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A Sexual Predator in Dark Detention

is Confronted by his Once-Victim



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Shivering and Fetal-Positioned

  • "I found him living in a dark damp root-cellar, filled with rats and cockroaches. There he was... naked, utterly alone, sitting on the stone-cold floor, fetal-positioned. He was shivering, moaning, his hands covering his face... he just wanted to die... but could not."

My psychic-friend David shared with me a dramatic story. He knew a woman - I'll call her Ellen - who confided in him that she'd been sexually abused as a little girl.

The memory of this assault had long troubled her. She had been hurt late one night while staying with relatives. She didn't know if the assailant had been her uncle or one of her older male cousins.

Ellen passed away. David, wondering how she was doing, sought her out on the other side. Ellen explained to him that she was now living in a most beautiful environment, with freedom to do what she pleased.

However, she went on to say that her Advisors had asked her if she would be willing to help someone trapped in a dark world, unable to move forward into the Light. They were referring to her long-ago sexual predator. It was her uncle! Ellen, a spiritually maturing individual, agreed to offer assistance as she could.


"weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth"

All this was communicated to David. Ellen went on to describe her visit to a rat-infested root cellar where she found a pathetic, shriveled little creature, her uncle, now consumed by fear and self-condemnation!


  • Editor's note: Consider again the shallow claim of reincarnation as a choice. Would not this shivering creature, in a heartbeat, jettison himself back to Earth if that were a real option?


He wanted to die! however, death is mere illusion - souls cannot die, but can only transition to another place. As he could not die, he could not escape himself; that is, his own thoughts of self-loathing. And he found himself trapped in this torture-chamber of his own mind, ever replaying the knavish incidents of his life... especially one, that night he had hurt his little niece.


  • Editor's note: The phrase from the teachings of Jesus, "weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth," refers to two kinds of malefactors in the lower realms: (1) "weeping and wailing" indicates self-pity, hopelessness, wanton despair; (2) "gnashing of teeth" speaks of defiance, hard-heartedness, maliciousness, unrepentance, and rebellion... both of these dysfunctions, however, are treatable.


Ellen, by power of thought, transported herself, materialized, and stood before the shivering, hunched creature, amidst the rats, cowering in the dark, afraid of the Light. He would not so much as look up, even as she lightly touched his shoulder; her soft-light radiance, emanating from her glorious spirit-body, began to warm the ever-chilled and broken little man.

And now her words, too, ever so slightly, began to offer the prospect of hope, as she comforted him, assured him, that everything would be alright; that there would be healing for him; that there could be a new start. If only he could summon the inner strength to forgive himself just enough, just a little; or, even to trust her lead and be willing to follow her into the Light, then, his healing might begin.

Ellen didn't have to go there and do what she did - she, too, was free to choose her own path. But her selflessness not only increased her own capacity to love, but probably shortened her uncle's time in the dark realms by a very long time.


  • The truth is, forgiveness may be a greater blessing to the victim (Ellen) than to the felon. Harboring the acidity of unforgiveness in one's heart is to damage and embitter oneself. This spirit of vengeance will lower the frequency of one's vibrational essence, thereby summoning a measure of darkness.



Some months later, David once again sought out his friend in the afterlife. Ellen was pleased to report that her uncle was now living in a better place - not the highest levels yet, by any means, as he had a lot of work cut out for him, many "pennies" to pay, in order to repair his spirit - but, most importantly, he was now on the road to healing and would increasingly recover himself, day by day, as did the once-rogue Abu.


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