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Word Gems 

exploring self-realization, sacred personhood, and full humanity


Soulmate, Myself:
The Perfect Mate

Kairissi and Elenchus

 Soul-Pledges Delayed



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Elenchus. I have been angry with you.

Kairissi. (silence)

E. I’m not as angry now… but that doesn’t change the trouble between us.

K. (softly) What can we do, Ellus?

E. In this forum, as we support the author’s work, we talk about love and life. Right now, you're coherent and of sound mind. But there’s another part of you that the world doesn’t see, and that’s what I can’t deal with anymore… I still inwardly shake and cringe at your poisonous and hurtful words from that last time; so unkind were they, so venomous, as you virtually spit on me.

K. (softly) I’m sorry for what happened, Ellus.

E. And I believe you, and right now you are sorry. But the part of you that’s sorry is not the part that will attack me again when that "crouching leopard" is on the prowl... Kriss - sometimes you’re a “Jekyll and Hyde,” and I can’t deal with that anymore.

K. What do I need to do, Ellus? You are the wise person, respected by everyone. How can I find healing for my spirit?

E. Only you can heal yourself. You have to “make your own music pure.” You haven’t done that.

K. (silence)

E. You are like Elizabeth Barrett, suffering from feelings of inadequacy. Robert would tell her how much he loved her, and she’d be ok for a while, but then her old self-loathing would rise up, like that crouching leopard, and ruin things for them.

K. (softly) You know that I tell you I love you.

E. Yes… you profess your love, in your sane moments; but you’re often taken over by a moodiness, a touchiness and prickliness, and then you treat me like a stranger and won’t look at me; you become my enemy – and for no reason. I can't endure this "on again, off again," this “Jekyll and Hyde.”

K. (sighing) I don’t want to be that way.

E. (sighing)

K. What will become of us, Ellus? What can we do?

E. Right now I just need to go away...

K. (very softly) Elenchus... the two "Perfect Mate" lovers holding each other... (sighing) I never realized it was a "good-bye embrace."




Smallville, season 2, episode 21

Lana: You always believed in me.

Clark: Lana, what are you trying to say?

Lana: It’s just that sometimes I think you’ve created this perfect picture of who I am.

Clark: It’s what I see.

Lana: I have this fear, Clark, that one day you’ll get a good look at me, and I’m going to disappoint you, and then you’re going to see I’m not as good as you think I am – and I’m afraid it will change the way you think of me.

Clark: Nothing could ever do that.

Lana: (pause) Maybe it’s me who needs to start believing in you.



Clark, there are worse deaths than by green kryptonite; if you let her ride away again, you'll find out.