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exploring self-realization, sacred personhood, and full humanity


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"We trespassed, field to field; you, glad of my arms each time a fence challenged us; I, always held you longer than it took to help you over." Walter Benton, This Is My Beloved


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Your Life and Behavior will Change Naturally, Easily, and even Quickly, when Your Metaparadigm Changes

“You can't change the fruit without changing the root.” Dr. Stephen R. Covey




Psychologist Titus Rivas' new book featuring more than 100 NDE reports confirmed-as-accurate by independent sources.






Not Enough Time, Part III

Parallel Universes, Science in Crisis:
How the good name of Science is discredited
by hypotheses unrefined
in the purging fires of a rigorous induction





Editor’s note: presenting The Meaning Of Beauty, Part IV.



All great theories of science have in common a profound “elegance or simplicity of assumption.” Roger Penrose





Dr. Wilder Penfield's brain research, offering evidence that the mind is not part of the brain


Dr. Wilder Penfield


Dr. Penfield performed over 1000 brain surgeries. From his work we are given some of the very best information concerning the difference between mind and brain, with resultant implications for survival of consciousness.





it's not the color of skin, but the heart of darkness

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Can you be content living in the world as an unknown, uncelebrated non-entity?

As a young man at Bible college, though it was not my original purpose in attending, I quickly fell into the group’s dysfunctionally competitive spirit of attempting to win a ministerial post. If I quiet my mind just now, and cast myself back, 50 years ago, to the energies coursing through my person at the time, I can still feel the churning and seething neediness. I wanted to be noticed. I needed someone to tell me that I was competent and able. I craved a Dear Leader’s stamp of approval to feel good about myself.

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Editor’s note: I have added a new item to the points-of-evidence roster on "the afterlife page," #32:

Dr. David Fontana, one of the world's premier afterlife researchers: "a billion billion to one" statistical odds in support of post-mortem survival of consciousness

Professor Fontana speaks of scientific experiments, comprised of thousands of trials, which, in aggregate, offer insurmountable statistical evidence supporting survival of consciousness; as he states, the odds of the findings happening by chance are “a billion billion to one.”

In other words, chance is ruled out as causal factor; or, to state it differently, the existence of an unseen world of unseen forces has been more than amply substantiated.





Darrell Huff's classic book, How To Lie With Statistics  

Raw data is message-neutral, but statistics represent an interpretation of the data. This is where the fun begins.

If you're a propagandist with a party-platform to sell or impose, it's not difficult to make the data appear as a rising or falling trajectory, or a flat line, whatever is required to offer "proof."





the most profound concept in all of science

This is the view of physics Professor Jim Al-Khalili, as offered in the documentary “Atom.”

Superlatives concerning scientific marvel are often associated with Einstein, and rightly so, given his discoveries that time and space are not absolute but vary with the speed of light. But Professor Khalili reserves highest laudation for something and someone else – an insight of Werner Heisenberg concerning the hidden workings of the atom.

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I am your density, Lorraine

I have created a new topic-icon for the homepage – Destiny. See the accompanying “Editor’s 1-Minute Essay.”




Editor's note: I post new writings to the site pretty much every day, too many items to list on this page; however, I feature a few of them here.