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Dr. Rupert Sheldrake

consciousness is a quantum field containing all manner of possibility:

developing an internal guidance system for eternal life; a life which begins today 




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consciousness is a quantum field containing all manner of possibility

Editor’s note: The following is a paraphrase of a portion of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake’s lecture which can be accessed on youtube beginning at 15:45.

In the 1920s, when quantum physics was getting started, Alfred North Whitehead was one of the first to understand it. Other philosophers didn’t have the math background, but Whitehead was also a mathematician and so he grasped the significance immediately.

Because light and matter are wavelike, and because waves spread out, both in time and area, Whitehead realized that you couldn’t have a wave at an instant; you can’t have a small slice or particle of a wave and say here it is, because it’s spread out. A wave takes both time and space to move about. And so you can’t define it in a particular time or place, and this is the fundamental reason for Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle because fundamental particles are wavelike.

'matter is a process' not of hard little bee-bees

And so, what Whitehead showed was that matter is not “stuff,” as the nineteenth century physicists had insisted. Matter wasn’t like little billiard balls – hard, impenetrable stuff that persisted. Whitehead said that, instead, matter is a process, because it’s like a wave, and if it’s a wave, and if it’s a process, then it takes place in time, and if it takes place in time, then it has a polarity of time, a past and future ‘pole.’ And this completely transforms our view of matter.

And the most interesting aspect of this, I think, is that it gives us a new way of looking at the mind-body problem. We’re used to the notion that the mind is the internal and the body is the external. Our language is replete with these metaphors – we speak of the inner life, the inner thought, the inner world, the inner consciousness – we use these spatial metaphors all the time. [See the discussion of the "inner body" on the OBE page.]

However, we’re less familiar with the “time” version of mind-body that Whitehead put forward. Recall that a wave process takes time, and therefore it will have a past-future polarity. What Whitehead suggested is that the mind is the “future pole” and the body is the “past pole.”

He pointed out that, when in quantum theory you work out all the future possibilities concerning all that might happen to a particle [that is, to a potential particle once it becomes a particle in the world], you are using math to describe a potential future – it hasn’t happened yet, it’s not part of the physical world, it’s just mathematical probability. But as soon as the particle-wave interacts with something, with another particle or something else, there is a collapse of the wave function, all the great number of possibilities collapse down, and you have now a physical particle created in specific time and space. Now that potential particle is given a “body” and it immediately becomes part of the past, no longer a future possibility.

quantum mechanics gives us an insight into the essence of consciousness

Editor's note: Whitehead showed that this is the general way that minds work. The mind, consciousness, is an arena of quantum possibility as it entertains what it should do. A seemingly infinite number of possibilities lie before it, but they’re all in a quantum state of potential existence until one path is chosen. Our consciousness is a field in which we hold together all manner of possibility.

"minds are containers of possibility"

"Consciousness is the realm of possibility," said Dr. Sheldrake, "and you can't know about possiblities unless they're in a 'conscious space.' I think minds are containers of possibility. Possibilities are not physical facts, they're just possibilities, and they exist only in something like an imagination. I think our conscious minds [have to do with] making choices among possibilities."

All this is quite interesting because the mind, in effect, becomes a "movie screen" upon which the infinite quantum possibilities come to life. Of course, right now, in our feeble mortal state, we cannot envision so much, but we can see a coming day, in receipt of our enhanced selves in Summerland, when we will be able to mentally view much more.

See several short videos on how quantum mechanics works.



the consciousness-quantum field is meant to become our internal guidance system

There are statements made by the apostle Paul which can help us in our discussion of consciousness as quantum field.

Paul, the former leading Pharisee, a doctor of the law, came to an awareness of the inadequacy of "case-based reasoning," of relying too much on legal precedent. See more on this in an article on the "Bible" page.

In the book of Corinthians we find him making decisions, but without scriptural support. He admitted that had no "chapter and verse" to guide, but instead he relied on "the Spirit of truth" to lead him into a fair and just evaluation.

1 Corinthians 7:40 In my judgment … I think that I too have the Spirit of God.

1 Corinthians 7:6 I say this as a concession, not as a command ... And I think that I too have the Spirit of God.


we cannot use the scientific method to learn about the consciousness-quantum field as internal guidance system

The greatest truths of life cannot be weighed on a balance scale nor measured with a ruler. The scientific method constituted a tremendous advance for humankind, leading us away from fear-based and superstitious dogma, the “infallible” pontifications of Dear Leaders. But science can take us only so far in our quest for truth. Higher level discernments of reality will come to us only via sacred intuition.

As discussed in several articles on the “Bible” page, Paul came to realize that he’d been wrong concerning a number of beliefs he’d been taught – and had taught others.

In the book of Matthew, for example, there’s a lot of quoting of the Old Testament, to the effect, “this is what we should do today because of something written a long time ago.” But there’s not so much of that kind of “case-based reasoning” in Paul’s writings. More and more, he began to open himself to a private tutoring from God via “the Spirit of truth.”

Editor’s note: Some people react to my respect for Paul’s writings with a sense of, “Why do you promote him? He was the one who spoke out against women.” But this claim of misogyny against Paul is not likely to be true as he said the opposite in his other writings. There are books on the subject of forged biblical documents; and, given the wave of fake-news today, we should not be surprised to find the same dynamic of censorship-deception in play, especially, way back then, when Dear Leader’s word was the only game in town with no one to challenge or debunk. Paul’s alleged hatred of women reflects not his own spirit but the malicious textual interpolations of a Rogue Church which codified as law a view that women, as their own debates put forward, were not even human. We need to be careful of quick judgments, lest we inadvertently support long-entrenched, institutionalized oppression.

But what is this “Spirit of truth” that prompted Paul to “go out on a limb” at times, saying things to his congregations that had never been said before within the Christian community?

Paul made enemies by this “loose cannon” (pun intended with Paul as "canon") approach to ministry, and the apostles in Jerusalem weren’t buying it. See extensive discussion concerning this internecine strife in the Galatians commentary.

But Paul wouldn’t back down on what many in the Church leadership of the day considered to be his radical, and even ungodly, interpretations of the teachings of Christ.

And how did Paul justify his “new and improved” versions of Christ’s teachings? His iconoclasm was based upon: “I think I have the Spirit of God.”

Are we to be impressed by this putting forward of one’s own self as standard-bearer of what’s real and true? Isn’t this what every little tin-star demagogue of history has blathered: “I am god’s chosen, I am your savior, I really know, I have the inside track on truth, listen to me, follow me to the promised land.”

We’ve heard this for thousands of years from all the mad-hatter benefactors of the world, with each one taking us farther down the slippery path to perdition, insanity, and darkness.

But wouldn't it be grand if one could have known the flesh-and-blood Jesus, to have personally been taught by him? - 'well, it would have been nice but not as beneficial as you might think', said the heretic Paul.

And so we can understand the Jerusalem apostles’ outrage: “Who is this johnny-come-lately Paul anyway, this unknown cherry out there in the hinterland, making all these wild pronouncements contrary to the traditions of Abraham and Moses? Was he one of the hand-picked, chosen of Christ? Where was he when the Lord taught us personally? What a joke Paul is! In fact, he was the one who persecuted the church, some of us, even unto death! The chutzpah of this man is staggering! And now he presumes to teach us, those ordained by Christ himself?”

Yes, it was quite a hard-sell in Jerusalem. All this talk of “the Spirit of God” cut little ice with them. “Who needs ‘the Spirit of God,’ at least, as the upstart Paul interprets this, when we not only have the traditions of Abraham and Moses, going back two thousand years, but also the recent teachings of Christ? Even more, we have Jesus’ own blood brother, James, now with us, as our leading apostle, because surely if anyone could know the mind of the Lord it would be one who grew up with him!

In other words, “the twelve” placed great emphasis on "it's not what you know but who you know", on cronyism, on spatial proximity to Jesus. They disdained what they judged to be the ethereal pie-in-the-sky notion of “the Spirit of truth”; which is why they allowed the blood bother of Jesus to lead them, even though he was not of “the twelve”.

Editor's note: This exaltation of "spatial proximity", in effect, is what Jesus warned against with his "It is better for you that I leave." Why? As he went on to say, "the Spirit of truth" will be your compensation and teach you all things.

Editor's note: See the very important writing on how the Gospel of John, emphasizing external authority, was written as an attack on the Gospel of Thomas, promoting the internal guidance. 


What is this internal guidance system, this 'Spirit of truth', which Paul considered to be far more important than personally knowing the flesh-and-blood man Jesus?

For his restatements of doctrine, Paul lacked the support of tradition, holy writ, and the studied opinion of colleagues. What gave him confidence to break rank?

I would suggest that “the Spirit of truth” is equivalent to the “consciousness-quantum field” principle.

What does this mean?

the mind, energy, or essence of God fills the universe

In “The Wedding Song” the research of Dr. Gerald Schroeder was presented:

The love of God has no opposite because it is not primarily an emotion, but a state of consciousness.

God as Singular Pervasive Reality

See more discussion of the work of Dr. Gerald Schroeder, MIT physicist and Hebrew scholar. In his excellent book, “The Hidden Face of God,” Dr. Schroeder explains that “the Shema” - an epicentral prayer of Judaism, to which Jesus himself drew special attention - speaks to the fact that God exists as Singular Pervasive Reality. “Hear O Israel, the Eternal our God, the Eternal is One!” – a
scripture from Deuteronomy 6:4 - is no banal pronouncement that there is but one deity. This is not the point of this verse

Dr. Schroeder explains that a more complete meaning of “the Eternal is One,” supported by the Hebrew text, indicates that God’s essence pervades and underlies all of existence; which is to say, there is nothing else in the entire universe, nothing other than the Mind of God, the Universal Consciousness and Intelligence, and expressions of it.


'the Eternal is One, there is nothing else': the parable of the two whirlpools

Elenchus. Our statements concerning “the Eternal is One, there is nothing else” are not easy to understand.

Kairissi. Which is why quantum mechanics’ assertions are also non-intuitive; that, consciousness, not matter, is the ground of all being in the universe, and that everything derives from Universal Consciousness.

E. It’s not intuitive because pretty much everyone is a materialist at heart. It’s really hard not to be; I mean, trees and tables, people and pineapples, all seem very solid to us. And not just solid, but they definitely seem to be “out there,” separate from ourselves.

K. It’s a hard sell to suggest, as the quantum experiments indicate, that everything is connected.

E. Moreover, mind does not live in a little house called the brain, but instead, the brain, the whole body, all people and the entire universe, exist within mind, within Universal Mind.

K. We’d like to report to our readers that we’ve encountered what is probably the best analogy to explain “the Eternal is One, there is nothing else”…

E. … and also that everything comes from, is made of, consciousness, Universal Consciousness. Let’s introduce Dr. Kastrup:

Dr. Bernardo Kastrup, PhD philosophy, PhD computer science, for many years worked at CERN, the large hadron collider in Geneva.

E. Given Dr. Kastrup’s credentials, he’s probably the leading spokesman in the world today in terms of explaining the fraudulent doctrine of the primacy of matter.

K. He’s very hard to argue against. His erudition and sharp angle on logic reminds me of this:

Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch (1863-1944), On The Art Of Reading: "A very well-informed person is an object of terror." 

E. This quote makes me smile, and readers will want to get Kastrup’s books for the full account, but for our purposes here let’s focus on his brilliant analogy of the two whirlpools:

K. Each human being corresponds to a different whirlpool; each person with his or her particular points of view and field of personal consciousness.

E. But here's where the fun begins. The whirlpools are not exactly stand-alone entities. These "bodies" are not substantive at all but only apparently so. And they might seem to exist "separately" in a vast ocean but, in reality, are connected, as each merely expresses, in a unique way, the underlying medium which is the ocean.

K. Each whirlpool is made of the same water, comes from the same source; so it is with apparently individual human minds.

E. Kastrup points out that these whirlpools-as-people are neither truly separate nor substantive but are "just undulations - disturbances - of the medium," be it the ocean or Universal Mind.

K. His thought-provoking definition of reality is a collection of "excitations" of Universal Consciousness.

E. This "parable of the two whirlpools" helps us visualize the meaning of "brains exist within consciousness" rather than "consciousness existing within brains."



What is this 'consciousness-quantum field' like?

The Earth's magnetic/gravitational field extends into space.

And the Sun's gravitational influence holds at bay all of the planets, which is what creates the solar system.

But God as Singular Pervasive Reality, "the Spirit of truth," the "consciousness-quantum field," is not a "local" system but extends to fill the entire universe, plus Summerland and all dimensions on the other side.

Editor’s note: If we refer to this “consciousness-quantum field” as an energy, we do so as a convenience. While it is a palpable force, it is not one of the energy forms of this 3-D world. On the “Quantum” page, we reviewed an article by Dr. Nick Lucid on the various types of energy known to science. We might list ten or more: chemical, nuclear, potential, kinetic, rotational, light, thermal, and others. I think it’s accurate to call “the Spirit of truth” an energy, but, just to clarify, it’s not an energy, generally speaking, that could be measured in a physics lab. (Although, see Dr. Gary Schwartz's experiment.)

when we enter an energy field, we come under its influence

It’s helpful to understand that, strictly speaking, we do not “enter” the energy field of God as “Singular Pervasive Reality”, “the Spirit of truth.”

We can’t avoid it. It’s like the air we breathe, it’s everywhere.

But, if this is the case, why are so few led by, or even aware of, the sacred “consciousness-quantum field”?

The planets of the solar system are dramatically affected by the Sun’s energy field, whether they like it or not. They pay strict homage to the great central star by regularly orbiting it.

But we humans do not mechanically “orbit” God as Singular Pervasive Reality. Most of us wander about, pursuing private agenda, ignoring the “great central sun.” The vast majority are either unaware of or purposefully spurn God’s influence as ubiquitous “energy field.”

The inhabitants of the Dark Realms, Summerland, and all subsequent worlds – indeed, all domains scattered about the universe – live in a total-immersion environment of God as “Singular Pervasive Reality,” of the energy field of “the Spirit of truth,” yet, among this disparate myriad, relatively few substantially reflect the divine essence.

This is my sense of things. I’ve read a great many of the channeled books, testimonies from the next world, published during the last 150 years, and it strikes me that most of the reporters over there are psychologically off-base.

This would be true, of course, for those who live in the Dark Realms, but so many even in Summerland are afflicted with various degrees of materialism and spiritual immaturity. We discussed this at length in “the 500 tape-recorded messages from the other side” writing.


Coming into view is a governance style by God and the “upper management” Guides as one of studied laissez-faire. As presented in "the Summerland" writing, Spirit-Guide Brother John of Glastonbury, one of the Leslie Flint reporters, offered the following in his June 3, 1970 tape-recorded message:

"Everything here is law-and-order; and yet one is hardly conscious of the order or the law. This may sound odd or strange but, what I’m trying to say is, though we are ruled, we are not conscious of the ruling, inasmuch as there is no one person who orders or instructs, in that sense… There are many souls who ‘organize,’ and yet the ‘organization' is such that it seems the most natural thing… There is nothing here that mars or jars. Everything here falls gently, peacefully, harmoniously, into place. It is as if you begin to see, gradually, the jig-saw puzzle of life coming into a clearer picture.”

Those who superintend our lives and, essentially, constitute the real movers-and-shakers of the universe, do not micro-manage. They take the long view, and allow “all the poison in the mud to hatch out”, thereby permitting a natural instruction, via one’s own foibles, to lead one into a natural wisdom, organically grown.



I, Claudius by Robert Graves, a 1976 BBC production 

“Let all the poison that
lurks in the mud, hatch out.”



laissez-faire vs the micro-management of ‘let’s return to the earth and tell people we survive'

In channeled testimony from the other side via the mediumship of Robert James Lees, Through The Mists (1898), we find a Spirit Guide offering the general rule:

Every soul who enters this life is seized with the desire … to get back to earth and make known how vastly different all is to what they had been taught to believe.”

Corroborating this assertion are confirming statements from a great number of channeled books.

And when I read the modifier “Every”, I immediately thought, this is strange, as I already know, within myself, that I will not be among those who will desire to return in order to offer message.

I believe I know why. If one enters the study of the “true self”, as I have done now for nearly 15 years, one is naturally led to perceptions of the soul’s own timetable of unfoldment; that, each individual, as Krishnamurti explained, “must teach him- or herself.”

In one sense, what we learn from any competent teacher may be vital to our understanding, and yet, in another sense, it is also quite useless to us – if the soul is not ready to assimilate the information. And I think that anyone embarking upon the knowledge of the “true” and “false” selves will arrive at this conclusion.

Since 99%+ of those crossing over will not yet have been instructed concerning the “inner life,” they will invariably fall into the micro-management category of “I must go back to tell everyone what I know.”

This ill-advised compulsion to “help”, as we discussed in “the 500 tape-recorded messages from the other side,” is a major stumbling-block for many in the next world. The truth is, we cannot “help” another, in any meaningful way, in terms of hoisting to a higher level of consciousness, but, at best, all we can do is point the way, like a sign-marker. We cannot even take the hand of the would-be student and usher them toward a better view. All that might be done is to “point,” and, from that moment, the matter is entirely in the hands of the student. One’s own volition must activate and lead the process, without any external force as impetus.

Acknowledging all of this, I myself am firmly in the camp of laissez-faire. The world is awash with all manner of “pointers” to the truth, and those of a mind to receive, will find. And so it would be “pointless” (pun intended) for one to make an expeditionary trip to the Earth in order to proclaim “let me tell you that the other side is real.” There’s well enough of that available to everyone.

Further, there’s far too little emphasis on the fact that God teaches each one of us on an individual basis. When the student is willing, each blade of grass and twinkling star will communicate a lesson of “God is real, life is eternal, love is the answer to all.”

This being the case, one needn't trouble oneself thinking that one must “go back” with an important message. In any case, almost no one would believe you anyway, would just call you Satan’s agent; and, among those ready to receive, they’re already being instructed by Source.

So, don’t worry about it. Enjoy your life in Summerland. “Upper management" has it covered.



In a tape-recorded message, Spirit Guide Abu said that the world uses fear and brute force to control others, but the “soft power” of God "kneads us like bread", opens hearts and minds over time, that change might be effected from the inside.


One might live on the other side, for thousands of years, but remain in an egoic state of mind. No one will demand that we mature or evolve; no one will force us into the joy that is ours by inheritance and right.

How then will this be done?

We must attune ourselves to the energy field that is the Spirit of God. We must enter into a harmonic resonance with it.

As stated, this “energy field” is all around us, but we must choose to meld with it.

When we do, like the planets knowing the influence of the Sun, we will become aware of the influence of this energy.

The Spirit of God represents a zenith of excellence and intelligence. It knows what to do in any situation. It always points toward the greater good, for all, and for oneself. It is highly moralistic. It never takes the road of expedience but always seeks for the path of greatest joy; though it might require a time of preliminary sorrow. It will always promote one's sense of sacred independence, will never support co-dependency, will always encourage one to become more.

This "Spirit of truth" cannot be used for "fortune telling, but, once we learn how to do this, one can, in effect, ask a question about the morality or advisability of a certain proposed action, and we will be given a very real sense of right-and-wrong. We will be able to "feel" the force of this energy in our spirits. It becomes a real thing.

Editor's note: This is not one's "conscience" in the ordinary sense of the term. "Conscience" literally means "with knowledge," meaning, it can be educated, modified, or directed. As Krishnamurti pointed out, people can be conditioned to believe anything; or, as historian Will Durant observed, every vice was once a gold-star of morality. For the average person, one's "conscience" merely reflects local "nomos," the customs and conventions of the tribe. And this is not "the Spirit of God", which will take us to, what "The Wedding Song" called, "something never seen before".

I have learned of these things by experience. And I will also say, while we can make mistakes in terms of applying what we learn from Spirit, I have found that the actual right-or-wrong "sense" or reading one gets is always accurate; in fact, if we learn how to do this with sincere mind, with no ego driving us, I venture to say that it's not possible to get a "bad reading" from Spirit. I cannot think of one example over the many years in which a deeply resonating sense of right-or-wrong concerning a proposed idea was found to be in error. It will never lead you astray. And it's actually more than this; if one does this in the right way, in the right frame of mind, without the ego, the sense of "answer" that one receives can often be so overwhelming that one cannot perceive how it could be another way. It can't. 

Yes, this is what all the off-base megalomaniacs assert, there are many who claim to have received a message from God, but let us not be distracted or dissuaded by this counterfeit. Once we experience this "personal lesson plan" from divinity, we will begin to understand. This is the normal way we're all supposed to live, this is not "gifted," or special, not "sainted" but meant for all of us - but almost no one knows about this in our materialistic world.

This is the attunement process that allowed Paul to stand toe-to-toe with, and stand down, the Jerusalem hierarchy. And this is the Spirit that led Jesus when he said, "You have heard from ancient times that such-and-such was so, but - I say unto you..." Now, Big Religion, with it's closed system of godliness, would interpret this as, "Jesus was talking as God, so he really knew"; or, "Paul was an apostle, so he really knew," but this is not what was going on here. We, each person with "the Spirit of truth," are all entitled to insights, to personal directives, to be taught by God, concerning the propriety of any element or teaching of the world. 

What is it like to sense the promptings of “the Spirit of God”?

All analogies lose coherence if we press them too far, however, in one sense, perceiving "the Spirit of truth" is like coming into the energy field of a magnet:

An iron filing will find itself reoriented, shifted, pointed in a new direction.

By way of analogy, this is what Paul experienced when he allowed “the Spirit of truth” to direct him. As he entered this process, a lifetime of rigid thinking began to suffer realignment. As he "opened a channel" to God, he received personal instruction, of the sort that modified, redirected, and even countermanded, the ideas supported by the status quo. Some of this "new direction" can feel uncomfortable at first, causing a certain cognitive dissonance. Further, we'll need to be prepared for others, led by another spirit, to disagree with us - just as Paul experienced.

the strait gate

Editor's note: If you faithfully follow the truth wherever it leads, through that "strait gate" of nonconformity -- "strait" means "narrow" -- I will guarantee you this, you will lose (for a time), almost every friend you ever had. Most everyone will be offended by your "uppity" opinions, and "who do you think you are to disagree with hallowed tradition?"

"To go against the dominant thinking of your friends, of most of the people you see every day, is perhaps the most difficult act of heroism you can have." Theodore H. White, The Making of the President 1960

On the "Knowledge" page, I offered a short inset-box commentary:


everything you’ve ever learned or heard or read or were taught is wrong

Everything, including what Grandma said, or what your PhD research revealed, or what you learned from 40 years of experience, or what the Nice Young Man at Church preached to you -- it’s wrong.

Everything you’ve ever come to believe as true, as a fact of the world, is either patently wrong, wrong on its face, or effectively wrong, obsolete-wrong, in that, though an aspect of it might be true enough, as new information becomes available, it will find itself in a more expansive, more complex setting, thereby rendering what we thought to be a final answer as something childish, utterly incomplete, merely a subset of a much larger reality – to be cast aside as a few-years-old college textbook, for sale now in the bargain-book bin for 50 cents.

Newton’s “clockwork” universe seemed so authoritative that, in his day, it was taken as the very voice of God, with no major new discoveries in physics deemed to be possible. And his “laws of motion” were impressive and did take us to the Moon and back. However, today the Newtonian worldview has been relegated to status of mere subset of a larger system. This same paradigmatical diminution is currently afflicting Einsteinian explanations of the cosmos. It’s a big place out there with lots of knowledge to be discovered, and, at best, we perceive “one grain of sand.”

Editor’s note: Everything we think we know is defective because there’s too much to know; however, there’s another, more troubling, reason. In Kant’s Critique Of Pure Reason, he begins by lamenting the chaotic state of people’s thinking and philosophy at-large, creating mass error and confusion. See my extensive Editor’s note on the “Kant” page.

There is no fact of the world which shall escape this degradation. There is nothing that you can know about the world that can endure the onslaught, as Abraham Lincoln used the phrase, the “silent artillery” of new discovery, new research, new information. All “final answers” are swept away in this tidal wave of progress.

I said “fact of the world” and that which we may know “about the world.” All externals tumble and swirl and dance a death of obsolescence. What I say here is true in our world and also in the worlds to come. All knowledge, here and there, like a river’s torrent, moves inexorably forward.

But in this condition of perpetual change, motion, and evolution, there is one aspect of life to remain ever immutable. When you find love, the real love, it will plant a flag of permanence in your heart and being. Like an ember glowing, radiating, warming, it will live within you. Permanently. And though its initial visitation may have occurred decades ago, the warmth of that ember fades not, changes not. It will be there tomorrow, next year, and a million years from now, and beyond. Settled, abiding, imperishable.

Facts of the world, things to be known about the world, are derived intellectually. But love, true love, is apprehended as an altered and elevated state of consciousness. It is eternal as the soul; indeed, it lives as inherent aspect of the soul. Ultimate Reality itself might be defined by it.

Editor’s note: The foregoing observations of life are mine alone as fruit of my own meditations. Later, however, I realized that the apostle Paul had offered the same in I Corinthians 13. He spoke of a partial view of knowledge, and did so within the context of unremitting love.



The “Spirit of truth” will begin to reveal what this world is really about, and it’s not always pretty. It’s governed by the “Monster Heart" and the “Lying Teacher,” ravenous bestial powers which seek to consume the unwary - to employ metaphors from the book of Revelation.

The world-system is designed to satisfy the cravings of the insane ego which cries, “I don’t have enough” because “I am not enough.”

This is the dysfunctional perspective of fear and greed, violence and deception, brutality and self-seeking, which has built civilization; and when “the Spirit of truth” reveals this madness to you in its horrific detail, you will find yourself lamenting, “I must disagree with almost everything I hear” from the callow voices in society.

Who has authority over your life, your mind, as to what you are to accept as real and true?

Over time, Paul realized that it didn’t matter what Abraham did or said, what Moses did or said, what another Rabbi opined, or what the Jerusalem apostles thought Jesus meant concerning such-and-such teaching. Paul began to reject "case-based" reasoning.

While all of these sources might be weighed and considered, none of them possesses apodictic authority to serve as final word or become dispositive to any issue plaguing one’s life. In the end, all that matters is What is the Spirit of God, the Spirit of truth, showing me, here, now, in this situation, in terms of how I should live my life?”

No one, no external authority, can give you such answers. Only you, guided by "the Spirit of truth," can inform yourself and successfully negotiate the minefield of living in this world.

who are the ones running wild

All this will sound libertine to the fearful fundamentalist mind. “This is very dangerous,” they remonstrate. “People will run wild with this sort of open-ended teaching. They’ll conjure up anything in their fevered imaginations to do what they want to do and say that God is speaking to them.”

However, as we look at the sordid history of religion, as we consider the crowded field of oppressive Dear Leaders, with their conflicting "infallible" doctrines, creating 40,000 warring sects and denominations, we wonder, who is it, truly, who has run wild?

See how this cultish authoritarianism played out, right from the beginning, in the Gospel of John versus the Gospel of Thomas.

People are frightened to think for themselves. Instead, most would rather hide in ritual and formularies, let a BlackRobe to do their thinking for them, and declare this to be the will of God.

every which way but loose

Editor's note: The "Spirit of truth" will not let you "run wild." It's actually a very strict taskmaster. When you enter that energy field, and you begin to see what's right and true, and then, if you try to disregard or disrespect its guidance, you will not get away with it. It will "turn you every which way but loose," and will greatly weigh upon your spirit if you try to set it aside. The "iron filings cannot escape the energy field." And you will find yourself not so unlike the Old Testament prophets who complained, "The burden of the Lord is upon me!" The "Spirit of truth" is no push-over allowing one to "run wild," and those who smugly declare otherwise merely announce to the rest of us that they've never experienced it.

The natural world is constructed upon principles of quantum mechanics; but so is every other world to come. How do we know this, and what does this mean?

One of my readers commented: “I’m trying to wrap my brain around the concept of quantum mechanics. I sense there is something very big here, and I’m trying to see how this plays out” in my life.

Quantum mechanics is not always easy to grasp as it offers counter-intuitive views relative to our Newtonian “common sense.” It’s something I’m investigating, with about a hundred articles, so far, exploring various aspects of the topic.

All this acknowledged, I believe the importance of QM, "something very big," comes down to this, as expressed in the following “inset box”:


Newtonianism sees the world, including human beings, as deterministic, predictable, mechanical; but quantum uncertainty allows for creative impulse, change, evolving sentience

God as geometer

The ancient Greeks taught that geometry not merely describes but is built into the very structure of nature. An inscription at the entrance of Plato’s Academy declared, ‘You are not allowed to enter here unless you know geometry’, denoting that geometry represents eternal precept. This is why Plato posited, ‘God is a geometer’, that mathematics constitutes divine revelation. Euclid’s Elements devolved to more than math textbook but veritable religious treatise. This spirit of unyielding exactitude heavily influenced Western thought, producing the "laws" of the great Newton, deemed to echo God's own voice. It would take an iconoclast Einstein, with his relativity and quantum theories, to liberate the world from rigid concepts of a quasi-religious geometry. There is no inherent geometrical structure, no commanding certainty, no immovable precision, embedded within nature, rather, such view is imposed upon reality by the errant mind.

Interviewer: “What’s wrong with the old worldview?”

Dr. Amit Goswami: “The old worldview was Newtonian. In that worldview, everything is deterministic, we are machines, and cannot change.”


We are not machines. As such, Newtonianism, with its philosophy of “clockwork-universe” precision, is not fundamentally correct. Quantum mechanics and its “observer effect” understands that we change whatever we observe; and we, too, are changed, or, at least, have the capacity to do so when we allow it.

Change is a divine mandate. We are meant to grow into a “made in the image” stature of godliness. We do this by “opening a channel,” attuning ourselves to “the Spirit of truth,” the "quantum-consciousness field,” which is God’s mind.

There is no end to becoming more like God. Therefore, all coming worlds, of necessity, will be “quantum worlds,” allowing us to grow and change and become.

Sheldrake commenting on Whitehead: ‘matter is a process’, has a future and past orientation

Recall Dr. Sheldrake’s review (above) of Alfred North Whitehead’s assessment of quantum mechanics.

“Matter is a process,” it begins as a wave, and cannot be apprehended in an instant, but spreads out over time. I think "matter", the material world, "is a process" because we're a process. We need something flexible to suit our educational needs. We're not rigid "hard little bee-bees" of Newtonian fashion.

Matter is not a basic item of the universe, but an “emergent property of the interaction of particles.” It has relativistic (in the Einsteinian sense) existence dependent upon one’s position and motion.

Matter is "anything that has rest-mass".

Matter, on the subatomic level, as we learned from Dirac, “pops in and out of existence" continually.

All this suggests, I believe, that our matter-constructed world, and even coming worlds, is provisional in nature; in that, it serves a strategic but limited purpose as “training ground” for the development of beings on their way toward a “made in the image” evolvement.

Matter is something fluid, plastic, just a form of energy, suitable for temporary purposes. “Temporary” here might mean thousands or millions of years, but it’s not intrinsically meant for beings designed to live forever.

And, as Whitehead also pointed out, matter has a “future” and a “past” orientation. The “future pole" of matter, he said, is the mind. And the mind might be viewed as a consciousness-quantum field that holds together all manner of quantum possibility.

In other words, we can envision a lot mentally, all sorts of things, which becomes a “video screen” for the quantum possibilities. Once a decision is made, however, the “probability waves collapse” to just one outcome, thereby rendering it a “past pole,” now an object of matter, no longer an item of probability.

Editor’s note: There is far too much here to address, and the interested reader will want to review many related articles on the “Evolution” and “Quantum” pages.

Editor’s note: Since the concept of “all manner of possibility” has been referenced concerning these quantum fields, allow me to mention that researchers such as Dr. Amit Goswami, one who’s written college textbooks on QM, along with Dr. Sheldrake, state that the final product of the “probability waves” is not the fruit of total randomness; that, within the quantum system, there is a paring down of choices leading to a narrowed, more predictable, outcome. This is accomplished by “hidden blueprints”, “morphic fields,” which express the mind and will of God for humanity. This important issue of “narrowed possibilities” is discussed in the aforementioned cache of Evolution/QM articles.

Editor's note: If matter is a process, we must ask, a process of what? The answer seems to relate to something called a "quantum of action." See discussion here


summary statement on “the Spirit of truth”

The internal guidance system offered by an attunement to “the Spirit of truth” is no optional side-trip. Without this, we will never have “eyes in one’s head” to successfully make one's way through eternal life. When we get to the other side, there will continue to be many questions as in this world, as people over there still debate the great issues of life.

We must “open a channel” to be taught directly from God. We must do this every day of our lives, if we hope to properly negotiate life.

how to access “the Spirit of truth”

There’s no “one sure-fire” way to do this. It will be a little different for each person. For myself, I found that a program of deep breathing, even for 30 seconds a day, made a big difference to me over the years. The “conscious breathing” is beneficial because it stops, if only momentarily, the “egoic chattering in the head.” This gap in the “monkey-mind noise” eventually allows the “inner life,” deep within, to surface and begin to make itself real.

Editor's note: Much later I discovered that a "breathing program" was not absolutely essential; even so, it could be "training wheels" to get you started.

As stated, we’re already living within the “energy field of God.” Getting it, or constructing it, is not the problem. It’s already in place. We have it. Our task is to “clear away the dark clouds” of the ego, which will reveal that “the sun has been in the sky” all the time. We just couldn’t access the reality.

But here's another analogy that might help.


one of the best analogies I know explaining what ‘the Spirit of truth’ is like

This may sound strange, but this is exactly how it is.

What does it mean, “a disturbance in the force”?

Over the months and years of cultivating a sense of the “true self”, one very much develops a perception of what we earlier referred to (above) as the “magnetic field of the iron filings.”

Your “true self” in a very real way issues as an energy field. This energy field is a kind of virtual “living” entity. Within this energy field, you will experience what is good, just, and normal concerning the mind of God. Everything that is truly good, right, and just will feel fine and proper within the energy field of “the Spirit of truth.”

However – and this is the important point – when a thought wanders into this energy field that is contrary to God’s mind, that opposes “the Spirit of truth”, there will be a feeling of grating, you will immediately notice the intruder. And you will find yourself perceiving “there is a disturbance in the force.”

I cannot emphasize too strongly this sense of “disturbance.” It's a "blip on the radar screen"

'bogey at 10 o'clock'

And this is how you will immediately know that something, in a general way, stands in opposition to the will and mind of God.



with God's guidance, you must teach yourself

All of this is a very large subject, but it’s already been discussed on 10,000 pages on the WG site. The truth is, as Krishnamurti said, you must "teach yourself." No one can really do this for us. We must allow God to lead us into how this works. We needn't worry, it's a natural process for every human being. As we "open a channel," and "go within," we'll be given bits and pieces on how this works as time goes by. The important point is to begin.

You’ll find information on the WG site, one aspect leading to another. You might want to start on the “true self” page.

All the very best to you. Success is assured. It's the reason you're living. And God, who has brought you this far, through all that's happened in your life, will not let abandon you now.



Editor's last word:

One's Twin Soul is found in that "sacred energy field" -- I've called it the "Dazzling Darkness." Finding one's true mate has nothing to do with outward qualities. But when you meet that true one, when you access and sense her essential soul-energy, you will immediately know that it resonates with your own.