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The Image of God, Male and Female:

Why Your Deepest Yearning
is the Voice of the Universe
Proclaiming Its Truest Cosmic Message

Part I



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Where is your mother?



All of your life you've heard "God" referred to as "king," "judge," "father," "lawgiver," or some other masculine-patriarchal descriptor. These word-pictures of severity are taken from the Bible -  but it's a very selective excision.


  • The scripture also speaks of God in feminine terms. Why have you not been informed of this? Why have you heard only of God the Father? - but not God the Mother!



How could God be male and not female?

Your "mama is not a llama" - and we have been denied the wisdom and glory, the dignity and spirituality, the sensitivity and tender love of ... the Divine Female Energy ... the Mother of All ... the Goddess of the Cosmos!

As one of my favorite rabbi-scholars asked: How could God be male and not female? - of course, the rabbi is correct. Is it possible to know cold without the hot? Does north have any meaning without south? Can in exist but for out? Tell me, quickly now, what significance could male have without female? - even more absurd, father without mother? And yet, theologians, in referencing God, cavalierly employ one-sided gender-specific terms as if this could mean something. Yes, please explain to us all, how could God be male and not female?







Failing to see the absurdity

Why this insistence that God is a Father, just a Father; but, even more absurdly, a Celibate Father! who lives alone! and, oh, yes, this Celebate Father has a Son, but there is no Mother! We have been so conditioned by long centuries of male-inspired mind-programming that we fail to see the mounting absurdities of this propaganda.

Scripture itself makes the claim that the creation, God's handiwork, offers clues, a measure of revelation, about that shadowy and enigmatic Divinity; and these, as I will offer evidence, hint at the Ultimate Female-Male Archetypes. But can we point to even one example from the natural world that might lead us to conclude that God is a stern Celibate Father?

It is difficult to know anything about the utterly transcendent God. We must not be presumptuous regarding any such assertion. According to many afterlife testimonies, those in the next realms, even on the higher levels, are not absolutely certain regarding who or what God is; apparently, confidence in this area shall escape us for a very long time.




What God could never be

But we can be certain of one thing; we can be sure of what God could never be! God could never be anything like those traditional images, the wrathful masculine-patriarchal descriptors, sold to us by the churchmen.

In the words of Father Robert Benson, these fashionable faces of God constitute "dreadful errors," "monstrous ideas," a "stupid and wicked fiction," and "reeking of paganism." Whatever God is, we can claim with full assurance that Orthodoxy's view is absolutely untrue.

It will be my purpose herein to inform you that the mysterious God of the universe, in some runic sense, finds expression as a Male-Female composite entity.




Whatever God is, you will find her within your deepest self

Some of you reading this will immediately say, Yes, of course, it must be that way! Love, even romantic love, is the most powerful force in the universe - the ultimate reality! God must be a feminine energy, too! I feel this to be true within my deepest self!

But others will want me to eat those words! What evidence, they will insist, have I for such outrageous and scandalous proposition?

Maybe I should reply by paraphrasing a response of Jesus: I will answer you if you first show me the evidence for your austere images of God; yes, we are all waiting.


"A woman of courage enters a room, and everyone is put at ease. There is something appealing in the way she walks and in the way she holds herself." Maya Angelou



You will not find your Mother via the scientific method

My evidence? Well, here it is: it is... precious little... hardly none... an argument scantily clad, nearly naked... but, that little which I possess is far more than the nothing, and less-than-nothing, adorning the traditional-argument representations of Divinity: the male-ego inspired notions of God as some kind of angry, narcissistic, patriarchal, and petty chieftain.



Dr. Marcus Borg

Now-retired Professor of Religion at Oregon State University, Dr. Borg is the author of many works, among them: The God We Never Knew and Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time.

He offers a powerful idea:

How we think about God, how we mentally image Divinity, affects the entire subsequent flow of our theology. We will treat others, and ourselves, as we imagine God treating us... it is creating God in our own image.



  • Thomas Paine: "Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man."




she said she

Many years ago a friend jabbed me by speaking of God as "she." This was a new idea for me at the time and caused me to bristle; well, after reconsidering the matter these intervening years, I now take her side.

Will I have to please my critics and eat my words regarding the Ultimate Two? I will prepare the table, lay out the evidence, and serve it to you... and then we'll see who eats what.




The structure of this article


The topic under review:

The Image of God, Male and Female

Why Your Deepest Yearning
is the Voice of the Universe
Proclaiming Its Truest Cosmic Message



I will support my claim of God as Ultimate Male-Female Oneness in a three-pronged presentation:



(1) The argument from human experience: The tragic 12th century romance of Heloise and Peter Abelard offers many lessons and insights - READ MORE

(2) The argument from theology: Another look at the mystery and hidden wisdom of the Genesis account, that archetypal story of Twin-Soul love - READ MORE

(3) The argument from natural revelation: The testimony of the natural world, and the human soul itself as guided by afterlife advisors - READ MORE






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