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The Scole Experiments



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During the early 1990s, the sleepy little village of Scole, England became the meeting-place for a small group of paranormal researchers. For five years, and with a growing number of participants - including physicists, electrical engineers, psychologists, university professors, medical professionals, and others - they would observe, record, and analyze, an astounding panoply of psychic phenomena.


  • "I had the opportunity to take part in two sessions of the Scole Experimental Group in 1995 and 1996. My own observations, as well as later personal reports of my colleagues, left me convinced of the genuineness of the phenomena." Dr. Ernst Senkowski, Experimental Physicist


In summary, the Scole researchers had formed a team with "spirit scientists" on the other side of life to provide irrefutable evidence of the existence of the next world!

Some of the astounding phenomena included:


  • factory-sealed canisters of photographic film, which, when opened, would reveal messages from the Spirit-team;
  • solid Spirit-beings appearing, with whom the Scole group could personally interact;
  • objects materializing - "the apports," over 100 items received during the five-year period - including various coins, jewelry, silver lockets; but, my favorite: an "original" copy of the "Daily Mail" from 1944, printed on paper of that era that is no longer being produced!


My friend, James Webster, attended some of the sessions. While his primary vocational work centered in the medical field, James offered the group a unique perspective that spoke to veridical assessment. As a hobby, for years, James had performed as a stage-magician; as such, he knew all the "tricks of the trade" and applied this insider's knowledge to the Scole phenomena, in terms of any sort of possible chicanery. In a letter to an English newspaper, James concluded:


"I discovered no signs of trickery, and in my opinion such conjuring tricks were not possible, for the type of phenomena witnessed, under the conditions applied..."


The Scole Experiments are worthy of study. Good resources on the subject are:

  • Witnessing The Impossible, by Robin Foy [a key Scole member and in whose home the group met]
  • The Scole Experiment: Scientific Evidence For Life After Death, by Grant and Jane Solomon;
  • The Afterlife Investigations [DVD], by Tim Colman: www.theafterlifeinvestigations.com
  • Youtube lectures by Scole participants Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Professor David Fontana, and Montague Keen