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Why There's Darkness in the Dark Realms  



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Spirit helpers engaged in "missionary" work in the Dark realms can see just fine. There's really no problem with the lighting there - except within the mind of the wayward-inhabitant.

It is a well-established principle, from many thousands of reports concerning "afterlife physics," that each selfless act increases the radiance of one's mind and inner-being; and each selfish deed extinguishes light.

The spiritually-unconscious, those substantially led by the Small Ego, typically suffer a dearth of light within. And this inner state of darkness goes with them to the next world.

It's an inner blindness - a lack of enlightenment.


without spiritual oil for the lamp of the mind, darkness is the natural state


Dr. Carl Wickland, Gateway Of Understanding:

There is no need to fear the passing from the visible to the invisible world; living an honest, upright life according to the dictates of conscience and maintaining an open-minded attitude constitutes all the religion that is necessary.

If those who have lived misspent lives will be honest with themselves and recognize the mistakes made and wrongs committed while in the physical, they need not fear death, for the pathway of reformation in the new world is always open to all who are willing to reform their thoughts and actions and seek earnestly for enlightenment.

The selfish-minded and the skeptic, as well as the wilful evil-doers, who have had no aspiration to understand life's meaning, and who lack the spiritual oil of understanding and the light obtained through reason and faith, will find themselves in darkness after transition.

The absence of such light of necessity leaves the soul in obscurity which can only be outgrown by replacing the mental attitude of ignorance and obstinacy with the spirit of a child, in other words, by developing a newness of spirit through seeking to understand the meaning of existence.




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