essays as they represent, in my opinion, some of the best material on Word Gems; for example, the “What We Stay Alive For” writing.


the central theme of Word Gems

It’s on the masthead of every page: “exploring self-realization, sacred personhood, and full humanity.”

One of my books focuses specifically on how to access the "hidden riches" within:


However, "exploring sacred personhood" is investigated and presented, in the main, via an emphasis on “the scientific evidence for the afterlife.” For example, as you will discover, the vast majority of the 100+ topic-icons are addressed in terms of how they relate to the “afterlife” information. This is so because, as with true love, the knowledge and reality of the next world "changes everything."

With this in view, I might mention that, within the very large body of data concerning the afterlife, I've adopted a certain topic for special interest: authentic romantic love, its nature and purpose, and how it plays out on the other side. Many articles and four books speak to this vital subject:


which topic-icons among the 100+ to read first

The “Afterlife” icon is probably an easy choice for the "chief seat." There, I’ve listed 50 points of evidence; I could have listed many hundreds but have included only what I feel to be the most significant.

After reading the “Afterlife” page, try one of my favorite writings – accessed by the “Summerland” icon. And be sure to read the “Editor’s Essay” for this. It’s a collection of really wonderful information about how things work in our "home-world."

While the scientific evidence for the afterlife takes the central spotlight on Word Gems, several other topics are also very important in terms of errant information which, for many, will need to be "unlearned." Where it's appropriate, I've posted the following "inset box" highlighting the primary subjects of error:

Editor's Note: This article is part of a series; see the 8 link-icons below - each is best reviewed within a wide corpus of knowledge. My research, for 55 years, attempts to get at what's real and true. Concerning priority of the topics, there's a song-lyric, "love changes everything" - so it is with the scientific evidence of the afterlife; its reality changes everything.

Afterlife Bible Hell God
Jesus Christ Clear Thinking Satan Summary


why inform yourself about the afterlife

Much could be said here, and I’ve already said it in many articles; but, essentially, the more you know about where you’re going and what will happen when you leave this world, the more confident, the less afraid, you’ll be

Actually, the necessity for information here is a little more intense. Numerous testimonies from the other side inform us that 75% of those crossing over will spend at least a short time in a dark place. However, let us not be overly troubled. If this should happen to any of us, not to worry, we can leave the same day. Read the article, Sensibility: 1-Minute. 

Eventually, we will fit ourselves for life in Summerland, which is a spiritual, not a religious, society. There's no floating on clouds with pink cherubs. It's a solid world over there, with solid ground and solid tables and chairs, birds in trees, and flowers in gardens. It's a normal life for us to do normal things and lead normal, real lives, but without the social problems of the Earth. You'll want to read the evidence for yourself. It will make you yearn for that coming home-world.

1400 documents, 10,000 pages: an attempt to encapsulate all of WG

If pressed to distill and epitomize the sum-and-substance of the entire WG site, I would venture this:

We are immortal beings, of vast unexpressed potential “with no discernible upper limit.” We are “sparks of God” and cannot die, sent to the Earth, one trip only, to individuate, to become persons in our own right, to "wake up" to inherent potential. We are to discover “God within” and live from that sacred center. We are to unfold, to bring to the surface of personality, the "inner riches," to become who we truly are. We are to learn how to become an open channel to God's mind and spirit, thereby enjoying a "private tutoring" from the divine parent. This unveiling of the "true self," this "translucence," a shining through, "of the eternal splendor of the One" and of the Truth, prepares us for what comes next - a splendiferous mode of living in Summerland our home-world, with expanded powers of mind and body, replete with all joy and happiness; including eternal romantic love with a destined mate, a Darling Companion, a perfectly matched Twin Soul, one who deliciously mirrors and complements one's essential self.

"There is in every person some supreme idea or principle or tendency which pervades the soul ... which sentiment dominates one's entire conduct. This [particularized orientation] is a product of spiritual growth [and reflects a burgeoning of the inner soul-riches]." Testimony from the other side via the mediumship of William W. Aber, reported in The Dawn Of Another Life (1910), READ MORE

We cannot deny to ourselves, but only delay, with suffering, that which God has planned for us to do and become. We postpone our joy by refusing to access the god-life within. This readily occurs when we fail to take responsibility for our own growth and, instead, surrender personal sovereignty to any external authority or power-structure, any “infallible” guru or purported inerrant way. The truth is within us, we are linked to the Source of Life; we do not need "saving" as Big Religion pontificates but only an "opening of the eyes" to what we've been given. Poets speak of our distorted vision, an abrogation of existential mandate as, "we feed on night, make inward bedlam and will not come out," a succumbing, in its many guises, to the fear of death; how few "would crawl out from under the obscure to stand defenseless in the open sunny air." All this, this surrogate living, this delusional capitulation to "I don't have enough" because "I am not enough," this repression and self-distraction, this "embedding of oneself in other-power" - anything that hinders, for ourselves or others, connection with the soul's made-in-the-image treasures - becomes the essence of evil.


'this great truth' - change and progression is ever possible, indeed, assured; happiness is being stored up for us like an inheritance, safeguarded in a spendthrift trust, beyond the squandering reach of an immature beneficiary - yes, even for those who presently spurn, and writhe, in the spheres of probationary suffering

An ancient Spirit Guide, serving as missionary in the Dark Realms, comments to his younger helpers on the future of humankind:

“To what ultimate height of development we shall reach, I know not—none can know since there can be no limit to our knowledge or our progress. But I believe that could we foresee the ultimate destiny of our own small planet, as we can, in part, judge of it from seeing the more advanced ones around us, we should learn to look upon even the longest earthly life, and the longest saddest probation of these dark spheres, as but stepping stones on which man shall mount [so to speak] to the 'thrones of angels' at last.

"What we can see - what we do know and may grasp - is the great and ever present truth that hope is truly eternal and progression is ever possible even to the lowest and most degraded and sin-stained soul. It is this great truth we would have each of you to preach both to mortal and immortal man, when you return to the earth planes and to your [missionary] work there; and, as you have been helped and strengthened and taught, so do you feel bound by the obligations of gratitude and the ties of Universal Brotherhood [and Sisterhood] to help others.”

Editor's note: This comment by an ancient Spirit Guide stands as glorious mission statement for all those who awaken to the god-life within.



One of the universe’s great paradoxes:

true spirituality, one’s higher sentience, a better level of consciousness, is not obtained by working very hard, by religious rituals, by prayer, fasting, vow, or pilgrimage - but simply by quietly observing the inner disorder

What is it like?

It is like planting an acorn; within, lies dormant a towering, mighty oak. But how is this bold expression of floral life brought to manifestation? - not by great effort or trying very hard, not by “seizing” for advantage...





Postscript: the following is reproduced from the "Summerland" page:


"a perfectly normal world, a life packed with thrills"

  • Afterlife testimony, via psychic Geraldine Cummins, from a soldier killed in World War I: Cummins reported that "Maclean [the once-fallen soldier] said he was having an amazing time. He's found his own crowd [fellow soldiers] and they, including himself, were all so immensely relieved to find that they were alive and, not only that, were neither in [a depressing religious] heaven [with harps and chubby cherubs], nor in [a burning, punitive] hell, nor in any other hot spot, but they were in a perfectly normal world, leading a [perfectly normal] life packed with thrills!"   

Editor's Essay: Summerland

Editor's Report: The Scientific Evidence For The Afterlife 

Editor’s Essay: After 30 years of investigation, here’s what I’ve found as the most convincing evidence for post-mortem survival.



Twenty Nobel laureates have critically examined the scientific evidence for the afterlife and have accepted its reality. Knowledge of Summerland, via psychic-medium, has always been accessible to humanity.


Editor's note: This photo, “Earthrise,” was taken by the Apollo 8 astronauts on Christmas Eve 1968 as they circumnavigated the Moon. It’s been called the “most influential photograph” of history. I adopted some of its mystical allure for my article “An Earthrise Restatement of The Wedding Song." It’s one of my very favorite writings in the collection.


lovers "touch foreheads" only in the Dazzling Darkness