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An advanced Spirit Guide, on the other side for 3500 years, comments on the question: Is there such a thing as a highly-evolved, evil spirit-entity, one whose might and power could rival the forces of Good and even threaten an armed invasion of Summerland to overthrow our eternal happiness?



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At the time of this writing I'm enjoying watching the complete series of Stargate SG-1. I'm up to season three and it's great fun. The irreverent quips of Richard Dean Anderson, Colonel "Jack" O'Neill, USAF, ("MacGyver") rescue us from too many predictable speeches about "We will destroy you, Human!" 



And there are lots of colorful super-powered baddies making threats, the likes of Apophis, the entire Goa'uld Empire, Hathor, the Serpent Guards, Anubis, Seth -- and not to forget a special mention for chief System Lord, Sokar, who won't be satisfied until he enslaves all the galaxy. Nice work if you can get it.




Should we be a little worried about any of this? - I mean, theoretically speaking, could an entity arise, somewhere across the vastness of interstellar space, so powerful, so advanced, and so evil, as to threaten our peace and security even in the afterlife dimensions?

Allow me to quickly get to the bottom-line: No, this is not possible; possible in this 3-D world, as here invasions are common, but not possible in the next dimensions.

We've already discussed some of the reasons for this impossibility; but, since it's a matter of more than passing concern, allow me to offer directly-quoted testimony from Spirit-Guide Abu, on the other side for 3500 years.


the 'armor of light'

In CD #38 [see James Webster's "Abu Trust"], the ancient Spirit-Guide Abu addresses the question of ultimate Evil.

[Your question concerns whether it is possible to arrive at an advanced stage of development, power and superiority,] in an evil sense… I have to answer your question both in the affirmative and in the negative – for there are none among the highly-evolved spirit-persons who are or could be regarded, in any sense at all, as evil or unworthy, for they would not be highly-evolved if it were so.

But it is perfectly conceivable that there are such [beings] upon the lower [dark realm] regions, close to the Earth … who, in spiritual terms, are evil, being strong-minded, forceful personalities, and who have, available to them, study and communion with their [like-minded ones], may and do on occasion endeavor to achieve a power over the Earth and Earthly things, such as you describe.

Their aims and intentions, in the first instance, will be primarily selfish, secondarily perhaps, evil. They will not in any event be goodly ones. But such [beings] are not what one would refer to as highly-evolved spirits. And they will have no power over those adequately protected by what has been poetically referred to as ‘the armor of light’; that is to say, a yearning, a desire, for spiritual progress, for spirituality, a desire to achieve, and to give out love [to all].

The ‘evil’ must recoil, always, from the greater light of the ‘good.’ There is no question at all about that. And so these [evil] ones will exercise their power over those, on the Earth, who, unfortunately, unhappily, are already trending in that general direction.


and this is why Spirit Guide, Elizabeth Fry, warns and strictly advises, 'if you want to advance spiritually, above all, avoid men of power and position'

Again, unhappily, we of the ‘spheres’ a little further on, and even those from ‘spheres’ considerably higher than my own, are not able for the usual reasons – are not able directly – to attack and repel such as these of whom we are speaking, for the reasons which you shall know, the difference in the rate of vibrations, the impossibility of approaching them in any recognizable sense, at all.


the crystalline-entity principle

Abu's reference to "vibrations" speaks to one of the most settled concepts of natural law in the Astral Realms. We discussed this as "the crystalline-entity principle." A higher vibrational essence of love effectively  becomes one's "armor of light."

We have to work, at second-hand, at influencing, at utilizing the powers of ‘good,’ which is ultimately greater than the power of the evil ones, and which, as you well know, will ultimately triumph – in every case! But, as always, as I have had to tell you this, in the terms of my little saying, ‘the horses are yours’ [that is, your own choices control the timetable of your own spiritual evolution].

If any among the Earth-children shall feel their interests – their minds, their souls – turned to the direction of power, for its own sake, or power for an unworthy reason, we cannot inhibit or prohibit such a course – they will do as they do, and they will find no lack of the ‘evil’ – I prefer to say, the ‘unworthy’ – to aid them in such a course. And so, you have at opposite poles of this compass the forces of ‘good’ – operative, mainly by influence ... for the good of mankind; and, on the opposite side, those considerably closer, and more immediately potent, who are working against the forces of ‘good’.


there is no such thing as abstract evil, some grand cosmic evil force, but only ego-insane people

You will recall, we have discussed at some length on another occasion, the question of the ‘battle between good and evil’, and as I said at that time, and must repeat now, there is no impersonal ‘good’ and there is no impersonal ‘evil’. There are spirits of men, and of women, as I have said in the past, who may make of himself a ‘saint’ or a ‘devil’ as he shall wish, and he has chosen to do both, so that there are ‘evil’ persons, more than ‘unworthy’, definitely ‘evil’ persons, whose endeavors will be to fill and multiply their ranks as against those with a more goodly and godly intent, a loving intent, who will endeavor, as always, to improve, to heighten, to better, the condition of mankind.

There is no such thing as a consummate evil person, one who is to be written off as unredeemable. Only the pompous-religious talk and teach of such things. What Abu does not mention, here, at the moment, is that he was once a denizen of the lower reaches of the Dark Realms. He had been a priest in ancient Egypt, one of the elite clergy of the time, engaged in deceiving and manipulating the common citizen, via the universal fear of death. As Lateece hastened to enlighten us, a man can fit himself to lead others into the light because... he might know the essence of evil so well.


a 'horde' of insane spirits gravitate toward familiar vibrational essence, that of, fear, guilt, and anger

Notice the irony. In our world, Big Religion keeps its followers on a short leash with mind-control tactics inducing fear, guilt, and anger. By these untoward elements, the faithful assume themselves to be protected under the aegis of an infallible guru. However, the truth is something else. 

The fear, guilt, and anger, via the principle of "like attracts like," that of similar vibrational essence, will, in fact, attract to the fevered religious a 'horde' of low-levels spirits, of the same inclination, intent upon doing damage to the unsuspecting cultish devotee.   


You have legend, but it is more than legend, of the sorcerers of the past. Quite evidently these sorcerers were of the opinion that they could command the evil spirits, that they could be [easily] conjured up, but that is not so, and it never was so. For it is not to be believed for one moment that spirit confined in the flesh could ever command spirit which is free. But if there be, as actually there are, quite a horde of [insane] spirits upon or near the surface of the Earth, they will be only too happy and too willing [to aid in evil intent; and so the sorcerers not so much ‘command’ as invite, to an evil task, a multitude of willing accomplices].

[A question from the circle-group was posed to Abu concerning one’s state of mind upon crossing over, and this, in relation to taking to oneself the ‘armor of light’ and warding off ‘evil’.]

If there be an enquiring and striving mind while still encased in the flesh, then that mind will continue to be enquiring and striving when the flesh shall be disposed of. For the mind is the man – you must not postulate a person, who has made advances in a desirable direction and has had an open and enquiring mind throughout his Earth-life, suddenly becoming [mentally] sterile and static when he shall arrive in Spirit, for it is not so, for the majority – I think the majority – of mankind does not enquire while in the flesh and therefore continues not to enquire when the flesh is done with.


do you see the significance of Abu's warning? - a lack of enquiring and questioning mind, in itself, will attract low-level spirits; stated plainly, the religious, cultish mind-set, too ready to "believe" and to "follow orders," becomes an invitation to 'evil' spirits of lower-vibrational frequency

That is, or was, the condition of our dear friend Alfred, as was pointed out. Alfred was not Earth-bound, in that he was not confined to the surface of the Earth, which he once knew, for he found himself in a plane which was a half-way condition, it resembled very closely the Earth-plane which he had left, but then so does the Summerland upon which you shall normally dwell. But he remained ‘static’ in that his mind was not open in the direction of spiritual advancement, even of psychic knowledge and happenings.

For you will recall – I will use the words of Alfred himself – when one of his companions called attention to a light, the others rejected that light. And so [for them] there was no light, their minds were closed. That is why Alfred was confined, as it were, to his [half-way house] conditions for so-long a period of Earth-years, and, as you rightly say, it would seem as an eternity to him.

[The question was then asked, why did Alfred not do ‘normal’ activities in his ‘half-way house’ world? Maybe he was not of an enquiring mind as such, but he could have done some ordinary tasks and the like.]

No, I think you must be confusing the fact that on the Earth-plane with a ‘static’ mind there is still a multiplicity of things to amuse and entertain yourself; whereas, upon entering the world of spirit with a ‘static’ mind there is nothing! – for it is the mind that must create that which you must use…


Alfred was not a bad guy, just a typical person who lived his life distracting himself from the truth, sedating himself with pubs, knocking about, endless sports-viewing, and general tom-foolery as bromide to real living

The fact that one with a ‘closed and static’ mind upon the Earth-plane can attend a cinema or a match-of-sport, or I know not what – traveling on the surface of the Earth or flying above – that does not imply progression. Those things are available to you while you are in the flesh, because you are in the flesh, and because they are of matters of the material world, but if the mind is ‘closed and static’ and was content to accept these things and to use them, without branching forth in more desirable directions of spiritual advancement, then upon leaving this ‘playground’ which is Earth, that mind will find little, for there was little in that mind in the first place. Because a person is amusing himself does not mean that he is progressing, and you must not confuse these two…

The one who passes into Spirit with a ‘closed mind’ will find himself among others who are also of a ‘closed mind’. We [Spirit Guides] shall endeavor to approach, but, as was in the case of Alfred, if we shall appear in the form of a light, that light shall be rejected; and for that one, there is no light, just as it is upon the Earth-plane… If the ‘closed mind’ shall turn away and reject our philosophy, there is nothing we can do, whether this rejection occurs on Earth or in Spirit.

When you quit this Earth-plane, then [much, much more] your surroundings [in the Spirit world] will be susceptible to the power of your thinking. That is why there is much bewilderment for many people upon crossing over, and why much education is needed before many of you can learn to live at all in Spirit, without the utmost confusion; because your circumstances, your conditions, and the body which you are wearing, [are meant to be] so immediately responsive to the power of your thought. As you ascend in spiritual progression, your mind becomes more and more powerful, and more and more able to [create and manage your surroundings,] as these become more and more responsive to the power of your mind.


there is no ultimate evil, no cosmic bogeyman, and you have nothing to fear - unless you secretly yearn for the poisoned candy of the dark side

Did you notice? Abu sometimes speaks in terms of "we are powerless" or "we can do nothing" or "we must allow this-or-that."

What's up with this? Why can't Abu and all the other super-powerful Spirit Guides just swoop in, like Col. Jack O'Neill, with a little well-placed C4 where it hurts the most, and just blow up Ra's spaceship? I mean, these Serpent Guards are really asking for it, anyway, and we'd be heros, too.



It is a nice idea, and it's not as if this hasn't been tried a time or two in history, but, then we remember that Abu himself used to be buddies with these Egyptian Snake Heads. It can get a little confusing.

Here's the deal. The advanced Spirit Guides represent a new step forward in human evolution. Yes, they are all-powerful, or pretty nearly enough, and they could blow up Ra's spaceship just by thinking about it. But... what about that spark of divinity, lying so cold and so dormant within the deepest recesses of Ra's heart? What about what he was meant to be, and might still become, if somehow we could just reach him?

And so it is with all of us. Ra is not alone in that ego-madness, but we all, each one, take a position on the long continuum of spiritual evolution, ranging from dark to light.

The Spirit Guides are "powerless," as they say, because their intent is not military conquest but to promote spiritual change and evolution, and no one can force another to grow up and mature. As Abu puts it, "the horses are yours."

Admittedly, it is more fun just to blow up spaceships. Pretty satisfying. At least till Ra's buddies come looking for us in revenge. And then we're off to the races again, interminably so, which blood-and-vengeance is the history of our planet.

I think Abraham Lincoln had a better idea when he said he'd destroy all of his enemies by making them friends.



In season eight of Stargate SG-1 we find Daniel Jackson confronting the System Lord, Anubis. The latter, we discover, according to the clever story-line, poses a unique threat to galactic social-order. Anubis is not your typical super-bad-guy but is a kind of spirit-being, one, they say, who is “half ascended.”

Well, all this is great fun to watch, but, let it be stated clearly, an Anubis-like villain cannot exist. That’s not possible. There is no such ontological status as “half ascended,” half-way into “the kingdom of God, with pretenders to spiritual elevation suddenly announcing, “thank you very much for all these super-powers, but, by the way, just to let you know, gotcha, because I’m now going to use my new abilities to enslave others.”

That can’t happen; it doesn't work that way. And here’s why it can’t happen. It’s the “the crystalline-entity principle.” The universe, and our place in it, is all about vibrational essence, a natural sorting-out process on the other side. 

Here’s how it works. The mortal Anubis, let's say, is killed in battle. His low vibrational-rate sends him to a dark place on the other side. Now he has a choice. He can either work to improve himself, decide to give up his oppressive ways, and elevate himself – which, as he’s a really bad guy, will not be done in an afternoon, but might take a very long time – even, very, very.

However, as is more likely, because these egoic “Hitler”-types are not accustomed to altruistic thinking, they will attempt to fight the new-reality of the afterlife. It's a condition of "gnashing of teeth," as Jesus used the phrase.

If they do attempt to fight, with each bad choice, each venomous thought, they will lower their own vibrational essence; as such, they will sink lower and lower and lower into the darkness. On the lowest planes of “the rat cellar” over there, people are no longer truly people but take the form of animals; instead of “half ascended” they’ll be “half beast.” And they’ll stay in that ultra-miserable condition until they decide they’ve had enough suffering and are willing, inch by inch, over a very long period of time, to climb out of the pit.

We have to come to the point of willingness to improve ourselves; there is no savior, of any sort, for any of us, but one's own decision to finally live properly toward all.

This is non-negotiable. And no one gets away with anything. As Jesus said, “every last penny’s worth” of untoward thought and action must be accounted for. It’s all written in our spirits; no fudging allowed, we can't hide it. It’s a perfect “captain’s log” of all activities. This “bookkeeping” is done not by some mythical judging God – as God judges no one – but by our own higher selves, the “true self” within, an unextinguishable spark of divine essence, which has no sense of humor about little things like hoping to rule and enslave the galaxy.

"Every last penny" means that natural law in the afterlife is implemented according to strict justice - not mercy. Do not let this frighten you. Mercy cannot help us -- allowing the "cancer" within to remain with a "merciful" magic hand-sign of "blessing" by Big Religion will not help us; stagecraft will not help us. We have to embrace real change and correct, on the deep inside, what we've done to ourselves by a selfish way of thinking and living. Without this "make over," suggested by the "last penny" principle, we could not enjoy our eternal lives in Summerland. It's all good, nothing to be afraid of.



It's easy to want to kill Apophis. I mean, who could resist it -- and where'd you get that get-up, anyway? -- yes, definitely, it's a little harder to work for his healing and recovery. We have to grow into a new level of consciousness to be able to think like that. Abu compared this kind of divine love to the "kneading of bread."



"God, I love those people!"

My favorite scene in the whole Stargate series was Lya of "The Nox" coming to protect her friends.



Don't let The Nox fool you. Part of their schtick is to pose as humble and primitive forest-dwellers...



But, in fact, they're one of the most advanced civilizations across the cosmos, with not only floating cities...



... but cloaked floating cities. Lya's pretty good at making a lot of things disappear -- weapons of soldiers, entire spaceships, people -- she's not that particular if duty calls. Well, she is, actually, as The Nox live by a strict code of nonviolence. When push-comes-to-shove, it's true, they will help the "good guys," but they also help "the bad guys."

Lya performs all these parlor-tricks with her mind. And she makes the Stargate operate and open simply by the power of thought, with no machines or dialing required. She's also good at throwing protective invisible shields around anyone who's in need -- "good" or "bad" guy.



Little wonder then, that even the battle-hardened Col. Jack O'Neill found himself gushing before the high-order morality and sentience of The Nox: "God, I love those people!" 


the inner resonance

It seems that others agreed with my earlier assessment. I did a quick online review and was surprised -- but I shouldn't have been -- to read that others, too, considered Lya's deeds and Jack's response as the most memorable of all Stargate episodes.

I think we're hard-wired to feel this way. We recognize truth when confronted with it. And I think we're headed for a world, a mind-controlled existence, and a civilization - yes, a "floating city" -- representing this kind of selfless devotion to the betterment of all.

Think of a religion you know - it doesn't matter which one, as they're all alike in this regard. Has anyone ever said of the general membership, of the institution-at-large, of the church-culture -- "God, I love those people"?

We're still waiting on that one. But, in this poverty we see, clearly, I think, how the Spirit Guides -- and we, too, as we take our places in the great altruistic work -- shall yet create a true sense of spiritual community in the universe.


The daughter of Lya, little Nafrayu, is naïve in the ways of the universe and cannot comprehend evil. It is too foreign to this child of advanced civilization. Lya has had to “raise her from the dead” in consequence of imprudent innocence. To Nafrayu, but also addressing Jack O'Neill, Lya gently chides, “The young do not always do what they are told.”



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