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Will Childless Lovers Of Our World Be
Able To Have A Family In Summerland?



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Editor's prefatory comments:

The maturing spiritual person will have experienced "the joy" issuing from the depths of one's being.

In receipt of this most important and foundational mystical experience, we want to share it with others; we want them to have it, too.

On the grand scheme of things, this is the primary reason why Mother-Father God brought the universe, and eventually us, into existence.

And in the realm of authentic romantic love, it is the underlying reason why maturing lovers desire to have children. These "bundles of joy" not only represent the lovers' joy in manifest form but allow the couple to share what they've been blessed to receive, that which bursts in their hearts, and to pass it on.

All joyful parents, or Parents, think this way. (See more discussion on the "Summerland 1-Minute" page.)





many afterlife reports, especially those issuing from the lower-levels of the next world, assert that no children are born over there; but then, many of those residing in the initial ports-of-entry to the astral dimensions also think that reincarnation is true


Granted, it is well established that in Summerland no offspring are born of "blood" and animal spirits. And yet, for reasons I shall soon discuss, I've come to see that an absolute prohibition against children could not be true.

My intuitions have found support. After some years of considering this problem I came across the three following testimonies from well-respected names in afterlife research:


"behold a mystery - you will meet your true mate and children in Summerland"

an excerpt from the Summerland lectures, "Death And The Afterlife," by Andrew Jackson Davis:

"[Davis reports that, via psychic vision, he witnessed a place in Summerland] inhabited by young persons from the earth who died as orphans. [There] they are introduced to those who are their parents in spirit, but of whom they were not always physiologically born on earth. In this, behold a mystery…

"blood-and-passion cannot conceive real children"

"I found, to my astonishment, that there were on earth certain women and men with families who have never yet known maternity or paternity! I found that real mothers conceive with the whole life and love of the heart, and that real fathers produce from the vitalic energies and magnetisms of the whole brain; and that no blood-and-passion relations amount to anything to the progenitors beyond the tomb. So, as a consequence, it is seen that all the offspring of your [marriages of this world, united by mere religion and temporal law], your blood-and-passion, are likely to be strangers to you, and the real children of others.

"And the legalized marriage, unless it coronate the spiritual fact [of Twin Soul love], melts like all temporary error at the door of the tomb. Your offspring, unless they be of and from your spirit, and therefore from God, are only physiological productions, so far as you are concerned—for they find their true parents in other homes in the eternal heavens. Thus, those [bereft of true family love] in this world ... meet both their true mates and their spirit-families [that is, their true children, in Summerland]."




a little girl, who never appeared in the flesh on Earth, is waiting for her parents in Summerland 

an excerpt from Beyond Human Personality, by F.W. Myers, testimony from the afterlife via psychic-medium:

The Dream-Child

"A certain mother longed for a daughter. Sons were born to her, but the little girl she desired so much never appeared in the flesh. Yet she is waiting for her mother in the world beyond death, for her soul has, on two or three occasions, made the attempt to be born but failed in each instance. There is a cogent reason for this failure. The soul of the daughter may not meet the mother in full conscious knowledge until after the latter's death... I might call this daughter the 'dream child.'

"She has a lovely soul and if she had been born into this present life would have made a paradise for her mother. Now during this earth life, owing to the fact that this particular heart's desire of hers was not granted, the mother has learned much and developed spiritually. The little daughter was bound to absorb her attention, leading her to become selfish, and only occupied with the pleasure of motherhood. For the child would have made radiant all her days. Such happiness belongs, as a rule, to the first heaven-world ... and there she will, in due course, experience such joy... she will meet this daughter and be so overjoyed at seeing her and having her companionship that the separation from her sons, caused by death, will not inflict the suffering that might otherwise have been her portion.

"So there is a providence in the fact that this child has never been given into her charge during her earth life. After death the mother will obtain her longing; a quiet, lovely, country place where her family live and come and go; a nursery where she finds this little daughter who fulfills the dream, is the dream of her imagination, the one she proudly cherishes and shows to her own brothers and sisters and to her parents; the pretty little birdlike thing with whom she plays baby games and thus fulfills her own nature, the child to whom she loves to give: the playmate she dresses up and adorns: to her that treasure beyond other treasures; a small girl, dainty, exquisite, needing all her protection and love.

"Therefore, the mother's true happiness lies in the world beyond death. Deep down she already knows this little daughter because they belong to the same group-soul, and because she has been with the child when she was in deep slumber. But the inexorable supernal law forbids her to bring the memory back to her conscious life, she bears only the ache of parting from the child and this ache is expressed in a vague dissatisfaction; a kind of weariness or feeling of disappointment which she cannot understand and attributes to all but the true cause. After death her memory of these meetings with her daughter will be recaptured by her soul, and so they will meet as adoring mother and child.

"But you must not assume that the many years of earth-time affect this child. In the Hereafter there exists a subjective time that may run according to the character of the souls who make the varying patterns within the Group. Appearance and desire will harmonise. At the time of the mother's death and entry into the new life, the daughter will have reached that lovely age when the child begins to talk brokenly, to make brave expeditions; half crawling, half walking; across the vast expanse of nursery floor. All the enchantment of the great, big world for the slowly blossoming intelligence will be perceived by the mother when she comes over here: she will find all that she has most desired on earth in the Lotus Flower Paradise which lies beyond tawdry death, beyond the tomb.

"You may say that this picture I have drawn of a mother's happiness and heaven sounds too good to be true. But bear in mind that Fate presents a debit and credit account. The mother, in this case, has known a great deal of unhappiness while on Earth - troubles and disappointments that torment and take the color out of life. So, before she chooses to go farther along the road to immortality, her heart's desire is granted and she reaps the full harvest from the grain sown with care and toil and sometimes pain in that terrestrial life of hers...

"I should like to draw your attention to my repeated statements that imagination has extraordinary creative force in some instances, and you must not think it essential that to be an artist it is necessary to paint pictures, or write poems, or compose music. This mother is essentially an artist and such an artist may make a poem of life. If she be a mother she may desire to make a poem of childhood for a small daughter. Pray remember always that, however you are placed, you can make an art of living and thus enrich the lives of those who are of your immediate circle."




I know that it might sound more than
a little crazy, but I believe...
I knew I loved you before I met you

I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life


 the most convincing evidence of all


The following point of evidence concerning the receipt of children in Summerland is weightiest by far. First, let's consider the source, the respected direct-voice medium, Leslie Flint:


 Leslie Flint, circa. 1960


"I think I can safely say that I am the most tested medium this country has ever produced... I have been boxed up, tied up, sealed up, gagged, bound and held, and still the voices have come to speak their message of life eternal."   

READ MORE about Leslie Flint and the 500 tape-recordings, messages from persons on the other side. 


Michael Tymn conducted an interview with an afterlife researcher. Part of the discussion addressed the question, what is the most evidential information for post-mortem survival?

"If you were asked to pick three cases in annals of survival research, which ones would you choose [as most evidential]? Why?"

“Firstly, the Annie Nanji tapes from the Leslie Flint physical mediumship séances. This incidence was never widely publicized, yet it remains hard evidence of survival that anybody can listen to online.

"In essence, an Indian doctor communicated via direct voice with his deceased wife, Annie, over the course of a decade. They were able to carry on their relationship, discussing tiny details of each other’s lives which make the possibility of fraud almost non-existent.”

I have reviewed these taped discussions between the doctor and his wife on the other side, and Michael is correct, the "detail" is excruciating. She comments on minutia of his life, such as the arrangement of his bed-covering, what he did on his walk in the park, or what he has in his pockets. There are scores and scores of these smallest of details, of interest only to this couple, and yet, by these factoids themselves, almost inadvertently, we are given some of the best evidence of survival of consciousness available anywhere.

LISTEN TO the Annie Nanji tapes.


children born not of blood and biology but of love and spirit

Of particular interest to our purpose, however, is the recording of November 18, 1982, second to last on the Nanji recording list.

Throughout the various taped discussions over the years, Annie had mentioned their children, with her in Summerland. Earlier, however, she had not commented concerning how this had come to be -- did they die of illness or in some accident? But in the November 18, 1982 recording she clarifies and says this:

It was "not possible for us to have children" while we lived together on Earth. But the children that are with me now were not born of blood and biological impetus but of "love and spirit."



"your children come through you but are not of you"

Notice Jackson Davis's provocative assertion that some with families awaiting them in Summerland have never been mothers and fathers! that, true mothers conceive with a heart of authentic love, while true fathers produce offspring with a focused intellect. All this echoes Gibran with his "your children come through you but are not of you!"

Was Davis correct to assert that the true "virginity is of the soul," and not of the body, after all? Annie Nanji confirms the same, that her children in Summerland were born of "spirit and love."

In a coming world where "thoughts are things," would it not be possible, in some sense, that lovers might dream their children into existence?

To my mind, one thing is clear - this issue of lovers' grief concerning childlessness must be addressed, lest their spiritual growth stultify in sorrows - without this redressing of injustice against one's constitutional sensibilities one would always be looking back to Earth as the "good old days" when having children was possible.

This kind of wistfulness and melancholy, as settled state of mind, might overthrow one's spirituality in Summerland. There must be an answer to this dilemma as untold millions have been afflicted by such. Our prescient Guides and Advisors would not have allowed this great question, and cause for sorrow, to remain unanswered.


a mind preoccupied with anxieties cannot genuinely devote itself to God... no power to pray...

You may recall the above caption as the heartfelt words of the romantic Heloise. She well captures a sense of the need for almost every new citizen of Summerland to find emotional healing before moving on to greater spirituality. It is my contention that... 
Certain kinds of loss are so compelling; so fraught with despair and disillusionment; so devastating to primal need and to what should have been; so commanding of one's attention and deepest affections; so insistent and bordering on the obsessive, that injured hearts will not allow any beguilement, cajoling, any artifice of mere words, empty platitudes, or pseudo-spiritual talk, to distract them from that most pressing cold reality.
In the domain of romance, Randall and French speak of an astral sub-world wherein dwell once-bereft lovers. As part of their healing from the sufferings of this world it is said that, as long as they need to, they will do little but "cling to each other."
READ MORE of these healing-worlds, which I have called "holodeck worlds"
The emotional healing for true romantics - that is, those experiencing the authentic, Twin-Soul love - will not be effected, in many cases, without squarely facing the desire for children, which is also part of their true love.

 and he's not even sorry


fruit of their bodies? or fruit of their spirits?

There is a fourth afterlife testimony by Claire Heartsong, an author somewhat unknown to me; nevertheless, her report is well in-line with the general sentiment expressed by Jackson Davis, Myers, and Nanji, and so I will offer it here as ancillary material. 

She speaks of a "light conception," that of lovers conceiving children not so much as the fruit of their bodies but as the fruit of their spirits.

Apparently, in such process, each parent would supply not sperm or ovum but a kind of light injection of one's own spiritual essence. The resulting child, far more than mere DNA-based progeneration, would represent the parents on a soul level.

This is a very beautiful and powerful concept. We all know examples from this world concerning children who either supersede or badly lag the essential nature of their parents. In these cases, can we truly say that these offspring are the fruit of their parents in terms of core humanity and personhood?

There appears to be a higher order of this process.



through us, not from us

  • Kahlil Gibran: "Your children are not your children... They come through you but not from you... they belong not to you."


But what if they could come from us, and not just through us?

While opportunities will abound to raise foster children in Summerland, for many couples, this noble service will not heal the giant hole in their hearts concerning not having had children of their own.


how primitive

Mere biology can produce a child that resembles the physical exterior of parents. But as Commander Spock used to say, "how primitive" - how much is this externality worth in a world where people can manifest any external appearance, and any age, that they so choose?

The Summerland testimonies speak of mere biological procreation as passé in their land. Probably so. It would be that way.

But what if lovers had the opportunity to receive, beyond biology, an even greater gift? What if a child could represent, on a much deeper level, their love and union? a child to reflect the finest spirit-attributes of each parent; a true chip-off-the-old-block in a real sense; a child that would come from and not just through the parents.

Well, creating a soul "in the image" of Parents is not altogether unheard of in our Family, isn't it?

 it's alright, it was just your practice-turn


Thwarted lovers of this world, with greatest sorrow, lament that the sweetest joys of having children with a true mate have passed them by. And now, in their grief of loss, they wonder how they shall ever be made whole. They fret that, no matter how wonderful Summerland is, it could never fill the gaping space in their hearts; nothing, they say, could replace that lost "real life" of family and children that is offered, they assume, only on the Earth-plane! - all downhill from here, they cry, the best blessings are behind us; nothing on the horizon to lift our despondent hearts.

Is this the way Eternal Life works? 

Has any good thing really passed us by? shall it ever? If so, what kind of neutered and hollow blessing would heaven be?

Is the old scripture, "eye hath not seen" just a cosmic joke?

What sense shall we ascribe to the apostle John's words, "God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; there shall be no more ... sorrow, crying, or pain ... the former things are passed away ... all things are made new."

These are grand statements but, as the British say, "will butter no parsnips" without actual and substantive restitution. In other words, those who grieve for children will not be made whole without the receipt of absolutely real children. 


marriage of their spirits to produce fruit of their spirits?

In The Wedding Song the union of Twin lovers is referred to as "a marriage of spirits." Why should we consider it an impossible event, in an ideal world, that this literal spiritual union might produce children as literal representations of their spirits?

If traumatized lovers' hearts could understand, and accept, that children in the new realm were to come from them, and not just through them, then they might begin to agree with themselves, and with their own wounded hearts, that they, in fact, had lost nothing of import while on their disastrous trip to the Earth.


the real perfectly normal life: the wonderful ifs accumulate

What if the "real life" is yet to come? (might better gifts always be ahead of us?) What if this present Earth-life is the artificial, the "practice turn," the rough draft, the throw-away copy?

What if our current reality will one day seem to us as something puerile and childish, as insubstantial as a play performed by kindergarten children, with their ill-fitting costumes, paper hats, and wooden swords and with adult-onlookers mechanically and dutifully clapping?

What if the apostle John's phrase regarding this world "passing away" and Solomon's words "all is vanity (temporary, like a vapor)" signify a greater ephemerality than we have known?

What if it's really true, in a coming future life, that the sense of terrible loss of this world will yet melt completely away as do the imposing frozen snowbanks in a North Dakota spring thaw? - an assessment of loss, even by its once-victims, to be deemed as insignificant, not worth a moment's further thought; as inconsequential as that kindergarten play, utterly swallowed up by the overwhelming transcendence, the permanence, and the infinitely greater blessings of a New Reality.

  • What if one's true children, the true reflection of Twin lovers' passion, are to be the children of one's own eternal essence? What if the true marriage is a marriage of the spirit, of kindred souls, and not merely and primarily a union of bodies? What if all these, in a coming world and time, shall yet constitute the true family, the true domestic concourse, the true fruit of lovers' fervency, the true "perfectly normal life"?

What if all these gifts (think of them as wedding gifts from Mother-Father God and the Spirit Guides) await us in another, better realm (shall a better one always beckon us?); await every battered but hopeful lover's heart; those Two hearts that beat as One, as One Person and One Soul.

Yes... what if?

Churchill, during war time, once spoke of the "terrible ifs" accumulating, but, for us, it is the wonderful ifs.




Editor's last word:

The four afterlife reports featured above speak of different ways by which children might be received in the coming world. However, one principle begins to emerge: these scions will not issue as fruit of bodies but of a deeper essence.

While I've already alluded to the following, does this principle not take us closer to an understanding of "made in the image," whereby we mirror God's truest nature? There's something very profound embedded here, and I think we are meant to experience these "soul children" as cosmic teaching-aid revealing more of what it means to be a son or daughter of God.

See the picture coming into view:

Twin-Souls, the sacred male and female "made in the image," engendering children as reflection of their deepest persons - is this not microcosm of Ultimate Reality? -- of Mother-Father God engendering us?




I'd finished much of this article some time ago, but, since then, I've been given more on this subject.


What if we could have the best of both worlds, children 'through' us and 'from' us?

If you'd like to enjoy a more complete understanding of the following discussion, then I must give you a homework assignment. Please read How We'll Gain Healing From The Traumas Of This World.

Allow me to offer a very condensed explanation, one that you will add to your assigned readings, along with all that we've considered on this page:

(1) "Blood and passion" alone cannot produce children which might match our essential soul-essence.

(2) We learn from respected afterlife-teachers that one's "real" children, those mirroring soul-essence, wait for us on the other side - not necessarily for everyone, but for those who desire this blessing.

(3) In a world "one step beyond" Summerland we have the ability not only to create environment by fiat, but we're also empowered to manifest and present ourselves at any biological age.


  • The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants, and Phenomena (1900), by C.W. Leadbeater: “The astral region which I am to attempt to describe … has often been called the realm of illusion, not that it is itself any more illusory than the physical world [Earth], but because of the extreme unreliability of the impressions brought back from it by the untrained seer. This is to be accounted for mainly by … remarkable characteristics of the astral world; first, that many of its inhabitants have a marvelous power of changing their forms with Protean rapidity, and also of casting practically unlimited glamour over those with whom they choose to sport…” [Proteus, a Greek god, son of Poseidon, called the "Old Man of the Sea" by Homer, said to have the power of "elusive sea change", reflecting the rapid and constantly changing nature of water.]


(4) These worlds created by thought - which are just as real and solid as the Earth-world - allow us to simulate events which caused us loss and grief, but, this time, we can craft a new ending; thereby, "overwriting" past traumas with a happy conclusion.

(5) As we "manifest and present ourselves" according to our choice, even as children if we so desire, we can actually simulate "growing up" in a new world - if this is what one wants to do, especially, with a lover.

Let's put these disparate items together now and see what it can do for us regarding the issue of having children in the next worlds.

Allow us to assume that you do have soul-children waiting for you on the other side; but, let's also say that you want the "full package" of family life. You and your beloved want to experience what it's like to be pregnant and go "full term," and not have a stork deliver them.

Even though "blood and biology" does not conceive children in Summerland, it would be possible to simulate a pregnancy, such that, it will all look and feel exactly as if it were the customary way.

Instead of collecting one's soul-children at a more advanced age, let's say, when they're age 2 or 4, it should be possible for these children, as we said, to "manifest and present" themselves at any age. This being the case, you could arrange for a child to manifest as a fetus within a mother's womb. This would not be "role playing" as she would, in fact, be the mother, a "soul-mother." But, if we can simulate "growing up" in these new worlds -- and we know that this is possible because a Spirit Guide said this is an option for us if we'd like to recreate or simulate our childhood earth-experiences -- then it would also be possible to simulate the growing and developing of the body within the female womb.  

This process of simulation mirrors the Earth-experience more than we might realize. The spirits of biological children have an existence prior to the Earth-world. They are not created, as such, in their spirit essence, within the womb. (See the introductory comments in the "Prometheus" book.) This prior-existence element parallels quite well, I think, our proposed scenario in a future world, in that, the simulated fetus would have had an existence prior to the simulated life in the womb.

what if we could have it both ways

This means that children could come "through" us and "from" us - we could have it both ways. It would be very real to us.

After this simulated pregnancy - which, I suggest, is no more "simulated" than that of the Earth, as these babes also came from another world - it is an easy step for these little ones to also "simulate" growing up for 18 years with you in a real life, a real family life, with all the trimmings, which, as the afterlife reports inform us, conform "to the finest detail" of all that we know to be good.

Yes, truly, the wonderful ifs accumulate.


Gaining a balanced perspective, a sense of proportion, concerning family and children: Will we all be together again in heaven?

In the book "Mary Anne Carew” we are given channeled information via the mediumship of Carlyle Petersilea (1844-1903). The author, an accomplished American concert pianist, developed psychic abilities later in life. Mary, Carlyle's mother, offered her testimony from the other side.

Among the many discussions, one had become most pressing on Mary’s mind. She’d crossed over at approximately age 30, leaving her husband Franz to care for three young children. On Mary’s side, one comfort for her, was the company of her three other children which had already transitioned. Distraught and anxious, for many years during her initial time in Summerland, Mary yearned to make contact with her remaining family on Earth. What she really wanted was for the whole family to be together again in heaven.

these children will want their own lives, their own families, and their own loves

Finally, availing herself of a better view from wiser heads, she began to free herself from illusion and see things in a more realistic way. It was pointed out to her that, by the time all family members on Earth found their way to the afterlife, 70 or 80 years might pass. During that lengthy period, both the children on Earth and the ones in Summerland would have found their own mates, with children, and grandchildren, of their own. And as for Franz, needing the support of a wife to care for the little children, he in fact had remarried, now had a new wife, and they together had more children of their own.

For a long time, Mary's pressing maternal instincts had been unwilling to face this reality as her desire for “home and hearth,” “Christmas mornings for tots,” and the “white picket fence” loomed so vividly in her mind.

the family institution, by and large, is for the earth, not for time and eternity

However, with a wider and more complete perspective, and with the advice of Spirit Guides near her, she began to accept that the family institution, by and large, is for the Earth world, and not for time and eternity.

It’s not that anyone will be barred from visiting parents or children, it’s just that, parental love is merely formative and preparatory support, and not a ruling factor in the eternities to come; and many of these ad hoc relationships of the Earth, will drift away into a status as something less than vital and commanding.

We were made to live and love with a particular mate, a Twin Soul lover, and this romantic union, and nothing else, constitutes one’s ultimate reality.