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Reincarnation On Trial

Jiddu Krishnamurti: Experience involves remembrance, time - which is the past. What we see is a product of our cultural conditioning. Therefore the experiencer is the experienced.



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A major premise of reincarnationism asserts that experience, especially, much experience, has the power to transform and evolve the human spirit.

This is a deeply flawed proposition, on a number of levels; for example, the soul, the sacred “true self,” remains untouched by whatever occurs at the surface of life and will unfold itself on its own schedule.

However, for our purposes at the moment, we shall be well served by considering certain teaching by Jiddu Krishnamurti.

“you are the experience”

About 40 years ago, Rupert Sheldrake interviewed Krishnamurti. During the discussion, the latter offered, in my opinion, an astonishingly lucid comment on the nature of experience:

Sheldrake: What you were saying about the attention when one is looking at a mountain, for example - are you suggesting that if I have that kind of attention to everything that I experience that I can…

Krishnamurti: (in a teasing way, interrupting) You experience?

S. Yes, alright, but…

K. But you are the experience!

S. Yes…

"the experiencer is the experienced"

K. That means that there is no experience!

S. (beginning to laugh) There’s just attention, you mean?

K. (nodding assent) (pausing) Experience involves remembrance… time… which is the past… therefore the experiencer is the experienced!


“The ‘real’ is near you. You do not have to seek it. And a man who seeks the truth will never find it. Truth is in ‘what is,’ and that is the beauty of it. But the moment you conceive it, the moment you seek it, you begin to struggle, and a man who struggles cannot understand. That is why we have to be still, observant, passively aware.”


Editor’s note: In his lecturing, around the world for 60 years, Krishnamurti frequently would help his listeners understand that the conditioned mind can never find the truth. We think we’re experiencing new things but in reality the egoic mind sees only the past written upon the present.

Freedom from this mental enslavement can never be accomplished by “more time” – not even 100,000 lifetimes --- as this would only compound the illusion of “new experience.”

What is required is a timeless moment of clarity by which the past is dissolved.

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