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"You can recognize truth by its beauty and simplicity. When you get it right, it's obvious that it's right." Dr. Richard Feynman



the only mystery of science

The double-slit experiment, "impossible … to explain in any classical [Newtonian] way, [embodies] the heart of quantum mechanics. In reality, it contains the only mystery [of science]."

Dr. Richard Feynman
1965 Nobel laureate in physics


The “double-slit” experiment offers a view of reality, its architectonic underpinnings, so counter-intuitive, so non-common sensical, that great scientific minds have called it “the only mystery” of science.

Dr. Feynman is telling us that the fundamental secret of the essence of Reality is hidden within the "double-slit" experiment. All of the other sciences must be reevaluated in light of new information from the "double-slit."



Editor's prefatory comment:

T.H. Huxley once said that "The great tragedy of science is the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact."

No facts are ugly. Reality is what it is. Presuming otherwise, we ourselves supply the "ugly."

Facts which do not conform to pet-theories, an assault on cultish dogmatism, are called ugly, ridiculed, or, more likely, are ignored, treated as pariah; and, like Lana, opponents try to act "as if it never happened."

This is what materialistic science -- science so-called; like censoring religionists -- has attempted to do with a burgeoning tidal wave of new information, new experiments, which signal the end of a materialistic world-paradigm.

This page has been created to offer a chronology of the new information which flows fast now. Consciousness, not matter, is the ground of all reality, the evidence for which is presently engulfing us -- unraveling the entire edifice of the materialistic empire.

Please check back regularly for postings below.


special note:

In order to more fully appreciate the technical aspects of the "double-slit" discussed below, you will want to spend some time viewing several youtube videos which offer basic information on the inner-workings of Nature.

I recommend that you view each of the following videos:


Dr. Quantum: Double-Slit explained. A cartoon clip from What The Bleep Do We Know!? (5 minutes)

Physicist Tom Campbell explains Double-Slit (9 minutes)

Physicist Tom Campbell explains Double-Slit, Delayed-Choice & Eraser (7 minutes)

Physicist Tom Campbell explains Double-Slit, Delayed-Choice & Eraser, an excellent expanded discussion offering cogent overview (44 minutes)

Physicist Tom Campbell explains Double-Slit, Delayed-Choice & Eraser (1:42). Tom reports on ANU (Australian National University) physicists who carried out an experiment designed by the famous Princeton physicist John Archibald Wheeler (who coined the terms "black hole" and "it from bit"). The findings of the experiment answer, and negate, charges of materialist physicists who have resisted the implications of the Double-Slit Experiment.

Delayed-Choice & Eraser explained by InspiringPhilosophy (12 minutes)




September 19, 2018 

In the last few months, physicist Tom Campbell has raised $300,000 -- more than twice the amount he felt he needed -- from 1200 enthusiastic donors worldwide, to pursue a better understanding of Reality via “the double-slit.” Currently, he is interviewing, searching for, the best university physics lab capable of conducting, in a competent and credible way, these new experiments.

Tom says he expects the new experiments to be completed in the next 6 to 12 months. He regularly posts videos on the progress of this effort. You can keep track of them HERE.

For a great many years, physicist Tom has been investigating this subject, the nature of Reality. The “double-slit,” along with related experiments, strongly point to the view that Consciousness, not matter, is the essence and undergirding of all things.

Our problem, he says, is that “we’re all materialists at heart.” It’s not really our fault. We tap our fingers on what seems to be a very solid table. We walk on what seems to be very solid ground. But when we “drill down” to the level of sub-atomic particles, and below, it all vanishes into a nothingness. And so, all of this apparent solidity and substantiveness, upon closer inspection, just disappears. What are we to make of this?

The best theory to explain the nature of Reality, according to the evidence we have so far, is that we live in a kind of "simulation," a sort of “virtual reality.” As we search for a metaphor to help ourselves understand, Tom says, it’s like being in a multi-player video game, like “World Of Warcraft” or “The Sims.” The characters in “Warcraft” are solid to each other, the rocks and trees are solid to them, but it’s not a real world. You can’t climb into the computer and enter that world. It doesn’t really exist. It’s all just pixels of light in complex arrangement offering a simulation of reality. And the characters in “The Sims” act as if they’re totally independent, living their own drama-filled lives, but, we all know, they exist merely at the pleasure of a computer programmer and "live" only inside a computer-box.

This does not mean that we, in our truest essence, are like characters in "The Sims." We, our truest selves, are one with Universal Consciousness and are part of the only thing that's real. But our material bodies, solid as they seem to be, are "simulations"; our youthful etheric body to be enjoyed in Summerland is also a "simulation," but a convincing one.

The “double-slit,” and related experiments, strongly suggests the existence of a Universal Consciousness in which we all “live and move and have our being.” We'll know more soon, but that table which we think is so solid, if we look at its core essence, is just a complex dance of tiny particles, “pixels of light,” if you will, carefully arranged, which, themselves, when we “pull back the curtain,” disappear into an infinite sea of Universal Consciousness.

In my other articles, "Ultimate Reality," for example, I have stated that “only Consciousness is real”; that, this world, and every other world on the other side, derives its apparent existence from a Universal Consciousness. The great English scientist, Sir Oliver Lodge, and also Professor Frederick Myers, in their investigations of the afterlife, concluded that both our world and Summerland are “worlds of illusion.” But then, all worlds are worlds of illusion.

This does not mean that people in Summerland don’t walk on solid ground or don’t have tangible flowers in their gardens, but that the substructure of Reality is not material in essence. As one physicist put it, “Whatever matter is made of, it’s not matter.” There are no “hard little bee-bees” as fundamental constituents of sticks and stones; there are no "building blocks" of matter, as such; well, they do exist, of sorts, but when you put them "under the microscope,” so to speak, they all disappear into a nothingness.

Intuitively, at the level of "common sense," we don't believe this, it doesn't seem right to us. Having been thus conditioned all of our myopic lives, we're materialists at heart. We think we live in an objective universe where things have an existence apart from an observing consciousness, a measurement, and resultant information. But the "double-slit," the "only mystery" of science, rudely awakens us to how Reality really works.


April 27, 2019 

Here is a video update from Tom and his team on the progress of arranging for the new experiments:



November 6, 2019 

The long-awaited new quantum experiments are about to commence and will be conducted over the coming months. The site for this work will be the science labs at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. In the video update, Tom and the Cal Poly PhD department head give an overview of what's to come: