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The Moral Specific-Gravity  

How One's Place In The Afterlife is Determined



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"In 1853  Dr. Robert Hare, an emeritus professor of chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania medical school, commenced an investigation of mediums with the intent of debunking them... However, he was soon converted to Spiritualism and received many messages from the spirit world explaining how things operated on that side. 
"As he came to see it, one's immediate place in the afterlife 'is determined by a sort of moral specific-gravity [which] is apparently built up during a person's lifetime based on his or her good works or lack thereof and manifests itself in the person's energy field, or aura.'
"Hare called it a circumambient halo and was told that it passes from darkness to effulgence based on the degree of spirit advancement. Moreover, one cannot be dishonest with himself as the moral specific-gravity allows him to tolerate only so much light. If he were to try to cheat and go to a higher sphere, he would not be able to tolerate the light there.
"Seemingly consistent with this moral specific gravity idea is the explanation given to Frederick C. Schulthorp during his early 20th Century astral projections.
"Schulthorp was told that every thought generates an electrical impulse that is impressed upon the individual's energy field and is stored there. Every thought, he was informed by communicating spirits, has a specific rate of vibrationThe combined vibrations over a lifetime determine the person's initial station in the afterlife environment. 'Upon entry into spirit life, a person will naturally and automatically gravitate to his state in spirit which corresponds to his acts and thoughts throughout life as reproduced by his 'personal tape record.'
"A moral specific-gravity is an idea that appeals to reason and one that can be reconciled with a just and loving God. It is a plan of attainment and attunement, of gradual spiritual growth, of reaping what we sow."



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