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Hello From Heaven

 Bill and Judy Guggenheim



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The following represents a sampling of after-death communications featured in the book.

"On the third day after his death he made an appearance to me. My father was crying and asking for forgiveness. He told me that he was sorry for everything he had ever done to me. We needed to understand that as a child he had seen abuse and had been taught that way."


Editor's note: I too received a very similar message from my own father. While sharing a coffee with a psychic-friend at a bookstore, she suddenly interrupted our casual conversation to announce that my dad was coming through with a message. He explained why, so long ago, he'd been harsh and unfair to me, confessing that I'd "grown up so fast," with "so many new ideas," that I made him "feel inferior" - which made him angry, and he "didn't know what to do with me!" Dad would come through several times for me over the next few years. It seems that he'd had a very rocky start in the new world as he'd brought with him so many superstitious ideas from the old religion - he exclaimed, "Nothing here is as I thought it would be!!" The good news is that Dad is doing better, on his way to a recovery; a new life in a new world; this time, based on fact and not religious fairy-tales. But let me tell you one more thing about what Dad said in one of his messages. He raised his hand, according to the psychic-medium, and made a sweeping gesture over his head, in effect, pointing to the expansive universe. He meant to say, "I can't get over it! There is so much here to learn and know! I just can't take it all in!" I find Dad's comment here rather humorous - now he's starting to talk like his renegade son.


"I was deeply attached to my grandmother. The day after she was buried I was crying and really feeling terrible when my grandmother came to the end of my bed. She looked beautiful and was radiantly happy. She said, 'John, you've got to stop worrying about me. I'm alright now, and I'm in a wonderful place.' Then she turned and walked five of six feet away from the bed and disappeared."


"[After mom's funeral] we came back to [her] house. I laid my 5-week old daughter Kelly on the recliner, and I lay on the couch. I was just fixing to put my head down when I saw a glow come through the front door! It took form and became my mother! She radiated pure white light and was dressed in a long flowing white gown. I'd never seen my mother look so beautiful! She walked over to Kelly, reached out and stroked Kelly under her chin, and said, 'You're so cute!' Then Mom looked over at me and slowly disappeared."


There are hundreds of accounts such as these in Hello From Heaven. It's a book you'll want to own.

Allow me to offer one more after-death communication, a dramatic story sent to me by a Word Gems reader:


"Hi, Wayne... I am going to share with you a mind-blowing encounter that I experienced with one of my good friend's boyfriends who passed away over 2 years ago... Here it is: My good friend, Sarah, had a boyfriend named Bruce, who had been ill for a number of weeks... The doctors told him that he had congestive heart failure. His condition continued to deteriorate until he succumbed to his illness. Needless to say, Sarah was devastated... Now for the mind-blowing part: I didn't know yet that Bruce had died, not until the next day. However, that very night that he passed away, I smelled cigar smoke VERY STRONGLY. I kept asking everyone around me, "Do you smell that cigar smoke?" No one else smelled it. Only me. I dismissed it as being "all in my mind, I guess." Then came the night of Bruce's funeral: Once again, cigar smoke filled the air, so strong that my eyes felt as if they were burning. And once again, NO ONE else could smell it. I was starting to get very spooked by this, but, again, I dismissed it as being nothing, since no one else could smell it. Then, two nights later, I was lying in bed, fully awake when Bruce appeared before me with a message: He said, 'I want you to tell Sarah how I REALLY died: But first, the reason you were smelling cigar smoke was because I wanted to give you a kind of hint: The hint is this: Take the word cigars and rearrange the letters from back to front, minus 2 letters, and then, well, you'll know how to take it from there. When you figure it out, tell Sarah that this was the cause of my death.' And he was gone. I did as he asked, and the word was ARSENIC. I was so shocked and taken off guard, but the next day, I told Sarah. It was very awkward to approach this with her, but I told her about this message from Bruce, and asked her if she knew of anyone who might have poisoned him. She said No, but she couldn't get it out of her head. Six months later, Sarah came to my house, crying, and between sobs told me that she found out that the person that she and Bruce had been living with for months (during his entire "illness") had killed her parents with arsenic, and that she was arrested for this. There was enough evidence to prove that this was true. Sarah said she then KNEW that this girl poisoned Bruce with arsenic. This girl had been preparing Bruce's meals when Sarah was out. Sad, isn't it? Anyway, that was ALL the proof I'll ever need that people can communicate with the dead. I'll never forget that night, the night of 'Bruce's message.' Just wanted to share this with you. There are very few people who know about this, but you are definitely one who could understand this." 


Cardinal Bird Visits Family After Grandmother Said She Would Send One As A Sign After She Died

A touching video of a Cardinal bird visiting a grieving family is being called “a miracle” after the family revealed that their grandmother told them she would send one as a sign after she passed away.

Angela Abbott Patteson posted the sweet video of their family’s reaction to the bird, and the bird’s peculiar but welcome visit. In it, a red cardinal lands on the the shoulder of one woman’s shoulder and refuses to leave. Even when shooed away, the bird returns to perch on her shoulder.

Patteson shared the video on Facebook and gave some context as to why the bird’s presence was so emotional for everyone:

“This is amazing- so as many know my husband’s grandmother Dorothy Booth passed into glory two weeks ago.. (she was 97).”

“For the past few years my mother-in-law Debbie and her sister Jeanne have talked to Grandma and on several occasions asked her (when it was her time to leave this world) send them a sign once she was in heaven, and they specifically asked that a cardinal would be involved.”

“Aunt Jeanne also prayed that the Lord would do it in such a way that they would never have thought of. Well, God answered that prayer yesterday, (the day after grandmas memorial service, and hours after they had been talking about that very prayer) while they were playing grandmas favorite card game, “Canasta”!!!

“They heard something at the kitchen window and my father-in-law Brian went out to check. A cardinal was there and he was able to bring it inside. For 10 min they held and pet it, then they decided to go outside to release it. Following is a short video clip of this amazing experience and what happens next! (The bird flew away 10 min later) You must watch!”

Since posting the video, it’s received millions of views and the family is overwhelmed by all the positive responses to their “cardinal miracle”. Patteson wrote, “How awesome that this amazing story has touched so many and gone viral!”

It is amazing and beautiful to see and a sure sign that we are connected to all living things in mysterious and wonderous ways.




Editor's last word:

I've come to realize that one of the WWII events recounted in Bob Feland's article constitutes an example of Hello From Heaven. It's the incident concerning the wristwatch-gift from a fellow-soldier:

There was an additional psychic phenomenon experienced by Bob. It is somewhat different in kind from these others, but a noteworthy one and needs to be recorded here. At the time of the Anzio landing, a friend had given Bob an Elgin wristwatch. A short time later, this friend was one of many soldiers killed by an explosion. At the very moment of detonation, at the same instant of the friend's passing, Bob, who was safely 1.5 miles removed from the blast, noticed that the entire crystal face of his new watch had turned to powder!

My sense regarding Bob's testimony is that we're looking at a bona fide after-death communication.  

But, consider the implications. How did the fallen friend manage to orchestrate his "virtual good-bye" to Bob at the same instant of his passing?

I think I know the answer. Time in the next-dimensions flows at a rate that is out-of-phase with the 3-D world. From the friend's point of view, he needed sufficient time to 1) understand his situation, and accept that he was dead; 2) speak to a Guide, or even to realize within himself what to do.

We have in fact many testimonies, psychically derived, from soldiers killed on a battlefield; typically, they are disoriented, all the more so if death came unexpectedly. Bob's friend needed at least a little time to gather himself and his wits in order to formulate a plan to send a message.

I believe this activity required, likely, at minimum, a few hours; that is, in terms of Earth time. But, a day here, could pass as a micro-second in another world, that is, another "inertial frame of reference," as Einstein termed it.

The relativity of time is something quite real - affected by movement and gravity - and we've tested this in our own world, and it's no theory; therefore, we might dare to hazard a guess concerning how the fallen friend had enough "time" to send his farewell.

Actually, it might be pretty simple. To have all the time we want, we just need to move at the speed of light, and then "time" - which Einstein called an illusion - drops to zero, collapses, into one eternal moment of now.