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Soulmate, Myself:
The Perfect Mate

 Twin Soul Love as
 Ultimate Reality



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Editor’s note: I originally wrote the following as conclusion to the “Ultimate Reality” article; however, I felt the information to be so vital as to warrant including it here in “Perfect Mate.” There’re certain references whose antecedents will be found in “Ultimate Reality,” and I think you’ll want to read the entire discussion there, but, in the main, the writing below stands on its own. I consider it to be one of my most important offerings on the Word Gems site. In a phrase, ultimate reality is not just an elevated level of consciousness but a consciousness of ecstasy.




I think Adrian is correct when he says that ultimate reality is an “ecstasy.” And I think I was right, earlier, to say that ultimate reality is not a place, a 3-D destination, but a level of consciousness.

Ultimate reality is not, as some on the other side errantly suggest, a “hot water-bottle” world of merely prettier flowers and greener grass.

Editor's note: See The Wedding Song for discussion on the term "hot water-bottle world." There are so-called advanced beings on "higher" levels of the afterlife who think that romantic love is too prudish, too not-nice, for it to survive our evolvement. 

But this notion of "prettier flowers and greener grass" just confuses the issue. Ultimate reality has nothing to do with eco-friendly stage-props or pleasant venue; if I were mature and advanced enough, I could experience "ultimate reality" while walking downtown in a busy city.

Earlier this evening, I finished the “Iris and Anselm” writing for “The Perfect Mate.” Kairissi offered her thoughts on “the crouching leopard,” the dysfunctional ego, that robs lovers of the happiness of being together as darling companions.

The “bride adorned for her husband,” I feel, is an excellent metaphor taking us very close, right up to the foothills, of ultimate reality. But marriage, even authentic eternal marriage, is not ultimate reality, per se. Twins help each other, each supplying to the other, access to ultimate reality via portals to ecstasy.

All of these thought-fragments are pieces of a puzzle. Fundamentally, it seems to me, ultimate reality is an ecstasy, a frame of mind to live in, a way of looking at life, a level of consciousness, the consummate Joy experienced by Mother-Father God as they revel in their own existence.

This ecstasy might be experienced anywhere; meaning, we don’t need to climb Mount Olympus, or wait eons to become "good enough" to enter some proverbial “seventh heaven,” or perform a labor of Hercules to have it. Its beginnings can start right now; we sense that the Joy will grow, more and more, as our spiritual vision clarifies, more and more.

Why it is so hard to capture the “ecstasy,” that portal to ultimate reality? It’s the “crouching leopard,” the dysfunctional ego; it robs us of our Joy.

How shall we live life in Summerland? Will we not automatically be happy there? We’ll no longer have material concerns, that of earning a living and maintaining a mortal body. How will we find purpose for our existence? Not primarily by "doing" – I addressed this problem in “Will You Survive The Terror Of Eternal Life?”

There’ll be service projects in Summerland, and that will help to provide meaning, but, what will we do when there’s no longer a class of needy disadvantaged? How shall we find purpose for ourselves then? In the end, there is no answer but to approach life as do Mother-Father God; that is, simply enjoying one's own existence. (And this is why the Greek word for "eternal" life refers primarily to "quality" of life not extended duration.)

We might think that living eternally should not be a problem, but, it's not so easy to create for oneself a happy and settled state of mind; rather, it's so easy that we miss it. All that's required is discovering the "true self" in one moment of cosmic clarity.

It's called "making one's inner music pure." Once this foundation is laid, Twin Souls build upon it an edifice of lasting happiness. Together, as darling companions, they will adventure through life and love, the universe and other dimensions. But even a full schedule of cosmic activities, projects, and amusements, without something more, will eventually fail to satisfy.

We need the ultimate reality to negotiate eternity. We need that elevated level of consciousness-ecstasy to make it through the endless day. We need to develop the ability, without gross stimulation, to sit quietly in a small room, simply enjoying our own existence. We need the mind of God, the pervasive Joy, the inner solace and comfort of one's own being, which sense of contentment the Divine Parent(s) dwell in all the time. Lincoln had it right -- it's the "friend down inside," the true self. But, when we sit quietly alone in that small room, most times, we'll prefer to sit with another. "Alone with another" - a paradox; or not, as she is no "other," but One Person with you.

And how shall we achieve, of which we spoke earlier, a “freedom from illusion and full experience of Reality”?

We live our lives, before the coming of the Beloved, suffering under sorrowful illusion that no love could save us; that, forever, we shall languish in a prison of our own aloneness; that, true love has not only passed us by but doesn't even exist. Little wonder then, as the great Spirit Guides teach, with the advent of "the bride prepared for her husband," his deeper person shall ever retain an element of wondrous astonishment every time he looks at her.

Why is this the "full experience of Reality"? It will be so because, like Aristotle's summum bonum, we shall have found the supreme and complete good, the end and summation of all desires. The "hot water-bottle" worlds, an alternate ego-reality of never being satisfied, of never feeling one has "enough," of neurotically ever striving to move up to "greener grass and prettier flowers," will not offer the summation of all desires.

The "bride," a Twin Soul, "prepared for her husband," that is, created just for him -- as he is for her -- satisfies all desires, and makes possible, finally, a sense of sated well-being. With her smile, he no longer feels the need to search the universe for "greener grass and prettier flowers." The "garden of her delights," precisely calibrated to his specific and personal definitions of happiness, proves more than well able to satisfy any penchant for greener pastures and prettier flowers: "thanks, but we already got all we can use."

His problem, as Jamie blasted Landon, is that he doesn't know himself well enough to know what he wants. As he will discover, however, she is not only more than he asked for, but more than he knew or was able to ask; whatever she brings, he discovers to his utmost shock, is exactly what he always wanted; that is, what he would have wanted, ought to have wantedhad he known himself well enough to ask.

This elusive, runaway bride is "prepared" for him; meaning, though he was the last to know, God knew what he really wanted and needed. She reveals his long-hidden desires, hidden even, and especially, to himself.



Twin Souls, Lover and Beloved, will explore the depths of this great existential question for a long time to come.

But, let us speak of these “depths.” The hapless John and Mary choose each other on the basis of the “perfect resume,” or worse, a settlement of “I got the best deal I could bargain for.” In this, what “The Wedding Song” refers to as a “buying and selling,” they soon realize it wasn’t nearly enough. How quickly the negotiated-for mate loses his or her luster: “You were meant to ‘make me happy' but now I feel so empty in this relationship.”

Twin Souls, however, do not experience this deteriorating, falling off of feelings regarding a mate's qualities of virtue and loveliness.

Why is this so? It's because the true marriage, again, as “The Wedding Song” has it, is built upon an indestructible “union of spirits,” a meeting of perfectly matched minds, hearts, and souls, not primarily a union of bodies or a union of “e-harmony” attributes. None of this latter is “enough” for John and Mary because anything physical is never enough for soul-led, spiritual beings. As Kairissi advised the “Marys” of the world: “That’s the problem with John. He’s just a physical entity, just part of this world to you. But your true mate is not primarily a physical entity to you.”

How will Twin Souls remain in love for an eternity? The “union of spirits” speaks to the infinite depths of consciousness. Each of us is linked to unfathomable Universal Consciousness and, as such, can never fully know oneself. This same undefined essence will mark what you feel about your true mate. You will never, in all eternity, reach a point of saying, “I have you all figured out now, been there, done that.” This will never happen. You will always thrill to experience more of the wonder of all that she is to you, resulting in an ever-widening scope of romantic intimacy. This delightful sense of all-pervading Oneness, a mutual perception of the mysterious depths of being, is what Mother-Father God enjoy all the time.

Concerning ultimate reality, there is no other question so worthy of our consideration. It is "what we stay alive for."


the most important concept on the Word Gems site

One of my favorite essays is “What we stay alive for.” This is the crux of the matter. We need to come alive, which is primary importance, but, once alive, we need a reason to stay alive. In the writing “500 tape-recorded messages from the other side” we learn of a vast class of people over there who have not yet found their reason to live; as such, they drift into various levels of insanity.

On the “Prologue” page of “The Wedding Song” we review various testimonies speaking to the reality of Twin Souls. The mystic Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, however, better than others, intuitively grasped the sense of importance to be accorded Twin love as vital component of the spiritual mind of wisdom.

“The soul ... is itself only one-half of a complete being. For each of us there is a counterpartal [person] of the opposite polarity. And our pilgrimage towards emancipation [from illusion] consists in drawing ever nearer to this balancing factor ... so that, in the end, [while retaining sacred individuality,] we become [effectively One Person,] a male-female being in whom the positive and negative forces are in perfect equilibrium, reflecting the nature of the Male-Female Creator. Only through the perfect union of two souls of the opposite sex can that blending of forces be achieved which brings freedom from illusion and the full experience of Reality.”

Aivanhov gets it exactly right. It’s only through the union of destined Twins that a complete “freedom from illusion and full experience of Reality” might be achieved. Notice the emphasis. We might have expected to hear of "a complete happiness" but instead "a complete freedom from illusion" is presented as central concept.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; but, this one, right here, might be worth the entire Word Gems site - as a bride’s loving and joyous demeanor encapsulates, and well expresses, human destiny, purpose and meaning, freedom from illusion, sacred personhood, full humanity, and ultimate reality.

Why is Twin Soul love the doorway to ultimate wisdom, evolvement, and spiritual vision? - because it reflects the highest expression of ultimate reality, the subsuming influence and dominion of Mother-Father God.

The concept of “highest reality” brings to mind once again “the 500 tape-recordings from the other side.” Among these one finds the occasional testimony from those who were famous during their Earth sojourn; accomplished individuals – scientists, statesmen, and the like – they continue some of their work in Summerland.

However, concerning their personal lives, many of these did not live moralistically, and as they spoke one discerned that this attitude of using others for one’s private pleasure had not yet been expunged from their spirits. There was a certain “hollowness” and “brittleness” to their viewpoint.

Despite great accomplishments, one is left with an impression that they had not yet met “ultimate reality”, were still quite materialistic in their thinking. And this is what Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov is getting at when he says that true love is the doorway to freedom from illusion, an illusion of materialistic perspective; instead, authentic romance becomes portal to full experience of highest wisdom.

It would have to be this way as true love is not only part of the divine mind but reflects the highest domain of "what is" - the dual female-male energies - a closer attunement with, the hegemonic and "singular pervasive" reality that is, Mother-Father God. There is reason why ancient Spirit Guides refer to divinity in this manner.

See a 3-part writing on "Freedom From Illusion."

'you have not come to the arctic regions, you cannot be perfected without it'

Troubadour Spirit-Guide Margaret: “[Twin Soul] love is the atmosphere of this life [in Summerland]. You have not come to the arctic regions, but to the region where [romantic] love is a pervading influence, warming all hearts. No spirit can find its most perfect development who misses from his life the experience which [romantic] love can give him. If he has lived a loveless life on Earth, the possibility is still reserved for him here. The certainty will come to him in the future. His being cannot be perfected without it.”

The quest to experience true love is no optional side-trip. Without success in this area, eventually, we will suffer "existential crisis," and fail to properly engage the "terrors of living forever." Some time ago, I wrote several paragraphs on the subject of "no one there to fill your desire." They're included as a kind of footnote to the "What We Stay Alive For" essay, but allow me to offer this writing here in closing:

"no one there can fill your desire"

We were meant to live in community. We yearn for the company of friends and neighbors, supporting each other in life. So strong is this wish for brotherhood and sisterhood that, at times, as Father Chardin mused, it reaches almost to the level of “sensual longing.” Even so, affable association and cordial friend - none of this pleasant conviviality - can fill one’s desire.

Neither avuncular favor nor maternal warmth, not even a large kindred gathering, an immersion into familial goodwill and amity, can fill one's desire. Even in that affectionate crowd of doting loved ones, a plenary session of fervent smiles, well-wishes, and hugs all around, you will still find yourself - if only subliminally, that vague uneasy sense of - missing someone.

O thou soul of my soul

Mourning the loss of his Elizabeth, Robert Browning in Prospice [“to look forward”] soars in high-flight, addressing her, O thou soul of my soul. Many in the history of literature have spoken of woman as the life of man, but never so poignantly and felicitously. And if one’s soul could shelter a soul of its own, what would this signify? - nothing less than epicenter of meaning, purpose, and “what we stay alive for.” And so, with O thou soul of my soul, we glimpse a remedy for "no one there can fill your desire."

unlawful savior and covenant

John and Mary cannot fill each other’s desire; "besotting infatuation” with illegitimate savior, the “ill-fitting covenant,” the settled-for second or third choice, albeit sprinkled with ecclesiastical blessing, cannot fill one's desire.

Their problem is spiritual in nature, with biological impulse and instinctual response unable to offer solution. Only two souls in love, two created for each other, can fill the unremitting existential void, two spirits longing for authentic union.

the great harmonia

There are three bases for marriage: biological, psychological, spiritual. Andrew Jackson Davis offered analysis in his seminal work “The Great Harmonia.” The vast majority wed for the wrong reasons and, in so doing, counterfeit and debase what was meant to be, what Spirit Guide Margaret called, the holiest of human endeavors; even the Pope decried this merchandizing of human flesh.

super stimuli

Biological attractors animate the majority, licensing Niko Tinbergen’s “super stimuli,” mere temporary fever, a boiling of animal inclination. Psychological drivers, too, incite to riot not a few: here we find marriage as antidote to fears of never finding happiness, apprehensions of disgrace and not being chosen, terrors of facing old age alone.

All this defines what passes for marriage in our world, but none of it is honored in the “better neighborhoods” of Summerland. It is only the spiritual marriage, the coming together of Twin Souls, which is recognized in the courts of heaven.

true love: of the soul, not body

“The Wedding Song” speaks of a “calling of the heart.” It is a desperate cry of the hidden person, a cry in the night - the long dark night of the soul; a cry to be answered only by a “union of spirits," the authentic accord of mind touching mind. In this "knowing as one knows oneself," the secret desolation within begins to recede.

True love is rooted in the soul, not the body, and therefore only things of the eternal soul will endure; things of the flesh begin dying at the moment of birth. And unless one's affections represent an extension of the soul's purposes, there will be no enduring romantic relationship. This rule stands unmoved and inviolable.

existential beauty, consummate mystical experience, freedom from illusion, full experience of reality

The once “blind poet,” with her “lumbering, ponderous, helpless knowledge of books,” when true love came knocking, suddenly grasped the total field of what it means to be human. It is “not to eat and drink," Elizabeth exclaimed, "but to feel the life in you, down all the fibres of being, passionately and joyfully.”

Yes, "to feel the life in you"; as such, this life, this “truth, is a living thing,” and when it becomes energized with the advent of the sacred beloved -- the "existential beauty," a "consonance with the whole," the consummate mystical experience -- it will not only pulsate with warming vitality at the core of being but brings “freedom from illusion” and offers “the full experience of reality.”

more than one dared wish for

There is but one particular girl to fill his desire; he offers her the same exclusive gift. They find each other in the Dazzling Darkness. Together then, as darling companions, adventuring through eternal life sharing all experiences, they enter a sense of wholeness and completeness attained, of meaning and purpose actualized; of sacred destiny realized, of soul-pledges deliciously satisfied.

They inhabit perceptions of "coming home," of the utterly familiar, of "you are more than I dared wish for," of extreme delight, of "you are just like me," of "soulmate, myself." All this, indeed, issues as final answer to the "calling of the heart," an emergence from the abyss of aloneness, as it fills, to the top, the pleadings of unexpressed yearning, the indictments of unquieted passions.

ready communion and unbroken fellowship, minds in ecstatic union

With greater maturity, we perceive identities revealed - who’s who and for whom. And in that day of sightedness, minds created for each other will live in rapturous and euphoric union; an emulation of the joyous spirit of the Divine Parent(s).

This ecstasy of ready communion and unbroken fellowship, of sharing all things as darling companions, of "the great relief of having you to talk to," of love "not for a reason," removes the terror of eternal life, provides impetus to unfold the soul's hidden potential, finally satisfies and fills beseeching human desire, and becomes ultimate reason to stay alive for.




Editor's last word:

See further discussion of “ultimate reality” and it’s converse, “ultimate illusion,” in the articles on Mattie and Reuben, Anne and Gilbert, Mary and Abraham, and Tilly and Viktor.