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Dr. Gary Schwartz:

the Biophoton Experiment



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The following experiment, conducted by Professor Gary Schwartz, University of Arizona, is elegant in its simplicity, easy to understand, yet offers some of the most potent empirical evidence for the existence of an afterlife.

You might want to read the complete details in Dr. Schwartz's book, Sacred Promise, chapter 14; also, check out his Youtube lectures on this subject.

Operating on the premise, according to many reports, that Spirit-persons emit light from their bodies, he postulated that these light-emissions might be detected with laboratory equipment -- sensitive enough to register the presence of a single photon of light.

My encouragement is that you read or listen to Dr. Schwartz's own detailed commentary concerning the design of this important experiment and how he involved Spirit-persons, inviting them to participate. The results were dramatically successful in terms of providing compelling evidence of the existence of other-dimensional beings! - with light-emissions, at times, 700% greater than the "baseline" output.

Skeptical peer-reviewers posited that his findings could have been skewed telepathically by his own intentions and consciousness. Accepting this criticism as an outside possibility, Dr. Schwartz redesigned the experiment to be directed by a computer at random hours, and during the middle of the night, when Dr. Schwartz was at home sleeping.

The results of this modified experiment, similar to the first, were as dramatically indicative of the presence of light-emitting Spirit-entities.


P.S. Despite this redesign of the experiment, radical-materialistic critics, so threatened by hard evidence of an invisible world, would not accept the results - claiming that, somehow, during the middle of the night, while he was sleeping, Dr. Schwartz had visited the laboratory, phantom-like, to falsify the findings!


This alternate and disingenuous theory of materialists becomes more fantastic than Dr. Schwartz's claim. See Dr. Schwartz's Youtube lectures for more on these unreasonable attacks by establishment scientists.