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Dr. Amit Goswami's
Creative Evolution

Universal Consciousness, in its fullness, represents all, literally all, possibilities. For evolution to proceed, Consciousness must limit what is possible. Therefore, evolution begins with involution.



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Editor's note: The following is from Dr. Goswami's book, "Creative Evolution: A Physicist's Resolution Between Darwinism And Intelligent Design."


Dr. Goswami presents a most profound concept in chapter five, “Evolution: From What to What?” It’s based on the thoughts of Carl Jung, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and others.

Think of a massive traffic jam, with cars attempting to move every which-way.



It’s all chaos. This picture might represent the infinite - but mutually conflicting - possibilities embedded within Universal Consciousness.

when Consciousness endeavors to create the world, it does so by first paring down, reducing, and limiting possible choices

This paring down might occur on four major levels, four domains of Consciousness:


God mind

Human mind

Biological life



evolution literally means “unfolding,” but before we can get to the unfolding stage there needs to be involution, a “folding in,” a limitation and paring down

To avoid the chaotic stalemate of the quantum traffic jam, possibilities need to be pruned and cut back. This happens by the creation of morphic fields, the hidden blueprints, which will regulate all four major areas of being.

God mind: The first limitation of possibility is to cull out everything that would not conform to the overall purpose, will, or mind of God. To make the grade here, only those possibilities which can be expressed in Godly rules, laws, or principles are built into the universe.

Human mind: Universal Consciousness is not intent upon creating only biological life, but sentient life. The next paring down of quantum possibility facilitates the coming into being of human mind, the processing of meaning and awareness.

Biological life: It is only on this third level down that we find biological life coming into play. Quantum possibilities are further reduced to make way for the coming of life. Notice, and to clarify: what we call life is not an emergent quality of matter but an expression of Universal Consciousness on its appropriate level of quantum possibility.

Matter: The final limitation of possibility results in the arrival of matter. On this level we witness the Big Bang and the collapse of quantum possibility waves as exemplified in “the double-slit experiment.”


Editor’s note: In the channeled works of Father Benson, he speaks of the process by which new buildings are added to Summerland society. There are architects with whom one might consult concerning drawing a set of plans for the new structure. But, with blueprints in place, there is no breaking ground with digging machines, no block-layers or carpenters. Instead, the building simply appears, ready made. I suggest that this process is very much in line with how life originated on planet Earth: once the morphic fields as blueprints are in place, the organisms simply come into being, as per the directive of a supervising Consciousness.


What is the future of evolution?

The above four domains become highly suggestive in terms of pointing toward destiny. We have Matter in the universe, and we have Biological Life. Some would debate whether Human Mind has substantially arrived, and we might share the concern; however, its advent is a reality for some.

Nevertheless, what’s the next stage for evolution? We are to become living embodiments of the God Mind, the Godly principles which form an undercurrent of direction in the universe.

We are familiar with the biosphere. But de Chardin spoke of a coming “noosphere.” The Greek root means “mind,” and the noosphere speaks to a refined and advanced mental activity on planet Earth represented by elevated culture, science, religion, and the like. We’re not there yet.

beyond Noosphere lies Omega Point

The coming Omega Point, suggests de Chardin, is currently sparsely inhabited, the thinly populated realm of the creative selfless - saints, mystics, philosophers, philanthropists. On this level, we “live and breathe” the God Mind.


Editor’s note: Roger Penrose says that he disagrees with the popular view that some observing consciousness collapses the wave function. He says that the quantum state itself collapses the possibilities. I think this takes us in the right direction. I think that Sheldrake’s morphic fields serve as “invisible blueprint” and automatically “prune and cull” possibilities which do not serve the larger purpose in view, that is, by Universal Intelligence.



Editor's last word:

We can enter Summerland without possessing the God Mind, but we won't find true happiness until we do. The article "500 tape-recorded messages from the other side" discusses this problem.

Toward an evolution focused on Omega Point, Jesus urged: "Embrace this God-life, really embrace it."