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George Orwell





Editor’s note: In my writings concerning the psychology of cultism I’ve discussed that its root idea centers about “to cut,” that is, "to pare, refine, order, and systematize.” It's an attempt to refashion the very nature and essence of what is.

reality control

George Orwell called it “reality control":  if you can manipulate the flow of information which defines the world, you can direct the minds of the unwary. Cultism, in its many faces, infecting all aspects of society, fundamentally, has little to do with “Jim-Jones” types per se and everything to do with redistilling reality, repackaging it, and serving it to the credulous - whether it be in the religious, political, corporate, academic or other sphere of power-and-control.

constant propaganda produces a frothing party faithful

Orwell wrote his seminal 1984 in 1948 - the "84" was offered as calculated reversal. He saw the dark side of human nature very clearly, and today we live on the threshold of his dystopian nightmares. Look around, see what’s happening. Some have done so, but too many have been gulled by empty promises of security, or ginned up by hateful propaganda; typically, Big Brother accuses others of what he himself is doing. It's the perfect cover.

Below, I’ve gathered some of George Orwell’s salient insights. See how prophetic they are. But here’s a most disturbing element. Those who could serve as “posterboys” for all that Orwell condemned also refer to Orwell as sainted iconic teacher, claim that he's one of their own.

who are the enemies of society

It happens this way. Orwell is so famous, most everyone has heard of “Big Brother” and “1984.” Those who would seduce you and violate your personal freedoms cannot simply come out and condemn Orwell. Instead, a search for Orwellian quotations reveals his dire warnings strategically posted beside photos of the few today who dare to stand up to Big Brother. The courageous who speak out are villified as enemies of society in the bought-and-paid-for press.

Anyone who disagrees with Big Brother is guilty of hate speech, of criminal activity, of threatening the general good - "the good" as defined by an elite, self-serving ruling class.

the Ministry Of Truth

This is how the Ministry Of Truth operates. In Newspeak -- we call it "political correctness," which is another term for censorship -- common definitions are turned on their heads, black is white, good is evil, right is wrong. Welcome to 1984.

free at last

Everyone is finally liberated in the new glorious utopia -- free to do exactly what Big Brother says.
























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