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Does some, or all, plant life survive planet Earth and enjoy eternal existence in the next world?

Part I



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Recently, during a walk in a wooded area, I encountered a few young trees that had obviously been vandalized by human agency.

Witnessing this violence to these noble floral creatures, I found myself prompted to pose the question, does plant life survive this world?

Though I’ve reviewed nearly 200 channeled books, I’ve never known anyone over there to address this issue.

Plants are not inert lumps of protoplasm. They actually possess sensibilities. See the research of Cleve Backster on the “afterlife” page.

Cleve Backster (1924-2013) was the world’s foremost expert in lie detection using the polygraph machine. An interrogation specialist for decades with the CIA and FBI, he later ran his own school for lie detection, training police and security forces on how to use the lie detector.

In his office one day, he was watering a plant and, on a whim, decided to attach the plant to the polygraph. As a result, by this chance event, he discovered that plants respond to human emotions, intentions, thoughts, and other events in their immediate environment.



It has been said in the afterlife accounts, to the effect, “all life on Earth” survives and makes its way to Summerland. Does this include plant life?

While I have no third-party authority to reference, I believe that plants do survive, and I’ll tell you why.

Earlier, we’ve seen that all animals continue on, even the tiny insects and worms of the soil. I believe this signifies that the Creator, like tending a prized rose garden, is interested in producing a fully-balanced ecosystem on the other side, simply for the harmonial, finely-tuned beauty of it all. Essentially, all of the animals rely on plant life for their well-being, and it would make no sense to have all the animals survive without their traditional and favorite synergistic or symbiotic plants.

But there’s a more fundamental reason why plants likely continue on. They are expressions of Universal Consciousness and possess a measure of awareness. Again, see the research of Cleve Backster on this.

Anything that has awareness secrets an inner indestructible life. I suspect that the plants, as do humans and the animals, have their own inner astral morphic bodies or forms. This is what would transfer to the next world, just at this process works for us.

When I surveyed those few young defiled trees, a deeper part of me felt remorse for this senseless destruction of beautiful plant life. And I wondered if someday, somehow, these noble young trees might have their lives back.

But then I thought, as we learned on the “inferential life” page, why do I feel this way? The fact that I do, indicates, to me, that I was made to have feelings such as these; in other words, these sentiments of hope for restitution, of concern and remorse, regarding senseless loss and injury reflect the archetypal concerns of the Creator. If I can feel this way, then, how much more might Source be of this mind, as well?


in 5 billion years, the sun will explode

We know this. It happens to all stars eventually.

Dr. Carl Sagan: After our planet "dies, some 5 billion years from now, after it's burned to a crisp by the [exploding, super-nova] Sun, there will be other worlds and stars and galaxies coming into being - and they will know nothing of a place called Earth." “Man and his achievements,” said Dean Inge, “will one day be obliterated like a child's sand-castle when the next tide comes in.”


In that day, it will be not just the end of our world but all the inner planets. And all life on Earth – animals and plants – will be incinerated in a quick heartbeat. All life on our world, gone, in a blazing flash.

We don’t like this vision. It feels unjust, like the ultimate senseless atrocity. But I believe that an Over-Mind also feels this way, and has provided restorative remedy for all life, anything with at least a particle of awareness.


Editor's last word:

The following was reported in "Letters From the Spirit World,” channeled information via the mediumship of Carlyle Petersilea who accessed testimony from his father on the other side.

On the “Summerland 1-Minute” page, I’ve offered testimony by the father concerning the spirits of animals which transition to the other side. Later in "Letters From the Spirit World” more is said about the animals, and something about plants, as well.

Editor’s note: the channeled speaker refers to “atmosphere” or “ether”. This is not the air we breathe but, very likely, his terminology for Universal Consciousness (UC) which fills the universe and is the source of all life.  

“… we have land, or ethereal land, hills, dales and mountains; by the same laws we have trees, vegetation, grass, flowers, shrubs; but fish, insect, and animal life are egos or entities as on earth, and are from the earth as are also the ethereal essences or emanations that rise up from the earth.”

Editor’s note: He specifically points out that animals have egos, a sense of self, and that these “ethereal essences,” or, I take it, spirit entities, “rise up from the earth” and transition to Summerland.

These developed entities, or egos, which once dwelt within the ethereal atmosphere as germs, rise again as entities or egos into it, and are once more clothed, but this time in sublimated, ethereal matter, yet all things are, after all, egos, or entities, clothed in ethereal matter."

Editor’s note: These animal egos, or spirit entities, once of the earth and within “ethereal atmosphere as germs,” that is, resided within the domain of UC, were extensions of it, and derived their life from UC as a “germ,” that is, a life source.

“It is very strange to me that the learned men of earth should always be delving in coarse matter to find out what they want to know, just as though there were no atmosphere in which all life originates, or ethereal space wherein may be found all things and the cause of all things. Nothing originates within earthly matter, but all things originate within the atmosphere or ether.”

Editor’s note: He chastises the earthly materialist scientists who insist that life comes from inert matter, and deny UC as the source of all life.

“A flower or plant of any kind does not draw its life from the earth, its roots simply find lodgment there to hold or sustain it in place, then the little rootlets seek water or moisture within the damp ground, but its life, its beauty, its color, are all drawn from the atmosphere, not from the earth… no seed can ever be formed without the ethereal germ; and all will come to know this sooner or later…”

Editor’s note: The life of a plant is not drawn from the soil but from UC, “the atmosphere,” which is the source of its “germ,” the central core of life within the seed.

“When one talks of life commencing and living within all matter, one is talking nonsense. Life exists in a germinal state within the atmosphere, and enters matter through the great laws of chemical affinity and the attraction of gravitation…

Editor’s note: Again, he denounces as “nonsense” the materialists’ view that life comes from matter.

vast living work of art

The evidence, as we begin to see, does indicate survival of plant life.

It's also interesting that, in the earlier quotes on the Summerland page, the father refers, in an implied way, to a finely-tuned beauty, a vast living work of art, that of a well-balanced ecosystem -- though he doesn't use that term -- which would indicate reason for God to safeguard and retain all plants and animals, thus creating harmonious symphony of cooperative living. And, as we learn, there are, in fact, gigantic expanses of nature-preserve in Summerland which serve this purpose.

any natural object possessing the 'life principle', trees and flowers, lives on forever

"The spiritual essence, or life principle ... lives on forever. The life essence of a tree is still a tree - a flower [still] a flower - and thus of all natural objects."

Editor's note: "... still a tree... [still] a flower", that is, still the same tree and flower in the next world. This is the clearest statement yet that plant life does transition to the next world. Here the speaker says, in effect, "anything with life, even an atom of UC, is indestructible, lives on forever."