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Perry Marshall's
Evolution 2.0

an electrical engineer / computer programmer
investigates the principles of Darwinism

“In plants and animals, cells obediently die in response to instructions from other cells.”



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Editor's note: The following is from Perry Marshall's book, Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock between Darwin and Design





Editor's note:

Perry Marshall’s assertions in Evolution 2.0 do not constitute mere opinion but are supported by empirical research. His statements are buttressed by a bibliography of nearly 1000 articles in scientific journals.



dying on command for the greater good

“In plants and animals, cells obediently die in response to instructions from other cells. Programmed cell death protects against cancer. When embryos form, cells between fingers die so each finger can move independently. Plant cells infected with bacteria or viruses die on command to prevent disease from spreading. In bacterial colonies, single cells die to maintain the genetic stability of function of the group. They do this in response to chemical signals… Cells are able to make other changes that are disadvantageous in the present but expected to be helpful in the future based on recognition of past patterns. They weigh the costs and benefits of future decisions. They make sacrifices for the common good and respond differently to various threats… We have a name for cells that break rank and develop their own separate [rugged-individual] identity [unmindful of the common good]: cancer.”

Editor’s note: At the risk of inartful redundancy, I offer reminder that the above statements, seemingly sensational, are backed up by published research in scientific journals.



Editor's last word:

The Gordon Gekkos of the world – the voices of egoic corporations, schools, politics, religions – would have us believe that cut-throat competition, "me against you," is built into the very fabric of the way things truly are, a natural reality and essential basis. This is their preaching; but, in fact, it's not true.