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Word Gems 

exploring self-realization, sacred personhood, and full humanity


Sheridan Vieyra


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Many Choices

Mostly everyone doesn't know what they will become. 

Even I don't know what job I'll get, what the future holds for me. 

Will I have a family? What kind of house? Which job will I have? 

What do other kids' futures hold? 

Will they become President or a Doctor?

A singer or a vet? A baseball player or have no job?

Will we know everyone we know today? 

The future is yet to behold! 

No one knows what the future holds or what is coming.

When you're a kid you want to be a singer and when you grow up you become a different person.... a Doctor, perhaps. 

We may want to keep going for a job we want. It's kinda rare too! 

We all have many keys, one key we have to choose...

but which key is the right key? Which one will open the right door? Businessman or lawyer? Which one?

Can we pick the right path?

Or will we go the wrong way and never do it right?

So many keys, so little time to choose.

Some pick the right key...others, the wrong key.

Which one is right, which one is wrong? Will we take the right path?

It's your choice, pick what your heart thinks... and follow it.  

Don't back down, follow your decision.

(February 2009)



~Life Game~

Life is some kind of game,
Sometimes it will become lame,
but maybe someday it will show some fame
A rollercoaster we must ride
to show some kinda of pride
The course of pain
Is a shame
The course of happiness and glee
can be easy like me
The course of love
may be hard to find
Something that plays with two
can be kind but only if
it is true love showing the doves
it will never run smooth
it is the very truth

I know it may be hard
Sometimes it will be like a yard
Even people give up like a useless gurad
Never give up on true love
for one day the loving doves
will come and give you some time
to enjoy your lovely life.

(July 2009)



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