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exploring self-realization, sacred personhood, and full humanity


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"The years have altered nothing, dulled the senses, nor discredited the magic." Walter Benton



Editor's note: the following represent some of the best-available sources of afterlife and personal-development information:


Attorney Adrian Smith has been a good friend since college days, 50 years ago. I often seek his insights and quote him on Word Gems. He’s written the "Foreword" for my books, and he's recently published a book of his own, “A Prison For The Mind,” available on Amazon. You’ll want to follow his blogsite for most recent thoughts.

Adrian was interviewed concerning his book, how forms of totalitarianism are eroding our traditions of personal liberties and rule of law.

I invite you to survey a transcribed excerpt of Adrian’s discourse.




www.aliveinside.us - Music can heal the despairing soul as no other balm or medicinal agent. It might reawaken us to life and love lost, vivify the battered human spirit, offering hope of celestial tomorrows rooted in untapped human potential. All this we sense to be true. But, even more, in recent years, one man has been engaged in a private crusade to bring music, the personal songs of one’s life, to dementia patients – with astonishingly wonderful results. See the website.


Dr. Susan B. Barnes is an international medium, communications professor, radio commentator, and spirit artist. She is the owner of the Spirit Art Gallery in Cassadaga, NY where she regularly teaches art classes. See her website: www.spiritartgallery.net

Susan is a certified medium trained in the United States, England, and Canada. She is a member of the Spiritualist National Union and teaches on the SNUi. She has passed her CSNU in demonstrating and continues to work on SNU credentials. Her work has been featured in the Psychic Observer, and she's written eight books including Visual Communication: From Cave Art to Second Life and Spiritualist Basics.

Editor’s note: It’s difficult to find a competent psychic-medium. You might have to try a few. While not every reading can be successful even with a gifted sensitive - you often need to have a few readings to obtain something meaningful - occasionally, with a gifted psychic, one might receive communication to rock your world, of stunning evidential authenticity. I'd like to recommend Sue Barnes. She’s among the best I’ve encountered in the last 25 years; additionally, Sue is easy to talk to, down-to-earth, the kind of person you’d like to have as a friend. Give her a call to schedule a phone-reading: (585) 314-9362


Beshara Magazine, a free online magazine, promoting unity and higher consciousness among all peoples. It’s my favorite magazine now. You’ll want to put your name on their mailing list, and if you like it, send a donation if you can.

Anna's Archive: access to 25 million books and 100 million papers

Eckhart Tolle and "The Power Of Now"

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Cambridge biologist

Dr. Dean Radin, Institute Of Noetic Sciences

Dr. Eben Alexander, brain surgeon, near-death experience survivor

Dr. August Goforth, New York psychiatrist, author of "The Risen"

Dr. Pim van Lommel, cardiologist, near-death experience researcher

Dr. Amit Goswami, professor of quantum mechanics

Leslie Flint, Direct-Voice medium

Mark Macy and ITC: instrumental transcommunication, the use of technologies to receive voices, images, and text from the spirit world. See the article devoted to Mark's work.

Father Robert Benson, "Life In The World Unseen," volume one

Swedenborg, featured on the "Afterlife" page, wrote of his visions of Summerland. And there is a group of dedicated individuals who seek to promote his philosophy and psychic visions. You may want to view their youtube videos and website, swedenborg.com.

Forever Family Foundation: "When Bob and Phran Ginsberg joined a support group for bereaved parents following the death of their daughter, Bailey, in an auto accident on September 1, 2002, they were informed that the subject of life after death was not suitable for discussion as it did not relate to coping with grief. 'We found that odd,' says Bob, a 65-year-old semi-retired insurance agent residing in Huntington, N.Y., 'as we believed that the only thing that could provide comfort to bereaved parents was the possibility that their child still survived.'"

Kimberly and Foster Gamble of thrivemovement.com. This couple works to enlighten people concerning the threat of totalitarian-thinking and to promote personal freedoms for people in all countries. Excellent.


The Dazzling Darkness is a concept representing a frame of mind untrammeled by the dysfunctional ego. Therein, freed from base-alloy animal inclinations, one might apprehend not only the identity of one’s true mate but also a realization of the living presence of God in one’s life. READ MORE


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