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Reincarnation On Trial

Dr. Carl and Mrs. Anna Wickland  



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Editor's note: We've met Carl and Anna Wickland before. So important is their contribution to afterlife research that I devoted one of my "favorite 30 points of afterlife evidence" to their work. I feel compelled to feature them again, here, in the reincarnation discussion, as it's not possible to properly assess this area without an understanding of their investigations.
For over 40 years, the Wicklands, via the mediumistic abilities of Anna, spoke to, and often rescued, both patients and attaching discarnate spirits; in some of these cases, confused spirits were trying reincarnate but succeeded only in attaching themselves to a mortal host! These thousands of encounters, with ensuing discussions, provide a wealth of information about the afterlife. You will want to read both books of the Wicklands.




Dr. Wickland, Gateway Of Understanding:

LONG years of contact with the Invisible World and the lessons obtained from dwellers in that school of life cause the doctrine of reincarnation to lose its plausibility.

Any foundation for belief in this theory receives a better
interpretation when we understand the influence and thought waves emanating from discarnate spirits which act upon a sensitive brain much as sound waves are conveyed through the radio, a fact equally demonstrated through Psychic Research, especially the abnormal phase. 

The theory of reincarnation can undoubtedly be traced to early stages of mankind when departed spirits took possession of the bodies of sensitive individuals and lived and acted through them, thus seemingly indicating reincarnation. But in reality this was only spirit obsession or possession. 

Swedenborg states in Heaven and its Wonders and Hell: "There is such conjunction between the spiritual world and the natural world in man that the two are seemingly one... (It is) provided that there should be angels and spirits with each individual"...

The supposed "memories" of past lives of those who believe in reincarnation are far better accounted for by the presence of invisible intelligences whose memories of their own mortal careers are conveyed through thought waves to the reincarnationists who have become sensitized to such impressions by their meditations and negativism.

Mischievous entities who enjoy playing pranks can also impress upon sensitive minds all sorts of false "memories" which please the victim's vanity.

A woman who was a Theosophist stated to us, as proof of reincarnation, that whenever she read ancient history she invariably remembered the events about which she was reading, not realizing that interfering spirits were producing those mental pictures.

Is it not curious that the "memories" of past lives which "recur" to these believers in the theory of reincarnation are essentially concerned with wonderful careers of greatness in the past, they usually recalling themselves only as Kings, Cleopatras, Apostles, Great Patriarchs, etc.? ...

Interference by ignorant discarnate spirits is not necessarily an indication of feeble-mindedness; experience has shown that such interference can often occur with individuals who are very strong-minded or self-willed. Rather, spirit interference is more to be ascribed to a natural psychic susceptibility of certain individuals than to any weakness of mind or will.

That mental aberrations and insanity are hereditary family traits is also generally held, but such family tendencies are, I am convinced, better explained by the theory of an inherited natural psychic susceptibility to spirit interference.

When the probability of outside influences being the real cause of mental aberrations is scientifically established through research, the fear of such inherited tendencies will be greatly obviated, since relief from these disturbances is possible through dispossession of the intruding entities.


Dr. Wickland:

In our book, "Thirty Years Among the Dead," mention is made of an entity who had in earth life imbibed the notion of reincarnation and after discarding the physical body had attempted to reincarnate and became enmeshed in the aura of a young boy of five, causing the latter to act as an adult, entirely foreign to his normal self. A spirit entity was attracted [dislodged] from the boy, after which he fully regained his mental poise.

The spirit, when controlling Mrs. Wickland, explained that he had been homely and pock-marked and that people had shunned him, which grieved him.

Having heard something about the theory of reincarnation he determined to reincarnate for the purpose of obtaining more attractive features to obviate being shunned and thus had unwittingly obsessed the boy.



Editor's note: Speaking through the trance-mediumship of Mrs. Wickland, a Dr. Root in the invisible realms, offers his thoughts on the problem of spirit-possession:

Those who are troubled by spirits suffer greatly and need much sympathy. As soon as persons say they hear voices or see spirits the doctors declare they have hallucinations. But their suffering is a reality; they are clairaudient or clairvoyant and this should be understood.

However, doctors place these poor sensitives in asylums. This is a living death for the spirit as well as the mortal. Many years may pass and they must live in that terrible commotion.

Help these unfortunate ones; do not call them insane and send them to the asylum. Help them, because they are obsessed by spirits.

Do you realize the spirit often suffers as much as the patient? When you help one, you help the other. Let mediums do this work and empty the asylums.

Why should people doubt that insanity is spirit obsession? Christ drove out spirits. If you study ancient history you will find that spirit obsession and possession have always been known. The Indians recognized spirit obsession; they also attributed epilepsy to spirit interference and drove the spirits out by repeatedly immersing the patient in the cold water of rivers or lakes. [This is why Dr. Wickland used static-electric shock to jar and jolt spirits from a patient.]

Many think people are obsessed only when they are 'crazy.' All are influenced more or less; they receive mental suggestions and act on them. Everyone has this experience at times; this is spirit influence.

Help the unfortunate ones in the asylums to understand they are obsessed by earthbound spirits. Advanced spirits can then reach the interfering entities, who are also to be pitied. Help them both."


Editor's note: The following is from a discarnate entity who spoke through Mrs. Wickland. I include this testimony here as he explains just how numerous, how prevalent, if we had eyes to see, are the confused spirits, still on this Earth, who probably do not know they are dead, or even that they have attached themselves to a mortal person.


evil-minded spirits clinging... they are like the barnacles on boats

I am pleased to come here again. I felt that I must take advantage of this evening to say something to my dear wife (present in the circle). I am so glad I can talk to her as we always talked. I am happy she is here.

God bless you, my wife. We were so happy together. I would not care to come back here at all if it were not that she is still on earth.

This world is only a school where we gain understanding through experience. In the spirit world we go on and on, progressing, [that is, there is no reincarnation] but before we can progress we must have understanding of the spiritual laws. If we have not the right understanding then we remain in darkness and hover around the earth plane...

We saw the people walking around in a life of matter, each one in some kind of business. It looked like a world of ants, and each one seemed to have some of these evil-minded spirits clinging to him. They are like the barnacles on boats; some are shaken off, but others come on. I cannot describe the sight.

I have been with you, my wife. You have felt me. I could not impress you because I was not strong enough to use my mind for that purpose, but still you have felt me. It has only been a little, because I had not strength enough to come closer. I am with you a great deal. After I learn in spirit how to overcome matter then I can come to you and help you.


Editor's note: This is disturbing information to us. We do not like to know that "each one" of us has spirits about us, either mischievous who have attached themselves to us, or advanced ones with good intentions who come close to guide us. The energy of one's aura, positive or negative, seems to regulate who gets through or not, and for what purpose. All this suggests to us the reality of Jesus' healing of people by removing attaching spirits - just as Carl and Anna did for their patients.



Editor's last word:

There is no need to fear any spirit on the other side. (Remember the shining lady helping in the Dark Realms.) We don't have to be perfect, but if we're wholehearted, trying our best, attempting to serve as opportunity allows, striving for pureness of motive, then, no dark spirit can or will bother us.

We attract to ourselves that energy which is similar to our own. This is a general principle that will lead us all the way up the existential "ladder of being," for the next million years and beyond.

However, if we are selfish, cringing with fear and guilt, quick to take advantage, prickly and churlish, vicious in our dealings, then, "like unto like" will work against us.

But the good news is that we can change our "vibrations" anytime we choose to. And when we do, like that proverbial single candle-flame defeating the darkness, Evil will now run from us.