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James Webster



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You will find references to James Webster's work in many of my articles; for example, reincarnation (and its fallacies), direct-voice mediumship, and the famous Scole Experiments.

An afterlife investigator of more than 60 years, James's contributions to the field of afterlife research I count as more valuable than most, or maybe all, of the others. I'd like to tell you why.

In my essay, "Stars And Midnight Blue," I discuss the perils of finding certitude about almost anything in this world, how our senses so often deceive us. The scientific method has provided for stellar advancement regarding knowledge production...

"However, I have come to see that science is not enough. Science does its best work within realms of the quantifiable and the calculable. But I now understand that the universe’s greatest mysteries will not surrender themselves to tape-measures and balance-scales. It is the poet, the mystic, the artist, the spiritual mind that will see deeper and farther than the rest." 

While James, as a former health-care professional, is no stranger to science, he also understands the importance of the mystical, intuitive aspect to knowledge acquisition; indeed, regarding this two-pronged approach, I find that he is one of the few to understand.

Allow me to state the issue here plainly. The scientific evidence for the afterlife is very valuable and important to secure, and we need more of it. That said, it should be understood that offerings from science must be counted as secondary sources and suitable primarily for those who have not yet learned how to access, directly, both the Spirit World and the "true self" within

When we enter Summerland, just one missed heartbeat away, some of our activities will be devoted to learning about the mysteries of life and the universe. And, yes, scientific research still goes on in that world, more than in this, but, even so, those who come to "see farther and deeper than the rest" are not necessarily ones running around in white lab coats brandishing test-tubes and bunsen burners. In this world and the one to come, it is "the poet, the mystic, the artist, the spiritual mind that will see farther and deeper" than his or her colleagues.



Sigmund Freud:

“Everywhere I go I find a poet has been there before me... Poets are masters of us ordinary men, in knowledge of the mind, because they drink at streams which we have not yet made accessible to science.



James Webster understands the value of both science and mystical-intuition in the quest to discover reality's most closely-guarded secrets. In that journey, however, the edge must be given to the latter tool. Without this sense of proportion - I will guarantee you this - we'll skew the scientific data, make it conform to egoic needs, and end up getting everything wrong.

James, a scholar and a gentleman, perceives the difference, and it's been my great privilege, and source of enlightenment, to personally discuss these matters with him.



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