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Word Gems 

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Fearing fear itself:
cultivating a calm frame of mind is
the best thing we can do to have a
wonderful transition to the next world.



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Fear creates darkness in our spirits; reduces the light. 

And if we pass with a fearful, terror-laden frame of mind, we run the risk of dropping ourselves into detention - as we'll take the darkness with us into the next world.

Some of the best advice for achieving a successful transition is simply to cultivate a calm frame of mind. Learning the facts and dispelling fear-based myth will greatly help us in this regard.


Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep...


For What It's Worth

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you're always afraid

Step outta line, they'll come and take you away...





Editor's last word:

Recently, while reviewing a taped testimony of an ancient afterlife-entity channeled by Rick Ricards, I heard something which abruptly stopped me. It was stated that the Dark Realms were not created by "upper management" to detain or to punish malcontents who stumble into the next world. That's not how it works; as we learn time and again, no one will ever pass judgment on us in the afterlife - we do this ourselves. The channeled afterlife-entity asserted that we, ourselves, create the Dark Realms! - we ourselves do this by the power of thought, now cruising at hyper-speed in dimensions wherein "thoughts are things," virtually taking on a life of their own.

Consider the shocking implications and the parallels: For those who have begun to advance themselves, wondrous worlds such as "the spheres of love" open to them and are created by their own particularized desires! But if their own spirits labor in a self-imposed darkness due to over-much fear-based thinking, that fear and darkness will spring into hard-edged existence manifesting as fully-formed worlds in which the hapless will dwell - dwellings of their own making.

It is becoming evident, as one studies the material on this subject, that we all create habitations for ourselves in the coming dimensions - the only question remaining for us shall be, will the thought-prompted worlds be of pleasure or pain?