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Soulmate, Myself:
Prometheus Denied




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About twenty years ago, in the middle of the night, I suddenly found
myself jarred from sleep, catapulted into an upright position. An
unfamiliar phrase, two words, immediately accosted my spirit:


In that mystical moment of 3 AM darkness, I seemed to know something
else – I knew that I’d been given the title of a book.

What you need to know before reading Prometheus Denied

The conversations of Kairissi and Elenchus provide opportunity for me to
share what I’ve learned concerning many important topics, such as, the
nature of authentic romance and spirituality, the meaning of suffering,
and the sacred purpose of marriage. The content of the lovers’ dialogues,
in the main, I believe, represents reality, how “life in the world unseen”
truly works – but for one aspect.

There is no conscious pre-birth state.

Our featured Twin-Soul couple is presented as never having endured
mortality on the Earth and is engaged in discussions concerning whether
to do so. Generally speaking, this is not the way it happens. While we do
enjoy an existence prior to any terra-mission, it is not a fully-conscious
life – there is no conscious-coherent pre-birth state of being. The very
purpose of our journeying to the difficult Earth-world is to help us “wake
up,” to become aware and sentient persons.

The pop-culture says otherwise.

It is fashionable these days to believe in so-called past lives,
reincarnation, pre-birth activities in heaven, and the like. None of this is
These claims survive only by a selective acceptance of facts while
ignoring large tracts of evidence that contradict. Pre-birth consciousness,
in all its forms, is the proverbial “mule that should have been a horse.”

On the Word Gems site I devote many hundreds of pages analyzing and
discussing these issues in detail and cannot do so again here. I suggest
that you read the full presentation at www.wordgems.net.

Is the information-source trustworthy and competent?

Many afterlife-information sources fail us on both counts. The Word
articles explain the basis for this assertion. For the moment,
however, I will offer you the studied opinion and careful research of
James Webster, a retired medical professional and afterlife-researcher
for more than 60 years.

James took part in the famous Scole Afterlife Experiments in the 1990s,
investigated by many scientists. These experiments provide some of the
most stunning evidence for the Next World ever produced. Today James
serves as archival custodian for the Rick Rickard tapes from the 1960s,
“direct-voice medium” recordings of channeled afterlife entities.

For over 20 years, I’ve personally investigated a large number of afterlife
information-sources, but I consider the Rickard tapes to be among
the very best. One of the astral-realm persons speaking via Rickard’s
mediumship was an ancient Egyptian, now an advanced teacher on the
other side for 3500 years. He came to be known as “Abu,” which means
“father” or “teacher.” Abu, in my estimation, is one of the wisest, the most
balanced mind, of any afterlife-entity I’ve encountered.

we come to earth to individualize one's own tiny sub-set of universal consciousness

James shared with me the following, a transcript of direct testimony from
Abu on the subject of pre-birth existence:

The Earth-plane is the plane of individualisation and crystallisation
of spirit. There is no individual consciousness before the
individualising process commences

The process of individualisation commences very shortly after
conception … when the spirit, that is to say, the psyche … begins
to develop together with, contemporaneously with, the physical

[A fully aware and functioning mind] prior to conception? No. I
cannot hold such a view for it would necessarily conflict completely
with what I understand to be the whole process of individualisation
of spirit from the common pool of the all-pervading spirit that is.
Until that [non-individualized spirit] shall have crystallised into an
individual, there is no [conscious] individual to have a memory
or to undergo experiences.

This additional item was offered by James:

It should be noted that Abu did not accept or teach the theory of
reincarnation. Such belief did not fit the individualisation of the
“self” process which is a one-of normal experience of Earth-living.
He felt no such urge to reincarnate and had not met or known
anyone in the etheric planes who had
. His one Earth incarnation,
it is claimed, was in ancient Egypt 3500 years ago.


the purpose of the brain is to filter out, from universal consciousness, anything not correlating with the body’s perspective; in this ‘step-down transformer’ process, separate egos, with separate personal identities, emerge

Dr. Bernardo Kastrup, PhD philosophy, PhD computer science, for many years worked at CERN, the large hadron collider in Geneva.

“… the function of the brain is to localize consciousness, pinning it to the space-time reference point implied by the physical body. In doing so, the brain modulates conscious perception in accordance with the perspective of the body.

a brain that filters implies the existence of unbound mind, a universal consciousness

"When not subject to this localization and modulation mechanism, mind is unbound: it entails consciousness of all there is across space, time, and perhaps beyond. Therefore, by localizing mind, the brain also ‘filters out’ of consciousness anything that is not correlated with the body’s perspective… like a radio receiver selecting [a particular station], among the variety [with] all other stations being filtered out and never reaching the consciousness of the listener…

"[T]he filter hypothesis implies that consciousness, in its unfiltered state, is unbound. As such, consciousness must be fundamentally unitary and non-individualized, for separateness and individualization entail boundaries.

Editor’s note: Father Benson from the afterlife speaks of a being, formerly mortal, five billion years old, so advanced as to enjoy awareness of all life-forms in the universe; in this, we see the future of the ‘unfiltered’ mind. Read More on the “500 hundred tape-recorded messages from the other side” page.

the filtering brain creates the illusion of separateness, of disconnected personal egos

"The emergence of multiple, separate and different conscious perspectives or egos, is a consequence of the filtering and localization process: different egos, entailing different perspectives on space-time, retain awareness of different subsets of all potential subjective experiences, the rest being filtered out. It is the difference across subsets that give each ego its idiosyncratic vantage point, personal history, and sense of personal identity.

"The subjective experiences that are filtered out become the so-called ‘unconscious’ mind of the respective ego. Since each ego allows in only an infinitesimally small part of all potential experiences … the ‘unconscious’ minds of different egos will differ only minimally… As such, the filter hypothesis, unlike materialism, predicts the existence of a ‘collective unconscious’; a shared repository of potential experiences that far transcends mere genetic predispositions of a species…

the likely origin of the mystical experience

"[A]nd most importantly, the filter hypothesis predicts that one can have experiences that do not correlate with one’s brain states. Since here the brain is seen merely as a mechanism for filtering out experience … when this [filtering] mechanism is interfered with so as to be partially or temporarily deactivated, one’s subjective experience could delocalize, expand beyond the body in time and space, and perhaps even beyond time and space [giving rise to what is called the mystical experience]…”

READ MORE on the “quantum mechanics” page



While the world of Summerland itself is very real, pre-mortal-birth Twins,
such as Kairissi and Elenchus, do not debate the Earth-mission. This
would not be possible for them, as Abu explained, for they would still
very much exist as “baby souls,” and therefore would not be conscious
and coherent enough, not yet fully “crystallized” as individuals, to engage
in discourse prior to the mortal state on Earth.

As this is the case, then who plans the Earth-mission for these cognitively-
unformed “baby souls”? This task would fall to Spirit Guides who
understand and perceive the essential natures and potential desires of
their “infant”-charges. Armed with this insight, the Guides will design
and craft Earth-life activities and lessons-to-be-learned for proto-lovers
conforming to what the future couple would want, what they ought to
want, in terms of highest-and-best interest, given unique talents and

This is the macro-picture sense in which I would encourage you to view
the subsequent fervent discussions between Kairissi and Elenchus. 


Editor's note: Compare the above discussion with this note from "The Wedding Song" Prologue page.

The following is channeled, via automatic writing, from the other side, published in “Claude’s Second Book,” by L. Kelway-Bamber:

“… when the ‘drop’ of God-force that makes the spirit of man separates from God and comes to the [Earth] world, it divides into halves and goes to two separate mothers, and thus a boy and girl are always born from each ‘drop.’ In fact, on the Earth plane things are generally constituted with a ‘counterpart,’ an opposite; they are male and female, positive and negative. The union of these creates the proper balance and produces something. The ‘bit of God’ in man is ‘im-’, or rather, ‘un’-personal; it is sent to become personal, and to so develop... It is a ‘bit of [God-]life’ [which comes to the Earth] but has no individuality — that it has to grow and develop here.”

Carlyle Petersilea, in his “Letters From The Spirit World,” offers channeled information from the other side confirming the above assertion of the “germ” of Twin souls dividing and being born to separate mothers and fathers.

Editor’s note: The process by which Twin Souls are created is shrouded in mystery. It seems to be orchestrated on a much higher level of "management" than enjoyed or known of by message-givers in Summerland. Different reports explain it variously, but often with the common theme of a single “God-cell” dividing into the female and male Twins. We are led to wonder if the Earth-world cell division relating to physical organisms might serve as metaphor of the grand celestial coming-into-being of Twins.

‘my sister, my spouse’

Song Of Solomon, 4:10: “How fair is thy love, my sister, my spouse; how much better is thy love than wine, and the smell of thine ointments than all spices.” (KJV)

As I produced the above comments, I was suddenly taken by the memory of a scripture not reviewed for many years. The writer of the Song refers to his beloved as “my sister, my spouse.” He may have had his own reasons for such nomenclature but, strangely, if Twin Souls derive from a single “cell” of God, then, on a cosmic level, they constitute, to each other, a kind of brother and sister. I believe that when we finally gain the full truth of these matters, we shall be more than a little astounded concerning how things truly work in the universe.


Is the Earth a better place for us to ‘wake up’?

Over the years I’ve come across many statements in channeled writings suggesting that our mortal existence here on the Earth-plane is particularly conducive to spiritual awakening.

I’ve wondered about this, and questioned the assertion. Can we not grow spiritually wherever we are in the universe? I think we can, but there appears to be some truth in the general reports.

It seems there is potential benefit to ourselves in pushing back against the difficulties of this world. Stated differently, by a next-world entity, this life is an “opportunity of education offered by the resistance of matter, and the strength engendered by the force necessary to overcome it.” Maybe it’s like a weight-lifter developing muscle by exertion.

It’s also been said that over there we’re able to gain much more control over our minds. Think of the relief, the freedom, from the sometimes near-constant bombardment of negative, even horrid, mental images the dysfunctional ego serves up for us. The reports indicate that we’ll enter a time of release from this oppression. The ego will still be there, but declawed (for those who want it to be toned down).

Even though this seems to be true, over there it will still be possible to stray into error and bad decisions. We know this because there are millions in the next world caught in moral pathologies. See the writing,”500 tape-recorded messages from the other side.”

Acknowledging all this, we’re left with a view that the Earth can be the better “classroom,” especially for jump-starting the process. They say we can learn things here that we can’t learn there. While, strictly speaking, I think this statement goes too far – because there will be countless millions with very brief Earth experience who will also come to maturity but without reincarnation; we can know of the “dark side” by “going within” – the Earth journey does facilitate, provides “training wheels”, to begin the process of individuation.



Editor’s Note: See further discussion concerning developmental stages of human sentience on the “inferential life” page.