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Dr. David Fontana



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Dr.  David Fontana (1934 - 2010) was one of the world’s premier afterlife researchers.

He was a university professor, a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and a Chartered Counseling Psychologist. He published many books and, from 1995 to 1998, was the president of the Society for Psychical Research.

Dr. Fontana was a member of the famous Scole group, which, arguably, produced the most substantial evidence for survival of consciousness.

Editor’s note: If you search for Dr. Fontana’s bio on Wikipedia you’ll find that he was a “pseudoscience promoter.” Wikipedia can always be counted on to offer a skewed and unkind review of anyone associated with post-mortem survival of consciousness. It is managed by radical materialists who are threatened by the scientific evidence for the afterlife.


The Scole phenomena were investigated over a number of years by various scientists and even a professional magician, familiar with all conjuring “tricks” in terms of possible fakery. It was finally determined by the scientists and the magician that it was not possible to duplicate, by ordinary or known means, the Scole phenomena, even if one had access to the room beforehand, and even if one could bring in one’s own electronic equipment.

Editor’s note: Wikipedia never speaks to the facts of a case but engages only in disinformation campaign. The radical dissenters never discuss the carefully-reasoned findings of investigating scientists but, instead, quickly label it all “pseudoscience.” They are like the RCC cardinals of the Middle Ages who refused to look through the "heretic" Galileo’s telescope to witness for themselves the moons of Jupiter.

See the 14-minute youtube video wherein Dr. Fontana gives a short account of his personal experiences at Scole and the investigating procedures employed.


"a billion billion to one"

Many of Dr. Fontana’s lectures are posted on youtube, but the following discourse is one that I particularly like.

See the video.

He speaks of several scientific experiments, comprised of thousands of trials, which, in aggregate, offer insurmountable statistical evidence supporting survival of consciousness; as he states, the odds of the findings occurring by chance are “a billion billion to one.”

In other words, chance is ruled out as causal factor; or, to state it differently, the existence of an unseen world of unseen forces has been more than amply substantiated.

Dr. Fontana points out that, in other areas of science, far far less evidence is required to earn a verdict of having passed the test. Why the disparity of double standard? - there is so much hatred and bigotry directed toward afterlife research by materialistic science that no mountain of evidence could ever by high enough to win the approval of some. This is not science, not open-minded enquiry, but kangaroo-court inquisition and dark-spirited cultism.

Editor’s note: The propaganda efforts of Wikipedia would not fare well with interrogation on the witness stand. See them now, withering under cross-examination by attorney Victor Zammit, unable to answer the kinds of questions posed to Stephen Hawking.



Editor's last word:

Many people are not aware that a spirit of closed-minded fundamentalism-cultism has infected large areas of science, not dissimilar to that of religion, politics, or the corporate world. What is behind this frothing - as Kierkegaard used the term - “shut-upness”? Why does much of the scientific community, which, virtually by definition, is meant to model a search for the truth wherever it may lead, why does it act like the Church of the Middle Ages?

It’s the fear of death and judgment. This is not always obvious at the surface of personality, but as we peel back the “onion layers” of ontological being, of the dysfunctional ego’s masks, it becomes clear. Read about it the “Fear 1-Minute” essay.