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George Orwell





Editor’s note: In my writings concerning the psychology of cultism I’ve discussed that its root idea centers about “to cut,” that is, "to pare, refine, order, and systematize.” It's an attempt to refashion the very nature and essence of what is.

reality control

George Orwell called it “reality control":  if you can manipulate the flow of information which defines the world, you can direct the minds of the unwary. Cultism, in its many faces, infecting all aspects of society, fundamentally, has little to do with “Jim-Jones” types per se and everything to do with redistilling reality, repackaging it, and serving it to the credulous - whether it be in the religious, political, corporate, academic or other sphere of power-and-control.

constant propaganda produces a frothing party faithful

Orwell saw the dark side of human nature very clearly, and today we live on the threshold of his dystopian nightmares. Look around, see what’s happening. Some have done so, but too many have been gulled by empty promises of security, or ginned up by hateful propaganda; typically, Big Brother accuses others of what he himself is doing. It's the perfect cover.

Below, I’ve gathered some of George Orwell’s salient insights. See how prophetic they are. But here’s a most disturbing element. Those who could serve as “posterboys” for all that Orwell condemned also refer to Orwell as sainted iconic teacher, claim that he's one of their own.

who are the enemies of society

It happens this way. Orwell is so famous, most everyone has heard of “Big Brother” and “1984.” Those who would seduce you and violate your personal freedoms cannot simply come out and condemn Orwell. Instead, a search for Orwellian quotations reveals his dire warnings strategically posted beside photos of the few today who dare to stand up to Big Brother. The courageous who speak out are villified as enemies of society in the bought-and-paid-for press.

Anyone who disagrees with Big Brother is guilty of hate speech, of criminal activity, of threatening the general good - "the good" as defined by an elite, self-serving ruling class.

the Ministry Of Truth

This is how the Ministry Of Truth operates. In Newspeak -- we call it "political correctness," which is another term for censorship -- common definitions are turned on their heads, black is white, good is evil, right is wrong. Welcome to 1984.

free at last

Everyone is finally liberated in the new glorious utopia -- free to do exactly what Big Brother says.


















Editor’s note: An excellent example of “Newspeak,” of “freedom is slavery,” is found in the movie “The Winter Soldier” with Captain America. Robert Redford’s character, a “deep state” nemesis, can hardly open his mouth without tripping over some antithetical bamboozling: art imitating present reality. One critic called it "politically astute"; astute and prescient. As such, we need not appeal to the silver screen to help us understand. The so-called news today comes heavy-laden with little else but Newspeak.










Editor's last word:

'reality control': the inestimable importance of George Orwell's instruction

Orwell’s insights, I think, are even more profound than most realize. Currently, nearly half of the citizenry is deeply in debt to the wiles and machinations of Dear Leader.

If Dear Leader controls the popular media, then, for unthinking ones, he controls perceptions of reality itself. If it's not reported, it didn't happen; if it is reported, it did happen, even if it didn't. For example, if Dear Leader’s conspiratorial forces perpetrate a particular untoward activity, but if it’s ignored by the popular media, then, for unthinking ones, the untoward activity never happened. And if the same untoward activity is reported to have been committed by Dear Leader’s enemies – those who promote individual freedoms – and if the untoward activity is incessantly publicized by the popular media – even if it never happened – then this publication fosters a new perception of reality. Dear Leader's enemies are now branded as villains, threats to society, heinous and unfit to live among us.

All this occurs, this “reality control,” in the minds of the unthinking ones, by virtue of controlling the popular media. By this same method, Dear Leader can create by fiat, by declaration, simply by say-so, national crises. All he need do is continually broadcast that a crisis exists, even if it does not, and the fearful unthinking ones, so terrorized now, will quickly fall into line and believe in the reality of the crisis. Crises are either created, or opportunistically taken advantage of, but, in any case, fanned into greater flame, all for the purpose of controlling, and minimizing the personal freedoms of, the expendable drone populace.

Did the crisis really occur? If so, to what extent? And compared to what? We cannot know. Dear Leader uses the handbook “How To Lie With Statistics” as his bible. Contrary opinions and evidence, supplied even by professionals of the relevant field, are not allowed, are shut down, vilified, and otherwise stifled. These are censored as "against national security."

Editor’s note: The proclamation of every oppressive Ministry of Truth, the threadbare pretext for trampling upon personal liberties, the age-old cry of the totalitarian: “national security,” “for the people,” "censor misinformation to protect”

We’re never given audited-accounting information, only a one-sided, spin-doctored, massaged version. A sense of proportion is glaringly absent.

It’s all quite hazy and indistinct. Dear Leader wants it all to be hazy and indistinct because, for his purposes, as the author of “How To Lie With Statistics” puts it, “they can’t pin it on you.” Notice, too, Dear Leader can keep his crisis humming along for as long as he wants it to exist. The purported crisis exists as a function of Dear Leader merely saying it exists, quite apart from any objective, scientific standard, peer review, or verified testing-criteria. Who's to know otherwise when definitions are skewed and contrary voices silenced?

There's no way to get the facts, no way to know if the reporting is true. All we have is the Wizard fulminating with smoke-and mirrors, shouting, "Don't look behind that curtain!" According to the rules of Dear Leader's "reality control" game, no credible contrary opinion even exists, and only kooks disagree. Dear Leader wants the terror of the crisis to go on as long as possible; it keeps everyone off-balance, and they're easier to control that way: as Orwell said, "The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous."

By controlling reality via the popular media, you can destroy the reputations of good people, whole groups of people, good organizations - anyone who disagrees, anyone who gets in the way of Dear Leader’s totalitarian schemes. He gives the term "conspiracy" new meaning. Just keep repeating the lie, incessantly repeat and repeat, keep the drumbeat going, and the unthinking ones will cultishly goose-step their way toward frothy true-believer-ism. The Soviets had a term for these fawning credulous ones - they called them "useful idiots." That's how Dear Leader apprises his servile minions. The "useful idiots" were among the first to be purged when total power was gained. Keep in mind that if Dear Leader can destroy one person, or a group, with propaganda, some day he'll come for you, when you're no longer "useful."

Dear Leader is a cunning and treacherous predatory animal. Most often, unless hubris overtakes better judgment, he will hide in the shadows, biding his time, avoiding direct frontal assault, until he’s sufficiently mustered his forces to overwhelm. Until then, he inveigles his way into more advantageous position via stealth, conspiracy, fake news, and deception. He comes bearing gifts, the poisoned candy of evil, is garbed as the proverbial lamb, but which cloaks the wolf’s rapacious heart. He knows how to smile and smile for the cameras, as Shakespeare warned, even with a big sloppy grin, as he seduces the puerile-gullible, canvassing for support among the unthinking ones, those purchasable and venal.

Dear Leader has always existed in history with his insatiable grasping for power and control. Today, however, the efficacy of his prevaricating methods have been augmented by several powers of ten due to instant, worldwide communications. Lies can be disseminated, round the world several times, sold to the unthinking ones, before you can say "John Adams" or “the Bill Of Rights.”

Once this dark process begins, Dear Leader never gives up; he can't give up, he's too needy. In our modern age, his never-sated cravings will lead to an entrenched and global dystopia, a colossal and imposing edifice of dysinformation, which will be extremely difficult to overcome and extirpate. Eventually, if not by other means, the machiavellian Dear Leader will fall into ruin and perdition via his own hand, a moral cancer and corruption from within. But, before then, if Dear Leader is not stopped, he can and will cause worldwide destruction, even a new Dark Age. It's not as if it hasn't happened before.

In the meantime, Dear Leader's scourge, what Orwell brilliantly termed "reality control," will direct us, herd us, into more and more diminishment of personal liberties, and more oppressive forms of slavery.

For those of you who do not perceive the depths of evil in the egoic, unenlightened heart, I would offer you the four articles on spirituality, the nature of the dysfunctional ego, and Krishnamurti's lectures.

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