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Word Gems 

exploring self-realization, sacred personhood, and full humanity


Tricia Cherin


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There's a reason why I dislike this term

aside from the general principle that

psychologists' jargon too often

trucks in the mock heroic

unwise to its own hyperbole

But of all the priggish terminologies

so somberly wielded

I find closure

this pop-psych aphorism

the most offensive

It does us great disservice to think

we are ever done

with people

as if the stuff that happens

could be finger snapped away

as if we could take off

like a sweater

teleological yearning

It used to be hard

to let go of little moments

groupings togethernesses

when we were all accruing lives

filling ourselves up

with history like helium

I wanted to hold tight then

each coming together

before the going going gone

of the next day's gavel

Now we have enough stories to stock us

enough character studies

and scene locations

enough O. Henry endings

but the apertures to who we have been

and where and how must be open

our anterior selves beholdable




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