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Word Gems 

exploring self-realization, sacred personhood, and full humanity


Soulmate, Myself:
Prometheus Denied







Foreword: Adrian Charles Smith

Foreword: James Webster

Preface: Summerland, the Real World

Introduction: Pre-Birth State, Why We Came to the Earth


1: Earth Angel

2: Seeds Of Greatness

3: Panic In Paradise

4: The Home of His Warm Embrace

5: Living Outside The Garden With Her

6: Dire Disclosures

7: Love At First Sight

8: Peak Experience

9: The Day The Music Died

10: Clashing Opposite-Sameness

11: Timeless Pervasive Reality

12: Know Thyself

13: Intimate Enemy

14: Death of the Good Girl and Boy

15: The Great Relief

16: Jaded Familiarity

17: Constructive Assent

18: The Dysfunctional Thankfulness

19: Bringing Fire To Humankind

20: I Saw You Dancing In the Gym

21: Lack Of Capacity

22: Kneading Bread and the Fist of Iron

23: Madness Maddened

24: Final Lament: Silence And Tears